The Fate Of Raheem Morris

December 29th, 2011

Eric Mangini, Jemele Hill and Skip Bayless of BSPN discuss the fate of embattled Bucs coach Raheem Morris in this BSPN video.

12 Responses to “The Fate Of Raheem Morris”

  1. Everyone have your paper bags? Says:

    Jeez, when Eric Mangini says you should be fired, you’re done.

  2. ClayBURN94 Says:

    LOL seriously this feels like longest season ever. Cant wait till RAH RAH gets canned and we get some real coaches in here. Btw what does everyone think switch to 3-4 and moving clayborn and bowers to OLB to rush the passer and have GMC and price playing defensive end with okam or some othe huge fatass in the middle? Just a thought…

  3. TurnThePage Says:

    Neither Clayborne or Bowers can play OLB. Clay has one good arm and Bowers has bad knees… Which btw, the bad knees are going to hunt him and the Bucs for the next five seasons.

    Bennett maybe.

    We could always draft a bunch of tweeners to play OLB though.

    I am praying for a Von Miller in the draft this year though.

  4. Tampa2 Says:

    I’ll take Clayborn with “his one good arm” over any other DE at this point in his career. His motor doesn’t stop, and he will be in the pro bowl within 3 years. Why is it that some people think you have to be perfect in every way or you are a cripple? I think that Clayborn has proven that he isn’t a cripple. So take that “one good arm” and apply it to your simple minded brain and rethink the value of Clayborn.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I remember years ago when Sam Wyche finished his last year. At the time, I thought he deserved another year. I liked him and felt the team was on the verge of becoming good (turned out it was, just not under him).

    When Dungy was first hired, I looked at him and thought “Look at this nerdy -looking guy…we’re doomed.”

    I was obviously wrong about Dungy…and could not have been more happy.

    Since the promotion of Morris (and Dominick), some really good talent has been brought in. Yes, there have been some misses, but we do have some great talent. I think two future great players (but slow developers) are Benn and GMC. Some players take a little more time to develop. Usually, in such cases, they are not starters until they are ready.

    We also have Clayborn, who seems like the next Sapp (in a different position). Bowers does not have many sacks to show this year (one?), but because of his injury concerns, Morris took it slow with him and he got a late start. But he seems to be solid.

    Foster at MLB…it’s the toughest defensive position to learn, and usually rookies are not put there for that exact reason. He’s doing a good job of picking it up. As a rookie, he has 2 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. Ruud didn’t have a sack until his 4th year, which was his 2nd year of starting. Fosters total tackles are much lower than Ruud’s first full year of starting, but Rudd had 2 years of development behind him before being given the nod.

    We all know Price has potential, and Miller is a solid back up if nothing else.

    We’re hurting on OLB and CB, but those can be fixed with some new players. One possibility is swicthing George Johnson to OLB next year…or trying him out there at least. We still need to draft and sign FAs, but it’s an option.

    On offense we have Mike Williams, who people claim is having a down year…if you merely look at TDs, this is true. But if you look at receptions, he is one catch from tying last year’s receptions. He has one less fumble this year. His yards are down as well…but it’s not because he isn’t catching passes. Defenses are all over him and our OC refuses to go deep.

    The next leading WR in terms of catches is Preston Parker. People seem high on him. I’m not. He sucks at kick returns and he has 8 FUMBLES in 15 games!!!!!! He has 36 catches and 480 yards. 3 TDs. 13.3 ypc.

    But look out. Benn is knocking at the door with 30 catches. He has 441 yards and 3 TDs. No fumbles. 14.7 ypc. His stats are not great this year, but they are better than last year. He will be entering his 3rd year…and it will likely be under a new WR coach, new OC and new HC. If he is going to take a next step, it will have to be next year…otherwise he’ll be considered the next Stovall in terms of receiving. That said, I think he’s going to be solid.

    The surprise WR is Briscoe. He has only 27 catches and 334 yards. He is only averaging 12.4 ypc. But the surprise is TDs. He leads the WRs with 4 of them this year.

    I think Spurlock should be back on kick returns. I also think him not being there has hurt this team immensely this year. Not only was there always the chance of a TD on a return, but he breathed life into the team even on good returns that did not score. And his pass catching skills were improving. Of course, Morris insisted on going younger, so we were stuck with Mr. Fumble. (Parker).

    Stroughter has barely played in this, his 3rd year. I think that’s a travesty. Why? Yes, his performance dropped from year 1 to year 2. The problem is this…in what was supposed to be the year in which we found out if he was a bust or not, he was barely given any opportunities. He MIGHT have stepped up this year. Or he might not have. Now, all we have are questions were he is concerned…and a new coach may just cut him loose.

    At RB we have Blount who, much like Tiki Barber did, has developed a slight fumbling issue. I suspect he’s get some help from Tiki on the issue this off season. But he’s a great RB. The problem I have is wear and tear or injury. We are resorting to using him so much that we could use him up in a few short seasons, or he could be injured and we’re left with squat.

    Honestly…who else do we have? Graham and Lumpkin? Lumpkin is a FB, not a RB, although he’s listed at RB. And he’s not even good at FB either. Graham might have had potential earlier, but regardless of what Black says publicly, he’s not anywhere near good now.

    We need 2 RBs. One a back up and one a speed guy. We also need either a pounding FB or a good lead blocking FB (or both).

