“Honestly Believe That [Talib’s] A Changed Man”

June 20th, 2012
Derrick Brooks delivered a powerful personal endorsement of Aqib Talib today and implied that Talib embarked on a personal transition eight months ago.

Bucs icon Derrick Brooks fired off a huge endorsement of Aqib Talib and explained that he’s personally seen Talib evolve into a significantly better person, so Brooks said during a powerful segment of his interview on the Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 today.

Brooks revealed he’s been in steady contact with Talib, his former teammate.

“Personally, you know, because I’ve personally seen the young man transition here the last eight months, I’m happy for him,” Brooks said. “I hope justice was served, and I’ll just take it at that. But personally, you know, I’ve been in steady communication with him and I’ve seen that he’s become a changed man at this point. And I hope, and I told him yesterday, ‘I hope that this continues to put you on the same road you’re on of redemption. Be the guy that you’ve been transitioning to be the last eight months. Make sure that’s the guy that’s moving forward.’ I honestly believe that he’s a changed man at this point.”

This was very interesting to Joe. Brooks twice mentioned “eight months,” which is a rather specific timetable. Perhaps this “transition” Brooks speaks of is Talib choosing to become more religious or involving himself in some sort of personal rehabilitation program? Also, Brooks makes it very clear he’s been part of Talib’s life and supporting him consistently.

Hopefully, Roger Goodell sees the same growth in Talib and passes on punishing him, much like the State of Texas passed on prosecuting him.

32 Responses to ““Honestly Believe That [Talib’s] A Changed Man””

  1. Garv Says:

    Why would anyone take the word of Derrick Brooks who has been in contact with the young man when we have 2.whatever, lawyer and message board troll, to tell us how it really is? After all, 2.whatever never admits he is wrong so obviously he never is!

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  2. Pete 422 Says:

    I hope he is. I can’t think of a better former team mate to work along side than Brooks.

    If the charges are dropped, I don’t see how Goodell can punish him. Also in wake of the heat he is taking in the Saints scandal, the Goodell has bigger fish to fry than Talib.

  3. Brad Says:

    Having our past super leaders involved with our current club has to be a huge asset. Brooks is such a model human being that just his presence has to have a positive affect. Something else I believe Dominick failed to see and realize when he cut him a year too early. I just hope the new regime embraces our former leaders and allow them to be involved as much as necessary. Now if Brooks would have talked to Winslow before his bad attitude towards the new coaching staff he might still be here. The words that Dungy shared with Brooks is as strong as I’ve heard when he told Brooks he must support the new regime (Gruden) more than he supported Dungy. Brooks listened and that buy in helped win us a Superbowl. Hearing that the players are buying in going to result in a much better team. Here’s hoping Sapp hanging with McCoy has the same result..

  4. OAR Says:

    Great to hear and very encouraging words from Mr. Brooks!

  5. Bobby Says:

    I don’t know about him being a ‘changed man’ but I do believe he realizes he is on the NFL’s last nerve and certainly on his last straw with the Bucs. I believe the reality of the situation hit him when he saw his career ending with the legal situation and especially the way the Bucs have been sending players packing lately if they don’t buy in. Now if he just plays up to his potential….

  6. Snook Says:

    Gotta love 5-5.

  7. Macabee Says:

    We are all well aware of some of the things that Talib has been involved in off-field. But I don’t know much about his private life.

    My advice to Talib would be to sell the gun, get a family, and buy a lawnmower. Bring some normalcy to his life away from football.

    As far as Goodell is concerned, when you have absolute power, with no check other than your own review, you can pretty much do as you please. So, if he wanted to find a reason to suspend Talib, he can do it without recourse other a violation of Talib’s contitutional rights.

    Talib should view this as a glass half full. 2 to 20 years versus a 2 to 4 game suspension, Talib is already a winner!

  8. Dway Says:

    Its a Aquib Talib article, here comes the stupid taliban and thug comments….

    The guy deserves a chance to change. Whether he will or not is up to him, but as “buc fans” we need to support him and we lose nothing in doing so.

    If he can turn himself around and be a more focused I believe Talib can be a shutdown corner. He just needs to limit the mental mistakes which I think is mostly immaturity. I think he knows if he is good this year hes gonne start making 7-8 mil/yr, even if its nnot with us.

  9. stevek Says:

    @ Bobby,

    I agree with your statement, and I can also say the same applies for GMC albeit for different reasons.

    Play and put up, or be gone!

