Peter King Apologizes For Misquoting Raheem

December 5th, 2011

Earlier today Joe brought word of NBC Sports and Sports Illustrated scribe Peter King wondering about Raheem Morris’ job security and wagging a finger of shame at Raheem for a disparaging quote about the Panthers.

King now has apologized for screwing up the Panters quote.

Here’s King’s apology and correction from

Quote of the Week III

“I can take getting beat by a better football team, which they were.”

— Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris, on the Carolina Panthers.

Now, this is a correction from my post of Monday morning. When I saw the quote used from his press conference after the 38-19 loss to Carolina Sunday, the quote read, “I can take getting beat by a better football team. I wish they were.” Obviously, that makes it seem like Morris is giving the Panthers no credit for the victory. I have since listened to the audio from the press conference, and though it is difficult to hear, Morris does say, “I can take getting beat by a better football team, which they were.’

King went on to say he’ll issue another correction in his next Monday Morning Quarterback column for those who don’t re-read today’s version.

Mistakes happen, but it always sucks when they hurt someone’s reputation. If King’s famous 2-14 prediction for the Bucs in 2010 didn’t already cost him a Christmas card from Raheem, then this screwup probably should.

11 Responses to “Peter King Apologizes For Misquoting Raheem”

  1. big007hed Says:

    Peter King is a blow hard and hardly ever accurate… He can keep eating pop corn and shoving his political views down others throats, I am done with him…

  2. higher728 Says:

    Don’t worry Peter, I quit watching his press conferences because I couldn’t understand most of what he says either.

  3. Big Marlon B Says:

    I called that earlier, on the first post about this. If this moron had actually listened, he would’ve heard the next sentence “make no mistake about it”. That completely changes the context of the statement and anyone with half a brain would realize he said “WHICH they were”. It’s real easy to make someone look bad when u take a statement out of context like that. If people are going to defecate on Rah, at least do it for the right reasons, and take him to task for the things he’s actually doing wrong.

  4. holymoly Says:

    King is another idiot who never played sports but gets other idiots to listen to him . But Rah needs to go , and take Olsen with him .

  5. RCH Says:

    You would think he wouldve atleast double checked that and verified it first before posting something like that. SMH!

  6. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Morris is always crystal clear with his words? Obviously, King needs a hearing aid.

  7. eric Says:

    so morris said the panthers are better?

    soothing words.

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    eric, when you get beat like we did, I don’t think there’s much doubt they were better. He didn’t say they’ll always be better or that we wouldn’t be the better team next time… just that they were better. That’s hard to dispute considering the score. You’d rather he say we were a better team that just played badly enough for them to beat us? If we have more talent and they played better, then they were the better “team” and his original statement is still correct. I’m not necessarily “soothed” by the words either, but I don’t think Raheem Morris is looking to soothe fans that can’t take the truth, he’s looking to change things to make the truth itself more soothing.

  9. Shannon "Chief" Cherry Says:

    “They are who we thought the were.”

  10. Shannon "Chief" Cherry Says:


  11. Bobby Says:

    The Panthers have been putting up a lot of points on very good defenses. They have been getting beat because their defense has been horrible. Unfortunately, without Freeman to get us into the endzone, we weren’t able to outscore them. The Panthers were a better team on Sunday. Our needs are primarily on defense in two areas to become contenders. We need two good LB’s and we need a safety to replace Jones and a corner to replace Ronde. I’d be for drafting Honey Badger and going after some Free Agents for LB’s or drafting one and getting one in FA. I’d like to see what Ahmad Black can do at safety and I’d like to see more of Gaitor. That was a lousy pass interference call against him on Sunday. He has a nose for the ball and I think he’s going to be a good corner for us. I loved what I saw from Bowers on Sunday. He was an absolute beast! He looks more impressive than Clayborne to me because he seems more disciplined in his rush and doesn’t run past the play very often. He was amazing.