Durable Olson Gets Shot With Bucs

May 1st, 2012

Trevor Olson, not to be confused with the man obsessed with calling the heinous Benn’d around play, is another undrafted free agent body the Bucs have signed and expect at rookie minicamp, which will start soon.

And it’s a safe bet Olson will be there. The left tackle didn’t miss a start in four years at Northern Illinios, so a nice January feature story in the Chicago Sun-Times explained.

Battling future 2009 NFL first-round pick Larry English in practice every day for two seasons helped him get better, said Olson, who will see a lot of Arkansas State standout defensive end Brandon Joiner.

… Fellow linemates marvel at Olson and his streak.

“It’s amazing,” said senior center Scott Wedige, who has 27 starts. “All the injuries you go through, all the bumps and bruises and turned ankles. To work through all those things and never miss a start, heck, he never misses a snap. It’s miraculous to do that.”

Olson was one of two offensive tackles the Bucs added to their list of undrafted free agent signings today. The other is Rocky Weaver of Central Michigan.

Boy this is tough. Just when Joe felt like he wanted to pull for Olson to make the team, the Bucs had to go and sign a guy named “Rocky.” How cool would that be to have a Rocky on the roster. Maybe Bullwinkle can come in and play linebacker.

Joe always has a place in his heart for these undrafted guys chasing a dream. Brandon Carter was one guy Joe pulled for a couple of years ago and he made it. And Carter’s dad became a regular reader on these here pages. The Bucs will put these undrafted guys up in some local hotel room and feed them as they try and hit Lotto  to make the team and live their dreams.

The new offensive tackles have a tough go of it. Demar Dotson re-signed and the Bucs added young veteran tackle Jamon Meredith in free agency.

8 Responses to “Durable Olson Gets Shot With Bucs”

  1. George Says:

    I’m not sure the new tackles have such a tough road ahead. Demar Dotson hasn’t proven anything except potential. Meredith is apparently not anything special. This might be the best situation for a couple of rookie tackles to try breaking in. Good luck! I have a soft spot for the undrafted guys making it….

  2. Brandon Says:

    Interesting note on Rocky Weaver… he played his first two seasons at CMU as a TE and finished the 08 season with CMU with 8 receptions for 65 yards and a TD. He was the team’s 8th leading receiver that year… only 7 spots behind Antonio Brown.

    I wonder if the Bucs will try to reconvert him to TE. He only weighed 278 at his pro day workout and benched 225 for 13 reps…for comparison sake, I did a bodybuilding competition last August and lost a ton of mass and strength trying to lose a little extra bodyfat and weighing 170 lbs I was still able to bench 225 for 13. I felt soooo freaking weak and yet I was just as strong as a guy 108 lbs heavier. This dude needs to dedicate himself to the gym, 13 reps is unacceptable.

  3. OptimisTroll Says:

    The number of reps you pres at 225 is more about endurance than strength.

    The easiest way to make the Bucs is to convert to linebacker.

  4. Fin Says:

    Dotson signed a restricted free agent guaranteed deal. He’ll be here.

  5. teacherman777 Says:

    But what about TE? We have an aging, talented, hotheaded Winslow and a completely unproven Stocker.

    What else?

    We want to be a running team without any big blocking TE’s??

    We need to get on it. Or just hope some of these 7th rounders and undrafted players can make it happen.

    And i am not sold on Erik Lorig at all. May the best FB win the job.

  6. positive dude Says:

    Sounds like a guy to replace dunderhead!

  7. DieHard_Bob Says:

    @Joe “How cool would that be to have a Rocky on the roster. Maybe Bullwinkle can come in and play linebacker.” If we get a Rocky on the roster then we need to get a cheerleader named Adrian. ADRIAN!!!!

  8. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Come to think of it, it would be funny to have a Rocky on offence and a Adrian (Clayborn) on defence.