Sights And Scenes From Day 2 Of Bucs Minicamp

June 13th, 2012

Underwear and helmets football returned to One Buc Palace today in Day 2 of manadatory minicamp for the New Schiano Order. Joe watched about 90 percent of the action and here are some impressions:

*Yesterday Joe wrote that Josh Freeman wasn’t impressive. Today was more of the same with Freeman displaying some shaky accuracy. That’s not to say Freeman didn’t make good throws and a couple of great ones, but if Freeman and fans are to hold him to a “franchise quarterback” status, then the standard must be high. Of course, it’s not always clear whether off-target throws are the fault of Freeman or the route-runner — the Bucs are learning a new playbook — however Freeman’s reaction after a play often is an indicator.

Today, Freeman was picked off over the middle at the start of 11-on-11 drills by Mark Barron. It was off play-action. He also overthrew a wide-open Tiquan Underwood on a deep ball in the end zone, among other off-target throws.

Some highlights were a great back shoulder touchdown throw from Freeman to Vincent Jackson against Myron Lewis in what look like tight coverage. Freeman also zipped a short TD pass to Jackson in the back of the end zone with Quincy Black covering. This one got Greg Schiano particular excited and he ran over to high-five Jackson. (No arm bar or chest bump). Schiano is hardly one to cheer on every caught ball, and this play for some reason really jacked him up.

*Myron Lewis looks healthy and surely looks like he belongs in the talent department. Of course, staying healthy has always been a major challenge for Lewis.

*Tiquan Underwood, the former Patriots wide receiver and Rutgers alum, definitely stood out today. At one point, he didn’t work on the “second-team” field when the Bucs split up the squad, and he made numerous catches and was open behind Aqib Talib when Freeman overthrew him in the end zone. (see above). Clearly he helped his chances of making the roster today.

*Dezmon Briscoe surely doesn’t look as sharp as he did when he was a standout in training camp last season. He had one drop today in limited balls thrown his way.

*Doug Martin looks very precise and fluid in his route-running.

*Schiano spent a lot of hands-on time with the punt team and punt defense, specifically extra teaching on defending a fake punt. Schiano is often praised by players for being a true teacher, and that was on display there. The punt team (not punt defense) had some issues on Tuesday and Schiano seemed pleased with today’s action and improvement.

*Pretty much every receiver had a drop today that Joe saw, including what might have been the first of the year for Vincent Jackson. Benn dropped one in the end zone and Sammie Stroughter had a miss at the goal line that left him visibly furious with himself.

*At one point Joe thought Mossis Madu was speedster rookie Michael Smith. That’s saying something for Madu’s burst and quickness.

*Rookie cornerback Leonard Johnson seems to lack some speed and appeared a little frustrated with himself in coverage.

*Watching Dallas Clark practice, Joe feels like he’s watching a fundamentals video — and it’s not of the guy in those videos who shows what not to do.

*Preston Parker clearly is getting a lot of love from the coaching staff. Twice today there were plays when Parker was not the one who caught the ball but he was the one getting loud vocal praise, presumably for his route running. Interesting that today the Bucs Twittered that Parker had an average “of 7.7 yards after catch in 2011 was 2nd among all NFL WRs.”

*Practice ended on a nice pass breakup by Anthony Gaitor covering Vincent Jackson.

The Bucs are back at it tomorrow for the third and final day of mandatory minicamp. Stick with Joe tonight and through the week for more.

39 Responses to “Sights And Scenes From Day 2 Of Bucs Minicamp”

  1. Fatmosh Says:

    I hope Freeman is just working out some kinks. His accuracy was the biggest knock on him coming out of college, and is the one thing that keeps many good QBs from becoming great.

    I’m a bit nervous though, but the reality is that even if Freeman can play up to the level of only a ‘good’ QB, our offense should be pretty good this year.

  2. musclehampster22 Says:

    I know it’s early, but I’ve been very discouraged about what I’ve heard about Freeman thus far.

