Bucs Reportedly Eyeing Cortland Finnegan

February 24th, 2012

Joe’s of the opinion that the Bucs need to make a major offseason splash to upgrade what could be a woefully thin secondary by adding a top-flight cornerback in free agency and drafting LSU stud Mo Claiborne.

If reports surfacing in Indianapolis are to be believed, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik may be channeling Joe’s head.

Earlier this afternoon, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune Twittered out what appears to be the pulse of agents, coaches and front office types at the NFL combine, that the Bucs want Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan, a free agent to be.

@RCummingsTrib: Hearing a lot of talk here at the combine about the Bucs expressing strong interest in signing Titans FA CB Cortland Finnegan.

Moments after Cummings Twittered that rumor, Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean posted a report that talks between Finnegan and the Titans broke down today and it appears Finnegan has played his last snap of football with the Titans.

The Titans met with the agent for cornerback Cortland Finnegan on Friday at the NFL Combine, but indications are no progress was made toward a long-term deal.

All signs still point to Finnegan becoming a free agent on March 13. The Titans aren’t expected to use the $10.6 million franchise tag on Finnegan by the March 5 deadline. …

Finnegan recently put his Brentwood home on the market, however, still convinced he won’t be back with the Titans in 2012. It appears he’ll be right. The sixth-year pro is coming off another solid season after turning down a contract in the four-year, $28 million range prior to the start of last season. He’s seeking more than the five-year, $48.75 million contract cornerback Johnathan Joseph signed with the Texans last July, a deal that included $23.5 million in guarantees, and the Titans aren’t inclined to rise to those figures.

Now Joe would prefer Brandon Carr, but Tom Krasniqi of WHBO-AM 1040 makes an interesting point: Finnegan, though he can be a jerk at times, is a hard-nosed football player who often gets in the heads of opposing wide receivers. He has a nasty streak.

If the Bucs defense needs anything, it’s somebody who isn’t afraid of blasting people and making his presence felt, not swinging a red cape allowing running backs to run as free as whitetail deer in a Nebraska cornfield, galloping down the sidelines.

71 Responses to “Bucs Reportedly Eyeing Cortland Finnegan”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I’ve been saying we should go after this guy for the past 3 months the second that he becomes available. Dom, you’ve got my number…just let me know when you finally want to bring me on as assistant GM

  2. SensibleBuc Says:


  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    – signed

    The T-Rich to the Bucs Campaign

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, I’m sorry but I don’t know enough about the guy. By a nasty streak, do you mean like Talib’s?

    If he can stay out of real trouble and pick off the ball well, I’m all for it.

    Although…if FA has not started and Woody is hearing this from the Bucs…isn’t that tampering? [Don’t go there Pete. — Joe]

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Looking at his stats, he apparently cannot pick the ball off.

  6. Joe Says:

    Looking at his stats, he apparently cannot pick the ball off.

    You mean like Talib?

  7. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    By a nasty streak Joe means the guy will pick fights with O lineman 3 times his size, stick his nose into dog piles, talk junk with the best of em…..probably good for a personal foul here or there, but just what this team means if you ask me

  8. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    *team needs if you ask me

  9. Bobby Says:

    14 career interceptions ain’t bad.

  10. Bobby Says:

    I love this guy because he is not afraid to tackle. He will just flat out knock the spit out of ya!

  11. Bobby Says:

    Check this out. This guy can fly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBcIXGohj04

  12. Brandon Says:

    Finnegan is a jerk, he’s a loudmouth, a hothead, a dirty player… and we need guys like him. I don’t care if he’s a CB, we need some nastiness on this team and it doesn’t matter if it’s from the outside in, we need some mean SOBs on this team and Finnegan is a total jerk.. the kind of guy you want on your team (Harrison, Sapp, Suh) and hate going against.

  13. J 2.0 Says:

    I hope we don’t get a “couldn’t give enough money up front, but it was guaranteed” scenario again. I would like this hire.

  14. CaliBucFan Says:

    Don’t forget about this beatdown that Andre Johnson gave him (after Andre scored a TD against him) leading to both of them getting ejected:

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Finnigan is a talented CB, with a bar room brawlers attitude. Just exactly what we need. The guy is a hitter- with bad intent on every tackle. WRs avoid contact with the guy- unlike ” whiff” Talib, who won’t tackle, cause he’s afraid his earring will fall out!

