National Embarrassment

December 19th, 2011

“And I respect Raheem Morris with the utmost respect. But a lot of these guys has quit, man. They’ve shut this thing down. I know quit when I see quit. And quit is not disguised tonight. It’s evident they’re not mentally, physically, emotionally in this thing tonight.Deion Sanders on NFL Network at halftime of the Bucs-Cowboys game.

“And that’s bad Rich, because Raheem Morris is a good coach, and for his players to quit on him it’s not even fair.”Marshall Faulk immediately following Sanders’ comment.

Joe referenced parts of the quotes above in a post immediately following the Bucs-Cowboys game, but today Joe went back to the videotape to give you the exact words.

It was a brutal moment in the history of the franchise, getting called out on national television by a couple of Hall of Fame players.

Joe’s waiting for Raheem’s “next-man-up” theory to really show up in the form of benching players that are embarrassing the franchise. Raheem always talks about the importance of the bottom of the roster. Well, if these guys can’t see the field now, then Joe’s just going to throw his hands up in the air.

Yes, Joe realizes a guy like DE Daniel Te’O Nesheim got some snaps against Dallas and showed some life, and Joe saw Quincy Black on the field less than usual and Dakoda Watson do some good things. But Joe would like to see broader changes, including on the offensive line and the end of the Sean Jones era. Let’s see who wants to play.

31 Responses to “National Embarrassment”

  1. eric Says:

    Little late for that.

  2. Hillbilly Heaven Says:


    I am not defending the players at all, some have obviously quit but how are the players supposed to take the situation seriously when the clown in charge is joking it up with the media at his press conference?

    Yukking it up at the podium about “fancy slacks”
    What the @#$^%$?

    Every day this gets more embarassing.

  3. Buddhaboy Says:

    Players that should never see the field again
    – Sean Jones
    – Roy miller
    – Quincy Black
    – Aqib Talib
    – Myron Lewis
    – Tanard Jackson , boy has he been awful lately

    – Kellen winslow
    – Kregg Lumpkin
    – Jeff Faine

    Preston Parker on special teams, no explosion.

    Lets see some new guys, or is Rah trying to save his A__ by playing these bums.

  4. Macabee Says:

    When Deion Sanders says something I take it as comedy. The guy is little more than a court jester for the NFL network and sympathetic spokesperson for the Dallas Cowboys!!

  5. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Yea I’m a Gator Homer, but why is Sean Jones even dressings out and Ahmad Black not? Give the kid a chance. Jones quit weeks ago.

  6. aj Says:

    Talib had no effort before he left the game. Quincy had no effort. Geno Hayes was trying, but is out of position too much, but that is the team’s fault for letting Ruud go.

    To be honest, the d-line was just outplayed. They played hard, but Dallas was just better.

    Letting Ruud go was a major gaffe, I hope people can see that now. Foster is just not ready and I don’t blame him. To go from OLB to MLB as a rookie, and have to pick up the play calling, no chance. This team would have been better off with Ruud in the middle and Hayes/Foster on the outside.

    On offense, the line had poor effort. As soon as a guy makes a bad play, they all seem to fold up shop. Freeman is lost out there. He had receivers open this week, just didn’t have the moxie to let the ball go until the fourth quarter.

    Buddhaboy, TJack is actually coming along. He was actually wrapping up the other night, and has been doing a better job of getting in position. He did get slammed on the early Dallas touchdown, though.

  7. Greg Says:

    Buddhaboy, you can add Trueblood and Penn to your list as well!

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    The comments alone (including King’s One on One broadcast with Florio last night) as well as Dominick’s hiding behind those binoculars Saturday night should be enough to show Raheem the door TODAY.

    I keep hitting refresh too but no luck…;)

  9. Meh Says:

    This is why you put in an interim coach 2 losses ago.

  10. Buddhaboy Says:

    They would have put in an interim coach, but who? I was hoping for Keith Millard, someone to fire these A-holes up. This team is boring and uninspired.

    Tanard got jacked by sammy morris….

  11. Matt Says:

    The worst part of this whole thing is a bunch of people thinking that a lot of the good players we have are part of the problem when they’re not.

  12. Buddhaboy Says:

    yeah matt, name some of the players that are playing “good”. Who on this team isnt replacable? Are you confident that any of these good players wouldnt be replaced on a good team. Are you confident going forward with Josh Freeman. Are you confident going forward with Blount. Are you confident going forward with McCoy? Are you confident going forward with Winslow? Are you confident going forward with Haynesworth. Are you confident going forward with Geno Hayes, quincy black, our Middle Linebacker, our safeties, our corners, our offesive line, our receivers?

    Let me put it this way, who isnt replaceable….Since obviously these good players are playing good enough to get blown out every stinkin sunday….and saturday

  13. gotbbucs Says:

    buddhaboy, good players and bad players alike both need to be put in the right situations to make plays. i saw roy miller dropped into zone coverage more than once saturday night. if that doesnt tell you some of the story then nothing will.

  14. Nick Says:

    Not for nothin’, but the defensive series right after those comments produced a sack fumble defensive score by the “quitters”. And the offense produced a TD. I cant agree with those two analysts

  15. Buddhaboy Says:

    Yeah, the jags offense produced a bunch of touchdowns too. Doesnt mean they are keepers

  16. Tye Says:

    “Every day this gets more embarassing!”

