Calm Down!

December 19th, 2011

Joe’s not sure whether the losing has gotten to Bucs fans or if they are delirious from their significant others dragging them to malls or awful company Christmas parties.

Joe has heard the calls on various sports radio shows, with fans giddy in a strange way for Team Glazer to pull the trigger on embattled coach Raheem Morris. Some fans on this very site note they refresh their computer screens several times a day, hoping to catch the news of Morris’ alleged impending exit from the team.

Calm down! It’s not happening. Not yet. Even’s Jason La Canfora explains via Twitter.

Rams and Bucs have no plans to make coaching changes this week. If those moves takes place would be at end of season at this point

When Team Glazer has jettisoned coaches, never ever have they pulled such a move prior to the end of the season. Never.

If — and that’s an “if” because no one knows what Team Glazer is thinking — Morris is jettisoned, it will be on a Friday night in January, not before.

57 Responses to “Calm Down!”

  1. RCH Says:

    The way I figure it is he should be fired but we wont know till the end of the season because there are to many factors to consider. But I will say this Gruden and Dungy got fired for way way way less which leads me to beleive that theres a very good chance. Unfortunatly this team has given up as pointed out by Sanders and has been evident the last few weeks. This was obvious Saturday. When I think back, and it still gets me fired up to think about it, is when EJ Biggers gave up on a play when Dez Bryant was juggling a pass in the end zone and if Biggers wouldve hustled over there he wouldve had a chance to break it up but instead gave up and gave him the TD. Because of this and other examples we all know what they are who follows this team Morris HAS to be let go because there has to be changes. Unfortunatly he will have to be made an example of to let this team know they better tighten up.

  2. Meh Says:

    I think he should be fired right now, but I’d bet lots of money that he won’t be until after the season.

  3. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I’m not looking forward to coaching changes. Last one didn’t go so well….

  4. yightningyuc Says:

    I keep hitting refresh in the hope of finding out the Glazers have sold the team. Glazer owners without old man Malcolm is like nickel nite at a whore house – a whole lot of sucky, sucky!

  5. Scott Says:

    It’s pretty simple choice at this point as I see it. If they do not make a change, the season tickets will drop below the 20,000 level!

    Besides coaching changes, I think the Glazers should sell the team, its clear that they are more worried about the soccer team.

    Kind of funny how both the soccer fans of Man U and the Bucs want the Glazers out of town!

  6. Garv Says:

    There’s absolutely no need to make a change now. If it is to be done, waiting until the end of the season is the right thing to do.
    They’ll probably need an entire staff change anyway.

    There’s no joy in this for me as a fan at all. Starting over is not appealing but it sure looks like that’s the way this is going.

  7. TurnThePage Says:

    It’s high time to turn the page and let the head coach go.

    Raheem has earned his hatred. Not even the media can save him now.

  8. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    If they do not make a change, the season tickets will drop below the 20,000 level!

    That may be true, but if they do keep Rah and start 5-0 next yr that stadium will be jam packed the rest of the way….just the way Tampa is

    Likewise, they could bring in Bill Cowher tomorrow and sell 10,000 season tickets, but if they start 0-5 it will be just as bad as it is now.

    That being said, I just have never seen a team get blown out on a consistent basis like this one has….and I have never seen a Bucs team (been going to games since ’81) just give up on a season like this one has. That speaks to the coach. The wheels have just fallen off and I don’t see any way they can move forward with Rah as their head coach

  9. Scott Says:

    So Garv let me ask you this, what do you feel the solution is?

    Leave this bum of a coach there and continue to lose? We need someone to come in and groom Freeman or cut him loose?

    Its clear in Morris’s press conference from a week ago, he isnt going to give up calling the Defense and ask you can even see, he is clueless from that side as well.

  10. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Now or two weeks from now, doesnt matter. Just dump the guy and start the hiring process.

  11. Scott Says:

    Creamsickle – Honestly do you think that Cowher would go 0-5 with this team?

    I sure as hell don’t. He has a brass set and would kick these guys in the ass and get them going or they would be cut, plain and simple.

  12. TurnThePage Says:

    Of course, the Glazers slap in the face of hiring an inexperienced boob also has earned them their due hatred from the fans.

    The Glazers are fully to blame and are 100% at fault for this Raheem disaster.

