“I Think Raheem Morris Gets Fired”

December 19th, 2011

In this NBC Sports video, iconic NFL writer Peter King says he’s certain Raheem Morris will be fired and touches on “anti-Raheem” and “anti-Glazer” sentiment among Bucs fans, calling Raheem “the sacrificial coach.” (Bucs talk starts about 2:50 minutes in)

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  • 42 Responses to ““I Think Raheem Morris Gets Fired””

    1. eric Says:

      They claim there will be eleven vacancies.

      Glazer’s better damn well be on the phone. With a checkbook.

      Pull together all the beedy eyed coniving you did to get the stadium done………………and put it to good use now!

    2. frige bob Says:

      “Tom Clements and a strong defensive coordinator” in regards to J-ville.

      Screw that, we want that in Tampa!

    3. Buddhaboy Says:

      Beedy eyed. That is funny, i was thinking the same thing.

      Tis the season to be sucky and cheap and boring and uninspired. Maybe the Glazers are planning on the Bucs sucking with no fan support so they can make the case for the bucs to move to England……? “well, we just cant thrive anymore in a city like Tampa, we are going to move the team to London…;….”

      Can someone contact Debartolo group and see if they can work a deal with the beedy eyed Glazers.

    4. Jon in Tampa Says:

      Microsoft has warned me about clicking refresh too many times today. When will we get teh announcement?

    5. Meh Says:

      They aren’t firing him until after the season. If you are waiting for “the announcement” you are going to be disappointed.

    6. NickinMelbourne Says:

      If they are waiting until after the season to make the “announcement” they better as hell be working behind the scenes like they were to land Gruden when they let go Tony Dungy or we will be left with a scrap heap coach like Raheem again.

    7. Jon in Tampa Says:

      Fortunately, we can all leve the TV off. Don’t have to weep over the wasted money for this season’s tickets anymore.

    8. Meh Says:

      They’ll have to decide whether they’re keeping Dom or not before a coaching search can begin in earnest. I’m sure they’re sending out the feelers already though. At least I hope so.

    9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      Eric, did you even watch the stinking video? They talked about 11 coaching situations, they didn’t claim there would be 11 vacancies. In fact both Florio and King made it clear that there would likely be two more vacancies (Tampa and St Louis) in addition to the three vacancies that have already happened (Jax, Miami & KC). In my book that adds up to 5 vacancies in their opinion. Talk about exaggeration.

    10. eric Says:

      Bring Bobby Bowden in for last two games. He could convince Brooks to be DC………………

      He knows how to call that end around to Benn.

    11. RastaMon Says:

      Dear Santa..
      Dungy as GM
      Brooks as DC
      Michael Mularkey as HC

    12. Meh Says:

      Dungy isn’t coming back. Or Gruden. Or Kiffen.

      Get over it. They’re gone.

    13. Anthony Says:

      Rastamon is clearly smoking the ganja

    14. RastaMon Says:

      Michael Mularkey as HC

      chew on that…..you heard it here first !

    15. flmike Says:

      I could live with Mularkey as HC.

    16. Matt Says:

      Don’t Falcons fans hate Mularkey?

    17. Bucgirl76 Says:

      The thing that makes me so mad about all of this is that the “fans” got the ear of the Glazers to get Gruden fired, because they wanted “change,” then whined, “That’s not the change we wanted,” when Morris was named the head coach. They should have to live with their “change” they demanded a year longer.

      At the time I did not think Morris was ready to be a head coach and wanted to see what he could do as just our defensive coordinator. I was perfectly fine with Gruden as head coach and Morris as defensive coordinator. As someone who’s been a fan of the Bucs my whole life, two back-to-back winning seasons, albeit 9-7, was not bad when I was part of the fans who suffered 14 straight losing seasons.

      Ultimately, all I can say to anything now, is whatever … especially if Morris goes off and is a successful defensive coordinator for another team when all he has is the defense to focus on. He wasn’t ready to be a head coach, so now, we’re left with this mess, due to the “change” trigger that other people demanded of January 2009.

    18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      First time I’ve heard the fans get blamed for a team’s decisions and current situation! That’s freaking hilarious!

