Conflicting Information On First Coach Interview

January 3rd, 2012

Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

Ah, the magic (and speed of Twitter). Within a handful of minutes, beat writers for both the Bucs and the Titans were in conflict about the Bucs’ first interview to fill the open head coaching position with the team.

Per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, via Twitter, the Bucs plan to interview Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray Wednesday.

@NFLSTROUD: Bucs plan to interview Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray. Will make Bucs compliant with the Rooney Rule

Hold up, writes Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. He is the paper’s beat writer for the Titans and Wyatt claims there’s a little technicality to take care of first before Gray interviews with the Bucs.

@jwyattsports: Tampa Bay plans to interview #Titans DC Jerry Gray for their h.c job, reports St. Petersburg Times. TB hasn’t asked for permission yet tho

So which is it? Have the Bucs asked for permission or is the interview locked in?

Time will tell, Joe’s sure of it.

28 Responses to “Conflicting Information On First Coach Interview”

  1. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Who the hell is he? Titans SUCK!

  2. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    You would think that after they had a minority coach for 3 years that they wouldnt have to go through with the charade of talking to another.

    Just talk to someone and get on to the real candidates

  3. eric Says:

    Allow me come up with utter speculation.

    They have a hand shake deal with Cowher. This is so they comply with Rooney rule

  4. canadianbuc Says:

    Are you kidding me this basically shoots down everybodys excitement about this. Who is this guy no one has talked about him being a fit for a hc job.

  5. eric Says:

    Its for the Rooney rule Canadianbuc, they have to do it. Can’t hire anybody till they do.

    Like when Rah interviewed in Denver.

    A sham created by the Commissioner.

  6. Joe Says:


    Jerry Gray is a former Bucs All Pro defensive back. He’s worked with some pretty good defensive coaches over the years.

  7. Garv Says:

    Jerry Gray is a very capable DC and former All-Pro DB for the LA Rams. I remember some epic battles between him and Jerry Rice in fact. He was even a Buccaneer for his last season. Jerry Gray deserves some respect here.

    That typed, I believe this is the Rooney Rule in action, it won’t happen.
    BTW, is this really necessary these days? It borders on insulting IMO.

  8. justin Says:

    fisher will be here on wensday to interview so will mike sherman

  9. eric Says:

    I didnt mean to imply Gray is a sham. But can anyone really envision, after all this, that they hire Jerry Gray?

  10. canadianbuc Says:

    Mike Martz is out of Chicago.

  11. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    He is nothing more than a compliance candidate….move along, nothing to see here

    And Cowher – can we all agree to give that a rest already. That is not going to happen.

  12. NoNameBuc Says:

    Expect the same amount of stinginess in finding a HC as you all saw in recruiting free agents last year. This coaching change could be for the better or for the worst. It’s hard to imagine Rah is the worst HC out there.

  13. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Since this is pretty much nothing, I want to post a quick practice mock. It is way too early to really do this because we don’t even know what systems we will be operating under.

    But I would like input on the players if possible. It’s all defense except the last pick. I figure we can go FA for a speedy WR and RB, along with a decent OT.

    Round 1
    Dre Kirkpatrick, CB
    (I know people are talking up the other guy, but I think this guy will be just as good if not better).

    Round 2
    Kevin Reddick, OLB/MLB
    (Figure since he’s good inside and outside, he would make good insurance in case foster does not work out. Meanwhile, he is really good outside as well.

    Round 3
    Markelle Martin, FS

    Round 5
    Tank Carder, OLB

    Round 6
    Casey Hayward, CB

    Round 7
    Cody Johnson, FB

    This is a preliminary mockup, nothing I would stand behind this early, but I’m throwing it out there to get input on the players themselves.

  14. Brown Paper Bag Removed Says:

    Dudes, it’s the affirmative action Rooney Rule. Even if there are no qualified black, Asian, Mexican or Guatemalan coaching candidates, teams have to bring in a token to show compassion. It’s a joke.

    The Bucs and all teams should interview the best candidates. If they be black. . wonderful. Id’ take Tomlin in a second. But he’s not available. So expect the Bucs and all other vacant teams to bring in a side show to appease the AA people.

    And the Titan’s are acting like Douchebags on a small technicality. Stroud said the ‘plan’ to interview’. Doesn’t mean the plan is in place and permission asked.

  15. D-Rome Says:

    What utter nonsense by local afternoon sports talk radio personality.

  16. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Rooney Rule = most racist rule in sports. It is demeaning to those coaches who are interviewed because teams are obligatred. It’s embarrassing.

  17. Northend Says:

    Gray is not sexy but a very capable and worthy coach candidate. He will get a shot somewhere soon for sure.for those of u who saw the fiesta bowl and that man beast of a wr blackmon,how can u not envision him ballin in pewter and red.he gets first pick vote from me

  18. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    Living in Titan country now, he is very highly thought of up here and from what I have heard on local radio here they don’t want to lose him. I don’t care who they hire as long as it is the right hire. They have to get this right this time.

  19. McBuc Says:

    Northend…I second your entire comment…

  20. Meh Says:

    You guys are all underrating Gray. I don’t think he is the top candidate, but he is a good, experienced coach who has successfully rebuilt defenses.

  21. Brown Paper Bag Removed Says:

    Not underrating him. I actually don’t know of him and would be open to learning. But when the talk of his name is mentioned and that he is black, first thought is that ridiculous Rooney Rule.

    It’s an insult to all black coaches, expecially if they keep getting interviewed year after year with no hire. They realize they are a pawn in an affirmative action circus. Demeaning at least.

  22. Meh Says:

    Your first thought is the Rooney Rule. My first thoughts are what are his qualifications.

  23. Patrick Says:

    The Rooney Rule is the stupidest thing.

  24. Vince Says:

    This has to be the Rooney Rule. The Glazers just had an epic fail with an attempt to promote a position coach/Coordinator to HC. The fans didn’t buy it and obviously neither did the players. Get a proven name and give the fans something be excited about. If you do that, they just may reward you by buying tickets to the games.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Jerry Gray as just a Rooney Rule fill-in. In two of his five seasons as the Bills DC they had a top two defense. Elite defense.

    In his first season as Titans DC he took a unit that was one of the worst in the NFL last year and brought them to average or above average status. And that’s after losing Tulloch and Babin in free agency and not replacing them with comparable talent. In one season.

    He’s very well respected around the league, very well spoken, intelligent, and was an All Pro & four time Pro Bowler at defensive back. When he was DB coach of the Titans they led the league in pass defense.

    We could do a lot worse than Jerry Gray, but I suspect there’s a great deal of latent racism running through the Tampa Bay community over the issue of Raheem Morris. No one will admit it, but you can smell it plain as day (and no, I’m not a minority either). Hiring a black coordinator will have fans pulling their hair out and threatening to never buy a Bucs ticket as long as they live. But they won’t have the guts to tell you to your face that it’s not really because he’s a coordinator, it’s because he’s a black coordinator. Sad.

  26. Bill Says:

    I’ll admit my first thought was Rooney Rule, only because I don’t know the guy. If he is qualified then he should get a legit interview. That being said, I think the Bucs are looking for a “splash” hire that will generate some interest and pub for the team. This is not it.

    The Rooney Rule is stupid. There should be some kind of waiver that if your previous coach of X years (thinking 3) was a minority you don’t have to comply.

  27. Macabee Says:

    Flyboy, just when I thought I had lost you to the dark side, you make a profound and serious post that takes courage and shows a commitment to fairness. Well said, my man, well said!

  28. Meh Says:

    FLBoy, well said.