Mike Mayock Says Bucs Are A Playoff Team

May 3rd, 2012
Former Giants safety and current NFL Network draft guru and analyst Mike Mayock is confident the Bucs will bust their 10-game losing streak and make the playoffs in 2012.

While it’s quite early for season predictions, well respected NFL Network draft guru and Thursday Night Football game analyst Mike Mayock said today the Bucs are a playoff team in 2012.

In fact, when queried about the comment by NFL Network host Rich Eisen, who seemingly was overcome with disbelief, Mayock felt the need to repeat himself with emphasis and tell Eisen that he knows full well who the Bucs are competing against.

“I’m going to say it again. I think Tampa Bay is a playoff team. That’s how impressed I am, Rich, and I recognize the strength of that division,” Mayock said today on an NFL.com podcast.

While the New Schiano World Order shuns the modern NFL on offense, that’s not the case on defense. The selection of safety Mark Barron in the first round is a nod to the new NFL, said Mayock, who outlined Barron’s versatility.

“The safety position is more important than it was five years ago,” Mayock said. “We’ve seen what’s gone on in the league with tight ends and the pass-first attitude. So Mark Barron at No. 7 brings a degree of physicality, an ability to cover, and an ability to drop down in nickel and dime packages and cover different type players. At Alabama he covered tight ends and running backs in their dime package.

“What I loved about the whole thing is the extra picks they got for trading back, they were able to use again to come back up to the end of the first round and get Doug Martin, my second rated running back. So all of a sudden Tampa Bay fills in the [offensive] holes at a Pro Bowl level in free agency and then comes back and trades down and back up again to get two first-round picks that are plug, play, physical, tough. I think Tampa Bay’s a playoff team. I’m telling you right now.”

Playoffs? Playoffs? Hey, Joe’s loving all this and Joe has great respect for Mayock, who’s not one to throw love all around like Chucky or other non-credible analyst. Joe, however, can’t talk or speculate playoffs until he sees the Bucs get through a game without getting gutted and gashed up the gut of the defense.

But there’s no question the Bucs have true playoff talent on offense. It’s undeniable. There’s just so much to come together on defense and the ability of the coaching staff is an unknown.

Playoffs. It sure is a feel-good May thought on par with Rachel Watson bubble bath.

51 Responses to “Mike Mayock Says Bucs Are A Playoff Team”

  1. Fatmosh Says:

    Waaaaaaaaay to far off, but it’s not out of the question. We were one bad call away from a playoff berth in 2010 with a far inferior roster.

  2. Fin Says:

    Me thinks Mayock needs a good nap after the draft. Playoffs?

  3. Thomas2.2 Says:

    It is amazing what this team has become in the few short months since it removed it RahRah morris.

    We could have been at this place 3 years ago if the Glazers weren’t using Buc $ on Manu and would have hired a legitimate head coach to go along with pop star – you know someone who would have said don’t spend over 20 million on:

    Stone hands Clayton, Derrick Ward, Leftwich, Crowell, Nugent.

  4. deminion Says:

    playoffs i agree

  5. Northend Says:

    Why not ??? look at the burning trash heap that was San fran. A lil coaching goes a long way..We get rid of the Worst DC in Bucs history,cut some wastes of space,let others leave,bring in some “real” football players and you get a winning club !

  6. Garv Says:

    I saw that on Eisen’s podcast and was grinning from ear to ear! LOL
    I’m feeling the optimism too!

  7. stevek Says:

    Can we do a “worst to 1st” again?

    Love the NFC South, and the parity in store!

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Nice to see Thomas once again bring up Raheem Morris. Seriously, how much longer is this going to go on? At what point is he not included in every one of your posts?

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Back to the point, I see no reason why we aren’t capable of getting to the playoffs. I think it’s going to depend on Freeman getting back to his 2010 form, as well as us remaining relatively injury free.

  10. Drew Says:

    The Bucs are going to beat the Ja Pee Pee out of a lot of teams this year. Playoffs and Super Bowl baby!

  11. Drew Says:

    Hamster!!! Blount Force!!!

  12. Eric Says:

    Pass me a one and done please, with extra cheese.

    Those smell pretty good about now.

  13. Tye Says:

    “it’s going to depend on Freeman” (UGH!)……. RUN Doug Martin RUN!

