Can’t Move Aqib Talib

June 20th, 2012

With the exception of a possible — keyword there, “possible” — suspension by NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell, the book is closed on Aqib Talib’s legal troubles in Texas.

For this reason, writes Chris Burke of, the Bucs cannot move Aqib Talib.

Now some believed Talib was a goner after he was charged last summer after he was hit with a felony charge. Many howled that the Bucs should wash their hands of Talib, given how he previously seemed unable to stay out of trouble’s way.

That’s not likely to happen now, Burke notes, largely because the Bucs have no one to replace him.

Schiano and his staff have moved forward with the plan to shift longtime cornerback Ronde Barber to free safety. Then, rather than take a cornerback in the draft, the Buccaneers nabbed safety Mark Barron at No. 7 overall.

Had Talib ended up facing a lengthy trial or, worse yet, been sentenced to prison time, Schiano would have been forced to reorganize. The obvious option would have been to slide Barber back to cornerback, but Tampa Bay doesn’t really have a ready replacement at safety — last year’s starters there were Sean Jones and Tanard Jackson, with the latter being cut due to a failed physical.

E.J. Biggers would likely be first up at cornerback in Talib’s absence, after starting six games last season. The other choices for Schiano there are Myron Lewis and 2012 sixth-round pick Keith Tandy.

Now Joe has gone on record as saying Talib is not an elite corner. Is he good, yeah, not elite.

That stated, not once has Joe heard Talib is a bad teammate, sans an ugly helmet-wielding incident years ago. In fact, last summer Talib was every bit a leader on the field, helping younger defensive backs during Josh Freeman’s workouts during the asinine lockout.

This summer, new Bucs coach Greg Schiano has lauded Talib for his work ethic, attention to detail and how good of a teammate he is.

So given that the Jerry Springer-like Texas episode is now over, criminal charges dropped, now is not the time to move Talib, even if his trade value has risen. The Bucs are just too thin currently in the secondary.

25 Responses to “Can’t Move Aqib Talib”

  1. Eric Says:

    Not elite, but still one of the top players on this team.

    And surely he fall into the “poorly coached” category where all the talented players failed.

  2. Garv Says:

    We need Talib on this team IMO.
    With the drafting of Barron at safety over Claiborne it makes even more sense.
    I’m encouraged by what I’ve read over the past few months, since Coach Schiano was hired, about Aqib and looked forward to seeing him on game day!

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  3. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Considering this case was dismissed, Talib hasn’t really gotten in trouble with the law since the cab driver incident in 2009. He has had some in house anger issues(ala Steve Smith), the “put a cap in you” shakedown, but he isn’t in any legal trouble now.

    If he stays within the guidelines set by the HC and management, and the law, let him stay a buc.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Goodell needs to F*** OFF…….he wasn’t found guilty!! End of it. He can worry about his bounty crap with the Saints players.

  5. Macabee Says:

    I won’t argue the issue of whether Talib is elite, because we probably won’t agree on what is meant by elite.

    But consider this. I don’t know exactly how many CBs there are in the NFL, but if I were to estimate 5 CBs at 32 Nfl teams, It would be safe to say there are roughly (give or take a few) 160 CBs in the league.

    For all that would say that Talib is not elite, other than the obvious Asomugha or Revis, name 5 CBs that you would rather see at the Bucs in place of Talib.

    You can use your own definition for elite, But I want Talib as the starting LCB!

  6. BigBear Says:

    @Macabee I agree there aren’t a whole lot of corners out there who are consistently better than Talib. I know he can get greedy on the ball and make mistakes but how me a corner who doesn’t sometimes. He is also one of the most physically gifted corners in the league. It is concerning that he has had nagging lower leg injuries the last couple seasons and was not able to complete the seasons on the active roster, but I will give him the credit for battling through the injuries to be out on the field when Im sure many others would have packed it in.

    To sum this up Aqib is and A- to B+ corner in this league so far, but has the physical abilities to be an A to A+ corner if he can step his game up under Schiano’s discipline and stays healthy.

  7. gbuc Says:

    CB Mike Jenkins?

  8. sean Says:

    bet talib has a great year. bet he shuts down his recievers most of the time and possibly finishes the season in the top 5 catagory with most interceptions in the nfl

  9. NJBuc Says:


    I’m a fan of yours, but you’re gonna regret that “not elite” comment. The guy is outstanding. There’s s a reason why in 2010 he was named the best CB in football by a pool of former DBs, including a couple of hall of famers. He’s been playing for a coach who at best had a loose grasp of defensive concepts on a team that has been about 31rst against the run and 31rst in sacks. With the way he transitions, can you imagine what would happen if a) the ball is forced to come fast because of a pass rush, or be, the Bucs start playing with consistent leads. If the sweet lord grants us gap discipline this year to replace our collective suffering, I expect a huge year from this guy. It’s hard for the corners to look good when the other guy averages six per carry.

  10. Big Marlon B Says:

    sloppy tackling and bad attitudes were a major issue last year….so i’d say that pretty much rules out any chance of Mike Jenkins coming to Tampa. when he’s not missing tackles, he is also a penalty machine.

  11. AtlBucsFan Says:

    I want Talib to play for us but let’s not kid ourselves either. Talib is one uncontrollable angry moment away from losing it all.