  10. Dini's Biceps Says:

    The Clowns @ Sirius NFL Radio are avoiding Talib’s Case Dismissal like the Black Plague. Yet, when the incident took place….all they did was talk about it for several MONTHS and scream that he should be cut. This is such B.S. (i expected a lot more out of those guys on NFL Radio)

  11. stevek Says:

    Bucs D is looking “Ok”

    Healthy D-Line, and we are on the up and up.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is a strong endorsement from an Icon in the community and a person that lives up to the highest standards in his everyday life. In hearing this from Derrick Brooks, I give Aqib the benefit of the doubt, and believe he has the proper guidance to become an upstanding member of the Organization and Community.

    I just love Derrick Brooks, he is such a good man. We can all take a lesson from him, and we are so lucky that he became a Buccaneer and made this a better place.

  13. Eric Says:

    The Texas thing was total BS.

    Give the kid a another shot. (figuratively ).

    And if you can’t stand the guy close your eyes and picture the secondary playing without him.

  14. Miguel Grande Says:

    “Having our past super leaders involved with our current club has to be a huge asset. Brooks is such a model human being that just his presence has to have a positive affect.”

    “Great to hear and very encouraging words from Mr. Brooks!”

    Gotta love 5-5.

    Blllllaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!! That’s the sound of me vomiting.

    I’ve got an idea, why doesn’t Talib and DB sponsor a trip to Africa for a group 13 and 14 year old girls. You know, “troubled girls”, the kind that have no father figures in their lives. That will keep Aqib out of trouble.

  15. OAR Says:

    “Blllllaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!! That’s the sound of me vomiting.”

    I have told you before….Don’t drink the worm at the bottom! Either that, or step away from those veggie burritos!

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    That’s some pretty strong accusations if you are trying to implement Derrick Brooks in your BS story from yesterday. It’s real easy for you to sit back behind your little keyboard in whatever country you live in and try to stir things up I guess.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, can we put an end to Miguel and his Libelous innuendo, or else have him provide documents and facts back up his claim.

    We should vote to hold him in Contempt of JoeBucsFan.

    Its one thing to hate on players or coaches based on their performance. It is altogether different and out of bounds to accuse legendary players of sexually harassing underage girls, taking them to hotels out of state, and committing criminal acts.

  18. OAR Says:

    Wow, just read Miguel’s post from yesterday and I agree! I for one would raise my daughter a little better than having her handing out her phone number to strange grown men, in traffic no less!
    Also, wonder if he realizes Brook’s program is for male and female students.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Those are serious charges to make, and to wait 10 years to make them on a Bucs’ website is just wrong. If someone was trying to hurt my daughter, I’d be all over them like white on rice. It wouldn’t matter if it was pro athletes or not. We have all seen what Sandusky did and the product of not reporting it or stopping it on the spot.

  20. OAR Says:

    I concur!

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Miguel, you are a POS, and I don’t find you credible or entertaining at all.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I find it pretty amazing that he has 12 former Bucs try to screw his daughter,yet he still manages to spend his time (and waste ours) by discussing the Bucs. First of all, had that happen to my daughter, I would have done everything in my means to see that justice was served. Obviously he didn’t do that which says a lot about the type of person and parent he is. Also, I would hate the Bucs beyond explanation. Why would you continue to support a team that had 12 players try to screw your underage daughter (allegedly).

    There’s a very simple explanation, Miguel Grande is full of sh!t. I will never respect anything you write on this site, and I doubt anyone else will either. I hope you get banned, that way you can dedicate more of your time to curing diabetes, cancer, AIDS, genital herpes, and whatever else you believe you cured in your delusional world.

  23. Dway Says:

    Miguel, you say this stupid stuff for attention. If you were really concerned you would have told the police 10 years ago, not us yesterday.

    Whats next? Your neice get raped by Ben Rothlisberger in the bathroom? Did Tim Tebow murder your dog?

  24. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc
    I agree with you about Miguel. But you know…with the hack reporters working for the newspapers in this town…one of them will see his story and suddenly come up with the story themselves, from “confidential sources”.

    On topic…

    …this is interesting to hear from Derek Brooks. If Talib has turned things around it can only mean the best things for him. Of course…Talib has always behaved between incidents. He has always been respectful with teammates except one time as a rookie.

    It’s when someone gives him cause to get angry that problems come up. That’s when we’ll know if he really did learn his lesson.

    In the meantime, I still feel 6-10 games suspension need to be dished out. Six games seems reasonable and Goodell HAS to suspend him for a length of time, just to remain consistent and to send a message.

    The way I see it, the only chance Talib has of NOT being suspended is if he gets letters from multiple mentors and if Goodell takes a more disciplined coach into consideration. However…Talib does not spend his entire off season with the coach.

    We’ll probably never know what level of communication Brooks has had with Talib. It could have been a few conversations on the phone, or Brooks may have decided to mentor him. I hope it’s the later.

