Nobody Wants The Bucs Job?

January 16th, 2012

It was only two weeks ago that Tampa Bay Times columnist Gary Shelton cranked out some misguided Bucs bashing, and he came back for more yesterday in a hearty slam on the Bucs’ coaching search and how it supposedly shows how undesirable the franchise is.

Never mind that Wade Phillips is not in the best of health and might have been overwhelmed in his preparation for a playoff game, Phillips cancelling his interview with the Buccaneers last week, Shelton writes, was somehow a slight on the Bucs.

Isn’t there anyone who wants this job? And if so, do you want them? Remember when Groucho Marx said he would never join a club that would have him as a member? Evidently, that club is the Bucs. And Groucho is just old enough to interview.

Over the last week, we have learned a great deal about the Bucs, mainly that a lot of people don’t think working for them sounds like a great deal. That’s a little unsettling. You keep waiting for the Bucs to say no to coaches such as Phillips, and for crying out loud, he’s saying no first. Frankly, if any of the 32 NFL teams want to interview Phillips, he should show up 15 minutes early and he should bring pizza.

Shelton goes on to wonder why the best candidates aren’t interested in the Bucs job (really?), and he makes fun of Marty Schottenheimer’s age and questions Mike Zimmer and Rob Chudzinski’s impact.

Chudzinski? Zimmer? At least other teams will talk to these guys. And they should. Both had good seasons this year. But does either have the weight to impress the Bucs players? Or, for that matter, you?

You can read all of Shelton’s blast job here.

Maybe Joe’s missing something, but all that’s clear since Raheem Morris was fired is that the Bucs are interviewing all kind of candidates and wanted no part of Jeff Fisher. Joe’s just not getting Shelton on this issue.

52 Responses to “Nobody Wants The Bucs Job?”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Shelton is a Thomas 2.2 journalist. He just wants to blow off steam and doesn’t think much before he posts. Fisher must have been Shelton’s guy and Phillips might have realized that the Bucs just wanted to pick his brain and really weren’t interested in him as a HC so he cancelled the interview. NOONE has mentioned Phillips as being on the top of the list for coaching candidates at OneBucPlace. When Shelton saves up enough green to buy an NFL team than he can conduct the interview process the way he feels it should be done. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath for that to happen. I can’t understand how he’s making a living as a sports writer.

  2. Bobby Says:

    “Chudzinski? Zimmer? At least other teams will talk to these guys. And they should. Both had good seasons this year. But does either have the weight to impress the Bucs players? Or, for that matter, you?”

    Didn’t Morris have a good season in 2010??? How did that work out…………

  3. eric Says:

    Remember the bucs fired Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden after winning seasons.

    Good candidates may look at that and say hmmmmmmmmmm. A bit quick on the trigger.

    Not like the Steelers which they claim to emulate.

    Plus, are they committed to winning?

    Lots of reasons top tiered guys would be wary, although any NFL gig is always going to be highly sought after.

    I havent heard a definative answer whether the bucs refused Fisher, or the other way around. And when Wade Phillips cancels on you…………….

  4. Macabee Says:

    That is probably true if you’re a high profile coach or has won a SuperBowl before. But for an up and coming Coordinator or former coach with something left to prove, I think it’s ideal. You have a young team with some talent, a promising young QB with huge potential, a fan base with lowered expectations,and an ownership that won’t interfere for either lack of interest or know how. There’s nowhere to go but up!

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Now, I want Perry Fewell of the Giants !

  6. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Well said.

    I swear, the newspaper journalists in this town REALLY suck. I have not bought a rag in years because of them.

    Add someone like Bam Bam, who actually knows his stuff, and I would subscribe in a heartbeat.

    I love this website, but sometimes I wish there was a blogger out there that didn’t waste time whining, that focused on the positive aspects of being Bucs fans.

    For example, instead of articles like Shelton’s above, he could be exploring the various potential candidates and their strengths vs weaknesses…you know…be objective like a real reporter is supposed to be.