    19. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      You know it’s bad when every person is pointing a finger in a different direction! There aren’t enough fingers to go around! Lol!

    20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      I’m done laughing. My dream coach list:

      – Tom Clements HC/OC
      – Jack Del Rio DC
      – Tony Sparano DL
      – Tom Cable OL

      Yeah, I know…that’s why called it a dream list. Highly unlikely.

    21. Patrick Says:

      I’m really glad that some of you don’t run the team. Derrick Brooks as DC when he has NO coaching experience at any level? Sure he was a great player, but let’s please get someone who has plenty of coaching experience. Hiring him would be just as bad as Raheem.

    22. Bobby Boucher Says:

      Ma’, ma’, mama say Mista Coach Kline make a fine coach someday…

    23. Matthew Says:

      Going to keep posting this cause I don’t want the “Savior coach” (Cowher, Dungy, Parcells,ect) they have bad track records when they return, cost to much, and want to much power nor do I want the Re-Tread coaches (Murlarkey, Norv Turn, Gregg Williams, ect.) Let’s go get a great football mind that’s ready to be a HC.

      Perry Fewell DC– New York Giants

      Fewell will be one of the “hot” names for a head coaching position after this season. He has already had numerous head coaching interviews and like Ron Rivera the last few years, has been the bridesmaid too many times. Fewell has been a coordinator in Buffalo and New York and done an excellent job at both stops. He is highly respected by his players, fellow coaches and front office people. As a coordinator he runs an aggressive scheme which I like, and has done a great job adjusting to overcome injuries to key players. While in Buffalo he was named “interim” head coach for the last few games of the 2009 season and the Bills played their best football of that season under his leadership. There is not a doubt in my mind that Fewell will be an excellent head coach in the league.

    24. RastaMon Says:

      retread Murlarkey….he is seasoned now….just as RahBlah was offered a HC position too soon so was Murlarkey….

    25. BucFan South Tampa Says:

      I copied this from Peter King’s column this morning..

      Last week, after the Panthers lost at home to Atlanta, longtime season-ticket holder R. Bruce Rognon, 71, of Pinehurst, N.C., was walking from the stadium to his car. Rognon collapsed. He died of a heart attack. His memorial service was Saturday in Pinehurst, and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, who did not know Rognon, got in his car and drove the 80 miles to the service. “He [Rognon] never missed a game,” said Richardson. “The least I could do was go to the service and pay my respects. These fans are amazing. They do more than invest their money. They invest their time and emotion, and they buy into your team. It is such a sad thing for the family.” I love that he got it in his car and drove to the funeral of a man he didn’t know.

      Thats why I am ticked at the lack of coaching ..its not the money, its the time and effort of going to the game and see players not even trying, and getting called out on national TV by two Hall of Famers.

    26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      Fewell is another “player’s coach” that acts on an equal footing with his players. In other words, he’s similar to Raheem in his approach. Not even close to being head coach material.

    27. Matthew Says:

      FlyboyD no offense but you couldn’t be more wrong on Fewell. He’s a Coughlin disciple (i.e. a follower of a guy who believes in accountability and discipline) who’s been a successful DC coordinator for years now. Rah had no coordinator experience (just a position coach) prior to being a HC. It’s fine if you don’t like him as a canidate but at least get your critique and facts right. We don’t need a Re-Tread or Faux Savior coach. Perry Fewell I think would be perfect for this team.

    28. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

      Didn’t Ferell spend some time as an assistant at West Point….;)

    29. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      My critique and facts are exactly right. I said nothing about his experience. I spoke about his approach to relating to the players. Every article I’ve read on him talks about him being a player’s coach. Just because you don’t like my analysis doesn’t mean my facts aren’t correct.

    30. Jared Says:

      It is obvious that the Glazers are tearing the team down and the fan base down to move this team. Whether it is London or L.A. this is their intentions. It makes me sick that the NFL would sit by and just let it happen. They never should’ve been allowed to buy a soccer team.

