Ron Cooper Vs. Raheem Morris

February 25th, 2012

So when the Bucs hired LSU secondary coach Ron Cooper this week, the easy — and exciting — speculation centered around the prospect of the Bucs drafting stud LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the No. 5 overall pick in April.

But what’s interesting on another level is Cooper’s reputation for teaching and churning out quality NFL-ready corners at LSU.

Once upon a time Raheem Morris was arguably the top secondary coach in the NFL, leading the league’s No. 1 ranked unit in 2007, when rookie Tanard Jackson still knew how to hit and tackle. Raheem was a top teacher and motivator at the position and allegedly had a good eye for picking college talent. Of course, Raheem got away from coaching the secondary as head coach.

While lots of Bucs fans are pining for the Bucs to snag established help in the secondary in free agency, Joe has to wonder whether Schiano and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik might be looking at Cooper as a guy who can coach up E.J. Biggers to at least his 2010 form, get Myron Lewis to realize his potential, and turn Anthony Gaitor into a player?

Perhaps, if Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib return, which should be known before the NFL draft, the Bucs would be content to keep the status quo at cornerback and simply upgrade the secondary by buying a replacement for Sean Jones?

… Suddenly, Joe will be keeping a close eye on how the Bucs approach Elbert Mack, who will be an unrestricted free agent come March 13.

Speaking to Woody Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, Schiano scoffed at the suggestion he hired Cooper primarily to mesh with Claiborne.

“Somebody said to me, that’s the only reason we hired him,” Schiano said. “I said, ‘Yeah, we would do that; we would jeopardize the entire football team for that.’ No.”

The reunion could still come about, of course. The Bucs are in need of help at cornerback, and Claiborne is expected to be available when Tampa Bay makes the fifth overall pick.

“We will have some inside info (on Claiborne),” Schiano said. “But that’s not why we hired Ron. Ron is an exceptional secondary coach. He’s an excellent coach, obviously, by the way (his) guys (at LSU) have performed.”

If the Bucs get Talib and Barber back, Joe wouldn’t cry about having the same cornerbacks in 2012, as long as that’s balanced by new impact linebackers and a top replacement for Jones.

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  1. RustyRhino Says:

    Such a great CB coach in coach Morris??? Just maybe that is what his defensive plan was to funnel the plays to the CB’s to tackle. That’s why we played the 3-3-5 defense, coaching CB’s is what he knows… Good luck coach Morris.. Welcome to the Bucs CB’s Coach Cooper we have few players worthy of playing on Sunday, hope you brought your coverage & tackling 101 lesson plan. We need it. Have all the DB’s get a hard copy before OTA’s with the understanding that they need to study it. When OTA’s begin check who’s copy is the most used,(keep them) and those that haven’t even been cracked once get a envelope. filled with a Pink slip. With our former coach reportedly going multiple times a week to the club and drinking, who is to say our DB’s even studied any game plan. I would think it would be hard to make a game plan after a few nights of drinking… but maybe it is because I’m a shine drinker.
    I think our team is going to get a wake up call, wake the F up or get the F out.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    How many pro bowl secondary players were drafted and developed under rahrah? Zero. How many were drafted and not developed? A lot. Alan Zemaitis and Sabby come to mind.

    Remember Joe, rahrah was only the D Backs coach for 2 seasons – previously he was Tomlins assistant or quality control.

    To say rahrah was the NFL’s top secondary coach is just plain foolish. He inherited a hall of fame player, Barber. Talib is a first round waste, TJax had one good season. Also, when the secondary was better Monte was still here running his traditional Tampa 2.

    I watched rahrah coach D Backs in practice, he was effective at demonstrating pass defense, and the players viewed him as a peer – but to give him all of the credit for good stats is a stretch. Now you excuse his same D Backs terrible play when he was coordinator – convenient.

    Just like your fallacy that the bucs won 4 games last year. And of course that Dom is a star. BTW- if Dom is a rock star and Rah is a great DB coach – How many pro bowlers have they drafted and developed?


  3. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I’ll take Cooper – reportedly a great communicator – a skill rahrah lacked.

