England Calls For Raheem’s Head

December 5th, 2011

Now Joe doesn’t think the Bucs’ fan club of a few hundred or so in England is anything to be heralded, nor is Joe a fan of their fearless leader, Paul Stewart, who once sent Joe an unprompted scathing e-mail filled with personal attacks against Joe.

However, Team Glazer and the Bucs organization have heaped gobs of love on Stewart. He’s been heralded multiple times on Buccaneers.com, even given a forum to write commentary there. Stewart has jumped in live on the Buccaners Radio Network and boasted of his special personal time with the Bucs’ heirarchy.

Therefore, Joe finds it interesting and relevant that Stewart has raised the white flag and called for Raheem Morris to be fired.

His firm “editorial” posted today on his website, BucPower.com. Here’s a snippet:

When teams like Carolina put 38 points up on you at home, when running backs lick their lips at the thought of the Buccaneers on the schedule, when every fantasy league owner in the world starts a player against the Tampa Bay defense, then someone has to be accountable.

The fan base is dwindling, the Tampa crowd is apathetic and the final game against the Cowboys is going to be a sea of blue in the stands. And the Glazers are not going to allow this to continue any longer.

So sorry Raheem, it’s been a great run and we’ve all enjoyed your personality and enthusiasm. But your time is up and the Buccaneer franchise needs to move on.

Joe, unlike Stewart, is not ready to call for Raheem’s head. Not that Joe thinks Raheem is doing a good job, but there’s still time for Raheem to pull off what now seems like a miracle turnaround and restoration of “yungry” over the final four games.

36 Responses to “England Calls For Raheem’s Head”

  1. RCH Says:

    Im not calling for his head yet either but honestly if he does get it turned around we still have to make some changes in the offseason. A DC a new OC and do something in FA would be a good place to start. However, if we lose the next 3 out of 4 it wouldnt break my heart to see him go. I dont think he gets fired anyways unless we lose to the Jags and get blown out again this year and lose 3 out of 4 if not all of them. It is very disapointing and there is no reason why we shouldnt of atlest finshed 8-8 this year. When the schedule came out I thought we had the potential to go 11-5 10-6 and should of made a playoff run to show some progress.

  2. Meh Says:

    I’m calling for his head and maybe Dom’s too.

  3. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Stop saying yungry – it doesnt work. Stop saying rock-star etc, this franchise in a historic low in the eyes of the community. Nobody cares, if Rah comes back the town will not even care if the team is around.

  4. Bucgirl76 Says:

    The Bucs have had just as low or even lower points than yesterday’s game and even this season without firing the head coach in the past, and at this point, I do not think it’s the way to go. This young team needs a proper off season and for the coaches/management to stop getting rid of veteran players that would help. We definitely do need a new offensive coordinator.
    We probably need a defensive coordinator, too, as Morris has never been able to be just the defensive coordinator in the NFL or barely just the head coach, while having an incompetent defensive coordinator for the personnel on the team.
    I say give him at least one more year to have a proper off season with all of the young talent.
    It’ll be too much change for change’s sake again. I wasn’t for Gruden’s firing at the time, and I would have loved to see Morris just as the Bucs defensive coordinator, but the Glazers never gave the team that opportunity, and now we’ll never get to see that opportunity for him.

  5. Garv Says:

    I’m calling for England to STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT! It’s not their team, it’s ours and the freaking London “home” game was the start of this season’s disappointment in the first place.

  6. Jimmy Says:

    This “youngry” nonsense is starting to sound so “yupid.”

  7. macabee Says:

    If the Glazers are tied into their London connection and it’s soccer-loving fan base as they seem to be, this could be the proverbial nail in the coffin. And with Dominik being scarcer these days than a woman of the night at a church picnic, the signs appear to be ominous!

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    “So sorry Raheem, it’s been a great run and we’ve all enjoyed your personality and enthusiasm”

    A great run? No it hasn’t. And not ALL of us have enjoyed anything about this buffoon.

