Raheem Will “Cut Down The Menu” On Defense

December 5th, 2011

Raheem took to the podium today at One Buc Palace and first apologized to the media for the F-bomb he dropped before them yesterday.

Then Raheem went on to praise Mason Foster, Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers and explain that he’ll “cut down the menu” for his defense so they can play faster and not have as much to process mentally Defensive calls will be “simpler,” Raheem said.

Joe’s game for anything that might work, but Joe’s not sure how simpler calls will help the Bucs shed blocks and win the one-on-one battles on the defensive line. The Bucs are hardly an exotic defense, and they’re already playing in a “one-gap” system .

25 Responses to “Raheem Will “Cut Down The Menu” On Defense”

  1. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    Agree with Joe 100% – you can make it as simple as Pop Warner, but that still won’t result in better run fits and a higher level of effort.

    Mr Morris: its not the schemes as much as it’s the horrible lack of leadership from the coaching staff. zero accountability = zero results

  2. Meh Says:

    Might as well throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks. We really weren’t running a very complicated defense already though, and he couldn’t get guys to be where they’re supposed to be so I’m not optimistic.

    But, hey, at this point, hell ya, try anything.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So…where are the Brothers Grimm (Glazer Boys) today (Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe) Are they even in the country?

  4. bucsman27 Says:

    i think lsu could kick our ass no joke are d is playing that bad

  5. Eric Says:

    The jags are playing tonite, so they will be in a funk. Plus, they have absolutely nuttin to play for, and are crappy.

    That being the case, they will probably kill us.

  6. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    Unless he is running some sort of hybrid D, how will the ‘simplified menu’ change the fact that we can’t even play our gaps!?!

  7. McBuc Says:

    I think he needs to add “TACKALING” back into the menu, maybe Sunday’s chef special can be an interception or two…I am typically one of the more optimistic fans, but I think we need a new cook in the defensive kitchen.

  8. k2thesoldier Says:

    How much more can he possibly tone it down? It’s not like it’s complex right now; his players are just too stupid to execute it.

  9. NickinMelbourne Says:

    If that is the problem this would have been a move you make when you are still in the playoff hunt. Not when you have lost 6 in a row. Wow thanks Raheem lets pull another lever. Basically he is saying his players are stupid its still not his fault.

  10. Theodore Says:

    Joe – You are exactly right. There is no such thing as an in-season “adjustment”. Players and bad, coaches are bad, but neither are stupid. If there was something they could done to play better, it would have been caught on the second day of pre-season.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t agree with Raheem today on what he said about simplification. I like Raheem, but C’mon man, don’t treat us like we’re stupid. That line he gave is pure BullCrap, 100%. I don’t buy it for a second. The truth as so many players said yesterday is that’s its them on the field playing the game, not the coaches. They just aren’t getting the job done for whatever reason. The Bucs defense is also very susceptible to trick plays. I personally think one of their big problems is stamina and that they need to do long distance running, together in formation like the Military(Marines) do. I would like to see them go for 3 mile runs at least 4 days per week though the off-season. When teams under perform, running always helps, run, run, run and run some more. I would bet that half their linemen couldn’t run more than 1 mile without stopping and that is weak. I may be wrong but I don’t think so, and a treadmill just isn’t the same.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    Gap discipline is critical for the front four, and just as important for the LB’s. That said, outside of Foster, our LB’s are soft.
    It’s safe to say Black is this years’ Clayton as far as signings go.

  13. flmike Says:

    Everything he is saying is saying, Fire Me Now!

  14. bucfanjeff Says:

    Maybe the problem on defense isn’t ability…maybe it’s intelligence?

  15. Teflon Don Says:

    Bowers played a good game. Not sure Mason Foster is the answer at MLB i think he would be better off playing OLB. WE just need all types of help on Defense 3 years in a row we cant stop the run

  16. Eric Says:

    Tomorrow is Tuesday, I hope Haynseworth isnt forced to go boating.

  17. Joe Says:

    Tomorrow is Tuesday, I hope Haynseworth isnt forced to go boating.


  18. Teddy Says:

    Cut down the menu, Rah? Really? This defense is already predictably simple. What are you going to cut it down to?

    “OK, guys. Here’s the game plan. When the ball is snapped, run and tackle something. Anything. Hopefully one of the guys you tackle will have the ball.”

    I swear, I thought I was seeing the second coming of Ray Perkins’ Bucs yesterday.

  19. Patrick Says:

    Is there a GM that wastes more money on CRAP than Dominick does?

  20. macabee Says:

    Sounds like a general fighting a losing battle that raises his sword and valiantly says ” OK men, let’s advance to the rear!”.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If the Jags kill us, I would like to apologize for anything and everything bad I have ever said about you.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    Maybe we’re misunderstanding what he’s saying by “simplifying”. Could be that understanding “TACKLE” is just too vague and complicated for guys like Quincy Black. They actually need the coach to simplify it by telling him… “When you see a guy with the ball, run towards him, wrap your arms around his body, and take him down to the ground… if you can actually put a shoulder into it and hit him harder, then fine, but make sure you first wrap him up and bring him down”. I still don’t think that would be simplified enough for Black.

  23. Oahubuc Says:

    And again I will watch three quarters of this crap and wonder why I wasted my Sunday. Thanks Raheem, you’re the best.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    December 6th, 2011 at 1:35 am

    If the Jags kill us, I would like to apologize for anything and everything bad I have ever said about you.


    That’s funny. I will never apologize to Eric. You’ll have to shoot me first, but he does have some good one liners.

  25. passthebuc Says:

    You misunderstood. He wants to call simpler plays for their offensive so his defense can keep up.