    The fans are sick of this BS. The fans hate Raheem and the Glazers FOR WELL DESERVED reasons.

  13. TurnThePage Says:

    “Now or two weeks from now, doesnt matter. Just dump the guy and start the hiring process.”

    100% agreed.

  14. Tye Says:

    SO READY for a Change….. This experiment clearly didn’t work….. Hopefully the Glazer boys learned NOT TO hire a guy that isn’t qualified or doesn’t have the game films to back up his qualifications….. Look for someone who has actually helped a team have success and the chances of him panning out as a good HC goes up greatly!

  15. flmike Says:

    In my opinion and this is just my own opinion, but we are looking at a situation that mirrors the 49ers. All they added was a malcontent receiver and a rookie LB to a club that already had some good young talent, but they jettisoned a clown of a HC and their idiot OC, brought in someone who actually understands how an offense should be run, which is “You run what you got.” We don’t have a stretch the field team we have a pound the f… out of the rock team, yet we throw 70% on first down, I was shocked, shocked I say when I saw LGB get three carries in a row to open the game Saturday night, then of course we totally abandoned the run. The real culprit here is Olson, who is enabled by Morris, the second culprit is bad defense which stems completely from our lack of offense, it’s a team sport and when one dimension ain’t working and you begin to relie on one of the other dimensions to cover for it, that dimension will eventually fail as well. Which is what we have witnessed this season. Hire someone who is offensive minded so we can get Josh back to being Josh, and bring in a FA speed/slot WR, hire a REAL DC and please through FA and the draft bring in new OLBs and a new Corner, Safeties are found in the draft more so than thru FA as teams tend to hang on to good safeties.

  16. chiodo08 Says:

    you’re right…RESET your loyalties and end your emotional investment with an ownership, a team and their media “partners” that have become pathetic off putting, creepy sniveling apologists….out of sight out of mind,,,,enjoy your holidays without the “quitters”

  17. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I will go on the record an say that Rah stays, he is told to get a new OC in which guys like Mike Sherman or James Campen will be looked at. He is also told to get a DC, someone that will replace Millard and co on the line – Jacob Burney might be a good fit.

  18. Jon in Tampa Says:

    First, thank you for indirectly referncing me in this post Joe. Proud to offer content (refreshing Explorer every moment waiting for Rah’s termination)

    Second, it is logical to wait for the end of the season. I mentioned before, no more home games. We suck bad enough to probably sell-out the away games (who wouldn’t want to pay and see your team slap the Junior Varsity squad around), Bucs fans don’t have to watch anyway. Plus, making the players finish the season with Rah is a good way to build their character. (There are two players on the 1-13 Colts that played for Marinelli’s 0-16 Lions. They are hating life.)

    Face it, we’re already a joke. Why not wait for the punchline.

  19. marcus Says:

    I think we need to keep morris for one more IF the glazers add a few vets. from free agency. These guys are young and need an offseason to fix the penalties and other mental issues. GO BUCS!!

  20. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I will state again that having him as a lame duck coach will NOT work. They either need to fire him now, at the end of the season, or give him an extension.

  21. Bobby Says:

    They will wait until the end of the season because I believe a complete coaching change is coming, with the possible exception of special teams. I don’t know if a coaching change will be the answer but after this last game I’ve come to believe that it can’t get any worse. These players need a coach whom they will hate because he scares the crap out of them but they play for him because they know if they don’t they are history. Raheem is not that guy. I like him but he has lost this team. They aren’t playing for him and I don’t think they ever will unless he becomes a consistent disciplinarian and I don’t think it’s in him. If he were, Sean Jones would not be playing because he flat out sucks and E.J. Biggers would, at the very least, be splitting time with Gaitor. Whoever is the next coach I hope he gets all up in the %%$!! of anyone who tackles with their eyes closed like some little bitch which is nearly our entire secondary other than Ronde. Anyway, I’ve seen enough…things can’t get any worse. Like I said, I like Raheem but these players don’t deserve a ‘players coach’.

  22. Garv Says:

    Change to WHAT? WHO? WHO is going to be the HC today?


    There’s NO need to do anything until after the season if they decide to.
    So give up your season tickets, the three of you who actually have them, and let me move up. Fine by me.

