Dekoda Watson Good With New Schiano Order

May 1st, 2012

Virtually every Bucs fan has seen video of new Bucs coach Greg Schiano laying the law down on the very first moment of the very first voluntary workout when he screamed at his players the proper way to line up along the stripes for warm-ups.

Some would suggest that is a sign of attention to detail. Others would think that’s way over the top.

Whatever he may think of it, Bucs linebacker Dekoda Watson has no problem with the law and order ways of Schiano.

Watson, along with fellow Bucs linebacker Quincy Black, attended a ceremony yesterday in St. Petersburg where the Bucs presented a needy single mother ,who largely used public transportation to get around, a new car to help simplify her and her children’s lives.

Joe will have more about that later, but Joe did get in a few questions with Watson. Though tight-lipped about what is going on behind the fences at One Buc Palace, Watson isn’t bothered by the New Schiano Order.

“No,” Watson beamed when asked if Schiano’s ways were a bit over the top. “That all comes with discipline, I’m all right with that.”

The fact that Watson, who battled injuries last year, is considered a strong pass rusher, and with a new coaching staff and Geno Hayes’ departure leaving a hole in the starting lineup, Watson admitted this season brings new opportunities for him. But he would not elaborate.

“I’m very excited with the new opportunity,” Watson said. “There are a lot of things going on on the field for a lot of people. I hope all the hard work comes out this season. Only time will tell.”

Watson couldn’t compare Schiano’s voluntary workout practices to those of jettisoned coach Raheem Morris because Watson explained he never attended a voluntary workout practice with Morris.

Two years ago when Watson was drafted, the voluntary practice came before the draft. Last year there was no offseason thanks to the asinine lockout, which Watson said drove him nuts.

“To be honest with you, I never had a voluntary workout with Raheem,” Watson said. “I am happy for [attending this year’s]. I don’t like sitting around.”

23 Responses to “Dekoda Watson Good With New Schiano Order”

  1. stanglassman Says:

    Unless how much your contract pays you dictates if you start or not I see the LB line up as;
    Will-David, Middle-Foster, Sam-Watson

  2. Kujolw Says:

    I like Watson. Hell when I play Madden I switch him with Black lol.

  3. raphael Says:

    @joe heard a rumour Blounts been late to meetings . hope its not true cause his days would be numbered…and we need the guy…have you heard that?

    Btw I think watson , just needs fundamental tackling, great athlete.

  4. raphael Says:

    hopefully it was last years meetings, because everybody was late prolly..

  5. Architek Says:

    I’m not surprised. He has the talent but needed the structure to develop his skills mentally. No one questions how explosive he is but the consistency comes with preparation and Schiano is bringing that to the team.

  6. Kryq Says:

    I hope our LB’s are like this

    Will- David, Curran
    Mike- Foster, Hayward, Goode
    Sam- Watson, Black

  7. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I thought that every workout, practice, game, play was voluntary under rah rah – except of course the obligatory drinks at the club every night.

  8. Joe Says:

    @joe heard a rumour Blounts been late to meetings . hope its not true cause his days would be numbered…and we need the guy…have you heard that?

    What meetings? There have only been a handful since Schiano was hired.

  9. BigBear Says:

    @Kryq Hopefully Curran still can play ball after sitting out last year. that guy has some serious talent, but he has a road to go

  10. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    if he gets proper coaching i feel he could b a DAMN good starter!!!! been impressed with this kid since we drafted him!!!! hope the Shiano can bring out the best in all these players, unlike Rah-Rah. cant wait for September!!!!!!!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!

  11. Sam Says:

    Did Tampa draft Curran? Or get him as an unsigned free agent?

  12. Miguel Grande Says:

    According to Rock Riley, on this Sunday morning’s radio show, Blount was late to one meeting last year. They sat him down and discussed it, and it never happened again. It has not happened this year.

    Blount was excused from the 1st non-mandatory workout, modeling our uniform, for Nike and the NFL. Curious, that Blount was chosen over Freeman? Maybe, Nike likes Ducks?

    LaGarette might do well to sign with one of the more prestigious professional management agencies that holds public relations as a core belief.

  13. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    @Sam Curran was drafted by the Titans in ’10 and released before last season; the guy has a ton of potential but hasn’t really hit it yet.

  14. raphael Says:

    @ miguel thanks foe the info

  15. GenocideD Says:

    thanks for posting that! I’ve seen a couple of posts on here from the Blount-haters that mention him being late to meetingS. I’ve asked for proof and that source hasn’t been posted yet. Good to hear you confirm the exaggeration.

  16. RastaMon Says:

    Football coaches push your azz….Schiano
    not wipe it……Raheem

  17. Rrsrq Says:

    Since Schiano was named coach, Legerette Blount was there at the press conference, when the rookies press conference happened this weekend, Blount was there to greet them, he is obviously spending time around One Buc Place. Can we stop looking for ways to replace him, let training camp play out and then enjoy a two back running attack

  18. Patrick Says:

    @Joe……why is it that everyone on here loves to attack our best players (Blount, K2, Penn, etc…) ?????

  19. Miracle Says:

    @Miguel Nike owns the University of Oregon. Check out the background of the founders of Nike

  20. raphael Says:

    @ patrick I wasn’t attacking Blount…just getting clarification on a rumour….

  21. Joe Says:

    The Blount issue: Joe doesn’t know if he wants to laugh or cry.

    Has anyone EVER heard a coaching staff (last year’s) throw a talented player under the bus for their own deficiancies like Greg Olson and his tribe did?

    He’s too dumb, he misses meetings, he sleeps in meetings, he’s late to meetings, he can’t catch the ball, he can’t block…


    Damn, Joe’s happy Team Glazer cleaned house.

  22. raphael Says:

    AGREED Joe , new day in Tampa Bay. Looking forward to a REAL game plan on game day.

  23. Vince Says:

    Call me an FSU homer, but I truly believe Watson is on the verge of blowing up and becoming a damn good linebacker for us. Definitely think that has a better chance of happening now as opposed to when Rah and his ilk were walking our sidelines.