    Joe is good at what he does, but he uncommonly publishes his own original content, and even his stuff is a little subjective. It’s understandable…that’s his thing. It works for him. But I NEVER come away thinking Joe wishes for failure with the Bucs in order to be right or to get his way.

    You can tell he loves the team. Period.

    Still, I would love to see an original blogger that approaches things in an old school objective reporter way.

    Joe, maybe you could provide a list if any exist?

  7. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    This is indeed a confusing article as it pretty much states that everyone we have already interviewed or might interview in the future is terrible. He doesn’t like retreads nor does he like the idea of interviewing unknown “new” HC candidates. Who the heck are we supposed to interview then? He is just bitching regardless of the scenario.

  8. RCH Says:

    Well said TheProsUseAdvoCare

  9. eric Says:

    I just wonder how long a guy like Marty is gonna sit around watching this dog and pony show and “information gathering”.

  10. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ eric

    “I havent heard a definative answer whether the bucs refused Fisher, or the other way around.”

    It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Fisher wanted to be able to choose his own GM and the Glazers have already made a commitment to Dom. Can’t help but think that we dodged a bullet by missing out on Fisher. He doesn’t have the track record to warrant the level of control he desires. Why do you think he went to the open gig with the least talent from top to bottom on the roster?

  11. Dew Says:

    Honestly right now Cowher is the only name that would get me excited again. I’m still hoping after this Sunday when Cowher is done with CBS the Glazers throw stupid money at him to get him to take the job.

  12. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    The overall quality of the candidates is average at best.
    If you factor in that the team needs to go defense first, there are very few.

    If the playoff showed anything, all those “super” offenses were taken apart by solid defense (right Eric?)

    The thing that worries me is that the pool of quality assistants is drying up while we are waiting.

  13. Jerry Says:

    Zimmer I could accept, and he’s due and deserves a shot at HC. But not sure about Chud. I wonder how much of the Panthers offensive success was because of Chud or because of Cam.

    The whole “laid back” approach some say Chud takes also raises a few flags in my mind. The last thing a team with discipline problems needs is a “laid back” coach.

  14. flmike Says:

    Wow, sounds like Shelton works for the GOP, inventing solutions for issues that don’t exist…

  15. George Says:

    1) Shelton has gone off the deep end.

    2) There are always good head coaching candidates available if you’re willing to look beyond the flavor of the week.

    3) In the end, I expect that whoever they select, they will be able to restore respectability to the organization on and off the field. I wouldn’t expect a playoff team next year, but getting the nose pointing back up will be a good start.

  16. jvato24 Says:

    Fewell’s defense was ranked just 27th in the regular season.

  17. Joe Says:


    I love this website, but sometimes I wish there was a blogger out there that didn’t waste time whining, that focused on the positive aspects of being Bucs fans.

    Joe actually strives to get traffic.And his philosophy has worked well.

  18. Fatmosh Says:

    “Joe actually strives to get traffic.And his philosophy has worked well.”

    Sigh, yeah, we know.

    You know who else just strives to get traffic? ESPN (that organization you hate).

    Do it too much and you’re just turning into the Bucs version of ESPN. In fact, you might already be…

  19. TurnThePage Says:

    Joe is shock radio in a blog.

  20. Brad Says:

    I love this site. Blogging and difference’s of opinions is what makes the site roll. Agree, disagree, hate, love… Even Thomas 2.2 overly negative and realbucs overly positive and mostly wrong posts (Marty is not the OC in St. Luis) is what makes it fun. Even Joes love for the Pop star is fun to prove wrong. Keep it rolling Joe. Most bloggers got your back…

  21. Tye Says:

    If their is any truth to this article, I am left wondering is it because of the owners cheapness or because they know that they will be forced to attempt a miracle to improve Freeman before being able to name their own guy at QB…… Just because people want to believe and often post Freeman is talented doesn’t make it true…. He has not shown it lately and may, in some of these candidates minds, have already peaked and has hit his ceiling!

