Belichick Still There For Schiano

June 13th, 2012

Much was made when Greg Schiano was hired that the great Bill Belichick (often referred to here as Bill Belicheat) was a mentor to Schiano and had a hand in him getting the Bucs job. 

Belichick’s son played for Schiano at Rutgers and the word was that Team Glazer consulted with Belichick — and got a glowing reference — before Schiano was hired. Then popcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chugging Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports fame wrote that Belichick and Schiano were seen together regularly at the NFL owners meetings this spring.

Well, it seems that Belichick is still advising the leader of the New Schiano Order. Schiano himself said as much today on the Evan & Phillips In The Morning show, part of Mad Dog Radio on SiriusXM.

Schiano was asked to talk about Belichick’s impact on him.

“[Belichick’s] been a big help to me,” Schiano said. “Not only before I got here, helped me be a better coach at Rutgers, but then when I was considering the Bucs job and later on taking the job. He’s been a good guy to bounce ideas. Certainly we’re competitors now, there’s only 32 of us in this league, but you know wherever it doesn’t affect the competitive balance he’s been real helpful to me.”

Joe’s not going to get too excited about the Belichick-Schiano relationship, but it should be a huge positive to help Schiano get quickly through whatever learning curves he encounters.

Raheem Morris had his regular chats with Mike Tomlin, and while Raheem was hardly a model of success, the guidance Raheem got regularly from Tomlin and the Rays’ Joe Maddon likely helped him mature fast enough to field a 10-6 team that got a ton out of its rookies.

32 Responses to “Belichick Still There For Schiano”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Everyone needs a mentor to bounce ideas off. And what better mentor then Bill Belichick ?
    So far, I really like Coach Schiano. Does anyone know WHO hired him ?
    Is Mark Dominik responsible for him, or did the Glazers do it ?

  2. buCncRaZy Says:

    This is great news Belichek is one of the best at preparing week in and week out cheating or not! He knows how to get players to buy in to a system!

  3. Stevek Says:

    Yo Eric!

    WTF u got to say about Schiano’s references on his resume? Bellicheck is a HOF coach.

    And Joe,

    If you call “Bellicheck”, “Bellicheat”, then surely you need to call “Rockstar” a “Mediocre Mark”.

  4. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @stevek dont worry Eric is going to act all innocent now and say hes waiting for him to start coaching in actual games. Lol

  5. Eric Says:

    If we had the real Bellichick it would be exciting. A guy who knows Bellichick doesn’t impress me.

    For example You guys could move in with Einstein and wouldn’t get a bit smarter.

  6. buxter Says:

    Now if only the Glazers could try to emulate Robert Kraft.

  7. Thomas2.2 Says:

    This association concept sure didn’t help RahRah – mentored by Gru, Tomlin and Monte!

  8. Stevek Says:

    I believe now that Schiano is in the NFL, he will have an equal pull for talent, and you know he has an eye for talent: Ray Rice, Kenny Britt for example.

    I believe in Schiano’s ability to run a program/franchise.

    I just hope the collection of coaching minds will be able to come together and execute on gameday.

    Discipline, trust, and accountability are some attributes sorely missing from the Bucs of 2011. Let’s hope we can put it all together on the field.

    I think we finish with the best record of any Florida team, and 2nd in the division @ 9-7.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hated the Pats and Bellichick for so long that I grew to love them. I’m a Buc fan only, but I have mad respect for Bellichick, his teams and system. The guy knows how to evaluate talent. They are what every team tries to emulate. I don’t think Schiano could find a better mentor or friend in the NFL than Big Bad Bill. He is the Phil Jackson of the NFL, IMO. This is a good relationship that will pay dividends for Coach Schiano.

  10. Stevek Says:

    WTF Eric?

    Mike Piazza was a “favor” drafted by the Dodgers, as he isTommy LaSorda’s god son.

    He went on to MASH for a .300 average, and hit the most home runs by a Catcher.

    Sometimes great people associate themselves with great up and coming people?

    I believe you are a fan, but you are a “glass 1/2 empty” kind of guy.

    It is all good. Schiano is going to whoop your ass into shape.

  11. Eric Says:

    Maybe someday we might hire a guy other coaches come to for advice.

    Seem to love the learning curve concept of late.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    I will always hate the whiny A$$ Saint’s and their whiny QB. I hope Schiano’s Bucs, the Dirty Birds & the Panthers all blow them out and that every opponent they face takes hard shots at Brees, Sproles and their entire team. It’s time for some payback.