  16. Luther Says:

    I have always hated that guy. Just a foul dude in my opinion. Sign him up

  17. GenocideD Says:

    Calibuc, that’s what I think of every time I hear his name. lol I don’t know which FA CB I’d want the most but he’s definitely high on the list. I agree with Brandon, too. This defense needs violent passion like Suh’s got. Let the bodies hit the floor…

  18. RustyRhino Says:

    We all need to realize just who this INFO came from @RCummingsTrib this is the same guy who got how many of our coaching choices correct…..
    Might just be a smokescreen…

  19. RustyRhino Says:

    I do like Finnegan if we get him, but I am not holding my breath…

  20. eric Says:

    “Like Whitetail deer in a Nebraska cornfield”


  21. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Andre Johnson would beat most NFL Players butts. He is one big bad dude.
    Those punches he hit Finnegan with would have rendered many of us unconscious. Yet Finnegan was rather unfazed, and almost delighted he got Johnson kicked out of the game.
    CreamsicleBananaHammock is right, Tampa needs some attitude, the swagger and toughness we have been missing for so long.

  22. Macabee Says:

    Would be a nice get. But beware, his old coach, Fisher has expressed an interest and he wants to get paid Asomugha or Jonathan Joseph money.

    Grew up in Fl (Milton, FL), college at Samford, selected in 7th round, 2006 by Tennessee. middle name Temujin, birth name of Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongol Horde, plays like it! Plenty on-field fines, but no off-field problems, most notable the 25k fine for the beat down he recieved when he jumped on Andre Johnson’s back. He was also fined for hitting a Bronco guard who was not wearing a helmet.

    Don’t let the on-field antics scare you away. This guy is a top notch CB, a sure tackler, and gives the top receivers fits in coverage. Made the Pro Bowl in 2009 along with Asomugha. If this happens, there should lot’s of fireworks with Finnegan on one side and Talib on the other.

  23. jLM Says:

    FA get can’t here fast enough.

  24. Buddhaboy Says:

    I would pooo logs if we got this guy

  25. Derek Says:

    Lord help us we dont need another thug on this team. him and talib would be real chemistry…

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    Macabee- damn Brother! Ya had me happy just thinking about it, til ya threw in the ” Talib on the other”


    Talib on the other was the entire problem this season. Talib and Bigfers couldn’t stop a ref- much less a WR! They were horrible. listed as worst secondary in the NFL!

    Finnegan and Claiborne- now that’s a secondary that could strike fear in the hearts of WRs!

    Talib is a bad joke.

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Finnegan is an intimidator on the field, and a good citizen off
    Talib runs from other Atheletes. He only tries to intimidate Cabbies and his brother in law

  28. Macabee Says:

    I hear ya Cap’n. Just trying to call it like I see it! Not even gonna try to change your mind, but I can’t ignore 17 INTs and 3 defensive TDs in 4 NFL seasons. Something Finnegan would love to have on his resume. Keep preaching and teaching tho, I read your sermon everyday!

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- come on, Macabee- I ain’t that bad!
    But my memories of the 2011 season, will be watching Talib go for an interception, fall on his butt, andlying there watching the WR jog in the endzone.

    That- plus him and Black slapping RBs on the hip, as they ran by. Like it was Flag Football.

    It’s a moot point anyway. Shiano is going to watch the film. If he is in charge, with authority, he will replace them.

    If Dom is still the puppet master, they will both still be here. And we will have another season that will prove unwatchable.

    And I will be at another military base soon, and will skip NFL ticket this year.
    Probably work on my salt water fishing skills

  30. kh Says:

    I hate him, he’s a punk ass b—h. Loved it when Andre Johnson whopped his his ass.

    Sign him up.

  31. MTM Says:

    Finnigan is not the answer. The Bucs defense needs nasty hitters like Lynch. That just walk away after a viscous hit with their mouth shut. A tone setter. Not a sh*t talker.

