“Really Kind Of Beat Them Into” Buccaneer Way

September 4th, 2012

Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik chose quite a phrase to describe how the New Schiano Order tried to instill its mentality and work ethic over the past six weeks. 

Speaking this afternoon to the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, on WDAE-AM 620, Dominik said Schiano was “hard on them” and the team practiced in pads just about as often as possible since training camp began “to really kind of beat them into understanding what we want to be as an organization, what we want to be as a football team. And I thought our football team really responded well.”

Anyone watching Bucs training camp and other practices knew Schiano was a bit of a taskmaster, from no hands on hips and no shade/cooling tents to the water bottle policy, to essentially embracing the elements and the vomit they can bring forth.

Clearly, Schiano was molding his “Buccaneer Men” and trying to break those who couldn’t stomach it.

Remembering how hard training camps used to be with endless two-a-days and such at the University of Tampa, Joe’s hardly feeling sorry for current players. But it’s fun to hear the GM say the goal was “to beat them into” a tough team. 

37 Responses to ““Really Kind Of Beat Them Into” Buccaneer Way”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Nothing wrong with trying to weed out the bad players.

    All I really want to know is when will we get a real RG. Larsen is a decent spot player, but full time for 16+ games? I think he gets eaten alive before long…though I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Buddhaboy Says:

    stop worrying about a RG. Damn dude, cant replace probowlers everday…chill out

  3. Colorado Buc Says:

    You don’t become a champion by playing in the air conditioning in your underwear. “You take off your underwear, you put on your big boy pads and you put your face on people.” all day long. This is why Kellen had to roll, he would have taken a bullet for this dude…

  4. Give it to Blount Says:

    We will be ok at RG it will take a little time to get the position solid but it will happen.
    I am more worried about our run defense and if McCoy can breakout or not.

  5. Drew Says:

    I know I posted this more than once. But like any decent deep sea angler would do… I’m trolling for Thomas 2.2.

  6. Andrew Says:

    tough times dont last, but tough people do.

  7. Bucnjim Says:

    Troll for Miguel while you’re at it! I can’t believe he hasn’t chimed in with his BS about the players being worked too hard. There is only one way to play physical and that’s to practice being physical every day.

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    Ask the Steelers & Ravens how easy they have it at practice

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s about time we required what is necessary to build a winner. There is a very small difference talent-wise with NFL players….good coaching can make the difference. Why do you think NE seems to always “find” these great players that no one knew about…..its the coaching of players that have the potential that makes the difference.

  10. Robert Says:

    Greg “I beat the playa up” Schiano 🙂

  11. Miguel Grande Says:

    Never a more ignorant statement uttered than what Dominik said. This guy just hasn’t got a clue. No wonder he’s never had a decent draft. The other GM’s keep stealing his lunch money.

    A football team or a business is like a family. You develop mutual respect through communication. Hard work, great teaching, intelligent but simple game plans with great flexibility leads to success.

    Back in the 1950’s some people thought you could beat your family into submission and that just resulted a lot of justified homicides and alcoholism.

    “tough times dont last, but tough people do.”

    Ray Perkins didn’t last too long, thank God. The stupidest man alive is what his Colt team mates called him.

    Every passing down will see a full out blitz between Zuttah, Larsen and Trueblood. Freeman will wish he had gained 20LBS instead of losing them.

  12. Piratic Says:

    “Never a more ignorant statement uttered than what Miguel Grande says. This guy just hasn’t got a clue.”

    This should be your signature. The stupidity that spews from your fingertips is truly astounding. How does it feel to be the resident idiot?

  13. admin Says:

    Joe here

    @advertisement overload – First off, Joe will write about the 98.7 interview. Second that better station, as you call it, doesn’t yet make its audio available online, which would assist journalists such as Joe who care about accuracy.

    **Lastly, your comments are consistently negative feedback about Joe, some even personal. If you don’t appreciate these pages, please go away.–Joe

  14. Have A Nice Day Says:

    ^^^ “athletic supporter”^^^

  15. Have A Nice Day Says:

    That was for Miguel.

  16. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I’ve gotta think you didn’t read the article, Miguel. You just had that little inspiration poster-style nugget turd buried deep inside you. You right that on the toilet? Yet, I’ll admit, you’re less obnoxious this time; besides wanting a Jamarcus Russell for a quarterback with your last sentence.

    Right Joe, two-a-days were only how-many-years ago? Schiano’s camp couldn’t be any more grueling than years past. The Bucs will be at full-strength Sunday, minus a few expected injuries, thanks to our gap-toothed Captain.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m actually growing tired of ripping into Miguel. His posts have become so idiotic and out there, it’s not even any fun. Jock strap simply has no clue, and it has become painfully obvious that he is not deserving of our time.