  22. Shmuckaneer Says:

    ehhhh…Shelton could be upgraded by a “retread” himself. As far as the Fisher scenario, six .500 or better seasons out of 17 seasons isn’t exactly a mind blowing record. Heck, it’s not even brow raising in my opinion.

    I don’t think anyone other than Wade has told the Bucs “no”….I think the Bucs have told every candidate, “we may be contacting you in the future, thanks for coming in.”.

    Shelton is just a blow hard. I’d put him below Pasquarelli and Prisco….and based on my opinion on sports writers, that’s under the bottom of the barrel.

  23. eric Says:

    Wonder why bucs wanted no info from fisher but gathered it from chilly.

    Tells me fisher was the one who declined.

    And that does say something about the bucs imo.

  24. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Yet you guys all still visit and post….

    Joe, ignore these haters. Yours is the best web-page for all things Bucs.

    If you guys want a la carte articles on in depth research that only <10% of fans would even consider reading with what free time they have, then go do it yourself and start your own blog. Or heck, just do the research yourself and consider yourself informed!!

    Maybe it's timing, maybe its circumstance, maybe its the Glazer's cheap reputation (fair or unfair) finally catching up to them, but sure I agree that the list of candidates isn't "overwhelmingly attractive." But to say that no one wants this job is ignorant.

    The glazer's stated their search would be "extensive," and so far it has been. Stage 1 was to gather information bc they clearly need more help than they thought, and I credit them for recognizing the need for more info and using this tactic. Stage 2 is now they are bringing in candidates actually worth interviewing.

    There is clearly no perfect candidate out there, or else he would have been announced by now. The glazers said they would take their time and be thorough, and are living up to that statement, so why exactly are we so up in arms?

    BC Cowher won't come here? He has spurned every open job for the last 3 years! He won't come out of retirement for any job other than the New Yorks, Green Bay or New England most likely. Get over it.

    Dungy et all are retired. Get over that too, and just finally realize that whoever the next coach is, will be a risk, and probably a relatively unproven commodity unless it is a re-tread coach like Schotty or Sherman.

    This is something we had to have known we would have to live with when everyone called for Raheem's head. The grass may have been dead on this side of the fence, but that doesn't mean the rest of the neighborhood has lush green lawns.

  25. Shmuckaneer Says:

    I’m sure that one of the first questions from candidates is, “how much FA bank are you allowing?”…..that’s going to be a big factor on who the Bucs able to land.

  26. Joe Says:

    Big Picture Guy:

    Thanks man

  27. Joe Says:


    Wonder why bucs wanted no info from fisher

    Joe believes the Bucs have the “two losing seasons every three years” thing down pat.

  28. Joe Says:


    Joe is shock radio in a blog.

    Close! Very good observation.

  29. Shmuckaneer Says:

    Every great head coach was an unproven when they got their start. I’m willing to give any good coordinator a fair shot. No offense to Rah, but he went from DB coach straight to Head coach the next year. Hiring anything shy of a proven coordinator again would be a huge mistake.

  30. Brad Says:

    @Tye.. Any of the candidates will be thrilled to have a potential franchise QB to groom. If you think Freeman is the problem with this team, your nuts. QB is the very least of our problems.

  31. Jersuza Says:


    Why do you think there is no buzz regarding Bilick? Do you think there is maybe a past issue between Biscacci and Dominic/rockstar and or the Glazer’s? What do you think about Steve Mariucci?

    I know, nothing but questions!

  32. Joe Says:

    Thanks Brad! 🙂

  33. Snook Says:

    I love when writers assume things. So just because there’s no word out of headquarters means those guys aren’t interested in the job? Just because Phillips backs out means he doesn’t want to coach in Tampa? What a reach.

