Evaluate Quincy Black

December 25th, 2011

The comrades at BSPN are serving up highlights of the Panthers’ two biggest plays in the video below:

Watch the first play and tell Joe whether or not you see Quincy Black give up on the play too early. Also, feel free to comment on the second play when Quincy Black is in the hole but can’t get a finger on Cam Newton.

32 Responses to “Evaluate Quincy Black”

  1. Micronole Says:

    Black got a big pay raise and basically checked out. Dom blew this one big time and I’m sure the Glazers have noticed.

  2. Patrick Says:

    This just in: Mark Dominick signs Sean Jones to a 5 yr, $25 million dollar contract extension.

  3. Bucfanjeff Says:

    Our LB corp is soft, except Foster and Watson.
    I tell my wife every game to watch the opposing team run outside on us. It’s an easy 5+ yards.

  4. Pete422 Says:

    You can’t even tell Black is even in the game when watching a Bucs game.

  5. j lynch Says:

    Bring back Leftwitch broken arm and all another doosie!!! Hows old Sabby the goat doing????

  6. Aldo Says:

    i think Mason Foster and Dekosa Watson are keepers, if for some reason we cant land morris clayborne, please bring luechly from boston college, move foster to Will and use Watson at Sam, i will be fine with him

  7. SteveK Says:

    His wallet must be weighing him down.

  8. Jon Says:

    All of our LB’s suck and are quiting,including Foster. We definitly need to draft OLB’s this draft,and secondary help also is a must.And some fast players wouldnt hurt.

  9. Deputy Buc Says:

    im content with watson foster and heyward (not that they should all be starters but all are servicable) but we certainly need to add more to the LB corp.

  10. holymoly Says:

    Another high priced waste of money . Black is just waiting for offseason to start spending the money he stole from the Bucs .

  11. Brandon Says:

    Black didn’t give up on the deep play, he got cut off by the Bucs player being blocked and slowed down.

    As for not getting a finger on Newton, the same could be said about the other 10 guys supposedly on the field.

    As for those ignoramuses that think Mason Softer is any better than any of the other LBs on the roster… Uhhh, big mistake. He sucks too… only instead of just being soft, he’s also slow. The only LB on our roster that has played decently is Dakoda Watson. He has been the only one that routinely makes plays when in the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the lone holdover when the new regime (Lovie?) takes over.

  12. Macabee Says:

    We didn’t need tape in the 15th game of the season to tell us what we already know about Quincy Black! Which leads me to the 16th game of the season – we should pull all of our starters for that game. The Falcons are going to pull theirs. Only two things can happen in that game and they’re both bad. Their 2nd team embarrasses our 1st team or our 1st team beats their 2nd team in a meaningless game and we mess up a good draft position!

  13. TurnThePage Says:

    Oh well, since its Quincy Blacks fault, we may as well make him the Barrett Ruud and give Raheem another chance for 2012.

  14. scott Says:

    Give up? Hate to say is but watch Ronde on that first play…Everyone’s giving up

  15. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Ronde wasn’t trying either.

  16. mpmalloy Says:

    On the second play it looked like he ran to where Newton WAS
    not where Newton was GOING TO BE.

    (i.e. he took a very bad angle……but what do I know, right?)

  17. Garv Says:

    We were 4-2? This team of quitters stealing paychecks?
    It borders on the criminal. Well……….close.

    Happy New Year!!!

  18. upthegut Says:

    Here is a marketing suggestion to the Glazers. Send a letter to all 2011 season ticket holders. Admit the team provided little, if any entertainment value. Then, to win back the fan base, build loyalty and start to populate the stadium provide the same tickets to the 2012 season free of charge to anyone who will pay for 2013 now!

  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    I will be absolutely disgusted if that clown Dominick is this teams GM next season. If I see that smug piece of crap holding the press conference explaining why he had Raheem executed I will actually throw up. He brought back this clown Quincy Black, while providing him an outrageous amount of money. We can go on and on and on about this guys mistakes. You get the point. If Raheem goes, then the guy who provided the mess for him to coach has to go as well.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Okay, my new choice for Head Coach. Rod Marinelli, DC Chicago Bears.

    After watching the Bears get beat on by the Pack and missing the Playoffs, it could be Lovie’s time to go, but I doubt it. I know Rod had a bad spell in Detroit, but he knows defense and with a good OC, I think Rod would bring the type of discipline the Bucs need. Norv Turner could be the OC and leave Dominick in place.

  21. eric Says:

    You mean you don’t like the little weasals condoscending/pithy attitude?

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    Oh, C’mon… it’s NOT the Players!!! Quincy Black isn’t the problem, it’s the coach. We have great talent!

    Or at least that’s what everyone keeps saying.

    So, let me ask… who wants to keep Geno Hayes as a starter?
    EJ Biggers? Sean Jones? Jeremy Trueblood? Jeff Faine? Jeremy Zuttah? Erik Lorig?

    How about we go a different direction… Who thinks we have all the RBs we need, or that we have enough speed at RB? How about at WR? Do we have enough speed there? Do we have TEs that everyone is happy with?

    Thomas… are you happy with our DTs?

    Remember to be careful when you answer… because it’s not the players, it’s the coaching….

  23. eric Says:

    Yep lousy talent, lousy coaching, lousy plan.

    Not a good football man to be found at One Buc Place IMO.

    Tent the place and start anew.

  24. Brain Says:


    You’re still defending Quincy Black, and you think Foster is soft? Cognitive dissonance is strong with you.

  25. Joe Says:


    Okay, my new choice for Head Coach. Rod Marinelli, DC Chicago Bears.

    You mean, 0-16 Rod Marinelli???

    Might as well keep Raheem. At least he had a winning season (once).

  26. CC Says:

    Reality check to scouting dept. There is only 1 maybe 2 players on the defense who would be starters anywhere in the NFL.

  27. scott Says:

    You know what I see in that video? Biggers is an idiot or completely unaware of what is going on around him. There is no one behind him yet he jumps to play the ball. Had he turned to make the tackle instead that would of been a long pass play but not a touchdown.

    Assuming of course he actually made the tackle.

  28. Bucs Babe Says:

    My favorite argument is the one that says if we get new coaches they will have to rebuild this team and that will take years, you know learning a new regime and all…. opposed to sticking to this “plan” since the guys are already familiar with it…lol what a joke I hope we hire a great defensive mind and get things back to the way they were around here.

  29. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Fire Dominick and everyone under him. Talent level is not where it should be and coaches can not coach. Need to play defense again, Raheem’s team is like watching a train wreck.

  30. raphael Says:

    Jimmy Johnson for GM and HC. fire everybody

  31. eric Says:

    Looks like Norv Turner will be available, plus his GM.

  32. Garv Says:

    Well……..a week from now will be more interesting than this week.
    What a waste of time. At least it’s not another home game to waste gas on getting to.

    It’s come to this. A team that has quit on it’s HC, it’s fans, the people who pay them and themselves. SOME of the players still care. I saw that in Freeman. At least we still have a QB to build around.

    Happy New Year!!!