  9. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Joe exactly what has to happen for you to ask for his head? A winless season?? More defensive historical benchmarks for futility? Maybe if Raheem tells Freeman to go home and never come back? Perhaps the defense could all be in the locker room at the same time when they are supposed to be on the field? Winslow beats up Freeman in the locker room and Raheem comes to Winslows defense because he’s “lead dog”? Talib shoots at another person and Raheem says hes just unlucky with guns? This is a disaster and you start with a head coach. He is not the entire problem but you start with a head coach.

  10. jb Says:

    I’m not calling for his head! What good is it? Fired? Yes! Will I help him pack? YES!
    His schtick has gotten old and only those that have either little interest in the team or don’t spend a dime on tickets want to see him continue his buffoonery here!

  11. Adam Says:

    i agree with everything that limey said except for, “it’s been a great run.”

  12. Joe Says:


    Joe exactly what has to happen for you to ask for his head? 

    Joe can see both sides and both sides have arguments of merit.

    Joe can’t seem to forget the Bucs lost a playoff tiebreaker to the eventual Super Bowl champions and in fact would have made the playoffs had refs not stolen a touchdown from K2. It’s hard for Joe to see a coach launched less than a year after that. That’s a Daniel Snyder stunt.

    Also, and fans do not want to read this, Dominik’s philosophy – which has and does work – is not inclined to be a quick fix, fast turnaround. Often it takes three years or more to stock up on talent until said talent blossoms and then the team wins for a long period of time.

    That stated, there must be changes. The Bucs offensive coordinator simply refuses to use the team’s best weapon instead trying to show off a bag of tricks, including the weekly failure of the notorious Benndaround. Now either the head coach needs to pull the guy aside and tell him to stop it or the offenisve coordinator is getting the blessing from the head coach.

    Also, to suggest this team does not need a fulltime defensive coordinator at this point is looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

    Again, there are compelling reasons on both sides. Before yesterday, Joe was convinced Raheem would be back. After the game yesterday, Joe isn’t as confident.

    The weak argument that you can’t bench horrible linebackers because the backups are even worse does not mask the fact they are not being coached up.

  13. Nick Says:

    I’m calling for England to STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT! It’s not their team, it’s ours and the freaking London “home” game was the start of this season’s disappointment in the first place.


    ^^^^This. Who the hell does Paul Stewart think he is? And why are the Glazers and our home town team making him some sort of super fan? What a joke. Glazers…move to London. Keep the flag and colors and name here in Tampa. We’ll start over.

  14. Eric Says:

    We dont have much young talent.

    We aint gonna blossom in three more years.

  15. Fathom Says:

    I’m with Nick! Joe – you’re going to lose YOUR fan base if you continue to cling to the notion Raheem can save his job. I have actually been a Raheem defender, but he has lost his team, the town, and his credibility. His team doesn’t even listen to him (per Raheem.)

    What in the world are you waiting for to call for a change? Quit being so diplomatic! Yours is an important outlet and you put this rubbish out there. It’s a check on the “on his side” column. You influence people. If I performed at my job like Raheem has I’d be fired. Where’s the accountability? Do you really think he had a chance of being an elite coach? Why keep him on then? Are you really a bucs fan? If so, do you just want “yaverage?”

    Raheem will never be an elite coach – so you move on! He has consistently chosen poor assistants, failed to effectively game plan, and now lost his team entirely. What other inadequacies does he have to demonstrate as a coach for you to stop suggesting he can turn it around and save his job? Now is the time to pile on and give the Glazers no choice but to bring in a proven class act. Ried may be available, Fisher, or Cowher. Is there another Harbough? Look at what a difference a real coach makes (see Niners.)

  16. Brandon Says:

    Yungry? I’m still pretty FUNGRY about this last horrible loss (FUNGRY—F’ing + angry).