    At tightend I like Stocker. I have very little to base it on, but he’s 23 and I think he’s going to grow much better over the next 2 years.

    In regard to Winslow…I like him…a lot. But we should trade him while we can. He could still command a good pick (not sure if he has years left on his contract). People worry over his knees, but all they’ve done is limit his practices. We could possible get a 2nd for him…or at least a 3rd.

    Even with a new coach, this team has at least a couple more years of rebuilding. By that time Winslow will be 30, and not worth nearly as much.

    The offensive line needs a lot of help. I like Joseph. He’s not the best at his spot, but he can get the job done. Faine has shown some weakness this year, and injuries are a big problem with him. b>Trueblood and company are a waste. Penn, if he could learn to manage his weight, could be much better. Consider what part of the year he has played his best, and look at his weight at those times. There is a pattern. RT has always been the hardest for the Bucs to fill. Trueblood gets penalties there, but so did the old guy. We need better vets on the oline.


    …Morris and Dominick have a good nucleus here now. Much like Sam Wyche. If Morris IS replaced, we could be seeing a repeat of history.

    I think to compete we need:
    2 OLBs (good ones)
    2 CBs (good ones)
    1 speedy WR
    1 speedy RB
    1 good FB
    1 another tight end that can catch and block (2 if we lose or trade Winslow)
    2 OLine guys

    So…10 players from being great…that’s at least 2 drafts and 2 Free Agency periods.

    But to be competitive….

    2 OLB
    2 CBs
    1 speedy WR
    1 FB
    1 Oline guy

    On RB…
    I was hoping Allen Bradford would convert to FB. But they cut him and Seattle have him now.

  6. frige bob Says:

    What do you think about Mossis Madu, Pete?

  7. Bobby Says:

    I don’t even think we’re that far away Pete. I agree with your assessment of the O-line when it comes to Trueblood. We need to get a starter and make Trueblood work for reps. I also agree that we could use a vertical threat at WR but I’m not even sure that is a necessity if we draft Trent Richardson. Between Blount and Richardson we could have a double headed monster like Carolina and the play action would work much better if we can keep Richardson in on third down.
    Now on defense….we do need two LB’s and 2 DB’s and depth at the DT position. I believe if we draft well this year and get active with some key FA’s and bring in depth we could be ready for the playoffs. Call me crazy but I believe that. If our D-line can stay healthy next season they are gonna be a force and if the LB’s and DB’s are upgraded our ‘scoring defense’ numbers will go waaaaaaaay down. Couple that with scoring more points on offense and I think that puts us in a good place with next years schedule. Then we have that final draft and FA befor the push for the Super Bowl. Go Bucs!

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Pete, that was quite a “book” you wrote:)
    You always put a lot of time, effort, and thought into most of your posts.’
    However, we see things a little differently.
    I think you see Tampa as a team ready to compete, that merely needs a coaching change ? I disagree, I don’t think we are very good as is, even if Vince Lombardi returns to coach us.
    I do think we will get better next year, but it will take a good draft, and the addition of several free agents, as well as a wholesale coaching change to do it.

  9. Northend Says:

    Our off season needs are simple and should enhance the young nucleus we have. A few good FA and draft picks should set us straight.
    I agree we need new coaching and i think Billick would be a great hire.He has a 2/1 win loss record and proven he can get the job done. Vic Fangio as DC should be a must. Dude pumps out hard hitting stout defenses(SF this year,stanford last and 4 years with the Ravens when they were 1,1,2,5 def rank
    for what its worth here is who i would go after FA wise to help us out.
    Laron Landry-Saftey,Carlos Rodgers CB,Aaron Ross CB, Mario Williams OLB Bowe-WR,Or D Jackson WR
    Pick up Claiborne,Kuelchy or Burfit in round 1 Ball in round 2-done deal

  10. Big Buc Says:

    what’s depressing is we just came off the heels of one of the deepest FA classes in NFL history, chock full of players at positions of need. We could have very well addressed our needs at LB and CB and RB this past offseason. Going into next offseason, the FA class is pretty bare.

    Can you imagine what Stephen Tulloch, Jonathan Joseph, and Darren Sproles would do for this team? Those are three players who have played lights out this year at crucial positions of need on this ball club.

  11. Jon Says:

    Joseph is going to another pro bowl,so how is he not one of the best at his position? Who cares about Penn’s weight?He goes against some of the best DE’s and has been a good starting LT to me. Trueblood isnt that good though. As for the Defense,I thnik we need help at every positon except the D line,so I think we should draft best available player,which will be maybe a CB,so maybe Claiborne from LSU,or Kirkpatrick from Alabama, or an OT,maybe Kalil from USC,or Martin from Stanford, for our 1st pick. I wouldnt mind drafting Blackmon,WR from Okla.ST. to go with Mike Williams.

  12. Patrick Says:

    “Can you imagine what Stephen Tulloch, Jonathan Joseph, and Darren Sproles would do for this team? Those are three players who have played lights out this year at crucial positions of need on this ball club.”

    Thank our “rockstar” GM Dom for not bringing them in and choosing instead give that bum Quincy Black a huge payday.


    “A few good FA and draft picks should set us straight.”

    Oh yeah…….weren’t we saying the same thing last offseason? That a few FA’s would have us set? Well…..once again Dom did NOTHING in free agency. What makes you think it’ll be any different this year?