    What’s going to happen will happen after the season and rightfully and sensibly so.

  23. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Hey Joe, can I just express how annoying it is to spend a few minutes typing out a post and then when I hit “submit comment” it doesn’t show up? To make it more frustrating if I try and copy and paste it it says “you’ve already said that” and won’t let me try again…..

    very upsetting

  24. Troy Says:

    Buccaneers the kansas city royals of football

  25. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I wonder if anyone of the guys saying Morris should stay have season tickets? Not just season tickets, but Season “sweat your axx off in 100 degree heat and humidity just to see limited offensive effort and defense gives up 400 yards a game” Tickets.

    I will not renew my season tickets if Morris stays, I will renew if he is fired and replaced with a new HC, DC, OC and staff.

  26. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    NO ONE has earned hatred!!!!! NO ONE. This is just a sport people. Do you really think Raheem Morris all of a sudden forgot how to coach???

    God people who have watched football for less than 10 years are just idiots.

    Morris may lose his job, but if you think he is the only one responsible you don’t know football one bit. And I don’t claim to be brilliant or anything, Im just an average fan like all of you, but I know coaches don’t suddenly forget how to do it.

    Whats the worst thing that happens? we have one more year of Raheem Morris? What will you all do if we win next year? You can take this stuff back you know.

  27. eric Says:

    Sorry Joe, people aint calm.

    Were mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

    Perhaps delusional as to what might happen and when …………….but damn angry with good reason. We don’t have to be on the Glazers time table for that.

    Besides, we have been told were stockholders!

    Personally, I am on the lookout for some morsal of info/rumor that they are speaking to someone………………anyone.

  28. CC Says:

    Honestly, IMO nothing is going to change unless the Glazers sell this team. 5 years in a row we have the lowest payroll in the NFL. They are not going to be able to hire a top notch experienced HC. These guys will want to spend $$ in free agency and have control over personnel. Glazer boys won’t let that happen. Buccaneers fans are screwed.

  29. Jon in Tampa Says:

    [quote]That may be true, but if they do keep Rah and start 5-0 next yr that stadium will be jam packed the rest of the way….just the way Tampa is

    Really? So when we went 10-6 last year, everyone was happy and we were selling games out to finish the season, really? And the entire 7 month off-season will work out swimmingly and the team that quit on Rah will gel together, really?

  30. Sgt Mike Says:

    What everybody is forgetting is that what established Coordinators will want to come to a team with a lame duck coach. Knowing they will probably not be hired as the HC after the lame duck coach leaves. What coordinators in their right minds would come here unless there is some sort of stable situation for at least a couple of years. So, do we reward Rah for crap coaching with another 2 year extension just to get some coordinators to help see if the experiment will work out. Don’t think so. If it’s over it’s over. Rah will be let go after the last game along with Olsen. The only wild card here is Dominick. Depends on who they approach for HC whether he stays. Cowher or Billick may want the GM job as well. I wouldn’t be too upset to see a high profile GM come in and get a guy like Chudzinski or the guy from ATL as HC. Look for big changes to the staff during the offseason. Hopefully they do it right this time.

  31. eric Says:

    I don’t think Rah has forgotton how to coach at all.

  32. Leighroy Says:

    Eric, are we sure he even knew how to run a whole team or even a defense for that matter in the first place? He didn’t exactly develop a stellar secondary unit before getting the job now did he? I know he took that year off to DC in Manhattan, KS, but is that really were you build your pedigree to be a HC/DC in the NFL?

    We have a glorified defensive backs assistant coach playing the role of DC/HC and a glorified QB coach playing the role of OC, and it is clear that on a week in week out basis, they are being out-schemed by other coaches who have NFL pedigrees and are truly students of the game.

    Youth movement would be fine if you have great teachers. We don’t have enough people who are competent enough, veteran teamates, smart coaches, or otherwise to teach these guys and have to rely on their pure talent. It’s a recipe for disaster, and the results shouldnt be suprising to anyone in hindsight.

  33. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Maybe Dominick can get a job with Seattle after the season. THAT worked real well for our last front office personnel….LMAO!

  34. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah never knew how to coach so he couldnt forget how to.

    There is no “if” this debacle is over – although it may not be announced for 2 weeks.

