Yes, Mark Dominik Was There

January 5th, 2012

The Twitter universe was going wild earlier with word from Tampa Bay Times reporter Stephen Holder Twittering that rockstar GM Mark Dominik was not in attendance Wednesday when Team Glazer interviewed Mike Sherman and Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Grey for the Bucs head coaching job in Houston.

Calm down Dominik haters and lovers. Breathe easy.

Dominik was there front and center during interview process for these candidates, Joe has learned from One Buc Palace.

Rick Stroud, also a Times beat writer, joined J.P. Peterson on WQYK-AM 1010 today and apologized for riling up the masses with Holder’s errant Tweet.

37 Responses to “Yes, Mark Dominik Was There”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Why is the interview in Houston?

  2. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Yet another fine example of Tampa Bay media.

    Sometimes I think certain people here would be better than the guys we’re stuck with there.

  3. DSZ Says:

    So….when are we going to get to the real coaching candidates?

  4. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    When they are done with the playoffs.

  5. KD Says:

    Most of the St. Petersburg…oh excuse me, the TAMPA BAY Times’ Buccaneers staff is a joke. I remember getting ripped when commenting on Stroud’s article saying Aqib was a goner back in April by Holder and Stroud. Total unprofessionalism. They don’t care if their source is right or not, all they care about is breaking a story first.

  6. vince Says:

    I’m hopping on the Zimmer bandwagon as well. Joe (and other fans), you may enjoy doing some research/a write up on him, I think you may like him. He has had lots of success everywhere he has gone, with the Bengals right now especially.’

    Here are some interesting links on him:

    1.He sounds like he has fire and passion/respect for the game. Look how disgusted he was when Petrino left the Falcons mid season:

    2. He has a drive and strong desire to be a HC:

    3. He obviously has a passion for the game, leading the Bengals D to an emotional victory three days after his wife of 27 years died:

    Other interesting links:

  7. eric Says:

    Miami is interviewing the OC for Packers, with permission it can be done. So, no need to wait for playoffs to end.

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Dom can’t be worse at evaluating prospective coaches than he is at evaluating prospective players, can he?

    I am pretty sure that any of us JBFers could assemble a staff of coaches and roster of players that would perform much better than Dom’s group for the last 3 months.

    All of 17 wins over 3 years doesn’t take any special skill.

  9. raphael Says:

    coach much in the nfl thomas ???

  10. Brown Paper Bag Removed Says:

    Not excited about Sherman anyway. Would prefer an up-and-comer than someone who was a bigger name and has taken some years off or been out of the NFL (in college ranks)

    Someone dropped Saban’s name and I looked at them like they just landed from Mars.

  11. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    No Raphael, but neither has 99% of owners and gms who make the decisions about who to hire as coach and acquire as players.

    There are very few NFL front office men that I would honestly say myself (or most of you) could do an equal or better job than – based on history Dom is one of them.

    I would never have put rah in a position above d backs coach. Dom should be a personnel guy who provides information to the decision-makers at this time.

    At one buc right now, there is not 1 legit football mind that I can think of: shelton quarles may be the closest thing to that.

    I believe that the Glazers want a real coach this time but within their budget. I hope that Dom gets demoted.

    I think Rah the worst head coach ever but even I don’t like how Dom hid while the heat was on and did not get enough heat himself.

    The GMC pick and contract really killed them. That was the 3rd overall pick that Dom made the 8th highest paid NFL player in 2011, the team got nothing out of that pick (or Benn and Price) for well over 20 million dollars.

    That hurts.

  12. Joe Says:


    Joe’s pretty sure hiring Rah was not Mark Dominik’s call.

  13. eric Says:

    Nah hiring Rah was a Glazer boy special, but promoting olson to OC was dom’s work I think, as well of the rest of the marvelous staff.

    Hope Dom got a big plate of ribs and some sweet tea out there jawing with Sherm and all.