  3. Andrewbucsfan Says:

    In 2010 you got the feeling especially in the second half of games that josh was going to make a play, going to convert 3rd downs. You never expected turnovers. Last season josh made me feel uncomfortable just watching him. His head was moving around but not downfield and when he dropped back I felt more like please dont throw a pick. I really hope these are just early struggles as we move towards training camp

  4. Jarret Says:

    Good stuff Joe. You’re makin’ everyday until the season starts feel longer and longer…Just curious, how are the linebackers lookin? I know David looked quick but how about Foster and Black? Hows the interaction between Barber and Barron lookin like?

  5. Snook Says:

    This team really is loaded on paper on offense. Its up to Freeman to direct it. Crossing my fingers…

  6. Snook Says:


    Are you seeing any called run plays for Freeman?

  7. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Let Freeman go after his contract expires. He doesn’t wanna be here anyway. He’s on the 1st Flight outta Tampa whenever he gets the chance…then he’s on the last flight back on a Sunday Night

  8. Fritz50 Says:

    “Let Freeman go after his contract expires. He doesn’t wanna be here anyway. He’s on the 1st Flight outta Tampa whenever he gets the chance…then he’s on the last flight back on a Sunday Night”

    where the He__ did that come from ?!?!

  9. Jarret Says:

    I think his biceps

  10. Kryq Says:

    So Myron Lewis is doing good ? Im shocked and impressed.

  11. passenger27 Says:

    I think all the P.parker praise may be an attempt to stir up trade interest imho…too many recievers someone has to go…

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Let Freeman go after his contract expires. He doesn’t wanna be here anyway. He’s on the 1st Flight outta Tampa whenever he gets the chance…then he’s on the last flight back on a Sunday Night”


    I know it’s early, but I’m going to go ahead and anoint this as the winner of the stupidest post of the day award.

  13. Dew Says:

    Does anyone know the date Training Camp starts?

  14. Eric Says:

    Have you been able to identify the “twirl move “in use?

    Who communicates with Free the most, Sullivan or Turner? How often does Schiano get directly involved with him?

  15. Mikeck Says:

    “Let Freeman go after his contract expires. He doesn’t wanna be here anyway. He’s on the 1st Flight outta Tampa whenever he gets the chance…then he’s on the last flight back on a Sunday Night”

    Thanks for the post Orlovsky…shouldn’t you be reading the playbook though?

  16. BigBear Says:

    I’m glad to hear this praise for the secondary in talent and depth. Especially Myron Lewis. If he can stay injury free and has the talent it would be a definite bonus in the secondary.

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Never know how to feel during these practices when the offense scores a TD or the defense makes a pick. Who do you cheer for?

  18. Northend Says:

    Remember,even great qbs only hit on 6-7 of every 10 add in new offense,new recievers,start of camp season,and oh yeah a defense that knows the offense and no pads.come down off the ledge,all will be just fine.

  19. Chris FWC Says:

    LOL @ Mikeck

  20. Macabee Says:

    Don’t get too excited about any great plays that come out of OTAs or too concerned about plays that are not so good re Freeman’s misses on some deep balls the last two days.

    Real football starts in training camp where the real men are sorted out. Mandatory mini-camp is just another OTA except that players are required to attend, otherwise no difference. Schiano said so in his presser today.

    Freeman overthrew in college, he overthrew when we won 10 games, and he’s going to overthrow some in 2012. But he’s going to connect on some too, and as long as they’re not INTs, the law of averages will mitigate any concern.

    I’m more concerned about Freeman weight loss than his overthrows on the deep pass. I liked the Rothelisberger-like Freeman of 2010 that was mobile, not afraid to pull it down and run, and was hard to bring down when he did. Just my opinion!!

  21. BraveBuc Says:

    If they are adjusting Freeman’s mechanics, he’s actually going to lose some accuracy in the short term until he gets enough work in. Think about a pitcher and his delivery.

  22. Bobby Says:

    If they have him working on some new technique then he’s going to be uncomfortable with it for awhile. I know Freeman is a hard worker and he’ll come along just fine. His completion % has never been an issue…his decision making has. As long as he learns not to force throws and to throw without staring down the receiver he’ll be fine. Let him get comfortable with the system and the routes.

