Here Come The Bucs

February 6th, 2012

Predictably, NFL fans howled in protest about how so-and-so was not elected to the Hall of Fame Saturday, and how the outfit is a travesty, yet the same angry crowd often refused to explain who they would have eliminated (a maximum of five can be elected per year, not counting senior nominees), nor did they take to time to read how Eddie DeBartolo and Bill Parcells canceled each other out as did Andre Reed and Cris Carter.

Well, it’s going to get even  tougher for those denied to get in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as several Bucs will be eligible in the coming years, notes humorist Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune.

That’s right _ the men behind those great Tampa Bay Buccaneers teams and a Super Bowl win begin coming up for the Hall in 2013. The great Lee Roy Selmon, Hall of Fame class of 1995, is sure to get company _ but how much?

Next year, Warren Sapp and John Lynch will most likely be Hall finalists. In 2014, it will be Derrick Brooks and Tony Dungy. Assuming Jon Gruden doesn’t go back to coaching, he’ll be up for the Hall in 2014, too. And Ronde Barber should also be eligible five years after he retires in 2019 or 2029, whenever it is.

Just a guess from Joe, but Derrick Brooks gets in right away. Sapp might have to wait a while as may Lynch. Sadly, it’s difficult for cornerbacks to get in the Hall. Shoot, it took Roger Werhli forever to get elected. Joe doubts Simeon Rice will ever get elected.

And if Ronde Barber isn’t a Hall of Famer, Joe doesn’t know what a Hall of Famer looks like.

13 Responses to “Here Come The Bucs”

  1. I_Miss#40 Says:

    I think Sapp has repaired some of his relationships with the media, not to mention the NFLN gig helps his status…I mean having another Hall of Fame guy on that broadcast team looks good for the man’s network.

    Barber won’t be first ballet when his time comes, but he should be when you look at the numbers alone he has done things NO OTHER CORNER HAS DONE.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think Lynch has a chance to get in right away. Brooks will get in, but I doubt it will be the first time around.

    I also disagree on Simeon Rice. Eventually, I think he gets in.

    And as far as Sapp goes, I don’t care what the local rag reporter claims. Sapp has been working with media and developing relationships. They’ll vote him in…first or second time around, probably the first time.

  3. adam ant Says:

    In my opinion, Warren Sapp is a no brainer and should be a first ballot HOFer. John Lynch should get in, maybe not first ballot, but the guy has the numbers and all pro years to qualify.

  4. Jonny Says:

    Jon Gruden? Seriously? Then Brian Billick must be a candidate as well. Heck, every SB winning HC must be.

  5. Fatmosh Says:

    Sapp and Brooks are slam-dunk first-balloters.

    Dungy, Gruden, and Lynch aren’t making it.

    Barber has a great, but I don’t feel like he’ll make it either.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Sapp, Brooks, and Barber make it.
    Gruden and Dungy, No.

  7. thibs5599 Says:

    I have heard people say that of Simeon Rice before as well. The guy had 122 sacks and 35 forced fumbles, and was arguably the best the pass rusher in the game while he played. I hate how the media plays such a big deal in who gets voted in, they should have no say. It should be up to coaches, and former players.

  8. Fatmosh Says:

    I know it’s blasphemy because Lynch is such a good guy and Rice is, well, Rice…but I actually would support Rice in the HOF over Lynch.

  9. Brad Says:

    I’m glad the bloggers seem to have it wrapped up on who’s getting in who isn’t. Do we really need the writers when we have our local fans who seem to know it all. Listening to Kaufmann on the radio last week, Sapp still has a ton of detractors based on those relationships he soured. It will take a major effort by Kaufmann to remove the emotions of the other writers. Based on numbers Sapp is a first ballot but unless Kaufman can change a lot of the writers perception he is not. Sapp could have been the most popular Buc ever but because of his treatment of people he was only a great player on the field. He has a ton of arse kissing this year.

  10. JS1506 Says:

    I sincerely think that only Brooks and Sapp will make it to the HOF.. I would love for Sapp to miss the first ballot and enter in the second ballot with his partner Brooks (who should be a first ballot hall of fame)… wouldn’t that be a great gift for bucs fans?

  11. eric Says:

    IMO Monte Kiffin should go to the HOF.

    He is as responsible for that Super Bowl as anybody else. Innovative, absolutely great defensive run. Changed the game.

  12. Buc Neckid Says:

    Ira Kauffman is one of those bridges that Sapp burned with his attitude.
    Why does that matter?
    Ira Kauffman is who would be presenting Sapp to the Hall of Fame Committee for vote.
    Sapp might be in for a little bit of a wait to get in, but he definitely IS a Hall of Famer.

  13. Tampa2 Says:

    Sapp’s off-field attitude should negate his HOF play on the field. Lynch should get in based upon his play & his off-field contributions.