  14. Al Says:

    Twitter is a dangerous thing for those who don’t understand the value of confirming information first. Jeez.

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, I don’t doubt you on that but allowing the hiring / firing of bates and jags without replacing them was a telling sign for me.

    The ultimate staff was a joke and I believe that is why Richy B left and jabbed Rah on the way out.

    It was clear that Rah and Dom were resisting any voice with a NFL resume.

  16. HolyBuc Says:

    Zimmer!!!Zimmer!!!Zimmer!!! for HC and Clements for OC.

  17. JS Says:

    Again. Why is he a “rock star?”

  18. Macabee Says:

    As I have stated, I don’t particular care who is the next coach. But if I had to make a choice, my first choice would be Rod Marinelli and I’ll explain why.

    While he must bear some responsibility for a 0-16 season in Detroit, It’s the main reason I’d want him here now. He knows what happens to a team that goes through what the Bucs just went through and would know what pitfalls to avoid this time around.

    What happened to him is part and parcel of what happened to Morris here – he was a first-time coach that had a GM who didn’t know what he was doing in Matt Millen. Dominik will be a better GM this time around too. Experience teaches, even bad experience teaches! Marinelli is family and will treat this team like family. He’s a man that will instill character and has the patience to teach fundamentals to a very young team.

    He is regarded as one of the best defensive minds in the league and has proven it here in Tampa and has put a stellar defense on the field in Chicago – a defense mind you that has its origins in Tampa Bay. Put him together with a Tom Clements (Green Bay) at OC and Karl Dunbar (Vikings, Top 10 D-line, 22 sack DE) at DC and we’re starting on the road to recovery! When someone scores 42 points on you before the 2qtr you better be thinking defense!

    If we send Faine off to run his clothing business, move Zuttah and Larsen to Center, pry enough money out of the Glazer’s hands to get Carl Nicks, pro bowl LG from the Saints in FA or get Dominik to draft big nasty Kelechi Osemele, LG, 6-6, 347, from Iowa State in the 2nd round, the O-Line will look like new money! We can replace Penn and Trueblood in 2013.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the money to hire Marinelli, the OC, and DC will fit the Glazer’s budget too! And they will get a temperament that will work well with Dominik and the Glazers.

  19. Joe Says:

    Again. Why is he a “rock star?”

    Joe was done explaining months ago, though Joe gets a kick out of others getting bent out of shape at the new Bucs fans pinata.

    First it was Barrett Ruud, then it was (justifiably, logically) Raheem Morris and now it is Mark Dominik.

    If Dominik is fired tomorrow, Joe’s at a loss to guess the next favorite target of Bucs fans’ ire. 🙂

  20. Jake Says:

    If the lack of interest in Fisher is a football decision than so be it. However all signs are pointing otherwise. The retention of Dominik coupled with the disinterest shown in regard to Fisher smells like a money issue. It may be that Fisher has no interest in the Bucs, but if so it would be because of the lack of monetary commitment to upgrade the roster. I have seen absolutely nothing that gives me any hope that the Glazers are about to change their frugal ways. At least the local media is starting to turn the heat up on them and are now calling them out.

  21. RustyRhino Says:

    Right with ya on that Joe who will be next on the I hat em list.

  22. patrickbucs Says:


    McCarthy calls the offensive plays during the game, he and Philbin work on the game plan together.. just an fyi. Sounds good for me as he’s worked with McCarthy, Favre, Rogers, and Flynn. He also interviewed for the Chiefs coaching job as well.

  23. JS Says:

    Again, why is he a “rockstar?”

  24. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I don’t think anyone hates Rah, we are just saying that nobody can say that he has done a good job – the team’s state is at an all time low.

    What we object to is your not being honest about him and the disgustingly off base nickname you branded him with. You could not possibly have picked a less applicable nickname. Like someone said, Clay Aiken is more rockstar than this guy.