  4. Big Picture Guy Says:

    I would cry if we have the same CB’s. At a minimum we need 1 new guy, to bump everyone below Talib and Ronde down a peg on the depth chart. Time will tell if we need to replace Talib and Ronde themselves, and we should know their status before the draft.

    So maybe CB isn’t the position to address in FA, especially with decent 2nd round depth at the position in case Claiborne is off the board somehow. But the status quo is not working, and I don’t believe that 1 off season can cure the ills of 3 players and turn this weakness into a strength just like that.

  5. Vic Says:

    Thomas, you’re are so wacked out of your mind. Raheem coached the top secondary in NFL in 2007 with Buchanan, Phillips, rookie T-Jax and Barber. You’re going to take that away from him? That’s insane.

    Raheem as D coordinator has nothing to do with Raheem the DBs coach.

  6. C-Vichy Says:

    It’s the endless debate — crappy coach (Raheem) or crappy players. Or both.

    I don’t have the problem letting the corners play out. Spend on a safety. I don’t see the build-through-the-draft guys bail on Myron Lewis so fast.

  7. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I honestly believe the reason why the secondary was so good was because of Kiffin. No matter the DB coach under monte, they were good excludeing the ’06 season. I think raheem is getting way to much credit for Montes sexondary. If raheem was such s good secondary coach, then why was that the worst unit on the team. Yes raheem was the Hc and had more responsabilty but that dosent exclude that he could of helped coach the secondary. Just my oppinion.

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lmao secondary not sexondary!! Smh

  9. J 2.0 Says:

    We need new blood at CB. Finnegan would be nice, but I lack faith in the Glazer’s to sign him. I have been vocal about not drafting Clairborne, but I am coming around. Talib might be in prison next season.

  10. eric Says:

    Talib has 17 ints in his carreer. Thats no accident.

    Tanard has played outstanding in the past.

    Rah was awful so why couldnt theses guys get back to form with good coaching? Plus the pass rush eas horrible which may have more to do with it than coaching.

    Monte had the number one defense before rah was in the league. Id be inclined to give the lions share of credit for 07 to him. As well as all the other great defenses he had.

  11. McBuc Says:

    Thomas, it is a fact the Bucs won 4 games last year…makes me sad, but it is a fact. Joe did not make it up. I know you are refering to his take on GMC, but you just have to be the biggest tool on the sight.

  12. Bobby Says:

    The secondary was terrible last year, however it was a top ten unit in 2010 and has been a strong point for years up till last years infamous meltdown where there was absolutely no part of the defense that was good. Raheem was obviously a good secondary coach. Monte didn’t coach the positions, he just drew up the defensive schemes. @ClayBURN….the secondary wasn’t the worst part of the defense…that honor belongs to the LB’s.

  13. J 2.0 Says:

    Raheem obviously is a good secondary coach. He got a job literally a day later after being fired.

  14. eric Says:

    Im not saying Rah isnt a good secondary coach. But Monte had great pass defenses with a variety of secondary coaches.

    Such as 2002!

    Its akin to the turnover in Bellichick’s staff. The Pats keep on winning.

    With Monte Kiffin your gonna have a damn good defense, with any kind of personnel at all.

    Without Monte Rah fell flat on his face, fielding the worst defensive team in franchise history, for which he was theDC. With two number one and two number two draft choices on the D-line alone. And guys like Talib, Tanard,and Barber in the secondary. (i know the lb’s sucked but still).

  15. Bobby Says:

    @eric…..the difference is that Jimmy Lake was coaching the secondary and Raheem was the D-coordinator. Raheem got hired immediately by another NFL team and Lake went to Boise State. Good defense is always a combination of a good D-coordinator and good position coaches. Sure Monte gets some credit. However, players still have to execute.

  16. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    Honestly that’s a really neat perspective Joe, one I hadn’t thought of. I wouldn’t be angry if we went that route either, but we are forced to get an upgrade at safety and linebacker for it to work.

    And then there’s next year. Talib and barber wont be here, mack wont make it past gaitor this offseason, I’ve given up on myron (I had high hopes for him). So its still something that needs attention now before its broken. Draft is that answer, imo

  17. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @bobby our 2010 secondary was still inconsistent against good teams, remember we played 2nd and 3rd string Qb’s that year along with a couple of rookies. Also, im sure monte had his hand in coaching the secondary and linebackers as much as the position cosches did. They were consistently good under monte no matter the position coaches. I just think Raheem was an overrated secondary coach because of Kiffin and i think the ‘Skins will find that out this year. I could be wrong but only time wil tell.

