Sherman-Childress-Nolan Package Still Floating

January 15th, 2012

Mike Nolan and his sideline suits and 3-4 defense could be the Bucs' radar as a defensive coordinator.

Of course, Joe is watching the Man Channel, aka NFL Network, this morning as Joe prepares for another day of glorious playoff football.

Watching the Saints implode early Saturday but stay focused and come back had Joe shaking his head thinking about the many times the Bucs faced adversity in 2011 games yet broke like a sand castle under a good wave. Raheem Morris and company just never had any answers.

As for the Bucs’ 13-day-old head coaching search, it’s still plodding on with senior reporter Jason La Canfora chatting it up on the air today saying he still believes Mike Sherman is the Bucs’ top horse in the race, with likely Brad Childress and Mike Nolan coming along as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively.

It’s hardly a Dream Team that would inspire fans, but Joe’s surely open-minded if they’re the picks.

62 Responses to “Sherman-Childress-Nolan Package Still Floating”

  1. RCH Says:

    I will have to give them there fair shake of things and a chance as a fan but its definitely not my first choice. This is probably Sherman’s only opertunity to get a HC position again so I don’t see why we can’t just tell tell him to take or leave the OC position if we wanted and find a better HC.

  2. Meh Says:


  3. eric Says:

    I ain’t open minded if those are the picks.

    Not one bit.

  4. jdog Says:

    I’ve been saying its Sherman. He was their first Target and I don’t think anyone they’ve interviewed has impressed them.

  5. mjmoody Says:

    Also watching the Network this morning. Have to say my faith was shaken this year with 31st and 32nd Defense being the top 2 seeds in the NFC. SF vs. NO gave me strength that the all mighty D can still win in the new NF-GodelL.

  6. mjmoody Says:

    Sorry, not top 2 seeds, but at least the media darlings.

  7. Name Required Says:

    Well… Look on the bright side…

    If one gets fired, it’s easier to name an interim. Better situation than the last year.

  8. ZanyZack Says:

    That’s a mighty expensive trio, which would make it a surprise, considering these guys would want legit assistants on top of that. Surely, Sherman would have some big incentive clauses for Ws.

  9. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    At lesat we have heard of these guys. Frankly, I dont know who would be the best fit given what we have had to go through the last five years since our last playoff game (ten years since a playoff win). Make a decision, get him on board and lets start planning for 2012.
    Sherman, Childress, Nolan, yeah…just no Favre

  10. Sgt Mike Says:

    Still hoping there is a pleasant surprise lurking in the background. Rather have Marty than those guys.

  11. eric Says:

    Ttrifecta of losers if I’ve ever seen one.

  12. Brad Says:

    If this is the Glazers choices, pretty much spitting in the face of the fans, I say start their search on a new owner. These choices are ridiculous. Of the choices that have interviewed thus far, the fans and media have spoken who they believe to be the best candidate.. That should be Marty all the way. If not Marty it must be a top Coordinator. Sherman will put the few fans they have over the top. It will also turn what few fans are left against the pop star.

  13. Mark Says:

    I’d prefer Marty but if this is the pick then I have to say this is still 1000 times better than Rah Rah & Olson.

    Sherman had success, albeit with Favre in Green Bay, Childress had success with the Eagles & Vikings (albeit with Favre) and Nolan is a DC that I have like for a while. Nolan coordinated good defenses with the Giants, Ravens, Broncos & Dolphins and helped build the defense that beat the Saints in San Francisco.

    So with this group I think the Bucs ship should at the very least be righted and sailing in the right direction after 3 years of ineptitude of the Morris / Olson regime.

  14. Brad Says:

    DC-Spagagnoulo or Nolan
    Linebackers – Derrick Brooks

  15. Northend Says:

    Sherman is like a scoop of plain vanilla ice will do but nothing fancy.not exciting but compared to what we had will do in the short term.u know exactly what ur getting.