  23. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Freeman finally decided to get into shape after 4 years <—— his guaranteed money is almost over…..he wants $100,000,000.00 dollar contract (No Way…..that Clown likes to party way too much)

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Freeman finally decided to get into shape after 4 years <—— his guaranteed money is almost over…..he wants $100,000,000.00 dollar contract (No Way…..that Clown likes to party way too much)"


    I'm sorry to ask this, but are you mentally challenged? If so, I won't tease you. I thought Thomas pulled stuff out of his arse, but you are on a whole other level.

  25. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric – To answer your questions, Joe has yet to detect a “twirling” drill. You see very little on-field interaction with Schiano and Freeman. Freeman is seen interacting with Sullivan and Turner, more Turner, but that’s to be expected given that’s his position coach. Of course, what goes on behind closed doors is anyone’s guess.

  26. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Snook – No Joe hasn’t seen run plays called for Freeman. Don’t look for many. If Blount and Martin can’t run successfully behind this line, then the season is in big trouble.

  27. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    What does anyone think Freeman will be doing between the end of this mandatory OTA week and the start of training camp next month? Will he be able to stay in Tampa to get extra work in or will he go back to Kansas?

  28. Mr Lucky Says:

    I KNEW the Bucs should have traded Benn for Tebow….Oh well.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like the fact Orlovsky is playing well in limited time. I think Free will be fine and believe he is focused on winning. I don’t know about CBA rules on this, but I would put free in his shoulder pads to more accurately simulate game play. I don’t know how much difference it makes because QB pads aren’t very big, but if the CBA dictates contact, just don’t hit him. Losing the amount of weight and body fat that he has, may be putting his muscles through some changes, especially if they are lifting as much as it sounds like they are. This may all work out in time, short time, but I don’t see this as a time to panic. Remember, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl so if everyone else does well, then Josh doesn’t have to be a superstar, just a little more than serviceable. I personally believe Freeman will have a great year, mostly due to coaching and work ethic.

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    I love Tebow, but no way I’d wish that Media Circus on the Bucs or any team that I liked. The Jets will have a terrible season and controversy is brewing there even if it isn’t showing yet. That is a mess we don’t need.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You are absolutely right about Tebow BigMac. I am a huge Tebow fan, but (through no fault of his own) he can be poison to a locker room. Put him in his home state of Florida and it even gets worse.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think the perfect spot for Tebow would be playing Catcher for the Yankees, and he has the perfect arm for it.

  33. Stevek Says:

    Tebow + Sporano+ Rex Ryan= pound that rock with success.

    Laugh at Tebow all you want, has Freeman thrown for 300 yards in a playoff game to beat the Steelers?

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Again, I like Tebow a lot, and believe he can be a very successful QB in the NFL. However, he will never be good enough to combat the distraction he brings to a team. The only way he would work anywhere is to anoint him the starter from day one and roll with him no matter what. If you don’t, there’s going to be major issues. Just wait and see what happens in NY.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I want to emphasize that the distraction he brings is not his fault at all.

  36. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Tebow would not be a distraction to a team that didn’t already have a starter.

    As to Freeman, a few things…first there is a lot of new blood. His accuracy will be better when the WR corp is set and the new playbook is learned. Overthrows are common when a QB is getting to know the habits and speed of his WRs. And even though some of the WRs are not new their route running times are slowed until they learn it all.

    Also…I think maybe Freeman is not running because they already know he can do it well. The focus is to get him up to par in his passing game. Also, I’m not concerned with his weight. He won’t loose arm strength because they are lifting more. If anything the weightloss will make him faster.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t think anybody is laughing at Tebow, and the kid is a proven winner, but until the media gives him a little breathing room, it is a mess. Tebow really didn’t much competition in Denver, but the scrutiny and circus never left town. It seems to me that too many situations are set up for Tebow to fail. Maybe the Jets can make it work, but I’d use him as a fullback, special team player and take advantage of his strength and toughness. The fact that I don’t think he is a starting caliber QB doesn’t mean I don’t like him. Every father wishes he could have a son like Tebow. He is a role model of the highest order.

  38. BigBear Says:

    @Stevek When has Freeman had the opportunity to?

  39. McBuc Says:

    LOL, Tebow just distracted this string…