  32. RustyRhino Says:

    I agree with that as well MTM

  33. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Hey Cheapsters, show him the money and bring the pain to opposing offenses. Prove you are out to improve our Bucs immediately!

  34. 941Buc Says:

    YES! COME ON DOWN! We need to a guy like this. Keep Talib one more year and put Claiborne as the nickel back. Significant upgrade to go against the pass heavy teams in the NFC South. Would love this.

  35. Joe Says:


    Interesting you say that. I’m thinking it was Mayock who said safeties are more and more like corners.

  36. 941Buc Says:

    Im sorry but this makes complete sense. Some of you call him a thug, yes he is but only on the field. We need toughness on this roster. Show me one off the field incident.

  37. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Do you mean the same Talib who had 5 more interceptions than Finnegan over the last 2 years? Who has 14 career interceptions OVER 6 YEARS as opposed to Talib’s 17 over 4 years? Who played in all 32 games the last 2 seasons to get his 3 interceptions whereas Talib got his 8 interceptions in only 26 games?

    And, as to his “attitude” that people are saying this team needs…how soon the fans forget Trueblood killing drives with his “attitude”.

    I’m not saying we should not sign the guy. I prefer picks like the Biceps defenestration’s of old, but if he is a shutdown corner…it works too.

    And so far as Taliban…I think we need to bench him for now and get a replacement on his side too. His legal issues bring unpredictability to the position when we need quality stability.

    The place where attitude MIGHT be useful is the defensively line…not cornerback so the refs, who already are criticle of CBs will be inclined to call penalties…especially on the Bucs.

  38. Pete Dutcher Says:

    God I hate auto correct.

  39. CoachG Says:

    Finnegan wouldn’t be too bad, along wit Laron Landry if he doesn’t get a new contract in washington, Talib seems like he doesn’t take certain receivers seriously at times and in the process pays….hopefully Schiano helps him become more humble

  40. Macabee Says:

    CoachG, Have you seen LaRon Landry lately? Dude looks all roided up. Doesn’t look like a safety, more like a linebacker.


  41. jvato24 Says:

    The Bucs show interest in Finnegan till they talk to him …. You want how much ??? Tell this dude he’s gotta go.

  42. AlexBucsFan Says:

    Cortland Finnegan > E.J.Biggers all day errday.

  43. Stevek Says:

    Sign Finnegam and Carr.

    Trade back and get several picks. Bucs make all of the picks for best player available.

  44. TPCMatt Says:

    I with jvato24. The thought of signing him is great, but he just turned down a deal for 4yrs @ 7per, prior 2 the start of last yr. 7per sounds fair for his services. Anything over though, I’m not so sure.

  45. CoachG Says:

    @Jvato24 no worries about the bulk, his injury history is the problem. That bulk along with better technique will go a long ways in preventing future injuries

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pete – yeah – the Taliban that was part of that SWEET defense we had last year. Played great – didn’t he. Worst scoring defense, most scoring passes over 20 yards ,league leader in missed tackles. Yeah. Talib that looked soooo good last year.

    It’s easier to get interceptions, when opposing QBs throw at you every play that they don’t run at you!! Especially easy because most of the time when they threw at Aqib- they were laughing!

  47. Bobby Says:

    The other benefit of having a Claiborne/Finnegan tandem would be it would force our receivers to run better routes in order to beat them during practice.

  48. Northend Says:

    I would rather go after carr ,carlos rodgers or grimes if he dosent get the tag.i think we get 1 big name fa and either draft claiborne or life long bucs fan johnson or a mid tier guy like aaron ross .what we do at lb will dictate the direction of draft.lofton or tulloch,then a mid tier guy hawthorne ,connor,etc and a stud like spence or david in draft.if u havent seen spences film go on utube ,kid is a thumper with skills

  49. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Capt. Tim
    As I said, I want Taliban replaced as well…but the only upgrade I see here is the price.

    – fewer interceptions
    – runs his mouth like Taliban

    This guy made the pro bowl? WHY? By those standards, if not for the trouble Taliban has had, he should have gotten to the pro bowl!

    This falls under the spending unwisely category to me. The man wants more so he is leaving his team. Nothing wrong with that if the talent is worth the money…but in this case it is not.