  18. eric Says:

    Monte gets “some credit”

    Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Ya…im pretty sure monte gets most of the credit along with Brooks,Barber,Lynch,and Sapp. Even after Lynch and Sapp were gone we were still a TOP 5 defense. Thats ALL monte right there.

  20. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Ya…im pretty sure monte gets most of the credit along with Brooks,Barber,Lynch,and Sapp. Even after Lynch and Sapp were gone we were still a TOP 5 defense. Thats ALL monte right there.

  21. tonytwocents Says:


    What article are you reading?? There is no reference to GMC, directly or indirectly written in this article.

    And I don’t know how you interpreted Thomas’ article as a take on GMC. Just let people speak their piece and stop being a douche by calling other people tools, or douches, you douche.

  22. NeanderthalMan Says:

    IMO the defense quit last season. Bucs must send a message and cut players, i’m ok with keeping Rhonde and because of his talent give Talib a fresh start (one strike and your out). Players must know quitters will stand in front of the firing squad.

  23. TrueBlue Says:

    I’m not surprised the defense quit. They had no real leadership. Put that type of leadership on any team and they are likely to quit – especially one so young as this one. This degenerated out of being a team and into being a bunch of guys with no direction playing together.

  24. Rrsrq Says:

    Converted CB to safety, t-jax, converted LB to safety, Grimes, secondary played well with a lot of injuries two year prior to this, doesn’t make Rah a bad secondary coach, just a not good D Coordinator and the whole 2011 campaign was awful and lost respect. It doesn’t matter now, he is in DC, good luck and we will see them this season.

  25. Meh Says:

    I would cry with the same cornerbacks. We need to get Finnegan/Carr/Grimes/Rogers and Claiborne.

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Sure, our Secondary needs some help, but has no one listened to what Coach Schiano said ?
    Tampa has had nearly ZERO Pass Rush, and that alone can make any secondary look bad.
    The great Tampa teams of the past were able to apply pressure with only 4 linemen. That alone will make any secondary better.
    Improve our pass rush, our secondary gets better, that’s the bottom line.

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    After the last 3 years, I would take Alice Cooper, Gary Cooper, Cecil Cooper, Hell I would take Anderson Cooper of rah rah morris as a coach of anything.

    I think 09-11 is exhibit A on which coach gets the credit for a solid defensive year in 2007 – btw one of the 3 times Gru and Monte won the division in 6 years – while Capt Tim’s buddy never finished better than third out of four. Lol

  28. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Schiano said that our defense had zero pass rush even though we had the great Games Missed Constantly? Lmao

  29. RustyRhino Says:

    What is all this great D under Coach Kiffen? Every season we still and always did get ran on under Coach Kiffen’s Tampa 2! Wow am I the only one who remembers this? And every year since 02 we where getting less and less sacks / pressure, why was that? or do I remember it differently?
    94 20 sacks 1964 opp rush yards 4.2 ypc
    95 25 sacks 1754 opp rush yards 3.9 ypc
    96 35 sacks 1889 opp rush yards 4.3 ypc
    97 44 sacks 1617 opp rush yards 3.9 ypc
    98 37 sacks 1583 opp rush yards 3.8 ypc
    99 43 sacks 1407 opp rush yards 3.9 ypc
    00 55 sacks 1648 opp rush yards 4.1 ypc
    01 42 sacks 1702 opp rush yards 4.1 ypc
    02 43 sacks 1554 opp rush yards 3.8 ypc
    03 36 sacks 1756 opp rush yards 3.9 ypc
    04 45 sacks 1973 opp rush yards 4.1 ypc
    05 36 sacks 1515 opp rush yards 3.5 ypc
    06 25 sacks 1917 opp rush yards 3.9 ypc
    07 33 sacks 1726 opp rush yards 4.6 ypc
    08 29 sacks 1901 opp rush yards 4.3 ypc
    09 28 sacks 2531 opp rush yards 5.6 ypc
    10 26 sacks 2107 opp rush yards 4.7 ypc
    11 23 sacks 2497 opp rush yards 5.0 ypc
    this is what says about our stats I went before and after from Coach Kiffen’s tenure to show comparison. I am no coach but when our best YPC was 3.5 on 05 I am not jumping up and down with that stat. 3.5 ran 3 times is 10.5 yards = firstdown.