  13. Drew Says:

    Eric and T 2.2 must have been adjoined twins at birth.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You guys are so dumb. Don’t you know that we are not allowed to be excited for the upcoming season? We should spend the offseason exactly like Eric, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    Correct me if I’m wrong Eric, but I’ve yet to see one person on this site that has Schiano as the next Bellicheat. I’ve yet to read a post where he’s in the hall of fame. Whereas I agree with you that having Bellicheat as a mentor probably won’t mean that much, I doubt very seriously that it hurts. You sure do enjoy pissing out people’s fire, which I just don’t understand. Every single one of us wants him to do well, but none of us know if it’s really going to happen. Why do you feel the need to constantly mock others for being excited? Should I not be? Should I be more like you? No one is putting us in the Super Bowl, but you truly do appear to want us to fail. I don’t get that.

  15. Thomas2.2 Says:

    No drew we are just objective. Rah was incompetent, Dom is no rock star, the Glazers were being cheap for 6 years, Tanard was high, Talib is a thug, Gerald is a disappointment, Blount fumbles and doesn’t learn the plays, K2 was not a team player . .

    Ronde is a pro, DJ is a brawled, Free is a leader, Clayborn is all motor, the 2012 offseason was the first that the org tried to win in years ..

    These are all truths that are obvious to the objective. You fanatics won’t concede the truth.

  16. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Eric and I disagree on Schiano – I think Schiano will be excellent. But it will take 1/2 of a season to shake off the horrible rah/Dom 3 years of no discipline , no coaching, no structure.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Even twins don’t always agree.

  18. Stevek Says:

    Thomas and Eric are both solid fans.

    I salute Thomas 2.2, he brings an original and solid view point to the Bucs.

    He is the “Rock Star” of

    Eric, aka “dream crusher”, has his reason for doubt. You doubt like its your job.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, I hear what you are saying, but the vast majority of the negatives are in the past, would you not agree? Sure we still have GMC & Talib, but both 1’st rounders with major money invested, it doesn’t make sense to pull the plug quite yet. Now if GMC plays 16 games and does nothing in this his 3’rd year, then maybe it is time to pull the plug. As for the Glazers, regardless of past perception, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt this time around. They are making every effort to give us the best product money and availability can bring. They brought us to tour 1 Buc place and treated us like kings, no really, it was first class and we left with about $50 worth of hats, pics & Buc stuff each. On top of that, we ate lunch with the players, and I can promise you the effort from the whole organization is there. I’m not defending the past mistakes, but isn’t it a good time to put the past behind us, and look to the future in a positive light. Dom may not be a rock star in your eyes and I accept that, but I spoke to him face to face, and the sincerity is there. This man wants to win and believes in what they are doing. You have to learn from past mistakes and I believe Mark Dominick and the Glazers are doing that. If you want to bash a team for screwing up, look at the Lions and the Saints. We’re on the right track.

  20. Stevek Says:

    Big Mac Attack,

    The apology is about 50% from completion.

    If the Glazers take care of blackouts. To extend good faith to the fans, then it’s all for not.

  21. Eric Says:

    I doubt like its my job?

    Can’t argue that one.

    I just hate slipping into laughing stock land like we were in the late eighties til Dungy. Its like breaking out of prison, I don’t wanna go back. Despise losing.

    I wonder if Bill has given Greg info on where to position the video cameras for the other teams practices.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    People who “hate losing” have two options.

    1. Become a bandwagon fan of whatever team is “hot” lately and never have to face losing.

    2. Stick with one team, bash them constantly no matter what they do, then when the team wins say “I was behind them all the way”….

    or they could just be a fan that loves to see their team win, hates seeing them lose, but accepts that no team wins all the time and you have to suffer sometimes with losing teams. Even the Patriots were pretty bad for a while. The Colts, the Eagles, even the Cowboys have all had down times. The Saints had fans with bags on their heads, the Lions, the Bengals, every team has had good seasons and bad. Nobody (fan, player, coach, GM, owner) likes their team to be losing, but not all teams can win or we’d have 32 Super Bowl Champs every year. This isn’t 8 year old soccer leagues that don’t keep score because it shouldn’t matter who wins…. this is the NFL. Teams win, teams lose. You can be a “realist” or “objective” and negative about the team all the time, just don’t come around saying you were “behind them all the way”. Someone who is behind their team will find positives in the team and bring them up, even if there is more negative. Doesn’t mean they don’t see the negative, just that they are fans and look for the positive.