    I think fans want to see money spent so badly they are seeing gems where they don’t exist.

    If you have to make excuses for a player don’t sign him. Period.

    Where excuses are needed, there is unnessesary risk. You think I wouldn’t want the guy if he is good? I want Biggers out of here…badly…but I suspect it won’t happen.

    I want a defense that gets the ball back and has the potential to score twice each game. You know, like we should be use to.

    I won’t argue the point. I think you and I both want what’s best for the team. If this guy is at least a great shutdown corner, I would love him to replace Biggers.

  50. Pete Dutcher Says:

    But he won’t be picking the ball off more than a couple times a season. Even the highlight link above showed the same picks 3-4 times each…because his interceptions are so low.

    He’s a thug, just like Talib as far as I can tell. Say hello to a big contract with small value and lots more penalties if we get him.

    Which, I don’t believe we will. It wouldn’t be the first time this reporter made up the news just to have something different to talk about. He’s never held accountable.

  51. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Btw…it’s ironic that auto correct switches Talib to Taliban.

  52. jvato24 Says:

    Cortland Finnegan may soon be an ex-Titan, but the impact he’s left on the community is nothing short of fantastic. His lasting impact through numerous sizable donations to various causes has earned him the Titans’ Community Man of the Year Award for the second straight year.

    Jim Wyatt provided some in depth detail in late December about some of Finnegan’s prolific giving.

    It’s amazing how people label him a thug when they don’t really have a clue.

  53. Vince Says:

    Would love for us to pick this guy up….Unfortunately I think the amount of money he’s looking for might be a turn off for the Glazers. Sure hope I’m wrong.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    They need to get the best available free agents. Its pretty simple and Finnegan is right up there. To make excuses not to sign him is all BS. The Bucs can afford both him and Carr, but so can the Chiefs.

    I didn’t like Schiano’s comment yesterday about being totally committed to building through the Draft. We heard that crap before, it doesn’t completely work and it takes too long. I think a good ratio is about 85%-90% Draft to 10%-15% FA. every 5-7 years.

  55. eric Says:

    Filling an important team need before the draft?

    What a concept!

  56. Bobby Says:

    @BigMacAttack…..dude…do you even listen to these comments?? He said he was committed to building through the draft which every friggin’ team in the NFL outside of the Eagles is. He DID NOT say they wouldn’t be spending in FA.
    Nobody has said they weren’t going to sign Finnegan or make excuses not to sign him This article was posted because the Bucs DID express interest in Finnegan. How you turned that into an excuse to rant about the Bucs making excuses not to sign him is beyond me…..

  57. Deminion Says:

    I would rather have Carr but Finnegan is a solid DB and a dirtbag if im not mistaken thats what we lack on D we only have a few on D, Foster and Clayborn and they are young guys sign em if we cnt get Carr

  58. K2theSoldier Says:

    Pete you truly don’t know what you’re talking about. “You think I wouldn’t want the guy if he is good?” Pete, he IS good. Your simple minded evaluation of him convinces NOBODY that he’s good or bad. Looking at a corners interception rate and judging him by that is so lazy and inaccurate.
    Calling him a thug and like Talib? Are you serious dude? See Jvato’s comment then get back to me on whether or not he’s a thug.
    Put some substance in your comments before you try ripping on a player Pete.

  59. Bobby Says:

    Nothing wrong with having fire and passion on the football field.
    We need guys like Finnegan who absolutley despise getting beat and are going to punish the receivers who get into his territory. Seems like a solid character off the football field and I have zero problems with a hard nosed, ‘in your face’ corner. We need that attitude to rub off on some others. I hope we get him.

  60. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby- absolutely right- finnegan is a class act off the field, and an intimidator on it. I would love to see him on this team. Everyone forgets, but some of our best players were mean, hard hitting guys on the field- that’s where you want them to be thuggish.

    Finnegans off the field”thuggery” got him nominated as the titans man of the year- for his considerable time and donations to charities in the community.

    Yet there are people here calling him names, and standing up for Talib- who sucks on the field, and off.

    Yeah, let’s not sign A probowler, man of the year nominee- we have Talib! Who will never go prison, instead of the ProBowl.