  34. Shmuckaneer Says:

    @Brad….I wouldn’t say he’s the least of our problems. Maybe the 3rd biggest problem, right behind the DB’s and LB’s.

  35. Joe Says:


    Joe is convinced Brian Billick is blackballed by the league.

    But from Dominik’s point of view, why on earth would you want Billick? He was a coach that was thought to have been a quarterback guru. Look at all the slugs the guy had at quarterback, first and second round picks, and never developed one of them. Chris Redman, Kyle Boller, Tony Banks, Jeff Blake, Elvis Grbac, and they all sucked out loud.

    Joe doesn’t blame Dominik for not wanting Billick to come within a country mile of Josh Freeman.

  36. Jerry Says:

    I would agree that the Bucs complete lack of free agency spending is likely sending up red flags in the minds of coaching candidates. They have to be thinking is there any way to be successful with that team when the owners won’t even look at a top free agent?

    You damn well better believe that’s going through their minds. And you can be sure that’s a topic of discussion in these interviews.

  37. Joe Says:


    Joe’s not a charity. To make cash with a site is to get eyeballs. If Joe decided to be boring and AP style and play everything down the middle, what;s the point? Why build the fifth hamburger stand on the block?

  38. Big Picture Guy Says:

    No Shmuckaneer, I would say he is the least of our problems, and so would any other knowledgeable football mind in the business. Look at Alex Smith. He sucked out loud for 6 years, and has finally put it together, but his potential was there all along.

    Freeman needs help sure. But I think that’s how you fix him, is that you give him a chance. He had no chance last year considering no offseason, no veteran WR’s, a good OL that underperformed and a coordinator who inspired lack of faith in bucs fans all over.

    You can’t ask Freeman to lead a team full of college-aged players to the playoffs. Anyone short of Brees or Brady would have struggled with this team and coaches last year.

  39. eric Says:

    So chilly has more info than fisher?


    And I suppose the bucs have the no playoff wins thing down pat so why Sherman?

    Only thing that makes sense is fisher said no thanks to an interview.

  40. Brad Says:

    @shmuck.. No way. 1st is talent overall, 2nd is depth, 3rd is linebackers, 4th secondary, 5th DLine, 6th Running back(s), 7th WR, 8th TE…. A coach that comes here will be because of the potential of Freeman.

  41. Fatmosh Says:

    @Joe: I’m not saying I disagree with your approach. It certainly is effective. And, by all means, continue.

    My point is that you do this and at the same time bash ESPN for doing effectively the same thing on a much larger scale. Just seems a bit odd.

  42. Joe Says:

    OK Fatmosh, understood. We’re cool. Thanks.

  43. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 16th, 2012 at 12:49 pm


    I love this website, but sometimes I wish there was a blogger out there that didn’t waste time whining, that focused on the positive aspects of being Bucs fans.

    Joe actually strives to get traffic.And his philosophy has worked well.

    I wasn’t actually referring to you as whining…I hope you didn’t think that. I was referring to people like Shelton or Cummings.

    I totally understand why you run the site the way you do. It works. I was just saying I’m tired of the reporters around Tampa.

    In my day, reports state the facts, not opinions. They wrote articles based on facts. “Commentaries” were based on opinions.

    Somehow, local media (and some national media) has blurred the lines there.

  44. Macabee Says:

    Nobody dislikes a 5mil a year job unless you already got a job making 6 mil. There are only 32 NFL jobs as HC and none of them are bad. Some just aren’t good fits and both sides generally know that. People interested in jobs are usually people who don’t have one or are looking to move up. If this argument were about lateral moves, it might have merit. Nobody has turned down an interview leave alone an offer. The problem is that no offer has been made. When that happens and there is a decline, then we will have something to talk about. And as for that Fisher circus, we should consider it an act of god that we were not involved in that!