    Niko – lighten up on the happy pills, maybe cut your dosage in half – Rah is an all-time disaster and embarrassment. Nobody hates Rah the man, just Rah as bucs head coach. I would love him if we could ship him to Atlanta.

    It is not fair that teams like New Orleans, NE, Pit etc get professional head coaches and we get a mumbler from the Dollar Store muttering barely understandable made-up words repeatedly.

  35. Jimmy Says:

    “It is not fair that teams like New Orleans, NE, Pit etc get professional head coaches and we get a mumbler from the Dollar Store muttering barely understandable made-up words repeatedly.”

    But making up words like a kindergarten teacher is Rah’s core belief!

    I could use a few made up words to describe RahRah’s terrible coaching but Joe would ban me.

  36. TurnThePage Says:


    Are you gonna be optimistic if we the Bucs get a new head coach?

    I am REAL curious if you are optimistic JUST BECAUSE you pull for Raheem.

    If we get a new regime and you start in on them just because you supported Raheem would definitely make you less of a fan.

    This is about the Buccaneers, NOT protecting Raheem.

  37. TurnThePage Says:

    In fact, the fans are sending a strong message that this is about the Buccaneers state of affairs, not protecting the coach, not apologizing for ownership.

  38. Horice Says:

    My, my what short memories some of you have. I remember Raheem left Tampa and the DB’s absolutely sucked, came back and immediate improvement. I’d rather listen to Rodney & Derrick talk about if the man can coach. And both say he can. Now how many of you can make the owners of your work place do anything that they don’t want to do? I remember Raheem saying on his show that he wanted Julis Peppers and a few others. Well if he was the decision maker that ALL that want him fired say he is. Where is Peppers on the sideline? My point is, it’s stupid and quite easy to point the finger at the HC. We ALL are on the outside looking in, and making some pretty heated decisions on the ins and outs of a franchise. I say Raheem will stay, and there will be changes in the AC’s. And once the wins start, I will have stayed with my tickects, but the rest of you will show up and claim that you were for him from day one.. And you’ll do it on this very site. Your just Tampa being Tampa. Glad I live across the water.

  39. Buzzsaw Says:

    This was posted elsewhere but this location is probably more appropriate for the subject:

    There is the argument that if Rah goes Dominik must go too. Or the argument that Rah should stay and Dominik should go. My argument is that it may not matter if they keep missing on draft picks and personnel. The guy that has his fingerprints all over this team and every Bucs team dating back to early Gruden years is Dennis Hickey. Regardless of who goes, I hope that ownership takes a close look at his culpability in the continuing ineptitude of the Bucs.

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I would love it if the glazers called a presser after the last game and said, “We want to put the speculation to an end. We believe in Raheem Morris and the direction he’s taking this team. We will NOT be making a change this year…except that we have extended him for 2 additional years.”

  41. Ranman Says:

    When i was young i learned quickly to always inflate my christmas wish list. Eventually i would get something on there I wanted. So here goes:

    New ownership or
    Glazers sell off Man U or
    Fire Raheem or
    Hire competent HC and Dc or
    Upgrade peraonnel including the cash needed or
    Refund me my 2011season tix for the last two thirds of the season

  42. eric Says:

    i assumed folks would know i meant he hasnt forgotten cause he never knew to start with….

  43. Sgt Mike Says:

    For the Record and Joe could probably verify this by checking old post. I Never Supported the Idea of Raheem being Head Coach but I have always supported the Bucs. Since 1977 anyway. I do not think he is a bad coach just a bad Head Coach. I didn’t support the firing of Gruden except with a clear cut plan to PROPERLY replace him. I thought that Gruden abused his use of free agency and reached on a few draft picks and he never fully developed a solid franchise QB. Regardless of who you make coach they MUST have a decent resume that shows that they are ready to be a head coach of an NFL team. Raheem did not. We waited too long to fire Gruden. They should have done it day 1 of the offseason. This left us in a crappy position to get a decent head coach and staff. The organization has failed Raheem as much as he has failed them and us. He was set up to fail. Let’s not do this again. Get a real head coach. They better be talking with folks RIGHT now to ensure we have a complete staff in place when the coaching change takes place. For the record I was not for drafting Freeman but the jury is still out. Freeman has shown me that he has what it takes and he deserves better coaching to help his continued development as our franchise QB. If Raheem stays I will still root for the Bucs but I hope they get something going soon and not a BS win streak for the last 2 will make it better for me. Go Bucs!