    I don’t care if he was racing around like a school girl doing radio interviews after they finished in third (and not fourth) in the division last year. Whoopee! In fact, that makes Dom look more terrible when he barricaded himself in his bedroom when the losing streak started this year.

    I am not saying I hate him or fire him etc. I am saying he has not earned the right to be characterized as a rockstar after what he has been a part of doing to this franchise.
    It is like continuing to say that John Corzine was a rockstar for MF Global bc he did a lot of media interviews when things didn’t look so bad. Corzine a rock star for mf global? Absurd. Dom a rockstar for this franchise? Absurd.

  25. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I meant Dom in first sentence, sorry.

  26. Joe Says:

    I meant Dom in first sentence, sorry.


  27. Some Dude Says:

    Rock stars aren’t loved by everyone…

    Dom is a very young gm, who has made equally good and bad moves. He seems especially ‘green’ in certain areas (free agent negotiations, coaching staffs, evaluating our roster), while surprisingly sharp in others (drafting, undrafted free agents, & trading).

    I wonder what other GM’s and executives around the league think about our Rock star?

  28. jvato24 Says:


  29. MTM Says:

    Why was Sherman even interviewed. Just to kill some time. If the Glazewhores wanted to show how much they want to win, interviewing Mike Sherman is the wrong direction. Trust me nobody was clamoring to get Sherman in for an interview ahead of the Bucs.

  30. Architek Says:

    It would be Joe for hyping these clowns up after such a small sample size…

    |If Dominik is fired tomorrow, Joe’s at a loss to guess the next favorite target of Bucs fans’ ire.|

  31. Mean D Says:

    Ad Lord we all know that Joe LOVES his BFF Mark Dominik.

  32. Architek Says:

    OH AND THE INFAMOUS LUMPKIN!!!! Thats what I will call Domnik from now on, Scooter or Lumpkin…

  33. JS Says:

    “Joe was done explaining months ago, though Joe gets a kick out of others getting bent out of shape at the new Bucs fans pinata.

    First it was Barrett Ruud, then it was (justifiably, logically) Raheem Morris and now it is Mark Dominik.

    If Dominik is fired tomorrow, Joe’s at a loss to guess the next favorite target of Bucs fans’ ire. 🙂 ”

    You still haven’t explained why he’s a rock star. His free agent acquisitions suck (oh wait, awesome punter bro), his pick of coordinators has been an absolute disaster (the jagz thing is still unbelievable to me and a major embarrassment and bates? lol) and his drafts are questionable at best.

    Oh and he said on Monday that he thought the Bucs were so awesome last year that HE decided we didn’t need any free agents. Anyone who watched last year without pewter & red glasses could see the Bucs were not as good as their record and had plenty of holes. And I’m sure you’ll counter that it was the Glazer’s saying not to spend the money (although you’ve also said in the past that’s not the case, so which is it?) Which may be true. Then if that’s the case he’s nothing but a shill for them and definitely not a rock star. If he was a “rock star” he’d resign and get a job with a team willing to let him spend money and prove his worth.

    You want to give him the benefit of the doubt? Okay fine. But you look plain silly by insisting he’s a rock star. He’s not, he’s the farthest thing from it.

    The man crush you two have on this guy is nauseating. Does he throw you like 1 or 2 exclusive tips a year or something so you feel compelled to make him look as awesome as possible? This is worse than when PR used to insist Bruce Allen and Gruden walked on water.

    And don’t get me wrong, I love the site. I check it all day. But enough with the Dominik hero worship, he’s not done one thing to deserve it.

  34. Patrick Says:

    I think he calls him a rockstar, because he walks around wearing his sunglasses like he’s a big shot. LOL!

    Just kidding, I don’t know why either.

  35. Greg Says:

    Damn Joe, I think if Dom is fired, you may be the next target! 🙂

  36. k1ngAdroc Says:

    thanks for the links vince! Zim is a hell of a coach!

  37. OfficeLB Says:

    Andrew Freidman is a rockstar GM. Dom is more like a roadie than a rockstar.