  14. RustyRhino Says:

    When we can and will run the ball well, when we need/want we will make the playoffs. We have a great stable of WR’s our Depth @ RB has gotten a huge boost in the draft. Defenseive depth in FA and in the draft will help us to step up on Defense. We have another good fast group of players who will hit you, and make the tackle. Great combination for Special Teams.
    I can see us being a difficult team to play against this season. Playoffs, if we can run well and use the run to open the pass we can get close to the playoffs. If our Defense Finds its ATTITUDE & BITE. We will be a playoffs team.
    Not before.
    I’m thinking our D is going to be much better.

  15. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    @Hawaiian – I’m with Thomas on this one. I liked Rah, but players have come out and publicly voiced the difference in mentality, organization, and discipline. Obviously a change was needed, all Thomas is doing is keeping perpective on our situation

  16. stevek Says:

    Rah stunk, and so did his payroll. The signing of: Derrick Ward and Quincy Black really set him back.

    It looks like Tampa is on the rise, and thank god.

    Love our new coach and the discipline put into play.

    New day in Tampa! We are back!


    Would love to see NO, ATL, and CHA miss the playoffs.

  18. Garv Says:

    2.2 and his boring, repetitive bashing of Raheem Morris is as old as it is annoying.
    Any way to ban this jackass?

    It’s a new day. Going to One Buc on Monday for a tour, can’t wait!

  19. Matt Says:

    I think Mike is smokin better stuff than I am personally. But who am I to rain on the parade.

  20. Garv Says:

    You’re probably correct about being negative enough to rain on a parade Mike, even if you are admittedly stoned.

  21. thegregwitul Says:

    I liked what I saw from Raheem Morris in 2010, but 2011 erased all that goodwill and then some. The man was in over his head. The order of a football team begins with it’s head coach, and 2011 was chaos, a dire time for this franchise. The lack of discipline, the lack of respect displayed by several players who publicly expressed their love for the coach who let them do anything they wanted. The press conferences, the chest bumps, the players calling him ‘Rah’, all of this works when the team is winning, and Raheem deserves credit for 2010, as you don’t win ten games on accident in the NFL. But when you’re dropping ten in a row? When Atlanta hangs close to 50 points on you in a half? When you’re out partying with players after getting crushed a few days prior. Disgraceful, and ultimatly the lack of effort, lack of discipline and lack of control cost Raheem Morris his job.

    But enough about the past.

    There is a new coach, new players, a new team. Guys that were favorites to bash on in the comments thread of this wonderful site such as Gerald McCoy, EJ Biggers and Kellen Winslow have a clean slate. I believe in Greg Schiano. I believed in him the moment I read he was hired and did some background research on his career. There is a change in this franchise and it’s not just due to spending big money on premier free agents. I feel that accountability, respectability and discipline will be restored to this once proud franchise. You can say that this type of hire should have been done a few years ago, but it wasn’t, and it had nothing to do with Manchester United. The Glazers felt they had the next Mike Tomlin, and aside from Raheem being friends with Tomlin and sharing the same skin color, the comparisons ended there. The Bucs found out the hard way, but they took a chance, felt they hit on something big (2010) and when it went bust, the Glazers didn’t linger and moved to a head coach that I feel will be responsible for restoring the Buccaneers to their winning ways.

    Will this team make the playoffs? I don’t know, but I won’t be surprised if they do. For the first time in a long time, something truly special is being built here in Tampa Bay. The foundation is being laid out by a real leader of men, and I couldn’t be more excited for this season and the seasons to come. Go Bucs!

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    It’s really a possibility! If Freeman plays to his previous form, the offense should be tremendous!

    But think we need a vet MLB- hopefully to guide Goode!,
    And somehow get a starting Cb. That’s the hard one.
    I believe the D-line will improve dramatically
    But still need a lil help at LBer
    And a lot at CB

    Also, gotta see if Schiano and his staff can make the jump. But honestly, I am like many of his moves so far, do I’m gonna be optimistic on that one

  23. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Garv says that I am repitive and boring – possibly – but he leaves out “absolutely right on nearly all issues” especially rah.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Mayock and think he is one of the most informed knowledgeable guys on the NFL. I agree that the talent and potential is there, now its just a matter of planning and execution. But I do agree with him.

