Bucs Not Close To Selling Out Season Opener

August 31st, 2012

Joe has gotten plenty of e-mails and Twitter messages about how close the season-opener is to being sold out.

Joe has learned the answer: not remotely close.

Per — you guessed it — Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, the Bucs need to sell 9,000 tickets in the next seven days just to reach the 85 percent non-premium seating threshold to ensure the game is televised locally.

That’s about one-fifth of the stadium.

Team Glazer has just about done whatever it can to see the game soldout short of handing out tickets for free on the beaches and in the shopping malls.

Ticket prices have been dropped. There is free parking for the opener. Concessions were cut in half for the opener. Still, it appears, NFL fans and Bucs fans as well would rather sit at home and watch the NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone Channel and monitor their fantasy football teams while on the couch in air conditioning with cheaper beer and food.

Many have stated that thanks to technology, the at-home experience is far better than the in-game experience. Consider the Tampa Bay area to be Exhibit-A for that theory.

In short, if you want to watch the game live and don’t want to wait until midnight to watch the game via NFL.com or the condensed rebroadcast on NFL Sunday Ticket, you better buy a ticket.

56 Responses to “Bucs Not Close To Selling Out Season Opener”

  1. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Sad, sad, sad news. I’ll be going to the game anyways but this still sucks.

  2. Garv Says:

    I think that’s pathetic. It’s not on the Glazers this year, it’s on the “fans” who can afford it. I’d only like it not blacked out in order to DVR so as to watch it again later because I’m going to the game.

    Seriously, if this game is not a sell out the only ones that do will have 20,000 fans of teams who DO give a damn along with the season ticket fan base of about 40,000 that always has given a damn.

    Like I typed, this is pathetic news.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I can’t help but wonder how much the Internet has hurt Ticket sales ?

  4. jb Says:

    I can’t freaking believe this!!!!!! 9000 seats left? Just to reach 85% capacity? I’m ashamed to be a fan of a team that has such a lousy local fan-base. Hey, I’m hurting too. I’m making probably 30% of what I was 10 years ago, but I find a way to secure my tickets! Mainly because the Glazers have made it so much easier to buy them. C’mon people! I get the feeling most of these so-called fans wouldn’t show up if the Glazers GAVE THEM THE TICKETS FOR FREE! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!

  5. bucobruce Says:

    this sucks I have I tore both acls and had to quit my job so im broke and all I have to look forward to is bucs games and now it will be black out if any one has an extra ticket i can bring some wigs and burgers to cook for tailgating Im a chef and I make the best wings and burgers I get the food with food stamps.If any one can help I live for buc football!!!

  6. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I miss these days…


    All 3 parts are great… I actually almost teared up in part 3 though.

  7. Joe Says:


    That’s a helluva of an offer. Joe’s sure someone would take you up on that offer, to cook for free in return for a free ticket.

    You should post your e-mail address for someone to contact you.

    Joe totally understands why people aren’t going to games. Completely and totally. It’s sad that there are always people like you who get hurt.

  8. bucobruce Says:

    Thanks joe and if anyone can spare a ticket for some awsome food I can cook for tailgating email me at chris.chavers@yahoo.com.

  9. Colorado Buc Says:

    The lain and simple fact here is that if fans don’t show the team has got to go. Sucks to say it, but the London Privateers or the LA Bucs is what you have to look forward to if you keep sitting at home watching the Sunday ticket. I understand if you cant afford it, but $45 is a case of good beer and a pack of smokes, or 9 lattes to some of you. Buy a ticket and donate it to the boys and girls club or trade it to someone online for something you can use. “Come on MAN”

  10. jb Says:

    So…Joe, you TOTALLY understand why people aren’t going to Bucs games? Maybe they should move the team, huh? If the economy is soooooo bad compared to anywhere else in the entire country, why should there be a team here? It’s not the economy, IT’S APATHY! People in this area just plain don’t give a crap about the BUCS anymore! What more can the Glazers do? I can already hear the moving vans backing up to One Buc Place! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! This team will undoubtedly be moving within the next 5 years and people such as myself that have been going to every game since 1976 and have spent their entire adult life following every move of their favorite team will either following the team wherever they move or become Jaguar fans. Christ, I just threw up in my mouth as I typed that! Yeah, I’m Mad! Mad as Hell!

  11. Chris FWC Says:


    Wonder if we could make a indiegogo-type blog section for people needing donated tickets. Heck, I’d chip a buc for Buco chef. I know what it’s like not to have $ to go to a game. Go Bucs!