  45. bucfansouth Says:

    @ARealBucsFan – Reporters have blurred the lines by going interviews and commentary and turning themselves into celebriites because they are all egomaniacs that want be viewed as better than they’re competitors and colleagues. Also, because the audience wants to know what they think, not just what they see. The old model of sports writing, to never get an opinion from the guy who’s with the team every day, is ludicrious.

    Joe’s site is an opinion site with reporting mixed in. Joe states his opinion very well, feeding everyone very addictive fast food. THis site is the future of Bucs coverage.

  46. Dave Says:

    Sounds like Shelton has a grudge for some reason.
    it amazes me that so many called for Raheem to be fired and now so many are SHOCKED that they don’t have someone hired already.

    NEWSFLASH: this SHOULD be a long process. Everything should be vetted and it will not happen until the season is over.

  47. Joe Says:


    Joe’s site is an opinion site with reporting mixed in. Joe states his opinion very well, feeding everyone very addictive fast food. THis site is the future of Bucs coverage.

    LOL Joe likes that!

  48. Bobby Says:

    Lack of spending in FA has ZERO to do with coaches deciding to come here or not. This team has the most spending available for FA of any team in the NFL and they HAVE to spend it this year and next. Who wouldn’t want that???? Again…could we at least try to go through a basic thought process before posting some of this idiocy?

  49. Mike Says:

    Joe, over the course of reading your articles I tend to agree with you quite a bit. However, to play devil’s advocate, when you find yourself at the crossroads of a discussion whose pessimistic conclusion suggests the Bucs falling into a minimum five-year pit of regression, you err on the side of optimism. For example, not that I would say Freeman isn’t the answer, but some would argue he is not the QB we’d hope for in which case that would put the franchise back quite a few years – I know you feel he is the answer. If the discussion were raised as to whether the Glazers are capable/willing to take the Bucs to championship status again versus allowing them to slip further into disenchantment – I’m sure you would believe that they can take us back to the promised land. Again, not that I disagree with you, but are you not “getting Shelton” bc u simply do not believe him to be correct – or you don’t want to believe him to be correct? I don’t believe it was our decision to exclude Fisher from the coaching search, I believe he took himself out from consideration bc he’s had uncommitted ownership in Tenn and wants nothing to do again with that in the future. Same goes for Phillips in my opinion – what position is that man in at his age to be turning down head coaching positions, if not simply the opportunity to interview? I want to believe like you do that Freeman is the answer because I don’t want to be pushing for a doomed product over the next half-decade. I too hope the Glazers are committed to righting this ship and that maybe the past couple years (of being towards the bottom in payroll) is just to straighten their finances for making a committed push once Gruden was off the books, a salary floor was in place, and they felt this rebuilding effort had a sufficient core as built from the draft the past 4 years. But then again, I too am an optimist…. BUT is our optimism more delusional than reality??

  50. below me Says:

    shelton can kiss my red rosie in main street…………….

  51. Says:

    I love JBF. Its my only reprieve from running a business and having a day job. The traffic speaks for itself. Recognize, plain and simple.

    I don’t like Shelton’s style but I’ve read his column since I was a wee lad and I think hes dead on. Remember Gruden used to say he had the “Best Job” in the world being the hc of the TBB? Come on now!This is the West Coast of Florida. Raymond James. One Buc Place. The money not being an issue. #5 This should be a dream job and Wade Phillips takes a pass and Fisher doesn’t even interview.

    You have to admit its kind of fishy. Maybe since its been fishy for so long around here we just don’t know any different.

  52. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’ve had my disagreements with Joe, but he runs this site wonderfully. I visit it every single day, more so than any other Buc site, and not just to check out the babes he posts daily. When something major happens in Buc land, my first thought is to log on to JBF and see what Joe and the commenters opinions are. It’s awesome. This site is a gem in Tampa Bay’s overall crappy Buc coverage and overall sports media. The local radio is a joke, (no names, don’t worry Joe 😉 ) and the newspaper writers like Shelton are clowns.