Galloway: Raheem Wasn’t Too Close To Players

January 5th, 2012

The man Chucky couldn’t figure out how to get on the field with Antonio Bryant, Joey Galloway, took to the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves this week with Dan Sileo.

Galloway reflected, saying he enjoyed his time under Chucky in total, though the not the final days.

Speaking about the 2011 Bucs, Galloway said what happened to Raheem is common across all sports — teams fall apart and the coach gets the blame. Saying he liked Raheem and respected him while he saw him first-hand as an energetic Bucs secondary coach, Galloway said he highly doubted Raheem’s closeness with players was a factor in his demise with the Bucs.

“It wasn’t the problem last year [when they were successful]. I woudn’t imagine he got any closer with the guys this year than he did last year,” Galloway said.

14 Responses to “Galloway: Raheem Wasn’t Too Close To Players”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    That’s because there never are any “problems” while you’re winning.

  2. NickinMelbourne Says:

    I listened to that interview. It sounded like a player who did not want to rock Raheems boat. Anyone who lets a player cuss him out in front of his other players is either too close or a gutless wimp.

  3. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Anybody else notice how quiet the interview process has been kept from One Buc? JP just reported that Sherman is interviewing this very moment but there certainly hasn’t been the movement coming from OBP that’s been coming out of Miami or St Louis. Now, that’s not out of the ordinary for this ownership group…..they’ve always kept their coaching searches under wraps (they’d probably still deny that Parcells was the choice before Gruden) but I can’t help but notice how quiet it’s been.

    I’m also going to point out that the Under Armour game is being played tonight in St Pete….the coaches for the two sides are Steve Mariucci and Herm Edwards.

    I still think the next coach of this team is going to be Herm Edwards

  4. Dave Says:


    That is how they have always been and I am fine with that.
    Gruden came out of nowhere and so did the Raheem hiring.

    I love to speculate but we really won’t know a thing until it is announced most likely.

  5. Dave Says:


    Exactly. Every team has issues but when you are winning, all those issues are just part of the profession (see brady and any other player ever caught arguing, heatedly, on the sidelines)
    When you are losing, those things are “issues” and should not be part of the profession.

    Personally, I think he was too close. Makes it hard to discipline and get respect in that sense.
    It is like a parent being a friend first, then a parent… does not work that way.

  6. Dave Says:


    If it is Herm Edwards, I would be pretty dissappointed.
    I’d rather have an up and coming Coordinator.

    Actually, from all the stuff I heard, I think Rich Bisaccia (sp?) might be an excellent choice… but I think the Glazers may have burned that bridge.

  7. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    I’m a big fan of Bisaccia as well….I think more than anything we need a firebrand with good organizing skills and from everything I’ve heard that describes RB to a T

    But I disagree with you about Herm. I love that he has TB ties, Tony Dungy ties, and would run the world famous Tampa 2. I like the D background and his “play to win the game” attitude as well.

    I’m just absolutely petrified about the thought of Mike Sherman being the next HC here. I am praying the interview is going terrible right now

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I would love Mike Zimmer as the next head coach. Hes turned the Bengals defense int a top notch D. He also has the experience and hes a dicsiplinary coach on top of that. But the biggest thing is hes a player coach and players RESPECT him and play there asses off for him. But i doubt hes even a canidate on the list.

  9. sandbagrudy Says:

    How about John Madden he’s out there lurking in the dark waking up in the middle of the night pissing all over his feet on the way to the bathroom He can come in there and spill his dirty hamper on the locker room floor scare these youngry kids into playing. I heard pen say him and some of the lineman like to watch televison together they should start watching scared straight

  10. Patrick Says:

    I have to ask ya’ll a question:

    Chip Kelly’s offenses have been spectacular and dangerous at Oregon. He’s been pretty impressive in college.

    Definitely an interesting candidate. But we see very few college coaches transition well into the NFL (Jim Harbough, Jimmy Johnson) being the only ones I can think of.

    Do ya’ll think it would be a success if Chip Kelly was our next HC? Would he and what he does transition well over to the NFL.

    What are your thoughts????

  11. Bill Says:

    Chip Kelly’s offense is based on quick tempo and speed at all skill positions. We don’t have anywhere near the speed to run his offense.

  12. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah wasnt too close to the players is like saying, Galloway loved to practice hard or Galloway loved contact or Galloway would fight through contact for the extra yard instead of diving on the ground or diving out of bounds.

    Total b.s.

    6-7 of the buc wins last year were gifts of the schedule, horrible opposing backup qb’s weekly and lucky events at the end of games (dropped extra point snaps etc) that amazingly all happened in one year to gift them 6 or 7 undeserving wins.

    It was obvious to anyone objective that the Bucs werent winning bc they were better than their opponents when at full strength.

    Now you guys know the truth, last year you were in fantasy land calling Dom rockstar and ridiculous things like that.

  13. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ sandbag

    hahahahahahahaha dude thank u for the laugh that is amazing

  14. sandbagrudy Says:

    Yeah whats that smell someone get me some mothballs good ole johnny is miturating on the rug again. I’m sure that will have them running out of the locker room for some fresh air fire them cannons