  25. Fear The Glow Says:

    Im not so sure about playoffs this season but I do think Schiano could end up being a very Dungy like figure in Tampa 10 years from now.

  26. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah, the Bucs are a playoff team this year. So are the Saints, Falcons and Panthers. Question is… which one will win the South? It’s up for grabs this year, any team can take it. This is the same team that won 10 games with a few new additions, more experience, better coaching… why not?

  27. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Do we really have to give Gerald and Kellen clean states? They have hefty hefty contracts without commensurate production.

    EJ makes the minimum, so I can give him a clean slate with actual NFL coaching for the first time. However, the sampling of play that we have indicates that EJ shouldn’t be starting for the Storm.

    Listen, I am thrilled about what Schiano has done, superb. I was actually dealing with my season tix rep today about which seats I want.

    I will root for every player, even overrated, no productivity until he goes zero on the stat sheet again and goes on the DL. At that point I reserve the right to weigh in with a big fat – ” I told you so.”

  28. kgh4life Says:

    I think Mike Mayock is one of the hand full of NFL analysts that actually knows what he’s talking about, however, saying the bucs are a playoff team is a bold statement. It wouldn’t surprise me though, due to the “worst to first” trend. I think the bucs are a .500 team at best.

  29. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If the Saints weren’t going through so much turmoil, and if the Falcons weren’t well the underachieving Falcons – I would say that Mayock is a year ahead of where we truly are.

    The Panthers are exceedingly dangerous on offense, and could easily expose our new defense and win both games, but I expect the league to respond to Cam’s dominance last year and cause some regression for him.

    Since all of that is the case, the playoffs are a possibility but not a probability.

    I think that we should, before week 1, agree to completely erase from our infamy books the entire 3 year RahRah tenure, and treat it as if it never occurred. Clearly ownership went temporarily insane.

  30. BucsOrDie!!! Says:

    Honestly I agree with Mayock a lot of you are confusing talent with “QUIT”. Last year the buc team that beat the Saints and Falcons showed what we are capable of when we actually try clearly the players quit on there coach last year I mean every commentator called them out on it. So don’t get it twisted this team can make the playoffs and I’m not being overly optimistic I just know quit when I see it and them players quit plain and simple. C’mon man this NFL a new make the playoffs every year (lions,broncos,49ers etc…) So get ready to watch them Bucs in play January lol

  31. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If the players cosciously quit it was bc they had NO coaching or direction.
    It is purely a guess to say they quit. Quitting on your coach makes terribly expensive tape for players.
    What is more likely is they recognized that they weren’t being coached legitimately and all started playing independently and for themselves – ignoring the dumb coaching.

    That looks like quit but isn’t quit.

  32. Bucnekked Says:

    I agree with BucsOrDie!!! they showed what they are really capable of beating the Saints and Falcons.

    They also showed a lot going up to Green Bay and giving the Packers all they could handle.

    With Barron and David they r much more physical and will not give up as many big plays.

    We just added a lot of talent to a team that got ten wins in 2010!! Go Bucs!! Get ready to do the Hamster Dougie this fall!!

  33. Blackmagic00 Says:

    This is going to be one long summer. Playoffs? Hells yes! Come on september. First thing first, Cams stupid smile needs to get knocked off. GOOO BUCS!!!

  34. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas, what’s your beef really? I know you wanted Suh, but he wasn’t available. You harp on GMC every chance you get. You whine that the Bucs were spending money on ManU the past 3 years (or more), yet you turn around and complain about GMC and Winslow because they’re getting paid too much? Which is it? Spend money or don’t spend money? Spend money on the right guys? Yeah, I’m sure before they signed GMC the team said “Hey, I know this guy doesn’t miss a game in college, but I think he’s gonna get hurt both his first two years in the pros. Maybe we should give him a 2nd round contract? Nah.” There’s absolutely no way they could have foreseen a guy that never missed a game would be hurt and the contract was pretty much predicated on the contracts of those drafted above and below him at the time. There wasn’t much choice back then, now we have a rookie cap, we don’t get into contracts like that with players that may struggle with injury early in their careers. Besides, what do you care how much they pay him? It’s not your money. Heck, it’s not even the Glazer’s money really, they get a big check from the NFL that says “Spend on Players” for about $120M each year. It’s not like it comes out of their own pockets. What they spend on ManU doesn’t shrink the check from the NFL. So please, just lay off the whole “overpaid for his production” thing. If he plays a full season and is really awful, then he’s not earning his paycheck and will eventually be cut or traded (like other 1st round picks in the past). But to base things on partial seasons, unforeseen injuries, and how big a paycheck? Seriously. I think most will be on board the GMC is a bust bus if he can’t play a full season this year. Yeah, 3 in a row is pretty bad. I do think he’ll do well somewhere when healthy, you may not. Whatever dude, let it go…