  16. Paul W. Says:

    The way the Glazers are you can’t really read into anything until it’s official. It’s all smokes and mirrors with this organization

  17. Macabee Says:

    The Glazer triumvirate and consigliere Mark Dominik have been here before. We are going to get a compromised coach no matter what. They are on the “Horns of a Dilemma”. They want a fiery disciplinarian; a leader and shepherd to a flock of very young and inexperienced players; one who can win some games, get fans interested enough to buy tickets, get along with the Glazers and Dominik, not want total control or a 5yr contract worth more than 5mil. That person is not on this planet! So, good luck with this search for EL Dorado! When you use a committee to design a horse, you may get a camel!

  18. buCncRazy Says:

    All that gets us is winning seasons for years….There isnt anything better out there except mabe Merrinelli -Hue Jackson-Spagnolu

  19. BucFanFromLa Says:

    Interesting…Nolan is a candidate in N.O. and Atl also.

  20. eric Says:

    Fired by one of the best organizations in nfl.

    Hasn’t been interviewed by any nfl team for hc since said firing.

    Boosters at a&m agreed to pay five million to buy contract out after 25-25 record..

    Couldn’t win with hall of fame qb.

    This is the nest candidate?

  21. James Running Wilder Says:

    Jason La Canfora has been Wrong MANY Times before & nearly has the Same Track Record as Clayton from the four letter sports network… A Virtual Weatherman of the Sports Kind. At this point, the man is just Speculating Aloud like the rest of us. It’s Common Knowledge that The Glazers keep their Business close to the vest. We’ll know when we’ll know but until then it’s Fun to Banter about with the various Head Coaching Scenarios. =)

  22. buCncRazy Says:

    Were are only returning to winning if the Glazers let Dominik spend some MONEY!!! Ray Rice- Bowe/Wayne/Colston(a true number 1 receiver)and some tier 2 vets with work ethic!

  23. Brad Says:

    The Glazers seem to be waiting long enough till the top candidates are gone on to other teams there by forced into hiring the scraps that are left. I’m all for doing an exhaustive search but waiting too long is not a good thing.

  24. Sambizle Says:

    Brad Says:
    January 15th, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    DC-Spagagnoulo or Nolan
    Linebackers – Derrick Brooks

    D Brooks is my 2nd Fav athlete ever, but a coach? Sorry, I don’t think that’s him.

  25. Sambizle Says:

    But I do like ur Marty choice.

  26. Sambizle Says:

    Macabee Says:……..

    Good stuff bro, funny.

  27. DSZ Says:

    Of course a Sherman-Childress package is still floating-because nobody else is going to interview them. Nolan, on the other hand, is going to get snapped up by either ATL or NO, so the Glazers need to make a decision if they want to go that route.

  28. s.marco Says:

    The Glazers suck! We’re screwed until they sell the team, if that ever happens.

  29. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I dont think this happens. To expensive lol

  30. T in Orlando Says:

    The biggest problem with dragging the search out for the HC isn’t the quality of candidates for it, rather the quality of candidates for the coaching staff. Most of the top coordinators and position coaches that would be available, are getting extensions or promotions.

    My opinion is that we should sign Marty as the HC, Nolan as the DC and Clements as the OC. Don’t waste time with Sherman nor Chilly.

  31. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I want Marty too, but anything has got to be better then what we had.

  32. Bucs55 Says:

    Derrick is already coaching in arena football as a ast

  33. eric Says:

    If atlanta and no want nolan why would he come to this train wreck.

    For the privilege of working with Sherman and chilly?

  34. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Listen: we just lanced a coaching staff that wasn’t competent enough to coach Plant HS adequately.

    The 3 guys referenced above are all competent pros that would bring professionalism to an organization that became overtaken by incompetence starting in 2009.

    We would be vastly improved. The problem: the 4pm GM would be neutered bc none of those 3 would respect a word that came from Dom. Also, I would worry about those 3 egos coexisting.