  12. Joe Says:


    As Bill King on SiriusXM college football always says, when he goes to a game, he misses too much.

    Throw in the costs of going to a game as opposed to staying at home with the NFL Sunday Ticket and Red Zone Channel, it’s easily understandable.

    Joe’s not advocating anyone to not go to a game, just that Joe understands the allure and advantages of watching a full day of football at home.

    The facepainters will always go to games. It’s the casual fan (that the Bucs need) that the NFL is losing in droves.

  13. bucobruce Says:

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no weirdos

  14. Chris FWC Says:

    ^ LOL

  15. jb Says:

    NFL Sunday Ticket? How in hell are they gonna watch the BUCS on there when the games blacked out?
    Easily understandable???????? ONLY TO THE CASUAL BANDWAGON FAN, with which this area is permeated with, OBVIOUSLY!

    There’s no freaking excuses anymore! You Casual fans, said spend money, they spent Money, You said make the tickets more affordable, they did, in numerous different ways. You said we want a new coach that has some semblance of knowing what he’s doing, they got you one! WHAT MORE CAN THEY DO???????

  16. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    This is nothing new. This town SUCKS as far as support of a team. If you are coming, feel free to join us at our tailgate. We are at every game having a great time supporting the team.

  17. Justin Says:

    How in the heck is this possible!!? I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and understand the past few years with what was on the field but, this is rediculous! So many excuses! The weather, the cost, the product, blah, blah, blah…. I know it is hot for the first few months but, there are only 10 games for the entire year and you can get tickets between $30-50. I don’t care if it is on TV because I will be there but, I am embarrassed that we will be the only team to not sell out our first game. Unbelievable!

  18. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Just win. That was the key to selling out games last decade.

  19. jb Says:

    Thanks Derek! It’s nice to know there are those of us out there that take our beloved team seriously!

    Oh, and Joe, here’s a clip from Mike Florio to go along with your cavalier attitude of the understanding why fans won’t pay one of the cheapest prices offered in the NFL to go see our BUCS.

    “The Glazers get blamed for plenty of things. They bear no blame here. The Glazers have tried to improve the team and to make it more attractive to attend games. Eventually, the people need to respond.
    There’s no indication that the Glazers are looking to move the team. Given the manner in which the community continues to respond to the franchise, they’d be crazy if they weren’t exploring their options.”

  20. Nick Says:

    What the Glazers are doing is nice. However, we owe it to Ronde to be there

  21. Mbaby Says:

    @bucoburce, I feel ur pain cause i’m walking in them same shoes. My job laid me off cause my mother was dying of cancer n I wanted 2 take some time off 2 care 4 her and she pass on the same day n 30 min before coach Joe. I will love 2 b able 2 go also and since I can’t the only thing I have 2 look 4 is Sunday 2 watch the Bucs win or lose. My wife been talking sh#t about me always on the internet looking @ football n reading Joebucfans everyday lol. I took the wife n kids 2 c the practices, I was so happy that I was 30 min early n they wanted 2 kill me cause it was hot, but a man got 2 c his team lol

  22. mike078 Says:

    I’d go to the games if I live in the state. I’d prob be a season ticket holder. I live in CA and go to every Buc game when they come, except Raider games. Not gonna risk getting stabbed :). I love live games I can still remember the 2010 SF game, it was awesome. Had to sit through the horrible lost last year but with the good comes the bad. Looking to fly out for a game this year, if I do I hope the tickets will still be as easy to get as they are now.

  23. Colorado Buc Says:

    Seriously it sucks to see where the town has gone. Even a couple years back when the Rays were awesome nobody gave a damn enough to go to the game and buy a dog. It’s not just Tampa though, it seems to be the whole damn state. The Jags can’t sell out, the Phins can’t sell out, College teams are doing fine, but that is all students and alumni. I am in marketing, get me in touch with the Glazers they are going about it all wrong. They need Senior citizen discounts, ben gay dispensers in the bathroom, shuffleboard in the parking lot at halftime you get the idea. It is a retirement state now more than ever…

  24. Gusjackson Says:

    I live in dc. I would like it if I could donate a ticket. There should be a place for that.

  25. jb Says:

    All that’s left to say is, that at this point I’m ashamed to call myself a BUC fan! To all of you hardcore BUC Fans out there that will do whatever you have to in order to see and support your Pewter & Red Marauders, I tip my hat to you. The rest of you……..what are you gonna say when the Vans are backed up and moving the team to L.A.?
    Never Mind, I think we already know.

