No More Taco Bell?

May 10th, 2012
Mark Dominik says Josh Freeman lost up to 25 pounds on his own, without the Bucs’ urging.

At the height of Josh Freeman’s stud season in 2010, former Bucs center Jeff Faine revealed that Freeman was a Taco Bell junkie but predicted Freeman eventually would figure out he needed to change his diet.

Presumably, Faine was not referring to Saltines and anchovies, but rather Freeman switching to veggies and lean protein over Supreme Beef Gorditas and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

It seems Faine was a sound prognosticator. While Joe’s already written about how Freeman has dropped some serious weight, now rockstar general manager Mark Dominik has weighed in on the body transformation of his franchise quarterback. Dominik detailed Freeman’s motivation during an podcast.

Dominik said Freeman wanted more flexibility in his torso and launched a new fitness regimen on his own.

“You’ve seen a guy who’s completely committed to getting his season back on track and hitting the reset button and getting his game back to hopefully to more of what we saw in 2010 as a young 22-year-old,” Dominik said Wednesday on’s “Cover Two” podcast. “The last couple years, he’s been playing around 255-260 (pounds). Right now, he’s sitting downstairs (at the team facility) weighing about 235-238.

“He’s getting his body right, working on getting more mobility and better conditioned and buying in, heart and soul, to how and what (the newly hired) Mike Sullivan is and wants to be as offensive coordinator.”

Dominik said that Freeman’s weight loss was completely voluntary, and no coach or trainer recommended he shed weight. Dominik added that Freeman has slimmed down mainly by changing his diet.

Joe figured there was a chance Freeman was still pounding the Chalupas, but apparently that’s out the window. Joe wonders whether someone inspired Freeman. Perhaps a young lady? Perhaps Raheem Morris’ fruit obsession was a factor.

33 Responses to “No More Taco Bell?”

  1. Jessup Says:

    Who motivated him? I’d say it is pretty clear this is the “Newton Effect”

  2. Jessup Says:

    There is only one 6’6″ dual threat, light skinned brother playing QB they should be talking about in the NFC South. I don’t think Freeman liked being showed up by Newton last year. He’s going to have a monster year in 2012.

  3. Jessup Says:

    3000+ yards passing and 500+ yards rushing.

    36 combined TDs and only 14 Ints.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Josh’s weight or quickness, his problem is that his mechanics are horrible. A mirror image of Tim Tebow.

    If any person wants to lose weight, its very simple, eat raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables for a month. Learn to make a great salad. The beneficial enzymes in food are destroyed at 180 degrees fahrenheit. Drink only water and exercise regularly.

    I did this for one month and lost 40LBs. After which I began to crave raw food and now I only stray once in a while with a pizza. I now am in complete control of my weight and health.

    Donald Penn should pay attention.

  5. Nick Says:

    Sullivans got him doing Jiu-Jitsu

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Miguel Grande

    I’m not saying Freeman’s mechanics are perfect, but comparing him to Tebow is far-fetched.

  7. Kfc Says:

    He eats Taco Bell? While making millions? Does he know that Taco Bell uses a meat hose?? A MEAT HOSE!! To spray the low quality beef, chicken and ‘steak’.

    While Freeman’s mechanics may have been a little off last year, he never looked like Tebow. Freeman just made poor decisions. He will come back this year.

  8. UK_Buc Says:

    Hopefully this will give him the confidence to pull the ball down and run mire, like in 2010. Got sick of seeing him on 2nd and 5 last year, and in acres of space, throwing into traffic. If the first down is there, take it! Keep the O on the field!

  9. SebringSmitty Says:

    Is it just me , or does “meat hose” sound like a killer porn name ?

  10. Kfc Says:

    Thanks dude ^ I’ll probably never go near a Taco Bell again haha

  11. Chris FWC Says:

    They call me the “Meat Hose.”

  12. Pewtergoon Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that Miguel can make such bad posts EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  13. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Soooo…… Has Penn been eating from a meat hose?

  14. kgh4life Says:

    @ Miguel Grande:
    Josh’s mechanics were by no means spectacular last season, however, comparing Josh’s mechanics to Tebow’s as mirror images of each other are unfounded. Josh was not consistent with his mechanics while Tebow doesn’t have the ability to actually be an NFL QB.


    Once I read the Tebow comparison, I stopped reading. Waste of time.

  16. Bobby Says:

    Miguel impresses with his lameness once again….

  17. Eric Says:

    I think we need several beautiful babe photos just to balance out that meat hose reference.

    Glad to see the young man going all in. However, this is the NFL and that is supposed to be the case anyway, so I am reluctant to award browny points.

  18. OAR Says:

    While there really is no mechanics comparison, Tebow did take his team to the playoffs and won against the Pittsburgh Meat Hos…er Steelers.

  19. OAR Says:

    Love how Miquel Grande’s link is to the “healthy-eating” Gringo Daves! For those authenic Mexican “meat hoses” that are called burritos.

  20. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @Nick, you are too funny! It is said Sullivan will put your azz in a Kimura if you throw an interception.

  21. Eric Says:

    You can take all the shots at Tebow, but to my knowledge he has never allowed himself to get 35 lbs overweight.

    No matter who his coach is.

  22. Stanglassman Says:

    You are right ‘Joe’ his girl-friend straightened out his Diet and told him to cut that mop.

  23. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Guys, you could never see Freeman’s meat hose, but are any of us going to miss his tits?

    Good job, Josh. Now use the things below the hose to run for more 1st downs.

  24. Eric Says:

    And Tebow makes no use of his meat hose………

  25. Miguel Grande Says:

    I once saw a video presentation of why Tebow’s mechanics were so bad, then I just happened to see a Buc game. I slowed down the video and saw that Freeman also drops the ball below waist level to begin his wind up to throw, just like Tebow. That’s why Josh fumbles so much and his accuracy is so bad.

    I’m not an expert but Jeff Carlson is, he once wrote an article that went into great detail on exactly what Freeman did wrong in the mechanical side of his game. He compared him to Tebow.

    At Gringo Dave’s we served fresh food, grown locally and organically by local peasant farmers. When fishing charters come back from the sea, the crews will bring by freshly caught fish for barter. Often, the seafood that we serve was swimming last night. The meat is usually goat or chicken and quite tasty. Personally, I am a vegetarian.

    The restaurant and cancer clinic are currently closed due political considerations. The resort is doing quite well, thank you.

  26. Patrick Says:

    At least it’s not ihop 🙂

  27. chipbuc Says:

    I dont know how many times last year i would yell run its wide open. Then i saw him finally run, and a D lineman would run him down. It dawned on me he is to heavy, he knows he cant out run players like he did in2010 so he started to force the ball to covered receivers thus all the interceptions. If he has his quickness and speed back, he will have a2010 year in2012.

  28. Miguel Grande Says:

    A couple recent articles on Josh’s poor mechanics.

  29. Lion Says:

    Lay off the crack rock Miguel, after reading your Tebow comparison comment made me realize you have no clue what you are talking about. Then again I probably realized that long ago on here.

  30. Lion Says:


    Yep, me too brother..

  31. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe another comparison is that people unquestionably worship them both and refuse to allow reasonable debate.

  32. teacherman777 Says:

    Cam Newton is definitely the inspiration for this.

    Josh is a afraid of contact. He is quite the sissy at times.

    Cam vs. Josh is gonna get epic over the next few years!

    Both are prototype QB’s

  33. Bucfan34 Says:

    It bothers me that Josh was in a position to lose this much weight playing QB. Rah really let crap get out of control.