  35. Stevek Says:

    Agree Thomas,

    Spot on, we did not have a “plan” as a team last year. A lot of free lancing and sloppy play.

    We were not “inspired”.

    Hope Schiano’s discipline has a Harbaugh effect.

  36. Stevek Says:

    Blounts run against the Packers was our only positive highlight ran on TV.

  37. eric Says:

    Is the guy referring to the NFL playoffs?

  38. Stevek Says:

    Yup we are Goin to shock the NFC South this year.

  39. Garv Says:

    I will type this…..
    The highlight or should I type the best part of last season…..was inspiring the Glazers and Mark Dominik to hire Coach Schiano and have quite possibly the best off-season in Buccaneer history. And yes, I remember the 1995 draft where getting Sapp and Brooks worked out quite well!

    But this off-season is special and I think we all feel it. I just wish the good vibes of the LaGrand signing to top it all off finally put the Raheem Morris bashing to bed and we could MOVEON.DUH!!!!

  40. BucsOrDie!!! Says:

    If anyone doesnt think we “quit” go back and watch last seasons tape and tell me was there any effort in tackling??? Don’t worry I’ll wait… I mean even with free lancing and playing for yourselves don’t make you become the worst tackling team in the league. Tackling is purely effort and we had none against Tennesee, Houston, Jacksonville,Carolina(twice), And Atlanta. Now go back to 2010 we won close games not only because of lesser competition(tenn,jax,car were lesser teams in 2011 before we played them also) but because we fought to the the end to get those 10 wins. 6 forth quarter comebacks are easy when you fight to the end and give your offense a chance on there last posession. This is a good team when they show up and play and keep their heads in the game. I guarantee next year we will be having different conversations about the 2012 Buccaneers.

  41. Yatta Says:

    playoff team? premature.. but let’s hope so..

  42. Stevek Says:

    BUCS or Die,

    I argue we lacked talent and direction on D.

    How In the hell is a banged up/misled D, without DISCIPLINE and gap integrity everyone on the 2nd level is screwed and out of position.

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson were bigtime missing parts of this offense last season. Our O line was horrible last year. Jeff Faine sucked all season long and they never gave Freeman time to do anything. Peyton Manning can’t even survive without a good O line. Top flight WR, Zuttah where he belongs and Guards that can clear the way, things should be much better.

  44. RustyRhino Says:

    @ thegregwitul

    You Said it.

  45. Northend Says:

    Wow #41 Lorenzo Neal and big A-train clips just on NFL Network. I love being reminded of Neal in pewter. Don’t think of him as Buc..Dude was a one man steamroller.

  46. Pete 422 Says:

    Playoffs? Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs?

    (I know, canned response, but I couldn’t help it)

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So just stop talking about Raheem. Fine, you were right. Who cares? Move on. Let it go.

  48. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Did you come home one night and find Raheem and Gerald on top of your ol’ lady or something? Seriously man, what’s with the hate?

  49. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Dang it.

    JOE, I got spammed again. I use zero html these days…not even the “at” sign. And I still get spammed. My posts got through more when I used the html.

  50. Bobby Says:

    Playoffs?….I don’t know. Tall order for a team that is basically starting with a completely new staff, system, etc. but it’s not unheard of. Just look at the 49’rs but they ARE the exception to the rule. I would say we are looking at 2013 for playoffs but I certainly would not rule it out for this year. We are going to be an offensive force and if the defense can rise to the occasion then yes….we could go deep into the playoffs.

  51. Bulldog Says:

    @ thegregwitul,,,spot on.

    @,,,,Bangkok Buc ,,,, what makes you think it’s a woman ?