“They Are The Most Undisciplined Team.”

December 31st, 2011

Yesterday while Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski pinch-hit for the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, Pawlowski had a discussion about the Bucs with noted football consultant and former NFL and NCAA coach Chris Landry.

Like just about the entire football world, Landry is shocked at how the Bucs season not just crumbled, but is in a grotesque tailspin. Some argue the Bucs are the worst team in the NFL currently, despite starting the season 4-2 with strong wins over playoff teams.

Landry tried to be delicate and polite, but Landry’s careful words were loaded negativity. Landry appears locally on WDAE-AM 620 each Friday afternoon for a must-listen for football junkies like Joe.

“The thing that concerns me the most is the players are saying they are going to play for their coach,” Landry explained of the curb-stompings the Bucs have been victims of. “So go do it!”

Landry went on to add a very damning comment, “Right now they [the Bucs] are the most undisciplined team in the league, more so than the Raiders.”

It doesn’t take a trained eye to see there is some disconnect between Morris and his defensive troops. What has caused that or why it exists is currently a mystery.

25 Responses to ““They Are The Most Undisciplined Team.””

  1. TurnThePage Says:

    They are getting out coached and out schemed by the other teams. The young players are doing all they know how, but the DC is putting them in all the wrong fits.

    Secondly, why on earth do players HAVE to play for a coaches job like this is some charity??? Why do the players need to save an inexperienced, unqualified head coach and defensive coordinator? This is all on Raheem, not the players. I can’t wait till Raheem gets fired, I am so stinking tired of people making excuses for his being a terrible coach, and a horrible communicator.

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    i really dont think theres all that much disconnect between morris and the players. morris is inconsistent and undiciplined and full of excuses just like his team. he just wasnt ready for the job he was given, but who can blame him for taking it?

  3. Everyone Have Your Brown Bags? Says:

    It scares me how some sports writers/journalist want to go against the obvious and stated reasons why Morriss should retain his job. If you keep Morriss, you grenade the team. Simply giving him an extension and raise will not ‘signal the players’ that he is legitimate. He had two years left on his contract at the beginning of this year. He was not lame duck. So eping him means grenade the team, get new players and try again. Of course, you’ll do it before an empty stadium and black-outs.

    Or, you can kick him and the underperforming average players out, build aroung your talented core with free agents and draft picks and have a new signal caller, HC in place.

    Trying to fix this by keeping Morriss is tantamount to pushing water uphill.

  4. TurnThePage Says:

    They are getting out coached. They are getting beat down due to being completely unprepaired… By Raheem Morris.

    This is a coaching problem people. Can’t believe people have resorted to feeling sorry for the head coach, and still looking for excuses for him.

    The entire team is playing like garbage… The whole team. The entire defense hasn’t been able to stop the run in three years. That’s coaching right there.

    If this was Williamson or Ray Perkins you guys would be all over the head coach… But with Raheem, he gets felt sorry for? The so called experts are too afraid to tell it like it is, so they blame the players.

    Well, these players are a product of the drafting and coaching of this coaching staff. Raheem can’t get these guys to play. Therefore not only is Raheeming getting out coached and failing miserably to communicate with his team, he also has failed to get his team to play football at the NFL level.

    Total failure = Raheem Morris

  5. canadianbuc Says:

    Heres something that nobody is talking about our tight end situation…… Everybody on this site is always complaining about K2 and how bad he is and Stocker does not look that good so is Tight End just another spot we have to fill?

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    This just in: Bucs cancelled flight to Atlanta and decided to forfeit game to Falcons. Quitting early to save embarrassment.

  7. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @canadianbuc I don’t know if you can call the Bucs leading receiver over the past three seasons “bad”.

    Stocker is just a baby. He looked like a rookie when given the chance. He hasn’t had any decent coaching in his career yet.

    I’d be fine with both moving forward.

  8. canadianbuc Says:

    @Theprosuseadvocare I did not try to make that comment seem like i don’t like K2 Im actually a big fan of his i think hes good. But everyone on this site is always saying how bad he is on the comments.