    Be optimistic, things could not possibly by any worse than they were. I will accept anyone – I just hope that person comes in and immediately cuts: Winslow, Talib, Black, Hayes, Jackson, Jones, Biggers and Lumpkin. Imagine our team minus those players and Rah. Its called addition by subtraction gentlemen. Things will be looking up.

  35. Bucnnole Says:

    Pull the damn trigger already before all the decent availble coordinators get snapped up. What a bunch of idiots we have running the show. I could just puke.

  36. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I did not include GMC. I am excited to see him in the role of situational/part time DT, insert him in the game for about 20 plays on obvious run downs, you might get a full season out of him and you keep him fresh.

  37. knucknbuc Says:

    I guess this is a good staff if ur assembling a team of loser coaches that were failures at being head coaches. Good job Dom and glazers if u do this you deserve a round of applause

  38. George Says:

    I don’t know where this “report” is sourced from. I doubt that it’s coming out of the Bucs organization. Nolan is the only part of the package that I am up for.

  39. eric Says:

    Coaches better than rah include the entire human race.

    Let’s set our sights higher please.

  40. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Thomas

    wow u mentioned McCoy and didn’t completely bash him? this is a beacon of optimism that should inspire all of us. even tho it wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, i’ll take it. baby steps my friend….baby steps.

  41. morgan1672 Says:

    I think a better trio would be -HC Marty Schottienhemer, OC Tom Clements and DC Mike Nolan. And have Nolan or Clements as further HC

  42. BucBuckeye Says:

    Man, is THAT a bucketfull of meh…

  43. thegregwitul Says:

    @thomas2.2: I’m with you regarding most of those players on your cut list, but I think Biggers is worth keeping on the team for depth purposes. I don’t want him one on one against Julio Jones all game or as one of my starters, but I don’t think he’s a bad player, just called on to do way too much. He’s certainly better than Myron Lewis.

    If the Bucs can sign one elite CB and manage to land Claiborne in the draft, I think that spells the end for Aqib Talib with a new coaching staff.

    The Bucs new coaching staff will be in a bind when it comes to K2. Can you afford to cut him? I think he still has talent, but he seemed to really factor into the regression of Josh Freeman this season. I think you keep him unless you can somehow land an improvement in free agency. Josh needs to put on his big boy pants and take full control of this offense, hopefully with a few more weapons at his disposal (Elite WR and a fast RB).

  44. Says:

    Marty? That guy is older than Bob Dole. Come one now.

    These three guys aren’t my first choice but pull the trigger and get it done. The reason I think Jeff Fisher took so long to decide is he was waiting for the Glazers to call him with an big time offer. The Jeff Fisher persona just screamed Tampa Bay.If they really wanted to revitalize the organization and money was not an issue, they would have signed Billick or Fisher. Period

    Sherman-Childress-Nolan? Okay I’m game. Thats exhibiting effort. I still think Sherman is a loser but add Chilly and Nolan and Ill buy tickets again.

    Just do something. Everyone else is making moves and the Glazers cant fricken make a decision. I’m so sick of this bullsh*t.

  45. MTM Says:

    The Bucs coaching search is the equivalent of a root canal without being sedated. The candidates are very uninspiring and the longer it drags out the worse the HC will be.

  46. eric Says:

    Take bob dole over Sherman and chilly.

    He kicked ass in WW-II

  47. buCncRazy Says:

    What about Knapp for OC,look at what he has done with QBs Schaub,Yates ! He has a long successful resume with QBs.

  48. pruritis ani Says:

    Definitely floaters

  49. Garv Says:

    While I understand taking your time on such an important decision, it’s also true that we are in competition for some other coaching jobs, ie: Offensive, Defensive Coordinators and all their assistants.

    I have to believe we’ll get our HC this week.

  50. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    No MTM: a root canal was watching the worst coached NFL team in history take the field the last 10 weeks. They were down 42-0 in 1 .5 quarters to team that scored 0 offensive points the following week in 60 minutes.