  12. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    There arent many elite corners in the league but Talib is definately near the top of the list of very good corners. He is by far the best we have and would be a major mistake to trade him unless we get a rediculous good offer or he pulls a Winslow but that doesnt seem to be the case here.

  13. patrickbucs Says:


    I agree that Talib can be a top rated type corner. I believe this year is a contract year so we should see how good he really is.

    Here are some I would take right now instead, in no particular order..

    Joe Haden, Johnathon Joseph, Brandon Carr, Carlos Rogers, Cortland Finnegan, Leon Hall

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s really irrelevant as far as what other corners we would rather have. Fact of the matter is, Talib is far and away the best CB we will have on the roster in 2012. Anyone else we would pick up to replace him would be a downgrade. I think he will shine this year because he will have much better play on the D-Line (less time for QB’s to throw the ball) and much better help at the safety position. Assuming he doesn’t get a lengthy suspension, I think we will look back on this a year from now and be very happy we stuck with him.

  15. ben Says:

    if im not mistaken wasnt talib leading the nfl for ints at the time he had that leg injury in 2010, i think it was 6 or 7. Are we going to see grimm at safety at all? maybe when barber or barron move to a slot or lb position in a slot package? who knows if he is back to health i know the kid performed when given the chance though (grimm)

  16. Macabee Says:


    I accept your response uncontested because of the manner in which I posed the question. You did indeed name 5 CBs that you would prefer in place of Talib.

    If I had said name 5 CBs that has had better production, INTS and INTs returned for touchdowns over the last 4 years, your response would have undoubtedly been different.

  17. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If talib didnt give up as many deep balls as interceptions, then he would be considered elite, no doubt… but until then I will just stick to very good. Thats my opinion anyways.

  18. admin Says:


    I’m a fan of yours, but you’re gonna regret that “not elite” comment.

    Feel free to fill Joe in when Talib was named All-Pro or even All-NFC, much less played in a Pro Bowl.

  19. Joe Says:


    I’m a fan of yours, but you’re gonna regret that “not elite” comment.

    Please fill Joe in as to when Talib was named All Pro of All NFC much less made a Pro Bowl.

    Hell, NFL players named guys into the 2011 top 100 players who never even stepped on the field. Talib is not among that list.

  20. Macabee Says:

    There are differing opinions as to who the top CBs are. I respect that!,A9306

  21. jon Says:

    If hes not an elite corner,then he is very close and i think he wiill be one by not getting in trouble no more and listens to his coaches.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    I could easily name many CBs that I would put above Talib. It’s actually very easy search criteria. Just look for any CB that averages more than 40 tackles per year, there are plenty. Devin McCourty had 60 in 2010 to go with his 7 INTs and 2 FF and a sack with 17 passes defensed. Not bad. Carlos Rogers had 62 tackles to go with his 6 INTs and 19 passes defensed last year. Brent Grimes 70 tackles, 5 INTs, 23 break ups in 2010. Ledarius Webb, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Darrelle Revis, Asante Samuel, Jonathon Joseph… even our own Eric Wright (71 tackles, 4 INTs, 17 break ups last year) have better combinations than Talib. Also, you’ll find that most of these guys still have 3 strikes left with Goodell, not one or two. They keep their noses clean off the field for the most part. Talib only gets about 40 tackles per year as a starter, which makes me wonder about his ability as a CB in run support. He also is down around 11 or 12 passes defensed per year, which isn’t bad, but definitely not among the top. That makes me question his coverages and whether he’s purely going for the INT and if he doesn’t get it, he gets burned. His INT numbers are good, but that’s a risky proposition, I’d be happier if it were accompanied by more passes defensed. He has no other real attributes to contribute. He’s not a blitzing CB, so doesn’t add to sacks or QB pressure. He’s given up many TDs over the past couple years (whether all his fault or assisted by poor Safety play, it really doesn’t matter). He’s found it difficult to play a full season so far (whether due to suspension or injury). Simply put, he’s not only not elite, but it’s questionable if you can even put him in the “very good” category until he proves he can help in run support or break up more passes or stay healthy and keep his nose clean.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    I believe the new coaching staff will help Talib and his play just like the rest of the team. I think many of the chances Talib took may have been by design and coaching. I don’t think the DB’s worked very hard as Rah’s Boys and now that has all changed. I look forward to seeing Eric Wright on the field now, combined with Barber and Barron, Aqib should not get burned so frequently for TD’s and big plays.

  24. Peking Buc Says:

    Bam Bam is correct. Talib is far from elite. Just think about the coverage on Megatron last year. Why was he at least five yards away from him trying to make a play, instead of staying with him the whole time. I don’t think the coaches told him to gamble and leave Megatron.

    Ronde and Dave Moore have said in interviews that Talib is a gambler and loves to take chances. I don’t think this coaching will put up with his gambling. He gets yanked the first time he leaves the #1 receiver to roam. But I do believe he has the talent to be a very good corner, but needs to realize his job is to stay with the #1 the whole time.

  25. RustyRhino Says:

    Looking Very forward to Talib getting some “coaching” from our new DB coach, who is from what I have read on this site and others is a Very good DB coach. Just possibly one of the best DB coaches we have ever had here. Best since Talib was drafted most assuredly. IMO anyway…