  30. RustyRhino Says:

    nearly every year since 02 sorry

  31. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The 3 extreme highest were under rahrah!

    Wow! I didnt know things were that bad under rahrah – thanks for publishing the rush d stats.

    My goodness has rahrah and our defense been horrid.

  32. Bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The point of the Tampa 2 was to keep the other team running. Breaking out the running figures does not even come to telling the whole story. The defenses would shut down and punish the other team for attempting to pass. They had no choice but to run. When they did run, it was to try to do something effectively. But when running 3.5 yards each carry doesn’t score you much in a game.

    Plus, the runs where all kept short. They would get to the average by having a 3 yard run, a 3 yard run, and a 5 yards run. They wouldn’t have a few zeroes or negative runs and then a 30 yarder to open the game up.

    During Monte, every play for the other teams offense was an opportunity for the bucs to make something happen. Under Raheem, it was a different story.

  33. Cmurda Says:

    @ Rusty Rhino. The stats dont lie. Those stats suggest our weakest point was actually on defensive line. Our biggest weakness was D Line. Price is our only true run stopper. Considering his injuries and GMC’c, it’s really no wonder why our secondary looked so bad. To be a little more general, our front seven was complete garbage. Take away Clayborn. Is there anybody there that made you smile? If we get no pressure, it means QB’s can pick us apart and they could do so patiently. We clearly need upgrades across the board on defense but it starts with schemes that work to these guys strengths. We focused much of recent drafts on D-Line, now it’s time to develop these guys. This is where we will benefit from what I believe is Schiano’s strength based purely on the number of guys he has put in the NFL who have succeeded. We need at least one but preferably 2 LB’s and hopefully a safety from free agency.

  34. OptimisTroll Says:

    Rusty Rhino,

    in 2011, the 2 best rush defenses in the league, Baltimore and San Francisco, game up 3.5 yards per carry. They both still made it to their championship games.

    3.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 may equal 10.5, but how many NFL teams run every down? The defense would sell out so fast and that number would plummet.

    It is more like run 5 yards on first down, run 2 yards on second down, be forced to throw on third down, because it is damn hard to run 3 yards on third down.

  35. eric Says:

    The Monte Kiffin resume based upon overall defensive rankings in his 13 years here:

    96 11th
    97 3rd
    98 2nd
    99 3rd
    00 9th
    01 6th
    02 1st
    03 5th
    04 5th
    05 1st
    06 17th
    07 2nd
    08 9th

    THirteen years, eleven top tens, eight top fives, six top 3’s.


    Perhaps you could infom us of a DC with a better record? Maybe you should try and find another sport to watch. You dont comprehend this one very well.

  36. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Actually optimist, I believe first downs are over 50% pass – so its either 2 and 10 or 2nd and less than 5 half of the time.

    2nd down has become more commonly run. But you are correct – if you look at the nfl stats – you will see a tiny percentage of run plays on first, second and third and those are typically in clock burn situations.

  37. OptimisTroll Says:


    Definitely, I was just trying to point out that in the NFL, no teams run their average three downs in a row, like Rhino explicitly saws could lead to a loss, because of Monte’s run defense.

  38. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Eric – Captain Tim thinks rahrah’s record is better bc he had 1 3rd place 10 win season sandwiched by 3 and 4 win seasons.

    I believe that Monte belongs on the list of great buc coaches with Gruden, Dungy anc McKay. Wyche gets some love for drafting Sapp, Lynch and Brooks as well.

    I was pointing out Tim’s dumb argument that Rah’s 2010 season is evidence that he is a good coach and someone indicated – sure then Tony Sparano who went from 1 to 11 wins in a single season should be ranked equal to Don Shula on the Dolphins list since he never did that. When we all laughed our ass-s off.

    Btw – why does the nfl help bad teams by giving them last place schedules after 3 and 4 win seasons? Maybe bc it tends to lift their record up the year.