    Just remember Rah Rah standing there with that confused look on his face (thinking of bulldogs and adding Y to words) while the falcons scored 42 unanswered points in 1/3 of a game. If Ryan, Turner, Abraham
    Etc stayed in – they could have scored 100 points.

    If you remember what we just had for 3 years (except we are stuck with the Pop star) it will help.

  51. BucBuckeye Says:

    Yeah, so…3 guys lose badly and we think they just needed each other in order to win more games?

    Lots of personnel moves to make this one even plausible – and it isn’t going to get done in one season…it’s a change in philosophy on defense and somewhat of reset on offense.

    Can’t see this one being real as the owners are looking to generate ticket sales based on fans belief that they will win NOW.

    It would seem to me that the obvious move is to find a coach that can take the current (young) talent to another level ala Jim Harbaugh.

    For that reason alone I believe the pick HAS to be Zimmer…

  52. SensibleBuc Says:

    Offseason Moves I’d Like to See

    #1) Shore up the Corner Position by drafting Mo Claiborne & Signing Brandon Carr (likely available because the Chiefs will franchise D. Bowe) or Tracy Porter

    #2) Reduce Q. Black & Geno to backups through draft & free agency. Tulloch, D’Qwell Jackson or Leroy Hill (Marshawn Lynch will get franchished) perhaps may be there.

    #3) Get a burner at WR (Rob Meachem because the Saints will likely franchise Colston)

    #4) Cut Jeff Faine, move Zuttah to center & sign Carl Nicks from the Saints to be your LG.

    #5) Re-sign Sean Jones to be a backup and draft a safety in the first 4 rounds…the UFA free agent class is terrible.

  53. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    These coaches are floaters for sure, time to FLUSH! Hire Marty!!!!! Lets win, Rah Rah is better than Sherman.

  54. MTM Says:

    I can just imagine Dom and the Glazers boys sitting around mulling over the HC candidates. Trying to decide which one costs the least but gives the fans the illusion they give a sh*t about the organization. ” Yeh we want to win so badly for our fans”. But yet put them through an endless season of horribly coached football.

  55. eric Says:

    If they just have to hire Sherman let him pick his staff.

    Last time rockstar picked coordinators neither made it through the season.

  56. yedy Says:

    im still leaning towards martyball. that sounds like a good core of guys with respected resumes however. i would also think about considering hue jackson

  57. Dew Says:

    Do you think the Bucs are going slow on hiring a HC because they are waiting for Cowher to finish his deal with CBS next Sunday?

  58. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Sensible Buc

    i like ur ideas, but i disagree about the safeties. i think Sean Jones should be out of here, and i also think there are a few quality safeties available in FA (Laron Landry, Michael Griffin, Tyvon Branch)….all young playmakers. they have some youth for depth, and possibly think about moving Myron Lewis to S if we can get CBs in here.

  59. James Running Wild Says:

    morgan1672 Says:

    “I think a better trio would be -HC Marty Schottienhemer, OC Tom Clements and DC Mike Nolan. And have Nolan or Clements as further HC.”

    I actually really like this collection of coaches morgan1672.

  60. Jeff78280z Says:

    This wait is gut wrenching wanted assistants are being resigned or hired on other teams. I believe the longer they wait to hire. The pool of good assistants gets smaller and smaller. The Glaziers had too have known at least a couple of weeks before the end of the season that Rah was gone. They have had plenty of time to see what’s out there. Make a choice! “Exhaustive search” is right they are going to exhaust themselves into a situation where they have no legitiment choices left. This is like a twisted game of musical chairs. Where they can say this coach was the best available at the time. Well guess what two weeks ago you had much better choices. And you waited…

  61. Fatmosh Says:

    Awesome, the coach I don’t want, a terrible OC, and a DC that would force us to change personnel.


  62. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Big Marlon B

    Griffin & Landry are guys fell into my category of likely to be franchised or re-signed. Would I love to have them? Heck yeah. Are they going to be available? Probably not.

    Re: Branch. I’ve never seen him play but he looks like he put up some great numbers this year. May be worth a look!