    No truer words have been spoken…. I understand everyone has a right to their own opinion and that’s fine, I get that, BUT for Morris to have the supporters he does have to me says they are his fans FAR more THAN BUCS FANS… Morris is turning this org. into a laughing stock, in my opinion of course!

  17. knucknbuc Says:

    Jones shouldve been off the field weeks ago same with trueblood hes sucked for as long as Jones had this season. Right after the saints win. These guys show no effort and no heart. O yea and Faine 2 should be benched hes not only a scrub of a center hes an a-hole too. Zuttah should play his natural position center and larsen should get back in at lg. Jones should be put to 4th string behind tjack,black, lynch. Demar dotson should be starting at rt. (idc if davin joseph gets pissed or not with his BFF getting benched.) Talib should be on IR get gaitor on the field. Black should be on the bench for watson. Teo’neisham should be on the field for hayes. Make these changes morris, I know your not gonna be around next year but these guys might even help you win at least they have something to play for.

  18. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Thing is, of all the players to show up last week, Black and Miller were two of them. Not saying Either should be kept but it is befuddling that they would be two of the few that stepped up for this game.

  19. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Has Ahmad Black even seen the field? I can’t imagine him being worse than the current safeties we have. Also what track record does Marshall Faulk go with to say Raheem is a good coach. Good DB coach maybe but good overall coach? Mmmmmm no I don’t think so. Not for my NFL team. Still Yangry in Melbourne!!!!!

  20. crazy Says:

    IF Raheem survives this year it will likely be because the Glazers recognize there is not enough depth on the bench to pull the slackers. Until ownership decides they’ve found a better captain for this s(t)inking pirate ship we’re stuck with this crewe.

  21. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    Crazy….that’s CRAZY

    The effort and roster is the way it is – that’s the reason why you pull the plug.
    Do you want to add another crop of rookies and infect them with this attitude?

  22. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @NickinMelbourne Ahmad Black has played 3 snaps this year. Nothing happened of his significance on any of them.

  23. Patrick Says:


    Agree with your list……but we need to keep Winslow and Jackson. Do you just want MORE and more holes on this team when you know that we never replace anyone? We still haven’t replaced Brooks, still haven’t surely replaced Sapp yet, and it looks like this team just wants Barber around until he’s 50.

    Remember…. we have a GM that replaced Cadillac with cheap Kregg Lumpkin. I remember before the season when Dom mentioned Lumpkin on an NBC sports interview and how much they liked him. lol great example of how big of a joke we’ve become.

  24. Matt Says:


    My point wasn’t necessarily that your list was terrible, just that some players are going to be unfairly blamed.

    From your list, I’d keep Winslow, Jackson, Lewis (as a 4th CB). Talib, I’d keep until we can find someone better than him. Remember, Ronde is likely gone.

    Okay, who should stay?

    On offense: Freeman, Blount, Joseph, Penn, Williams, Benn, Briscoe should stay. I’d be open to them replacing Zuttah, Faine, Trueblood, and Lorig. Winslow probably stays, but we need to find his replacement, and I doubt it’s Stocker.

    On defense: Bowers, Bennett, Price, McCoy, and Clayborn should all stay on the DL. I’m okay with Miller if he’s the 4th DT. Foster should stay at LB. Jackson should stay, but needs to re-learn how to tackle. We definitely need some corners and OLBs.

  25. gcarr Says:

    Elbert Mack
    Kregg Lumpkin
    Both gave up on blocks and assignments bench.
    K2 was seen dancing and acting like a tard when they were down 31 facing 3rd and long during a tv timeout. Cut him

  26. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I saw those comments. How embarassing is it when your city’s HC gets called out. Joe what you didnt say, was the Sanders led off with “our booth is right by the Buccaneer sideline and you can tell this team has already quit……”
    So this has quit since London, and why is it that the Colts or Panthers haven’t quit? Because of the coach.

  27. Patrick Says:


    Get rid of Miller he’s horrible. We need to find good veteran depth at DT because we can’t count on McCoy and Price to stay healthy. Keep Haynesworth and sign the best moderate priced DT in free agency.

  28. UK_Buc Says:

    If nothing else, at least this means we should be able to get Luke Kuechly in the draft…..

  29. bucsguy Says:

    @ UK_Buc zi couldnt agree more now we can bring in Luke Kuechly then we can move foster to outside and cut black because he maybe the worst player on this terrible team we all root for every weekend.

  30. sandbagrudy Says:

    When you say a person quit you have to ellaborate on that more these players quit who quit and indicate the plays they quit on. They concentrated on the Tebow and Brady game in the halftime reportas analists you should have answers of how a team can overcome a deficit not make blanket statements as the whole team quit. So Falk Sanders what should they do not come back out for second half. Falk must still be suffering from the rock bottom that Sapp gave him a few years back.Sanders and Irvin are Dallas homers and Eisen is just a simple joke a jock sniffer if you will. Faulk has some pretty good insight usually but took the pack mentality on this broadcast and jumped on the quit statement and ran with it.

  31. Chris Says:

    I would say half this roster needs to be purged if you are going to fire the entire coaching staff. Grown men quit on their job, they don’t have what it takes to be winners.