More High Marks For Bucs

May 1st, 2012

Yeah, it’s BSPN. So Joe’s not about to all of a sudden call this gospel, but at least it holds a little drama and is informative. Todd McShay’s outlines his top-5 winners in the NFL draft.

9 Responses to “More High Marks For Bucs”

  1. passthebuc Says:

    Todd McShay?????????????????????????

  2. Tampa Two Says:

    Who cares. I’d have this on my TV if I wanted to know what these clowns think about grading people who haven’t even played a down in the NFL.

  3. Fin Says:

    I think Joe put this here and the Yasinskas thing last night just to prove nobody cares what these BSPN clowns say. Pure drivel on that network.

  4. Stevek Says:


    “pure devil” lol!!

    I think of Bobby Bouchier’s mom saying that.

    “BSPN is the devil!”

  5. mikeck Says:

    At least on ESPN I no longer have to listen to Michael Irving fight to pronounce every word.

  6. Brown Bag Says:

    Lots of talk about how great our draft was. Only thing we have done so far is win the Dan Schneider post-season olympic award.

  7. lurker Says:


    washington and snyder might “win” the free agent signings, but where have they graded out well in the draft? dominick dominated the fisrt 2 rounds and drafted 3 probable starters. his other drafts went well at the time, at least better that the redskins, lol.

  8. @eric Says:

    Irving is worse than Joe “I was the best ever” Thiesman, I hate Listening to Joe and thought nobody was that painful to listen to UNTIL………hooks on phonics didn’t work for hims just ax him.

  9. CannuckBuc Says:

    Very disappointed to see this crap on a First Class page like this one.Bspen does not belong here even when saying somthing good,they just don’t belong.