  18. Macabee Says:

    Miguel Grande,

    Yesterday I was reading the story of Okoye’s release on Buc’s Beat and clicked on the link to the Chicago Sun Times story concerning the same. To my surprise, the second comment bashing Schiano and his practices at the Bucs was none other than our own, Miguel Grande.

    My post is not to bash you because this is America and your right to comment anywhere is protected. But I question your judgment and motivation in choosing a site that some would consider the “the midst of the enemy” to denigrate who I presume is your own team. I am still asking myself – what were you attempting to accomplish? Why would Bear fans care one way or another?

    Some would consider what you did as heresy. Again I defend your right to do so. But I thought your fellow posters ought to know how impassioned you are about your opinions of this team. I’ve read your comments before and thought them amusing, never realizing how serious you meant your words to be.

    I offer no opinion about you or your comments. But from this point forward, for me there is a clear context in which to judge them!


  19. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    2.2 = M. Grande??

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    A new coach has to lay his foundation down quickly from day one. And lets face it, after the last couple of years, it was badly needed. I love “my way or the highway” coaches. Cant let the inmates run the asylum.

  21. bucobruce Says:


    Any news on the ticket situation, are they getting closer to an 85% sellout,and if its really close what do you think the chances are the glazers might just buy the rest just for the first game.I do understand that they have done alot for are ticket stuation already with lower ticket pricing, free parking and half off sodas and food.I know you are watching the rays beating the yanks.yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa longo hits 2 run homer 3-2 rays woooo.

  22. Joe Says:


    No updates and there likely will not be any until Thursday afternoon when the deadline hits.

    In short, Joe’s advice is, if you want to watch the game live, you better buy a ticket.

  23. Joe Says:

    2.2 = M. Grande??


  24. gus Says:

    @Miguel: how is a business like a family. You can’t cut/fire your family. You can in business because its about putting the best people together to make that business successful. Nfl is a business and it takes a business mentality to succeed. You think Belcheck treats everyone on the team like family?! Maybe Brady but thats about it.

  25. Eric Says:

    Bear Bryant and the Junction boys got nuttin on Greg.



  26. bucobruce Says:

    Joe, I cant afford a ticket but my offer still stands on cookin wings and burgers.

  27. bucobruce Says:

    I will cook some where around $40 or more worth of food.If there is anything you can do just give me atlest 2 days notice.I cant believe I might miss the first game,Joe I can even throw in a six pack just for you.

  28. MTM Says:

    I would rather see the finished product on the field than here Dominick explain the Buccaneer way. It always sounds contrived when I here it come from the Rock Star. Probably because I know his track record and its hard to ignore.
    GO BUCS!

  29. tommy Says:

    miguel proves the point, you cant fix stupid!!!

  30. Gus Says:

    @ Macabee The funny part is Bears fan actually agree with us.

  31. Piratic Says:


    Somebody PLEASE find bucobruce a ticket! He’s practically begging for the opportunity to see his beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers on opening day 2012, the dawning of The New Schiano Era.

    Come on, Bucs fans, if you’re in the Bay area, GET bucobruce A TICKET, ASAP! He deserves it!!!

  32. Drew Says:


    You took the wind from my sails. I thought Thomas 2.2 had morphed into Miguel the Gringo Grande. Now I believe he’s a cloned copy of Thomas 2.2 living somewhere South of the Border.

  33. Orlandobucsfan Says:

    No I think there is a difference between Miguel and Thomas. Miguel is virtually a constant negative where Thomas sometimes had some valid points just took them to far.
    Excellent detective work to find his bucs bashing on a bears sight, very interesting. I think your right heresy it is!!! I think Miguel is still on here because he doesn’t attack joe where Thomas was obsessed at calling joe out on pop star and glass McCoy.

  34. Miguel Grande Says:

    Sometimes Thomas gushes about his man crush, Schiano, Grande finds that repulsive.

    Sometimes Thomas joins in with the Amen Chorus, Miguel has an aversion to that.

    Sometimes Thomas attacks the Joes and they deal with him like they were playing Whack-a-Mole. Grande has tasted the mallet of doom.

    Grande comments on all subjects in newspapers and websites around the world about many subjects. Heresy? !st amendment rights are God given and unalienable.

    Grande actually misses Thomas.

  35. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Hoo boy…Referring to himself in third person…NOT a good sign.

    To paraphrase from Airplane!:

    “Over Miguel Grande?”

    “I’ll NEVER get over Miguel Grande.”

  36. Miguel Grande Says:

    Oh the heresy! Grande has commented in Amerika, Mexico, Israel, Italy, France and Ireland already and the morning is still young.

    What does the Amen Chorus do to heretics? They crucify them.

    “@Miguel: how is a business like a family. You can’t cut/fire your family.”

    Maybe, you should try running a successful business. It’s not about cutting or firing or beating employees into submission. See my above comment for clarification.

    Go Bucs!

  37. lurker Says:


    TROLL, pure and simple.