  23. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Eric, I just can’t stand your unending negativity. Try and make an observation without dripping sarcasm and some may actually consider your point of view. I despise losing as well but I loathe your mindless rants even more. The Bucs will be vastly improved and will compete this year and beyond. The offense should control the clock, do a better job of holding onto the ball, have imaginative play calling, and provide Freeman every opportunity to succeed. If Freeman cannot make accurate throws and better decisions, Schiano will find someone who will. I will be patient as Schiano seems to know what he is doing. Our defense does concern me but our offense may just be good enough to allow the defense some growing pains until our new defensive identity can be established, this may take a while but a lot of damage was done to the defense these past few years. Go Bucs!

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    The 49’rs defense was deplorable in 2010′, even with Patrick Willis and Justin Smith. Raheem and the Bucs embarrassed them at home. Harbaugh took over the same team in 2011′ and the same defense for the most part stuffed every opponent they faced. I am anxious to see what these coaches can get from the Bucs defenders, even Quincy Black.

    I think it is unreasonable and unrealistic to ask the Glazers to buy 10,000 or more tickets every home game to televise the games. I think if it comes down to a few thousand tickets it would be well worth it for them to spend the 35% or whatever. I believe the archaic blackout rules still reside with the US (do nothing) Congress and only they can fix it. I may be wrong, and if Goodell would lobby to change the law it would make a lot of sense, but I think it is very unfair to demand that the Glazers fix it by coming out of their pocket to do so. They did it before and it didn’t really help. They have lowered ticket prices, lowered concession prices and parking, especially for season ticket holders. Deposits have been refunded and there are no PSL’s. More fans could go to the games than do, but many, many choose to sit at home on their computers and complain instead. Blackouts suck, but they just aren’t my problem, not then, not now, not in the future. I feel that I am getting a lot of bang for my Buc and a good value keeps getting better.

  25. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Bam! Bam!

    Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong Eric, but I’ve yet to see one person on this site that has Schiano as the next Bellicheat.
    Name the top 5 coaches most like Billichick…and I bet Schiano is in the mix. I don’t think he’s the next…but there are some similarities in their styles and personalities. I think Schiano is a better humabn being though.

    Btw…about our division rivals…I hate the Falcons…respected the saints till this year…and think Brees is a great mentor for Freeman.

  26. Amar Says:


    I don’t come here for Bucs news, I come here for this and only this:

    “….popcorn-munching, coffee-slurping, fried-chicken-eating, oatmeal-loving, circle-jerking, beer-chugging…”

    Keep up the good work!

  27. tommy Says:

    eric….you owe points on an IQ test dude, you are one of many people on here that are lucky being stupid isnt painful, if so you would be in a world of hurt, as far as thomas??? you must just get your joillies on bashing anything buc related!!! how joe puts up with you two morons is crazy!!! must me no fun to have such a crappy life that you put such effort into bashing your home team! anyway…..go back to your chat rooms losers…we all feel sorry for you two!!

  28. Tim Says:

    Calm down. We’re all pulling for Schiano, but you can’t deny the guy is hardly a proven game coach with a bunch of the same around him right now.

  29. Have A Nice Day Says:

    LMAO Thomas 2.2 is winning so bad. Not because of what he says, but because people continue to engage his trolling.

  30. Fritz50 Says:

    “eric….you owe points on an IQ test dude, you are one of many people on here that are lucky being stupid isnt painful, if so you would be in a world of hurt, as far as thomas??? ”

    I would agree with ‘negative’, maybe, but ‘stupid’? not sure I’d go that far. There’s room here for everybody, relentlessly negative to hopeless ‘homer’ (that would be me). Going to name calling just shows you lack a real, persuasive argument. Of course, most people will never change their mind, no matter what the argument, so why get all hissy?

  31. McBuc Says:

    I almost never agree with Eric, but I always read his posts, because sometimes they are freaking funny. I skip right over T2 for the most part, once in a while I fall for his troll toll and respond. Eric on the other hand is negative with style…short posts helps with my ADHD as well…

  32. tommy Says:

    frtitz….why is there room for constant bashing of our team on a buc site??? dont like the bucs go elsewhere!!! pretty simple