The Catch

May 23rd, 2012

Now Joe was hardly ecstatic when the Bucs signed Dallas Clark the other day. Sure, he might turn out to be a great find, but he’s also been hurt for much of the last two seasons and he’s about to turn 33.

Joe’s heard for a few years how older, banged up free agents with declining production are all but a waste of roster space, so perhaps this is why Joe is slow to catch on to the excitement surrounding Clark.

That written, Joe saw this video from Clark’s first practice on, and now Joe’s attitude is improving. Definitely check it out. It’ll get you fired up for the season.

13 Responses to “The Catch”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Winslow was a great receiver, but a poison for the team.
    It is better he is gone, Jackson will become the go to guy, and I could just hear Winslow bitching in the huddle.
    Clark is a much better blocker, as well as a great possession receiver.
    Tampa did well to get rid of the Cancer that was Winslow.

  2. stevek Says:

    Dallas Clark is physically close to K2.

    Clark is a helluva better teammate. He is selfless, quiet, hardworking, and eager to share his knowledge of the TE position.

    Clark doesn’t go riding motorcycles, declare himself a “soldier”, nor go spin records in lue of a chance to meet a new regime.

    K2 was good, but not that good.

    I love Schian’s TBA- Trust, Belief, Accountablity. Follow suit, or get packing.

  3. Mark Says:

    He already has practiced more and met more of the coaching staff than K2 in all of ’12. See ya.

  4. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Joe, I noticed that catch yesterday too and didn’t know that tight ends were allowed to carry suction cups in their hands. The other thing I found interesting is the clip that starts around the 2:30 mark that shows him going through a drill where it looks like they are trying to strip the ball. It looks like at the end they are reminding him to carry the ball high like they have been telling everyone to do and it looks like he is just taking the instruction in stride without an attitude like you might expect from some vets. Looking forward to seeing what he can do on game days.

  5. bucsalltheway Says:

    Sick one hand grab…as long as he can convert when he is called for a 2 pt conversion or take a blitzing lb and not them off the path to freeman I see is contending ASAP I’d hate to see warren sapp get boo’d and eat his words like tiki barber lol

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Dallas Clark is a much better all-around player than Kellen Winslow and he’ll prove it. He is a nice pickup that adds value to the team and provides veteran leadership to a young group of guys.

  7. SpanishBuc Says:

    Winslow will do better on the field, but Clark will make the TEAM better. Contrary to popular belief football is not an individual sport.
    DieHard_Bob I noticed the exact same thing during the drills…

  8. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    im not gonna get excited about a 1 handed grab in practice, now if he snagged it like that during a real game then great. i hope he brings 50-60 catches this year along with 6-7 “meaningfull ” TDs. i like K2 and Clark is a great player but i just worry about his health. either way if you remove an attitude in the locker room you make the team better even if you dont bring in Clark, and if your gonna bring in a guy why not one who has a championship and can help teach (not hinder) the growth of our younger guys. cant say it enough im worried about his heath,, PLEASE Mr. Clark prove me wrong!!! cant wait for the season to start!!!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  9. Marlow Says:

    More catches like that along with mentoring, and a winning attitude and he is worth the money we spent on him.

  10. feel Says:

    You didn’t like the Clark signing, but you’ve been begging for a washed up, veteran RB for a while now. And no, you didn’t say “washed up,” but when it comes to free agent RB’s, there is no other kind…

  11. Buc4Life Says:

    I believe the difference clarke bring is precise route running and finding the soft spots in the zones and by doing so making himself a bigger and better target for “free”. I also,see him as a mentor for dunsmore,who is simuliar in build and style of play,not known as a blocker,but a good pass catcher,while stocker can be the in line blocker,big and physical. I expect to see a lot of 2 TE formations with clarke and stocker,kinda like gronk & hern of NE giving freeman more targets on the field and the team a better chance to spread the field for the RBs, as for winslow, I think coach schiano said it best”only those players that are here matters”. We all we got.

  12. Mr Lucky Says:

    I think that the Bucs gave Sgt Winslow an honorable discharge.

    We’ve had extremes in Tampa:

    Chucky – bringing in EVERY over-the-hill FA and puting every drafted player on the bench for 3 seasons


    Raheem – dumping everyone over 35 (except Ronde) and playing drafted players ahead of proven players.

    Maybe it’s time for moderation?

  13. Fritz50 Says:

    “im not gonna get excited about a 1 handed grab in practice”

    Hard to get too excited, as you say, but this kind of catch is precisely what we NEVER saw all last year, from anybody.