  9. toolman Says:

    All the Yucks and coaching staff need to approach the Falcon game as an interview for next year’s jobs around the league. I think we will need to see a whole new team next year…or see a repeat of this season. And that, my friends, is the bottom line.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    When you are dealing with so many young players there has to be structure to everything you do. Since this team does not have leaders on the field; the coaches have to provide the discipline needed to keep everyone in line. Instead of a military style practice with everyone on the same page; this team is run like it’s 24/7 happy hour. Try going out and partying with your staff all the time and see how much respect you get.

  11. CC Says:

    Is there anybody besides S. King that is left defending “Rah” or the direction of this organization? What a damn mess.

  12. Patrick Says:

    This team isn’t just being badly coached, we flat out SUCK too!

  13. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @cc his bff ronde is threatning to retire if morris is fired. What a joke this coach is!

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa is a poorly coached team, with a shortage of star talent and depth.
    IOW, we suck.
    You can Sugar Coat or complicate that all you like, but our play on the field and our record is testament to what I said.
    Poorly Coached, and nearly devoid of Stars and Depth, equals a team that sucks.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Browns beat the Steelers(doubt it), and if the Jags beat the Colts(possible), and the Vikings beat the Bears(possible)….. the Bucs could move up to the 3’rd slot in the Draft, I think. This would be a great spot, better than 5’th or 6’th and have some possible high trade value for a team like Washington that wants a QB. Face it, the Bucs could use all the picks they can muster. I would love to see them get Claiborne or even Kalil, but to move back a few spots in the top 10 and maybe pick up a high 2’nd round pick would be great for the team. I like Dont’a Hightower, and I actually like the entire Bama & LSU teams. Many good prospects there, but Janoris Jenkins is a possibility in the 2’nd round too. I also like LaMichael James from the Ducks with excellent speed. I hate for the Bucs too lose, but this a time that may help the team on another rebuilding venture.

  16. BamBamBuc Says:

    At this point, no player is playing for a coach, they’re playing for their own careers….. and MOST are failing. Players have given up, and no team will sign players that quit unless that player is Randy Moss (and NONE of our players are that caliber).

    We have some players still playing hard. I believe Free, Blount, K2, Clayborn, Bowers and a few others are still playing hard, playing for their jobs. I can’t tell if Black and Hayes quit or just never had a clue…. EVER. They’ve never been in their gaps in run support, for years. All of our Safeties have forgotten how to tackle… or they quit too.

    This is NOT all coaching (and I have NO pity for Raheem Morris). This is a LOT of players that have been given too much credit, been thought of as better than they were. Both by the team and the fans. Black and Trueblood never should have been given extensions. Tanard Jackson should have shown he could still tackle (at all, but preferably with the fierceness he used to tackle) before given an extension.

    Say it’s coaching all you want, but Black got to learn under Monte Kiffen before he became a starter, same with Hayes. Brooks was still around as well. They had leadership, coaching, etc. when they came into this league. What did they do, forget it? If so, that just proves they’re not very good players. Good players remember what they learned, then improve upon that, learn more…

    This is a combination of coaching, poor talent at too many positions, and a complete lack of veteran leadership. When Ruud was here last year, his presence helped Black and Hayes actually look adequate. Which in turn helps the Safeties seem OK. The D wasn’t good last year, but a veteran in the middle (even one that is “soft” but smart) at least made them better than they are this year. Same with Caddy. His presence on third downs and in the locker room made players like Blount better, and made the O-line actually look decent.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a coaching problem. If that’s all this team changes this off-season, we’re screwed next year. They need a couple veteran FAs brought in, new coaches, AND let go of bad players to be replaced with better players. Black, Hayes, Jones, Trueblood.. and that’s just for starters.