  26. bucobruce Says:

    I just hope and pray if no one takes me up on my offer that the game sells out I think im one of the bucs biggest fans I have only missed one year that i dident go to atleast one game since 95 someone help me not make it 2.wing burgers mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  27. Dave Says:

    Off topic I know but Tanard Jackson is looking at another year-long drug suspension.


  28. Eric Says:

    Glazers have no one to blame but themselves.

    Their behavior has been self evident. One offseason where they did some good things won’t do.

    Firing Jon.
    Hiring rah
    Scoffing at free agency
    Dumping 55
    Rediculously low payroll
    Ten game losing streak

    It adds up. People have to see to believe and aren’t gonna shell out money till they do.

  29. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Are we seriously being subjected to panhandling on a JBF comment thread? Am I reading that right?

  30. Joe Says:


    Joe is going to help you out. Try to be patient.

  31. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    As for the attendance issue I’m sure it’ll get back to where it should be once the Bucs put a winning product on the field for at least a couple consecutive years. Tampa Bay area fans are fickle and that’s just the way it is.

  32. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Listening to 98.7 The Fan, they said that Detroit has a bad economy, yet still supports the Tigers and Lions.
    Tampa does not seem to do the same.

  33. james in dunedin Says:

    The Glazers won’t move with the sweetheart stadium deal. The fans will come back when they make the playoffs two years in a row. I am a former season ticket holder that was locked into a 10 year agreement while the Glazers had the lowest payroll in the NFL for years. I’m still pissed about it, and so are the people I sat around. If they start winning again the fans will come back.

  34. Bob Says:

    I went to 3rd preseason game , seems to me the parking, was to hard to get out of, beer was way too much. We won but. Slack ups where horrible. The scoreboards where blurry and old looking. They need to fix these. Problems,Andput a winner on field, could start by getting a real backup qb, some lineman,and make them play till they get it right, we are so good that we need to protect our starters? Right we won a couple games tow years ago.

  35. Morgan Says:

    I really think that 10-yr seat deposit left thousands of former season ticket holders with a bad taste for the team’s ownership. They were ruthless about that deposit and holding people to their contract, even when the economy took a dive. Well payback is a bitch Glazerboys.

  36. Joe Says:


    Detroit/Tampa Bay apples/oranges.

  37. Garv Says:

    Too bad. Don’t go, miss the game.

    [That’s out of line Garv. The guy has a serious medical/financial condition. It’s backwards attitudes like this that make Bucs fans look shabby. Why should someone spends hundreds of dollars a week just to feed your ego? Do you freak out the same way if a concert you go to or a movie you attend is not sold out? You are already at the game, what do you care if the seat next to you is empty or not? — Joe]

  38. bucobruce Says:

    thanks joe

  39. Karen Hartman Says:

    No, don’t listen to anyone saying move the team .. The Buccaneers are ours to keep! I just think fans can waver from week to week , I understand why one could want to sit out a game they are already prepared to lose. We must stick it out through thick & thin Support our team, & buy tickets.. Fill the stands !

  40. bucobruce Says:

    Thanks joe anything you can do and to those who are making fun of me I have the scares on both of my knees to proof it Im not some bum Ill will have a good paying job again when im done with rehab on my knees and as pissed as i am on certain people making fun of me I still woulent wish this on anyone.Once again thanks Joe anything you can do remeber wings and burgers with homemade bigmac sauce!

  41. bucs911 Says:

    I’m flying in to see the game. Win or lose its going to be a good time. It doesn’t help the Bucs ticket sales since the Rays game is the same day.

  42. Danny Says:

    What if by chance the Bucs win the NFC South and then host a playoff game and it gets blacked out? That’d be the last straw.

  43. Dave Says:

    Should have never fired Gruden, we would have never been in this mess !

  44. Miguel Grande Says:

    Interesting story about pissed off former season ticket holders. A lot of bad blood it seems.

    When I went, I had to buy 8 tickets and take everyone out to dinner. I wish it was as easy as just $45 for a ticket.

    I just wonder why they penalize fans who live in other states and countries? I should be able to roll out of bed on Sunday morning and watch some Buc’s football with my eggs and oatmeal.

    Garv Says:
    August 31st, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Too bad. Don’t go, miss the game. Begging for free tickets? What’s next? Cardboard signs with “I’ll work for tickets.” written in chicken scratch? It’s about priorities and affordability. Some would rather spend money on booze and drugs…..ask Mr. err DR. Grandee……..