  44. Plbuc Says:

    We will know the Monday after the last game if the Glazers give a damn about their investment. They have never been fan friendly owners and they won’t start now. But from a purely PR standpoint, they should acknowledge their mistake and fire both HC and GM, who have proven they can draft and sign quitters and weak players who take no pride in what they do. The Bucs need several Hardy Nickersons on this team to get on track. Oh and by the way, character does mattter. This team is leaderless in so many phases and when the veterans consist of Winslow, Talib, Haynesworth, Jackson, QBlack and Hayes, enough said.

  45. Joe Says:


    I would love it if the glazers called a presser after the last game and said, “We want to put the speculation to an end. We believe in Raheem Morris and the direction he’s taking this team. We will NOT be making a change this year…except that we have extended him for 2 additional years.”

    That very well could incite a riot.

  46. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I have been refreshing my Google Chrome (Explorer Sucks) so much I have wore the paint off my F5 button.

  47. eric Says:

    Billions of people on the planet and we just have to have Morris………………………….

  48. passthebuc Says:

    Its a catch 22. If you do not fire Morris, you need to give him a vote of confidence with an extension. Now don’t get your panty hose in a twist, its simply logic. There is no decent OC or DC that would come unless they thought Morris had tenure of more than 1 year. So if they do not fire him at season’s end, you will endure another year of BS. On the Glazer’s selling the team, wishful thinking. They are planning to take Tampa to London full time in 5 or so years.

  49. passthebuc Says:

    Would the last player out of Tampa, please turn out the lights.

  50. eric Says:

    the last time the bucs had ten straight losses within a single season was 1977, second year of the franchise.

    thats 34 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And we still have a shot at the worst defensive yard per play record in league history.

    Im not sure when they started keeping that stat, but around 50 years I guess.

    Incomprehensible that anyone is upset.

  51. Patrick Says:

    I just can’t see how Raheem is gonna stay here. We need NEW offensive and defensive coordinators!! That’s pretty damn obvious. But that’s not gonna happen unless we give Rah a one year extension! And you just don’t do that, it doesn’t make sense. A contract extension is supposed to be a reward and you don’t reward a coach for a 4-12 season and going into the offseason with a 10 game losing streak. You don’t get rewarded for coaching possibly the worst defense in franchise history.

  52. Rickster Says:

    Its clear they wont fire him till after the season. They would have fired him after we lost to the jags. That loss was so embarressing. And even more so after the cowboy loss. With sanders saying the team quit on there coach, the suckiness, and continued mental mistakes, glazers cant have that.

  53. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I clean roofs for some professional athletes, and people on the inside of some well known Tampa Sports Organizations. I will share something I was recently told. A new coach has been decided on, is coming to Tampa, and Raheem will not be let go until the end of the season. This new coach that is coming is studying game film, and will be closely watching our remaining games to see what players stay, and what players go. I was also told the Glazers DO care about being competitive, and will go after free agents to make us so, next year.
    This new coach will also have final say on our draft picks, and will be free to improve our scouting department.
    I was not told the name of this new coach.

    If what this person told me is true, it means the Glazers are aware they have a problem, and are working behind the scenes to fix it.

  54. CC Says:

    @ Apple

    I hope your not making sh*t up. It sounds to good to be true. But I hope that scenario happens.

  55. Scott Says:

    Apple – I hope you are correct! Can we hope for a good Christmas Present in Tampa by the name of COWHER!

  56. MTM Says:

    If the Glazer’s keep Rah until the end of the year. They will be competing with the Dolphins, Jaguars and Chiefs for coaches and assistants. That in turn will lead to the same mess they are already in.

    Good FA’s don’t want to go to a team that has poor coaching and is always on the cheap. When was the last time a player wanted to come and play for the Buc’s. The draft picks don’t have a choice which would explain why they build through the draft. Its because they have no choice.

  57. Tye Says:

    @ Apple ~ I too hope that this is true and even more so that it is NOT some assistant of an Assistant coach junk, BUT a legitimate coach Qualified to be an NFL HC!