Is Barber Already Penciled In At Starting Safety?

May 9th, 2012

Bucs fans heard all about Ronde Barber getting a look at safety during pre-draft, voluntary minicamp.

It was largely put out there that Team Schiano was simply exploring options. Well, per rockstar general manager Mark Dominik, it seems the Bucs have reached some conclusions on the Bucs icon.

During a podcast today, Dominik talked about the team’s depth at cornerback in the event Aqib Talib isn’t available. He referenced Barber’s flexibility and said, “if we need to make the move to pull Ronde back from safety and down to corner, we can do that in a heartbeat,” Dominik said.

That got Joe sitting up his recliner, and Joe hit the rewind button to confirm.

It sure sounds like Dominik and Team Schaino already have Barber penciled in as a starting safety. If so, it’ll be fun to watch Mark Barron and Barber build chemistry, and see the Bucs get creative moving Barber around and using Cody Grimm.

Joe is just a little concerned about Barber’s durability in a bigger run-stuffing role.

19 Responses to “Is Barber Already Penciled In At Starting Safety?”



  2. teacherman777 Says:

    As a free safety, with his mobility and vision, he should be solid at FS.

    I love the idea of Wright and Talib as starting corners and keeping Ronde on the field as a FS.

    I just want the 4 best players on the field.

    I am also fine with just having Ronde as our nickle back.

    No matter what, we are lucky to have Ronde on board.

    Hes the last surviving member of the Bucs first dreamteam.

  3. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    an uncharacteristic slip by Mr. Dominick…

  4. Jessup Says:

    We’ll be in “Big Nickel” so much that Barron, Grimm, and Barber will all be on the field most of the time. Not worried about who is named starter.

  5. Jessup Says:

    Not worried about Barber’s durability. He may have been listed as a cornerback, but he’s been playing like a linebacker/safety the past two years.

  6. positive dude Says:

    After what we saw last year…lucky to have Barber on the field anywhere….at least he gives all his got!

  7. Tuggz Says:

    To still be talking about Barber in 2012 is astonishing in itself.

  8. lowlife Says:

    A bigger run stuffing role?

    He played a much bigger part in run d as a slot corner close to the line and as a Nickel Will. He’ll do fine. What I’m worried about is his work in the deep half

  9. Kujolw Says:

    Having Barber, Grimm, and Barron as safeties. That would be interesting, there all three good blitzers too, see alot of Nickel Packages with Safety Blitz Schemes. Could definitly put Offenses on there toes not knowing who could be rushing out of the three. I like also that we have Black, Watson, Foster, and now David that can all blitz the QB. Hopefully we can build some good Scheme to help give that little bit off help for our D-line to get pressure.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If you watch some tape of older Carolina Games, you will see Ronde trying to avoid tacking, or making a 1/2 azzed attempt at stopping the big Carolina backs.
    I saw it against Pittsburgh too, and Detroit with a no name back who ran all over us.
    IMHO, Ronde is at his best blitzing, or intercepting passes, from what I have seen lately anyway.

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Ronde will be used just as he was last year: in the box.

    If it says “S” or “CB” next to his name is irrelevant. He will still do what Ronde has done the past three years…… be in the box.

  12. Mr Lucky Says:

    Rhonde is a scrapper – not a stuffer.

  13. HFXBUC Says:

    As you look at the make up of this roster you have to wonder if we aren’t going to see more of what the Patriots do. Packages and specialists and role players for specific down and distances and from game to game depending what you want to take away from. Ronde will be a star one game and see limited snaps the next all based on the match up and the game plan.

  14. Stevek Says:

    Ronde > Grimm.

  15. RIs_Buc Says:

    Hmmm… Barron sneaks up to cover Jimmy Graham/TonyG/Olsen, Ronde kicks out to deep zone. Very nice, but where does that leave our best run defender (Grimm).
    I want the best 4 or 5 DBs on the field at the same time. Im not sure Grimm isnt better than Biggers, Wright, and maybe Barber. Hes been that much better against the run then anyone else.

  16. Paul Says:

    I don’t think he meant starting safety. just that Ronde can switch to safety during certain packages.

  17. CharlieB Says:

    Grimm was always much better in run support than pass. Ronde is better in pass than run (he was just as guilty about mixed tackles last year). Seems pretty straight forward to me. Also on early down spread formations I see all 3 playing.

  18. Buc4Life Says:

    Teacherman,I think you are on point FS is better suited for Ronde giving Ronde complete view of the field and the team an on field coach

  19. Chris FWC Says:

    Please no.