    31. Matthew Says:

      This doesn’t need to be a big argument because it’s a silly topic to begin with, however, unless you are linking articles or direct quotes from players/management stating “he’s a players coach” you’ve not shown ANY facts. You’ve merely stated conjecture at this point. MY facts are he’s a couglin disciple (he’s coached under him twice) & another time under dick jaron, both coaches who are notorious for being huge on discipline and accountability. I find it really hard to believe Perry Fewell is this loose no discipline guy who keeps working/getting hired by guys who are big on discipline. I’ll gladly read any links you want to provide citing him being a players coach.

    32. Matthew Says:

      And yes to Scotty’s point too. He was a fraeking DC coach at WEST POINT, a place obviously known for it’s LOOSENESS/Lack of discipline!!! C’mon flyboy just admitt you overstated your position it’s ok to be wrong sometimes…

    33. Greg Says:

      Since Fewell was a coach at West Point, maybe he was privy to a waterboard class or two. I can count at least 10 bucs who would be prime candidates for the board!

    34. eric Says:

      Retread coaches?

      Like Shula, Bellichick, Gruden, Dungy, Coughlan, Reeves, Parcels, Shottenheimer, etc?

      Seems like a pretty impressive list to me.

      Players need an experienced guy to look up to, not party with.

    35. CC Says:

      What gives anybody the impression that the 3 stooges (Glazer Boys) will be willing to spend any money next year to bring in all new coaches, who are going to want to bring in free agents. It aint gonna happen. We rae stuck with the cheapest owners in the NFL period. Culverhouse all over again.

    36. Buzzsaw Says:

      There is the argument that if Rah goes Dominik must go too. Or the argument that Rah should stay and Dominik should go. My argument is that it may not matter if they keep missing on draft picks and personnel. The guy that has his fingerprints all over this team and every Bucs team dating back to early Gruden years is Dennis Hickey. Regardless of who goes, I hope they take a close look at his culpability in the continuing ineptitude of the Bucs.

    37. Mike Says:

      Wrong, i think the area is more anti-Glazer. I am !

    38. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      Fewell has only been a DC a couple years, and while his defense was good last year it has totally collapsed this season. The Giants’ defense ranks 28th in points allowed, 29th in total yards allowed, 29th in pass yards allowed, 22nd in rushing yards allowed. They are at the bottom of the league in almost every defensive category. That’s uniformly bad. Almost as bad as Raheem’s defense.

      No thanks on Fewell. Next candidate up, please.

    39. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      Fewell is no longer considered a hot candidate like he was a year ago and he won’t be on any short lists for available spots. His defense’s total collapse into one of the worst in the NFL doesn’t bode well for his potential success as a head coach. Sorry, Matthew…you are wrong about Fewell. Simple as that.

    40. Jared Says:

      I say keep Raheem and hire Del Rio as DC. Then find a legitimate OC and get rid of this joke known as Olsen.

    41. Matthew Says:

      Fly it’s a little sad how short sighted you are regarding your knowlege of the NFL. The NY Giants Defense while “ranking low” for a single year statistically has been CRUSHED by injuries this year. They had 3 starters from their defensive unit on the IR before the season even started, and several more have joined them during the season. Watch or read any article this year about which team has been hit hardest by injuries and the New York Giants top the list, unless you know of a magic coach who can somehow predict/prevent injuries it’s hardly fewell’s fault their D regressed this year due to half his starting unit not being able to be on the field. Guranteed Fewell gets interviewed by MULTIPLE teams, that is if he’s not hired before he goes to another interview. I also like the fact that you completely backed off your ridiculous point of “he’s soft/a players coach” after I challenged you to produce these “articles” you claimed to have stating as such. Good try though.

    42. bucoff Says:

      FLBoyInDallas Says:

      I’m done laughing. My dream coach list:

      Tony Sparano DL

      Why sparano on DL?

      He’s never been a defensive coach in his life….

      University of New Haven (Offensive line coach)
      Boston University (Offensive line coach)
      Boston University (Offensive coordinator)
      New Haven (Head coach)
      Cleveland Browns (Off. quality control)
      Cleveland Browns (Offensive line coach)
      Washington Redskins (Tight ends coach)
      Jacksonville Jaguars (Tight ends coach)
      Dallas Cowboys (Offensive line coach) (Assistant head coach)
      Miami Dolphins (Head coach)