  17. BamBamBuc Says:

    BigMac… We have NO chance for 3rd. If we end up tied with the Vikings, they still draft before us. Strength of schedule is THE tie break in the draft, and we’ve had one of the MOST difficult schedules in the NFL this year. We lose tie breaks to everyone. So, the Colts, Rams, and Vikings will ALL draft ahead of us. The only ones we could be ahead of are the Browns or Jags, but we could also drop behind the likes of the Skins and Dolphins. As high as 4, as low as 8. That’s it.

  18. Everyone Have Your Brown Bags? Says:

    We’re not feeling sorry for Rah. The main diffference is that any other team would have fired him by now and the conversation would be moving forward. Rah has to stick out the season and deal with the pain. Compare that to sticking your kid in a closet with a box of cigars.

    He isn’t staying. And his only defender, King, knows that the Bucs wont keep him. He doesn’t has risk in stating we could keep him. He wont be proven wrong. Safe, yet controversial, argument to make.

    The only good part about the Bucs sucking this bad in the Falcons game is that I don’t have to shake off my NYE hang-over so I can yell in support of a potential victory.

  19. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Just saw on nfl network breaking down the bucs d last week in carolina, and it looked UGLY. Its not the players, its the coaching and discilpline and here are two prime examples: 1) Newton ran an option two the rightside and they showed elbert mack could have made the tackle for 5 yd gain but instead stoped in thge middle of the play and just watched him run by! Lack of discipline of hustling to the ball! 2) 91 yd td pass to lafell, zone coverage 3 deep. T jack was the deep middle safety and instead of staying back bit om the TE in mid field and lafell went by him. No coaching or discipline. Not ej biggers fault, all t jack

  20. Kalzang Says:

    BamBam, The Vikings SOS is currently .564 and the Bucs are .547. Not sure how this weekend games will effect this but I don’t see us leaping over the Vikings. Sorry BamBam, but it took me a few seconds to look this info up. You might want to verify what you write before you emphasize your statements

  21. BajaAlabama Says:

    Forget Suck for Luck! Suck for Claiborne!

  22. Garv Says:

    I think Kellen Winslow has been a disaster this season. How many times in CRUCIAL situations has he been called for pass interference? Over and over, pushing off with his arms. I’ve seen him screaming at Josh on the sidelines for not throwing him the ball enough, once when there was a TD made for the Bucs but K2 didn’t make the catch!

    I heard him actually say it would “RUIN” the Buccaneers if Raheem were fired and yet he is a major part of the REASON he probably will get fired.

    Sorry, but if we’re moving on with players we can count on for the long haul and responsible accountable veterans? Buh bye K2.

    Happy New Year!!!

  23. BamBamBuc Says:

    Fair enough Kalzang. A few weeks ago, it wasn’t even close. We had about the 3rd hardest strength of schedule overall. It is still possible (even likely) that we could end up tied with the Vikings and lose the SOS tie break. First thought is we’d have to lose (giving ATL another win on SOS) and the Vikings would have to win (leaving the Bears at the same win total they are now. That hurts us twice on SOS with two games vs ATL and hurts the Vikings twice with two games vs CHI. Of course there are many other games throughout the league that could change the SOS of both teams. I will concede though that it is much closer than I knew and changed significantly since I last looked.

  24. Paul Says:

    young bucs are undisciplined and are going to go out and party tonight, hangover tomorrow. GO BUCS!

  25. Tampa2 Says:

    Some of us have been saying that putting an amateur in as Head Coach was a horrible move since the day Morris was ‘named’ head coach!
    Some have also been asking where the veterans were to help these young players transend from College to Pro “since they fired all the veterans”. As has been a tradition in the NFL forever.
    Some of us have ‘never’ drank the kool-aid and never relied on propaganda from the Bucs, therefore we have ‘never’ believed the “go completely with the draft” scheme for more money by the Glazers.
    Sorta makes Thomas look very smart to most of the kool-aiders doesn’t it!
    And it is very humorous indeed to see the kool-aiders saying the same things now! Happy New Year! (when Morris is gone it will be for sure!)