  39. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Also, ralph childress won 22 games in his first 2 seasons? Great coach?

  40. eric Says:

    Speaking of schedules, anybody looked at ours for next year?

    OMG biggggggggggggggg trouble.

  41. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The often ridiculed Dom Capers started his coaching career 8-8 and 12-4. Great coach? You would be laughed out of the Carolina’s if you said that to a Panthers fan.

  42. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    How many nfl coaches have coached 3 or more seasons and never finished better than 3rd in their 4 team division?

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Um, let me go slowly again. Our secondary has looked ok 2 years ago, because we ran a 3-3-5 defense. We ran that defense, because our secondary sucked, and had to be protected. We protected the secondary, by playing an extra DB. No one here can remember that far back, but 3 seasons ago, we were giving up 40 plus yard TDs at a record rate. We were giving up two or three long TDs a game. Everyone was screaming their heads off about how bad our secondary sucked.

    Two seasons ago, Raheem stopped that, with his 3-3-5 defense.

    Of course, we couldn’t stop the run.

    Last year, we tried to play a 4-3-4 traditional defense. And again, we get lit up for tons of long TDs. Can anyone remember this last season? All the 40 point plus ass whippings we got last season? How can all of you have forgotten that already? And if you do remember, how can you ever believe our secondary isn’t horrible?

    Namandi and Revis don’t get many interceptions. Because smart QBs don’t throw at them.
    Smart QBs can’t wait to throw at Talib. He’s an easy 6 points. Always has been.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- Raheem Morris- tied with Chucky and John MacKay for fourth best Buc season ever

    One of of only 4 coaches( Dungy is the other) to win 10 games or more!!
    Only happened 7 times in 35 years!!

    Embrace him, Thomas, as the architect of one of our greatest seasons!!

    Embrace him!!!

  45. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have never heard a fan call 3rd place in a 4 team division, the failure to make the playoffs – all with the most fortuitous schedule probably NFL history – a great season. You clearly are one of just a few Tim.

    As evidence, the season ticket base was smaller in 2011 than 2010, so the fan base knew it was an inflated record.

    Further, your hero called it “smoke and mirrors.”. Why cant you just admit what Rah did?

  46. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    So under Tim’s theory – a ten win season where you miss the playoffs is a great season, but an 8 or 9 win season where you make the playoffs or better isnt.

    Brilliant analysis Tim. I guess the Packers had a better 2011 season than the Giants then. Okay? Sure buddy.

  47. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Was Gruden’s 9-7 in 2008 a great season? Thought so. Argument over.

    Rah is a 17-31 coach who never participated in a playoff game and was unceremoniously fired after 3 season only to get his next job as a D Backs coach. His defense is generally accepted as one of the worst in league history.

    Embrace that, everyone else has. Even GMC is jabbing the joke that was his former buddy errrrr coach.

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gruden’s record, starting with 2003( His second year, first after Siperbowl)
    2003 7-9
    2004 5-11
    2005 11-5
    2006 4-12
    2007 9-7
    2008 9-7

    2 4th place finishes, 2 3rd place, 2 first place in 7 years
    One 10 plus win season- same as Raheem.

    Didn’t count his first year, as he inherited a team that was in the division championship the previous year( that should spin yer hat around)

    Raheems record
    I didn’t list his first year, as he inherited the same mess that got Chucky fired
    ( that will make him froth at the mouth!)
    So, Chucky won 45 games, out of a possible 196,
    For a percentage of .227

    Raheem won 14 games, out of a possible 32, for a percentage of .430

    Embrace him, Thomas. Far superior percentage. Embrace him! Lol

    Numbers look pretty similar to me

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gonna change my post name ta “spin doctor Tim” lol

  50. Paul Says:

    It’d be disgusting to see the same CB’s on the field as last year.

  51. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    When you don’t count 1 coaches Super Bowl winning season, and you don’t coach the other coaches 3-13 – when they both inherited 9-7 teams – you have lost full and complete credibility.

    Here is a huge difference:

    Chucky had 2 teams in the 2002 Super Bowl – the one he built from the ground, and the one he renovated from a perennial playoff loser to World Champ.

    RahRah finished 3rd out of 4 teams once.

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    I never count a coaches first year. He hasn’t had time to imprint his plan on the team yet. He’s still basically evaluating what he has.