    I’m hoping the Glazers are a little bit fungry as well…. but in the meantime we need to have Raheem stay the course, continue evaluating… and hope that Andy Reid gets the axe, as well as Lovie Smith, Norv Turner, and a few other capable coaches so we’ll have a nice group to choose from once it’s time to hire a new one. Right now I like Andy Reid and Jeff Fisher the most, with Lovie Smith being in 3rd. Though I wouldn’t mind Norv Turner to come in under Fisher or Smith as our offensive coordinator. I’m not sold on Cowher or Coughlin.

  17. loweredexpectations Says:


  18. Fathom Says:

    Norv Turner under Jeff Fisher would be amazing. Now that would get fans interested again!

    – another YANGRY fan

  19. Eric Says:

    Excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, if the Chargers let Norv go he would be unlikely to take a OC position, vs. sucking up the money ala Jon Gruden.

    But, keeping Dom and hiring Fisher would be one way for Glazer’s to save face. I don’t recall Jeff demanding to be the GM in Tenn.

  20. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    London fans come over to watch BUC games as much as someone from South Tampa, Brandon or Seffner. Go to TIA after a game and you will see them in C terminal waiting to flyi homeover across the pond. In fact, the Bucs have a great following across the states and canada. Everyone needs to join and say what they thing of how things are going, not just someone who watches the game from Press Box

  21. Snook Says:


    I see your point about the near playoff miss last season.

    But if not for Freeman and his miraculous 4th quarter turnarounds, last season would’ve been no different than 2009 or 2011. In those comebacks, the coaches took the leash off Freeman and let him play. They don’t do that unless there’s 5 minutes left and we’re losing.

    The same problems existed last year. The slow start issue is the biggest, in my opinion. SEVEN first quarter TDs in 44 games. Ridiculous.

  22. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Ok Joe I agree with you entirely. What is being missed in everyone that is bashing Olson is that Raheem is letting him not use Blount. Raheem is the head coach but he is acting more like a position coach who doesn’t want to ruffle the feathers of the O.C. Olson needs to go for his refusal to use Blount more but Raheem should have taken care of this long ago. Its kind of like Raheem saying he will now dumb down the defense. That is great but your the head coach Rah why didn’t you think of that when we were 4-3 not 4-8??? I understand your arguments about giving Rah another year, I just am convinced that it will make little difference. His refusal to stand up to players (Winslow, Talib) and coaches (Olson) proves he is not H.C. material.

  23. Pete I Says:

    Bucpower.com is the best resource for the buccaneer history on the web.

    They have it all, all of the players, every season, every game chronicled and easy to access.

    Those brits are everymuch buc fans as anyone.

  24. Joe Says:

    Bucpower.com is the best resource for the buccaneer history on the web.


  25. buctone Says:

    I know one thing, we fans need to just chill. you ask for jeff fisher who had 16 years to take Tenn. to one superbowl. if you get rid of rah now the combined tenure of your last 3 coaches is about 16 years, talk about settling for mediocrity. I’m going to say this again, this coach was runner up for COACH OF THE YEAR with the youngest team in football while starting at least 10 ROOKIES last season. This year with no offseason while getting younger, no coach could have done better. We’ve already had a big name coach in Jon Gruden, and we ran him out of town after about 7 years, now you want to bring in coaches who need atleast a decade to give you hope but deliver no ring. In the words of Ocho Cinco “Child Please”

  26. Eric Says:

    The Saints wide receiver coach just took the job at Tulane. Rah could be his DC, and the Glazer boys could watch in that new stadium, since they just love the way his defense plays.

    problem solved.

  27. thomas 2.2 Says:


    Every team had no offseason. Ron Rivera didn’t know his players until August – the entire system is new and the team is young as well.

    San Francisco = exactly the same thing. Those qualified coaches have prepared their team.

    It is not just that this team is losing = it is how they look losing. I submit that we have never seen worse football here in Tampa, including the 80’s and early 90’s – this team is an embarrassment.

    Like the players are saying = they know Rah’s job is on the line and they are delivering these performances – because under him they are incapable of playing well consistently.

    Eric said it correctly, if you give Rah one more year you are all but insuring a lack of competitiveness for three more years.

