Where’s The Player Development?

December 31st, 2011

Upon review of the Bucs’ 2011 opening day roster, popular thought among fans had the Bucs improving their overall play and developing their young talent but taking a step backwards in the win column.

A tougher schedule and fewer late-game miracles was to leave the team a competitive, roughly .500 club set up well for the future.

Well, none of that materialized and the Bucs had an awful season.

This got Joe thinking, have any Buccaneers improved from 2010? Joe crafted a list:

Davin Joseph
Preston Parker
Elbert Mack
Connor Barth
Michael Bennett
Gerald McCoy (Improved but incomplete season)

It’s worth noting that Brian Price exceeded all expectations for 2011 after getting just a handful of snaps last year. For Joe, that’s it. The rest of the Bucs are playing at or below their 2010 levels.

Of course, the coaching staff lost its A-game, too. By Raheem’s own admission, the team is collectively tuning out its coaches.

This poor record of consistent player development is a major failure that Joe expects rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and Team Glazer to strongly consider when evaluating the state of the Buccaneers. How could they not?

The stated goal was to build a “lasting contender” via a massive youth movement. But if you can’t keep the players growing somewhat consistently, then the end goal is unattainable and there can’t be confidence in the coaching staff.

Raheem said he was married to Josh Freeman when Freeman was drafted in 2009. The implication was that Raheem’s tenure with the Bucs would ride on Freeman. Yes, if Freeman was having a quality season in 2011, the Bucs probably would have won a couple more games, and the defense wouldn’t look quite as bad. A thriving Freeman likely would have secured Raheem’s fourth season. If it’s “all about No. 5,” then No. 5 must be improving. There’s no evidence that he is.

Joe gets how some NFL types cite the loss of OTAs and minicamp sessions as the root of the Bucs’ 2011  demise. Joe’s not buying it, but the real question now is whether Team Glazer and Dominik do.

16 Responses to “Where’s The Player Development?”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    And Now us fans are just waiting for the end to see if or when a new coach and staff are hired how will they address the discipline problems and lack of accountability across the board. No special friends and favors. We should know our beloved teams fate within 48hrs of the end of the last game. I think the Glazerhouses will pony up for a better staff but then again the last time they did Malcolm was still in charge of the team. The younger boys are/were cheap skates to the very last penny. I used to work at a local retailer that they always asked for discounts, even on the crap leaders we were selling at cost to get customers in the door. As fans we wait with Great Anticipation to learn the fate of our Bucs.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Agree with Sgt Mike that we will know exactly how favorably, or unfavorably, the Glazer boys compare to Malcolm by the decisions that come down next week. I’m hoping they show some foresight and resolve to get this mess turned around quickly. If they show otherwise, this team and their fans are in for many years of suffering.

  3. Garv Says:

    The entire TEAM regressed and there’s no excuse for it.
    We HEAR excuses but to quit, not follow assignments, play without ANY discipline?

    Awful. But I am renewing my season tickets because our FG kicker got better.

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Channelside…..Ybor….charter jetz to South Beach…..where ever their gang bang rapper millionare mentality dollars can take them…sure ain’t in the rooms or on the fields….
    a roster of used condoms…

  5. Bucbeliever Says:

    Yeah, we’re 1/1 on FAs in 2011…battin’ 1.000

    GO BUCS!

  6. Captain Stagger Says:

    This team and staff is all in their third year and looking allot worse than teams in their first. If the offseason is to blame than explain those teams with rookie QB’s and first year coaches:


  7. BamBamBuc Says:

    Broncos? Tebow isn’t a rookie and Fox is definitely not a first year coach, he’s been around a while now.

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, it is absolutely impossible to tell if Softy McCoy improved by watching him play no different than last year over just 3 games. His best game was against Indy and their O-Line was completely decimated by injuries.

    Softy drew snaps against a rookie undrafted free agent who did not play College football, if memory serves – his 1 sack came against this guy. Softy was statless, if memory serves, against the falcons again.

    In less than 2 months Softy suffered 3 injuries causing him to miss games: shoulder in preseason, ankle first and then the bicep injury next which ended the season – really with 3 games even though he played parts of 2 others.

    His fragility is legendary. Being able to play a full season is vital; he really hasnt even played 1 in 2 years.

    Everybody should just quit trying to rewrite history to protect the draft decision. It appears to be a wasted pick – accept it and move on. If he becomes a solid part-time run stop DT be satisfied and cut him when the time is right financially.

  9. SteveK Says:

    McCoy should be crossed off the list. He has to work on his bicep strength, and his injuries are a result of poor tackling skills.

    Sorry Joe, McCoy needs to show some better tackling skills and some durability.

  10. SteveK Says:

    All of these issues are a result of the Glazers bring cheap, sheepish, pondhopping soccer hooligans.

    Show me the money, Jerry.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Preston Parker has not improved…he just got more opportunities. And with those, he’s nearly reached double digit fumbles.

    Also, I don’t see Joseph playing better than the year before either. If anything, I think he’s played slightly worse. Last year he was lights out. This year he wasn’t. But neither has the rest of the oline.

    If the offseason is to blame than explain those teams with rookie QB’s and first year coaches

    Those teams have a bunch of vets. Plus, new quarterbacks can be hard to read. Let’s see those QBs carry it over 3 years before you judge them any good.

    And as to use beating teams early on, we had youthful optimism going for us, which gave us a slight edge. But after a few losses, that optimism left and we saw a slide begin.

  12. gatherspeed Says:

    You could argue the following players improved over 2010:

    Trublood (stayed healthy)

    Not world beaters by any means, though.

  13. bucfansouth Says:

    @gatherspeed – Briscoe catching a pile of balls with the Bucs trailing against prevent defenses isn’t so impressive.

    @PeteDuther — JOseph was battling injuries during the season in 2010 and missed games. He’s talked about how his health this year made a big difference.

    Lorig? Please.

  14. gatherspeed Says:

    @Bucsfansouth – He went from PS in 2010 to @2 catches a game in 2011. According to the article, we are just counting development here, not game situations.

  15. gatherspeed Says:

    Think about Zuttah also. He started 2010 riding the pine behind Kendrick Vincent to starting LG. I’m frustrated with the false starts, but he might be slightly better then his 2010 performance. Remember, he was playing C most of last year, for the injury to Faine, but this might be his best year at guard.

    Regis Benn is at his 2010 level, but he has been involved all year. The first 5-6 games of last year he was a total non-factor. Coming off a knee injury, you might say a little better also. I’d like to see more improvement but I’ll give him a pass based on the knee.

  16. RastaMon Says:

    We have many of the pieces…chill out dudes….we ain’t got no coach !