Are The Bucs Like The Giants?

February 6th, 2012

Like every other fan, Joe hears that the NFL is a copycat league.

And now that the Giants have won two of the last five Super Bowls, twice beating the offense-first Patriots, perhaps the Giants model will become the NFL’s hot new flavor.

Of course, the Bucs are not the Giants, but on the surface the Bucs do appear to be trying to build the Giants way.

Tom Coughlin is a discipline-first head coach who likes to pound the football and take shots downfield. Greg Schiano is that guy.

The Giants succeeded with a very young receiving corps, a first-round pick (Hakeem Nicks), a third-rounder (Mario Manningham) and an undrafted guy (Victor Cruz). Sounds familiar.

The Giants have stockpiled talent on the defensive line and built their 4-3 defense around what those guys can do. That sounds like what the Bucs are attempting, and Mark Dominik recently called Schiano a “4-3 fundamentalist.”

Despite the NFL’s statistically worst running game, the Giants use a punishing beast in the backfield to set up the passing game. The Bucs have their own beast.

And the Giants have a strong-armed quarterback that can make all the throws. The Bucs have one of those, as well.

Also, unlike their New York/New Jersey counterparts, the Giants tread very lightly in free agency. Quick, name the Giants’ big name free agents.

Now Joe knows full well that the Bucs should not be confused with the Giants; no way. But there definitely are similarities in the approach, and nobody can argue the Giants way isn’t working.

26 Responses to “Are The Bucs Like The Giants?”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    What possible assistants from either the Giants or Patriots could the Bucs realistically be looking at? Giants DL coach maybe? others?

  2. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Antrel Rolle, Chris Canty, Deon Grant, and Boley I believe were all free agent signings. Regardless I do see the similarities between the two teams. Bucs offense should have a simple formula, pound Blount and throw bombs to Williams and Benn but for some reason nothing seemed to work last year.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You may be right in this article, Joe…but I don’t see how we can know that without seeing what Schiano actually has planned. Up until now, it’s all talk, and most of that is supposition.

    Btw…it is very cool to actually see an article put out by you instead of someone else. Very cool.

  4. stevek Says:

    Jacobs + Bradshaw < Blount + Richardson

  5. Northend Says:

    Eli +nicks,cruz,manningham>bucs entire offense

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @FreemanBomb5 – Yes Joe knows Rolle, Canty, Grant, and Boley were free agents. The point was they’re not loaded with free agents. Grant wasn’t in much demand, if Joe remembers correctly, while the other three were mid-to-high priced signings.

  7. FreemanBomb5 Says:


    I just wish the Bucs would’ve made some of those mid level free agent signings last year when the pickings were ripe and our team had momentum going into the off season. This year I don’t know if any quality players will even want to come to this mess.

    Money talks and the Bucs have a lot to it. Make it happen boys!

  8. Jarret Says:

    Are the bucs like the giants? jesus, can we just get coordinators first

  9. mjmoody Says:

    Can we talk for a second about the size of the NY Giants? WR’s big, RB’s big, Oline big, LB big, Dline big. No 5-8 scat back, or little corners clinging to shoestrings for dear life. Big tackling football players that ran the football straight at the Patriots from the 1st play to the last. Is that not what the NFC is becoming again?

  10. Architek Says:

    Giants – Great Staff (proven)
    Bucs – ????

    Giants – Elite
    Bucs – ??? (Poor mechanics, limited weapons, potential)

    Giants – Big, Fast, Physical, Explosive, Route Runners
    Bucs – Big, Slower, Non-Physical, Non-Explosive, Young (no comparison)

    Giants – Big, Explosive, Speed, Blockers, and pass catchers
    Bucs – Big, Physical, (after that ????)

    Giants – Experienced, Good Size, Smart, Solid at POA, Versatile
    Bucs – Same except Trueblood (just an dufus)

    Giants – All WOrld
    Bucs – Fragile and Young

    Giants – Solid
    Bucs – Insufficient

    Giants – Good/Solid good speed and tackling
    Bucs – ????

    Organization Quality:
    Giants – Superior
    Bucs – Inferior

  11. Macabee Says:

    We’re about as much like the Giants as a camel is to a horse. They’ve both got four legs. After that the similarity ends. For those of you who think this is a ridiculous analogy take solace in the fact that a camel can outrun a horse!

  12. mike Says:

    the bucs are alot like the 1978 giants that finished with the 2nd worst record in the league that year. Thats where the similarities between the two teams begin and end.

  13. eric Says:

    Giants have a committed ownership who have deep understanding of pro football, a fabulous personnel department, and a very experienced tried and true NFL quality coaching staff.

    Not sure they would have made that promote Raheem to HC move.

    I have high hopes for Schiano, but dont think he would make the Giants short list for HC if Coughlin resigned.

    At a loss to find many similarities. They have outdrafted rock with lower picks. Big turnover from the 2007 SB team, yet they keep on winning – no five year “plan”.

    Not sure there is a team in the league the bucs are less like than the Giants.

  14. Architek Says:

    I see you spammed me Joe. Truth hurts…

  15. stimpy Says:

    If the Giants team and Org was trash…yes, the Bucs are right down there with them.

    Bucs are NOWHERE near the Giants in coaching and players.

    Lets first get some coaches, then win games, then we can revisit this questions again.

  16. K2theSoldier Says:

    We are built some what similar in that we both have the build through the draft mentality. (yes, the Giants are yet another team to win the Super Bowl without a crazy amount of free agents. in fact very few).
    But how good are the Giants at drafting? I mean that team is unbelievable, Tuck, Osi, JPP, Nicks, Cruz, Bradshaw…all stars in the league, all drafted by the Giants. Crazy. For the Mark Dominik lovers out there, how exactly does he stack up against that?