  28. thomas 2.2 Says:

    If you put Rah in charge of the saints, in a short-period of time they would play like these bucs.

    If all you do is mumble cliches repeatedly, and selectively expect discipline at rare and emergent times and from only the players that aren’t your buddies – you will lose your team.

  29. Oahubuc Says:

    Best Bucs site on the web, hands down. I find Stewart’s tone (both written and spoken) as appetizing as toad in the hole with warm beer.

  30. Patrick Says:


    Wow, your post pissed me off, no offense.

    THREE YEARS? In today’s NFL, we see teams turning things around MUCH quicker than that! We see 1-2 year turnarounds all the time! And we good football from those teams!

    Look at the 49ers. Horrible team for years….they bring in a new coach and he turns basically the same roster into a 10-2 squad.

    Look at the Bengals. They were horrible last year and lost their two biggest players…..Palmer and Ochocinco. Look how well that YOUNG team is playing. Andy Dalton has had a fantastic rookie season.

    Look at the Panthers. They were the WORST of the worst last year. Horrible team. They already look better than we do in just one year, while we’re in year 3 of this bull crap rebuild philosophy by Dominick. like Raheem says… “No excuses!” That’s one of his few intelligent quotes.

    Look at the Saints back in 2006. They built that Super Bowl squad through free agency and the draft. They didn’t take 3 years to stock up on talent did they? Look how successful they’ve been for 6 years now.

    “Dominik’s philosophy – which has and does work – is not inclined to be a quick fix, fast turnaround.”

    Does work?? What the hell is working about it? Our defense NEVER improves, our run defense is same ole same ole, our passing defense is WORSE than last year, etc. Our offense is boring as hell to watch, with the only excitement coming from Blount. Our DT’s haven’t done crap for us, they get injured too much, and our receivers don’t scare anyone. His only draft picks that have performed are Clayborn and Mike Will sometimes (but he’s no #1).

    “not inclined to be a quick fix, fast turnaround.”

    Year 3…..and we still stink. It shouldn’t have to take 10 million years to turn this thing around. Sorry, but we’re tired of this “wait wait…let’s be cheap and keep losing” mentality. I don’t see any real effort and urgency being put forth here by this team in anything. This team could be better right now if Dominick and the Glazers WANTED to make it better. Use your resources…..as in sign some free agents and open your damn wallet when there’s obvious weaknesses on this roster (linebacker) (running back), etc..

    And how are you even confident it’ll work…..given the disaster of a season this has been for us?

  31. FlBoy84 Says:

    @buctone – Matt Leinhart WON the HEISMAN TROPHY, does that mean Arizona should’ve given him more time to prove he could be a great QB? At some point the results speak for themselves.

  32. FlBoy84 Says:

    @ Patrick – Think Joe is referring to how GB and Pitt have built their teams, so he does have a point. HOWEVER, “the plan” doesn’t work when the project manager(s) are lacking the prerequisite skills to build even the proper foundation.

  33. buctone Says:

    @FlBoy84 – yeah matt leinhart is with gary kubiak a coach in his 6th season with 6 drafts and this is only the second time they’re over .500 (this season payton is out). the texan fans went through rebuilding with kubiak and they’re reaping the benefits… i guess.

  34. Niko- the Optimist Says:

    Its downright silly and uneducated to call for a head coaches job over 6 bad games. The Internet is proof enough, go back to the Saints win at home. Six games people. Shame!

  35. Tampa2 Says:

    Joe, you say keep Morris, yet you admit that we need a DC. Morris has proven his Ineptitude as DC, which has given up record yardage in 3 years. So how can you justify keeping Morris as HC when he is not even qualified to run the Defense? It is time for a ‘real’ coach to come in here to right our sunken ship. And a ‘real’ Coach will demand that he has his own staff!

  36. admin Says:

    JOe here,

    @Tampa2 — Just saying that it’s too early to call for his head. That’s all. That of course, could change in 2 weeks.