    I love your compassion Garv, but it’s not booze and drugs, on Saturday night, it might be a fine Cabernet Sauvignon and a local version of Acapulco Gold. You make it sound so cheap and dirty.

  45. Garv Says:

    Out of line? You give a ticket out of charity, I give to the American Heart Association and the Salvation Army. Think about it Joe, you are NO better than any other self righteous sucker.

    There are PLENTY of “fans” who can afford tickets and would rather go to bars and strip clubs. Let them go, who needs the jack wagons?

    Buddy can you spare me a ticket? LOL Go ahead if it makes you feel better. and for your pompous information? I donated two tickets to the Patriots game to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarasota, a REAL CHARITY!!!!! Is that the same as giving time and money to a charity? Hell no. It’s simply a nice thing to do and whoop dee do.

  46. Miguel Grande Says:

    I hope you’re not going to drive a car tonight, Garv. They might have DUI checkpoints out there.

    If they do nail you, I know where to find a good big eared attorney. You might qualify for the JBF discount.

  47. Joe Says:


    Maybe you missed it, but he is willing to offer to cook meals in return for a ticket. How exactly is that awful?

    And again, since you go to all the games, why do you care if anyone else goes or not, you are already there?

  48. Joe Says:


    I just wonder why they penalize fans who live in other states and countries? I should be able to roll out of bed on Sunday morning and watch some Buc’s football with my eggs and oatmeal.

    If you live outside the Tampa/Orlando TV markets, Bucs games are not blacked out. This is some weird rumor spread recently and Joe has this confirmed with the NFL that anyone outside of the Tampa/Orlando markets can watch the games live.

  49. bucobruce Says:

    Im not looking for a hand out Garv,hope to see u at the game

    tampaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

  50. Garv Says:

    I apologize. I was out of line and over the top and it really had little to do with anything here.

    Best of luck Buco, I hope you do make it to the game.

  51. Garv Says:

    No Mr. Grandee, don’t drink or do drugs myself. I’ve too much damage done.
    Anyway, Go Bucs!

  52. Miguel Grande Says:

    You can’t have a Buc’s game without Buco Bruce.

    Hemp is not a drug, its more of a vegetable. The problem is that it cures many diseases like cancer and diabetes which destroys the pharmaceutical business plan of Eugenics and endlessly treating symptoms. My sister was just given a drug for diabetes that is known to cause liver cancer.

    There used to be laws that farmers had to grow hemp for the good of homeland security.

  53. Miguel Grande Says:

    Thanks Garv, for your gracious apology to BucoBruce

    Go Bucs!!!

  54. Robb Says:

    Just cut the beer prices in half and we will all be in business!

  55. Tbuc Says:

    Just a horrible fan base. I will be there along with fans who want to support this team.

  56. Mackeyser Says:

    I’m a service connected disabled vet who moved from LA to the Tampa area about 4 years ago. I, obviously, don’t have a lot of money. I’m no longer healthy enough to attend games.

    I also have experience having a team move away as I am a Rams fan still (have been since the early 70s).

    There were always expensive tickets in football, but the cheap seats were historically actually inexpensive.

    With the advent of “super stadiums” which no hardcore fan asked for, ticket prices skyrocketed and the actual cheap seats disappeared. For awhile, that was fine as the economy was robust enough to fill the seats.

    Now, in markets like Detroit, Tampa, St. Louis, Buffalo, Jacksonville and others, there aren’t the economies where enough people can justify paying the inflated prices for the cheap seats. They aren’t seen as a value anymore as compared to sitting at home in the recliner and watching the highly polished 1080p “best seat in the house” view of the game with grocery store bought snacks and convenient restroom. Don’t forget the DVR pause, rewind and slow motion. If you miss something live you miss it. At home, you’re in control.

    With good seats, the value is still there. The problem is that it’s very hard to make the “value proposition” argument for the cheap seats. Is it REALLY better to pay several hundred dollars for a family or group of four (including modest eats) to sit in the last row of the stadium versus watching at home?

    It’s a question and one that the Glazers and other owners are struggling with. I dunno that folks who don’t see the value in spending those hundreds of dollars are any less enthusiastic in their want to see the Bucs win or any less “Fans”. I just see that these folks are folks making financial decisions in their own interest. To expect anyone to make financial decisions in anyone else’s interest seems pretty unreasonable to me. Respectfully…imho.

    Go Bucs (except when facing the Rams).