  17. Snook Says:

    Biggest point out of this post is Joe’s comment on the lack of free agents by the Giants. The typical idiot, fantasy football nerd is always screaming for the Bucs to sign free agents. Need free agents, blah blah blah.

    The last 4 teams in the Super Bowl…. Giants, Pats, Packers, Steelers.

    Who are the splash free agents on those teams?


    Have a competent GM, a strong head coach and you can win in the NFL. Its easier said than done obviously but there’s no secret formula.

  18. espo Says:

    Last year you were saying we were just like the Packers. How about we go find our own identity?

  19. eric Says:

    Too bad we couldn’t have made a smart move like hire Bill Polian as GM to fix this mess.

    Thats what an organization like the Giants, Steelers or Packers would do faced with this situation. Not that they get themselves into this type of situation.

  20. SensibleBuc Says:


    Not to pick on you or your points but I wish we could dispense with the our wide receivers are slow/not explosive/terrible argument until we get a legitimate offensive scheme in place?

    Nicks – 6’0″ 212 lbs (3rd yr Vet) 4.51 40, 4.43 shuttle
    Manningham (4th yr. Vet) – 5’11 181 4.59 40, 4.38 shuttle
    Cruz (2nd yr. Vet) – 5’11” 206 4.49 40, 4.17 shuttle


    Mike Will (2nd yr vet) – 6’1″ 220, 4.53 40, 4.19 shuttle
    Rejus (2nd yr. Vet) – 6’1″ 220, 4.57 40, 4.32 shuttle
    Briscoe (2nd yr Vet) – 6’2′ 207, 4.51 40, 4.15 shuttle

    My point is that the Giants wide receivers aren’t anything special. They don’t “have a burner” in their ranks based on these times. Our guys have all the same physical tools as the Giants WR but they look more explosive…Why? Elite QB play, elite scheme, and elite coaching in the route running department.

    For obvious reasons, tt’s imperative that we get a great OC.

  21. Architek Says:

    @Snook and @K2,
    Great point and my post was just to evaluate briefly the quality of the overall roster which is comprised of majority draft picks. Our picks have been puzzling to me. I have complained a lot about certain picks and it seems like most people blew off the argument. For example, the post two drafts were atrocious after the first 2 rounds (except Foster). I hated the Luke Stocker, Ahmad Black, Allen Bradford, Hardy, Myron Lewis, EJ Biggers, and Brent bowden picks. We could have picked so many more dynamic players that were more productive and explosive. It makes me question the scouting department because I never had a problem with drafting to build the team but my God when you come out and say you won’t sign FA’s because you are hitting on draft picks, what are they looking at on film. No pro bowlers, all pro’s, or anything; strictly their own fish bowl.

    The FA’s that the Giants signed were all hits. Bradshaw, Grant, Boley, Canty, and Rolle are all hits. Credit to their front office and let’s not minimize their coaching staff. Coughlin is a monster but the staff is great. So the Bucs have a long road ahead of them starting with the culture, to change the perception. Scouting changes to get better drafting production and coaching staff to get the most of of the talent acquired. I wish Schiano the best but between Dominik and Hickey something has to give based on production and results. The numbers just aren’t there to support them.

  22. Architek Says:

    No I don’t take it badly. GREAT point. You know you are right but the thing about the Giants WR’s is they play fast and route superb routes. Their system and playcalling are great as you pointed out. I feel like the prior coaching staff failed the team and the players because there was no rhyme or reason for the playcalling.

    Even in our own division, there is credibility all over the place and feature premier playcalling like the Saints. I believe Cruz is so quick and plays faster than his combine time because I have seen him literally juke and pull away from superb CB’s. I am not all the way down on the WR’s but they need coaching and veterans to show them how to run routes and the in/outs of being a professional. I am lobbying for the Bucs to get Reggie Wayne to come here and school these youngsters on skill and precision. That also will force Freeman to increase his accuracy and prepare more. Great point and our WR’s just need coaching and veterans that can produce to make them raise the bar a little.

    One thing I do disagree about though, the Giants WRs were special as a group throughout the season and when Cruz exploded that put them over the top. You have to give them that.

  23. Big Marlon B Says:

    Joe come on, i could see a similarity or 2 here and there…..but to say the Giants haven’t used free agency???

    Michael Boley was their most consistent and versatile LB the last couple of years. he was a FA.
    Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard were both critical pieces of the DT rotation (which gets no love because of the incredible DEs). they have been very good players for the Giants. both were signed the same year as Boley as UFAs.
    Antrel Rolle was made the highest paid safety in the league last season by the Giants…and he certainly was not drafted and developed by them. anyone who has watched a handful of Giants games can tell u that Rolle is one of the most underrated safeties in the entire league….he is incredibly versatile and was a MAJOR component of their 3 safety formations.

    while Tuck, Pierre Paul and Osi get all the love….u neglected to mention that 4 of the Giants most steady but unheralded defenders were all FA pickups, and pretty high priced ones at that. sometimes u just gotta call a spade a spade Joe, and not fish for comparisons.

  24. McBuc Says:

    How can Role be under rated and be the highest paid Safety at the same time?

  25. Bangkok Buc Says:

    With all due respect Joe, You are comparing a team who lost 10 gaes in a row to the Superbowl champs???
    I understand what you are trying to say but I think the gap is sooooo large in talent in the most critical areas.
    QB play – no comparision
    Clutch WR catches – no comparison
    Coaching – no comparison
    DL pressure / sacks – no comparison
    The list goes on

  26. Snook Says:

    The only thing the Giants and Bucs have in common is that they both went 10-6 last season and missed the playoffs.

    The reason they won the Super Bowl this year?


    Whine about free agents all you want. Teams win in the NFL because of coaching. Period.