Bucs List Stroughter And Smith As Top Returners

September 4th, 2012

Greg Schiano wouldn’t reveal names of his top return men during his Monday news conference, but today’s depth chart released by the Bucs perhaps tells the story Schiano wouldn’t.

Preston Parker was listed as the top kick returner and punt returner on all preseason depth charts, but now he’s listed as a backup at both positions.

Sammie Stroughter was named top punt returner and rookie Michael Smith is tabbed as the No. 1 kick returner.

Joe is celebrating this news, as Parker was in the bottom tier of returners last season and led the NFL in fumbles at the position. And he kept fumbling this preseason. Joe would have been stunned if a ball-security-obsessed Schiano stuck by Parker.

Joe’s very confident in Stroughter catching and returning anything. Smith will have to prove he can protect the football, but it should be damn exciting to see his speed on display in the open field.

10 Responses to “Bucs List Stroughter And Smith As Top Returners”

  1. Drew Says:

    I’m looking for anything that closely resembles Thomas 2.2′s writing style and or attitude towards GMC or others not to be named. Sooner or later he’ll give himself away through one of the following.

    1) Hating on GMC
    2) Hating on Freeman
    3) hating on Schiano
    4) Any reference to Raheem or Olsen

  2. JBUC24 Says:

    Glad to see Stroughter and Smith getting return duries. Not really sure why Parker is still on the team, maybe I am wrong, but he seems more like a liability!

    I’m still shocked that Underwood was cut over Parker, but I trust our management (for the most part).

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Parker still deserves to be on this team because he’s a very good slot receiver, especially on third downs. His receptions last season accounted for a significant portion of the Bucs third down conversions.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Actually 2.2 really likes Schiano. It’s Miguel who’s always criticizing him.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Parker should fall somewhere in between Donald Penn and Connor Barth on the punt return depth chart.

  6. Jrock Says:

    Parker would definitely be after Penn, he’s got soft hands

  7. Mike J Says:

    JBUC24,FLBoyInDallas, I agree with both of you.

  8. Miguel Grande Says:


    Good one!!

  9. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Off topic…but I think the Bucs should pick up DeMarcus Van Dyke off waivers. The Raiders waived him to sign a different player and he was a 3rd round pick last season. He played 14 games last season with 4 deflections and 1 int. I know we have 7 DBs on our roster. But I think DVD could beat out Lewis and Biggers. I am liking Leonard Johnson. But I think it would be worth looking into. Gaitor has potential which is more than you can say about Biggers or Lewis.

  10. Patrick Says:

    GOOD call. Stroughter is our best return guy.