“It’s Just Preseason”

August 10th, 2012

Joe has seen it in the comments on this here speck of the Interwebs; he’s read the posts on Twitter, he hears the chatter on sports radio.

Rookie linebacker Lavonte David is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

After last night’s performance when David came up big when the Bucs needed a play, David appears to be the real deal.

But David has three words for Bucs fans: “it’s just preseason.”

David was happy with his performance but no way does he believe he has arrived in the NFL. Instead, he wanted to talk about what his team did, not so much what he did.

“I think we did a great job,” David said of the win over the Dolphins. “We held them, held them in the red zone.

“The sky is the limit right now for everybody. We just have keep going in and preparing.”

Icing on the cake for David was that his first game as an NFL linebacker came in his hometown in front of his family. David once played high school football at Miami Northwestern.

“Great feeling, knowing i had my family here and to give them a chance to see me play again at a bigger stage.”

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