    I stand by my statistics. And consider them credible

    .227 vs .430- wow

    Both with one Ten plus win season.

    Both got fired.

    Not seeing why you keep staring at Chucky, with such Pewter colored glasses!

    Either way, your boy Chucky, and Raheem are both fired!
    No reason to carry this personal vendetta against Raheem! Even if you add the two seasons in, Chucky ends up at.508, and Raheem ends up at.354

    Which gives one too much credit, and one to much blame

    Either way- hardly worth mentioning the difference!

    Now, we have a new coach in town. And while I have voiced some serious concerns about his ability to make the transition, you have turned into super Homer- and proclaimed him the savior of the franchise

    We will see- I really, really hope you are right!

    But- you are wrong so often, that I just can’t get an burst of confidence going

  53. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, by the way Thomas, I give Chucky full credit for the team he got in the SuperBowl. – the Raiders!

    But, man, they shoulda stayed home! They looked like they were running Raheems defense that day!

  54. MOBucs Says:

    Capt. Tim… How could you be so supportive of an inexperienced Raheem, yet are so against Schiano? At least he has been a head coach of an actual team. I can understand sour grapes but c’mon man. You can’t dog Schiano for being inexperienced and then turn around and praise Raheem for his failed tenure without looking pretty damned silly!

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    MoBucs- I don’t give a damn about Raheem Morris. Team sucked last year, and turned my stomach! I was yelling by week 8 that he had ta go!

    I care about twisting Thomas in knots, who is still in love with Gruden- who also sucked and needed fired! Pissing our local hater off is always fun

    I hope Schiano succeeds. I am concerned about him trying to make the leap from a tiny college to the NFL- primarily because this team in particular is also so lacking in NFL experience. To me, this team was screaming for an experienced NFL Head coach, because the whole team lacks Experience

    I think it is strange and difficult hire, to add an inexperienced coach to an inexperienced team. Feels like a cheap hire, more than hiring the best coach for THIS team. Not a knock on Schiano- just strange choice for this situation

    With the Glazers record for cheapest player payroll/ cheapest coaching staff for last 6 years, ya gotta wonder which motivates their decisions the most- winning, or cheapest possible?

    But I couldn’t care less about Raheem. Or Gruden.
    I hope Schiano can make the most of this.
    But still think Fisher or Shotty would have gotten this young teams attention much faster and easier.
    Don’t forget- these players layed down and quit on their coach last year- that’s s cardinal sin in this league

  56. Bulldog Says:

    One cannot win arguments with a self absorbed,self righteous delusional pee wee football bench warmer.

  57. jarrett Says:

    Tim but what do your sources tell you. You got any news for us schefter

  58. McBuc Says:

    Tony, stick around and you will understand Thomas 2.2. He talked ab out Joe making up the 4 wins, becasue Joe always points out how the bucs defense played better with GMC in the game. Thomas hates GMC, he calls him softy and a bust.

  59. McBuc Says:

    Tony, this is the line I am refering to, so I guess you are a tool as well…Stick aoround it it will be clear what Thomas was talking about.

    “Just like your fallacy that the bucs won 4 games last year.”

  60. Cmurda Says:

    Thomas and Capt Tim. You guys are pure gold on here. Thank you two for your contributions. I’m sure Joe agrees that it wouldn’t quite be the same without Capt Tim easily baiting Thomas.

    There’s nothing wrong with Tim questioning whether or not Schiano can make the jump. It’s been one that has historically been tough to make. I happen to believe strongly in Schiano but I am admittedly an optimist.

    Gruden was just what was needed when he was hired. It resulted in a dominating Superbowl run. A run that was so dominant that football “experts” tend to overlook and forget. I’m sure I’m not the only Bucs fan that pops in the Superbowl DVD when we play like any of the last 10 games of last year.

    Final thought. Our most pressing need is clearly CB. I was already pushing the envelope by wanting Trent Richardson. Now, with the scope and just letting common sense dictate my thoughts, it’s time for MO CLAIBORNE. I don’t care if it was a minor surgery or not. Running backs and bad knees don’t mix. I’ll not take the chance . Get MO. He’s a stud at our weakest position and his boy is now our secondary coach.