“We’ll Be Back With Eeyore”

December 29th, 2011

Winnie the Pooh fans, like former Bucs tight end Dave Moore seems to be, are familiar with the constantly pessimistic donkey character Eeyore. He’s down. He’s blue. He’s perpetually in the dumps.

During The Donald Penn Show on WDAE-AM 620 Tuesday, Penn sounded so miserable about the state of the Bucs through the first segment of the show that Moore felt like he needed to shift gears a bit to cheer him up. It didn’t work, and heading into the first commercial break Moore said, “We’ll be back with Eeyore.”

Penn later attempted to explain how hard the losing streak has been on himself and other players. He called it a “learning season” that a young team will grow from, and Penn predicted there will be 100 percent attendance at the Bucs’ first offseason activity because players are so hungry to dive into righting the ship in 2012.

Penn also blasted himself for his last three games during which he said he made a couple of bad plays at the wrong time.

Penn did offer some glimmers of light. He had high praise for Kregg Lumpkin’s preparation and improvement, as well as Moises Madu, a guy Penn said caught his eye in training camp.

8 Responses to ““We’ll Be Back With Eeyore””

  1. Meh Says:

    Fascinating to hear Davin Joseph knock Blount, and now Penn gives praise to Lumpkin and Madu leaving Blount conspicuously missing.

  2. justin Says:

    if i was the new coach next year about 75 percent of this team would be gone lumpkin – madu – sean jones – tarnard – roy miller – hayes – black – parker – straughter – maybe penn- talib – biggers – wilnslow – okam –

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Lumpkin my a$$. Madu has done enough to want to see more and already has past Lumpkin in my book.

    Let’s forget about Raheem for a minute…whom would you hire as DC? Spagnola, Del Rio, someone else?

  4. Meh Says:

    Penn and Parker? I’d keep both. Maybe Madu too.

  5. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    I think this constant losing has effected Penn’s play…I don’t know about the rest of the roster, it’s really hard to tell.

    I know we have more talent than Jacksonville and Carolina…our team is just not being taught to win.

  6. scubasteve4930 Says:

    Players to be cut:
    Q Black
    S Jones
    J trueblood
    K Lumpkin
    J Faine

    Then… Move foster to OLB and get a veteran MLB to call the shots. TJAX is fine..needs some time to get back to his true football abilities. Remember he didnt play 1 snap of football in over a year before week 4. Give him the offseason..he is a playmaker. Our D-line is scary when healthy..bowers, bennet, mccoy, price, haynesworth AND clayborne. TALENT!

    We need a new D and O coordinator. This should be priority number 1. We have so much talent on this team but the play calling is horrific. Every 3rd and 2 we have had this season…we go to shotgun. GIVE BLOUNT THE BALL. Moses Madu has incredible speed and blows lumpkin away…why did we just now put him on the field?

    And keep Raheem. But get ur damn arms from under ur armpits and show some fire on the sidelines. Last year, you could find raheem up and down the sidelines. This year? he looks like a nervous teenager.

    Come on Bucs!!

  7. Jrock (mobile) Says:

    Justin, that’s why you don’t manage an NFL team. Wow

  8. zach Says:

    Can we all just agree to stop pretending that Kregg Lumpkin and Moises Madu are ever going to be capable starters? Lumpkin especially has had ample time to show “flash” and has not. I’m really getting tired of players giving shout outs to training camp heroes as if they are all-pro’s. Any one who knows football could see that Blount was going to be good after his first game, whereas, Lumpkin especially, has shown nothing more than the ability to catch a five yard pass from Five whenever he needs a check down. As a fan base, we need to move past the idea that we have a bench full of starters waiting for their chance.