    Stupidity of that level should be a criminal offense, punishable by public floggings!

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    “rather”, not Never go . .

  62. Capt.Tim Says:

    Cortland Finnegan- ProBowler, Allpro Cornerback. 2 time community man of the year nominee for the Titans.

    And we have people here that don’t want him.

    After watching our secondary get torched for multiple TDs a game, on the way to 4-12, and a bottom ranking

    Some of you deserve to have a crappy team

  63. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Are you really going to tell me interceptions don’t matter???????

    The man is an 8 year veterinan…more then enough time the bring up his numbers. Personailty doesn’t win games, skill does. How do you measmure skill? By keep track of results…with stats. Period.

    Sorry to lift you blinders so the light of truth gets in your eyes, but face it.

    If a cornerback can’t pick the ball off, he’s useless. And you will all feel this way if we sign him. Especially once the unsportsman-like conduct penalties start adding up.

    Remember, once a team is known for penalties the refs look harder for them. The cons outweigh the pros with this guy.

  64. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Pro bowler means nothing.

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bobby, don’t try to read into my comments that which isn’t there. I listened to Schiano verbatim. He was point blank asked about spending in free agency and dodged the question, with the typical Glazer Company Line. I was on board with the Draft thing but it has not worked for the Bucs. Over half their draft picks that are still on the team would not make other NFL rosters. Many suck & that is not successful drafting. The voids need to be filled with free agents. Many of us wanted them to sign a few big FA’s last year like Nnamdi for me. Others chanted Sproles, and they were correct in that call. Dominick was clearly wrong in letting Cadi walk and putting his cards on Lumpkin. I hope like hell they finally bring in some top players through free agency and also take out their Draft Trash. It is well past time to do so. If I want to be a little skeptical until they prove to me they are committed to winning, its my prerogative. I put my money where my mouth is every year, including this one, and I’m not sold on Schiano, Dominick or the Players until I see some action starting in the next 2 weeks. Talk is cheap. Put it on the field and prove it. 10 straight blowout losses won’t get turned around with a few new coaches. It will take a whole lot more, including players that know the NFL game and aren’t just learning it OJT. Don’t ever call me out unless you know what you’re talking about.

  66. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m not saying I don’t support the team, because I do with my checks like so many of you guys, but after several years of CHEAP, it’s time for a change. PAST TIME for a change. If you are going to build through the draft, you need to draft more “A” players and not “B-” and “C”‘s with occasional “F is for Quincy Black”. I’m supporting our team but it’s time for them to “Put Up” and “Shut Up”.

  67. BigMacAttack Says:

    This has nothing to do with Finnegan or Shiano. It has to do with Dominick & Glazers. They have repeatedly made excuses for not doing anything with Free Agency. Their plan hasn’t worked. Thought it would, hoped it would, it didn’t work, Period. What is worse, is the free agents they have signed like Ward, Jones, Vincent and the likes, have all sucked, and been cheap lower level throw aways. I don’t think anyone is prescribing the Eagles medicine, but the Eagles were considerably better than the Bucs last year, even if the wheels did come off. At least Andy Reid tried to win and did everything in his powers.. The Bucs did nothing and still lost in the worst, most embarrassing, most miserable fashion. That was arguably the worst defense EVER. And you want to tell me not to complain. Bite Me!

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMac- yup

  69. k1ngAdroc Says:

    BigMac – Agreed!

  70. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I think Cortland would be awesome. And for only around 8 Mil a season!!! We could sign him and Brandon Carr!!! Talk about an instant improvement at that position! Cortland is a beast and talks nonstop trash on the field. He gets in almost every WRs head he goes up against. I love that. And if Talib stays out of jail. We could havve Finnegan, Carr, and Talib! Could you imagine Talib as our #3 CB. We need talented depth especially in this division. That would be instant upgrade.

    And that would allow us to look at another postition in the draft. Maybe Justin Blackmon or Kalil or Reiff at OT. We could also look at a DE like Coples. Several options at pick #5.

  71. McBuc Says:

    Pete, not to sound like a tool, but you are a writer by trade right? Nothing ironic about the spell checker switching Talib to Taliban…