  25. Miguel Grande Says:

    First of all, I’ve been a Buc Fan since 1975, before the first game was played. It will take more than a few street thugs in football jersies to run me off.

    The interaction between my daughter and Buc players was not illegal. If she had gone to that hotel room with that agent it would have been me pulling an Okolo Talib, chasing pro football players across the fairways of Innisbrook firing my Baretta 92FS. I’m a lot better shot than Okolo allegedly was and there would not have been a Super Bowl for Tampa Bay that year.

    I did not accuse a player by name of anything. People on this forum are adding names and accusations.

    @Oar, “Wow, just read Miguel’s post from yesterday and I agree! I for one would raise my daughter a little better than having her handing out her phone number to strange grown men, in traffic no less!”

    Obviously you haven’t raised teenage girls, I have. I was told by countless people, “Wow, you are going to have trouble when your girls become teenagers.” Always the same message, different words but always the same. “You’re going to have beat them off with a stick when your girls get older.” These comments were from people who had raised teen age girls. My girls are now out of the danger years and have never been in trouble or on drugs or anything bad. That’s because they always shared everything with their mother and I and we treated them like adults.

    I will always find it physically revolting when grown men gush over football players, coaches or politicians and testify to their great moral qualities because of some snippet planted in the local or national media by their public relations office.

    I will always be the one who points out the emperor wears no clothes and on a forum like this its a welcome breath of fresh air among the sheep.

    Curing fatal diseases with something as cheap and natural as hemp oil, exercise and fruit juicing is the most rewarding occupation in the world. Tommy Chong just came down with prostate cancer because his probation kept him away from weed for 3 years. Now, he’s taking hemp oil orally and he will be cured.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “First of all, I’ve been a Buc Fan since 1975, before the first game was played. It will take more than a few street thugs in football jersies to run me off.”


    Not even when those street thugs are trying to bang your daughter???? That would do it for me.

    And yes, you are accusing a player of something. By not denying it, you are saying it. Don’t be stupid, and more importantly, don’t take us for being stupid. You know exactly what you are doing.

    And for the record, 11 years ago, Derrick Brooks didn’t have “children”. He had one child (not with his wife). His agent was not Drew Rosenhaus either.

    Third, if you are trying to raise your teenage daughters who may pass out their phone numbers to strange men in traffic, perhaps you should not give her a cell phone (11 years ago no less, which was not very common at the time), or a new car. I do pretty well financially, but my daughter will not get a “shiny new sportscar” at age 16.

    As for the curing of Tommy Chong with hemp oil, I just have one thing to say: hahahahahahahahahaahhahahahhahahahahahahahhah!!!!!

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Perhaps your daughter was just an ugly fat slut (much more likely), and she made the whole thing up because she couldn’t find a pro athlete to impregnate her, that way her father can have a bigger supply of hemp oil.

  28. Garv Says:

    Mr. err Dr. Grandee is a sick fraud. Come on, he makes up things as fast as his fogged brain can conjure them up from whatever hole he lives in.
    He uses his “daughter” in such a sick scenario to make a point and claims to remain a fan of the Buccaneers? Really?

    Come on Joe…..enough. I vote for the permanent ban of Mr. err Dr. Grandee of the Insipid Islands. Leave him to his drugs and social disease. He’s a genuine example of one you know. And this has gone far enough.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    Miguel YOU’RE A LIAR!!!

    You said you saved your kid, yes, but that her Hottie friends were taken across state lines to stay in Hotels with the players.

    You’re an idiot and you should just shove the Hemp Oil up your @$$ to help stop the overflowing BS.

    Now you have big bad Barretta. You’re such a joke. Pleas just STFU because everything you post just makes you look more and more ignorant.

  30. Brad Says:

    @Miguel.. [EASY! — Joe.] Yourself.. No one cares about you or anything you say..

  31. lightningbuc Says:

    Miguel “not so” Grande said:

    “I did not accuse a player by name of anything”

    But you used the jersey #47 (before Joe scrubbed it) at the Super Bowl so…

    I still think you are the step-dad to one of Warren Sapp’s kids!

  32. Joe Says:


    I will always be the one who points out the emperor wears no clothes and on a forum like this its a welcome breath of fresh air among the sheep.

    Yeah, but your stripping the emperor can get Joe shut down or sued. You are not responsible for what is on this site; Joe is. Thus, tread very lightly or for that matter, don’t ever reference this story again. It doesn’t take a clod to read between the lines of what you are writing, or for Joe to get shut down by an itchy lawyer looking to make a name.

    Don’t test Joe.