Did The Packers Save Raheem Morris’ Job?

December 26th, 2011

The popular rule of thumb from those in the know locally is if the Bucs and embattled Bucs coach Raheem Morris closed the season on a 10-game losing streak, it would mark the end of the Raheem Morris Era with the Bucs.

Of course, that is not set in stone, but some believe Morris could save his bacon with a win over the Dixie Chicks next week.

Well, Morris got a boost last night when, with a Packers win, the Dixie Chicks secured a playoff berth. When the Bucs play at Atlanta next week, Joe would be shocked if Matty Ice, Julio Jones, Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez play more than a quarter, if at all, as they would have a playoff game six or seven days later in the first round.

With many of the Falcons stars being rested, it just may open the door for the Bucs to rally and win, in turn saving Morris’ job, theoretically.

So should Morris be sending late-Christmas presents to Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers?

62 Responses to “Did The Packers Save Raheem Morris’ Job?”

  1. TurnThePage Says:

    Would this be considered finishing strong?

  2. Jake Says:

    It won’t take the Atlanta starters more than a quarter to put the game away! Bye Rah, better luck with your next job.

  3. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    You are out of your mind. 9 straight non-competitive games in a row – and squeaking out a meaningless week 17 win against a team protecting its players for the playoffs – could save his job?

    That is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard.

    This head coach is the WOAT.

    These players play as if they believe that their coaching is worthless and they go out and do their own thing outside of the system.

    There is a disease of hideous coaching that has infected the roster, keeping this WOAT will merely encourage the players that horrible performance is tolerated and will discourage every buc fan by showing that these owners don’t care about performance.

    Surgically remove this cancer. Now. It doesn’t matter who the replacement is, you could not possible do worse – yes Rod Marinelli would be HUGE improvement.

  4. raphael Says:

    from what I’ve seen,the Bucs still won’t win !

  5. passthebuc Says:

    Not much to write about today, huh Joe.

  6. TurnThePage Says:

    Thomas, now it’s time for a reality dose for you man. If Raheem gets fired, you do realize that you can’t take credit right?

    The reason is, Raheem Morris manufactured this losing streak better than anyone could have written it. No one thought that the team would have just unraveled like this. I mean the Bucs gave up 48 in 3 quarters against a 5-9 team. The panthers felt so dang sorry for the Bucs that they basically just ran up the gut for the rest of the game. Even joe mentioned that the Bucs were giving up 11 yards per play before the Panthers shut it down because they felt sorry for Raheem Morris.

    Raheem has earned this all on his own Thomas. You wont be able to take credit for this.

    On the other hand… Who cares, so long as Raheem is out of One Buc Place.

  7. Macabee Says:

    Too little too late! A win here is not going to save Morris’ job unless the Glazers never intended to replace him and at this point I seriously doubt that. Only two things can happen in this game and they’re both bad. Their 2nd team embarrasses our 1st team or our 1st team beats their 2nd team in a meaningless game and we mess up a good draft position!

  8. Bobby Says:

    Joe, I have defended Rhaeem all year but I really don’t see him keeping his job. The team just has not looked ready to play for too many games. Talent is one thing…you have to work with what you have but you can at least come up with a way to motivate the players to play with maximum effort. Raheem seems unable to do this. I don’t think an offseason will fix this. I think we need a much stricter coach that will demand effort from his players or they won’t be playing in a Buccaneer uniform. Right now they are just pathetic and really hard to watch. I’ve quit watching too many games this year because they were so agonizing. We need a change.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    he better hope ownership has the shortest term memory on earth then. damage is done, it’s time for a totally new mind set in that building. i really dont know if there should be any holdovers anymore on the staff or front office.

  10. passthebuc Says:

    I have been a Buc Fan since arriving in Tampa, 25 years ago. I painfully cheered through the Bukko Bruce era with some disdain but went to games and hoped. I don’t know if its this team or old age but I would rather cut the grass on Sunday. I can stand loosing if the game is competitive, but a lazy, sloppy, i’ll just cash my check and go home attitude, is probably not the way to keep my attention.

  11. Captain Stagger Says:

    So silly of Joe to think we could beat Atlanta’s scrubs…..

  12. Brandon Says:

    Actually, I think the loss further cements Raheem leaving. Lovie Smith has lost 5 in a row and could very well be heading out of Chicago… and that puts hiim #3 on my wish list behind Reid (if/when he gets fired) and Jeff Fisher. Though it is true that Ryan, Gonzales, White and Turner may not likely play for long against the Bucs, it’s also very unlikely that the rest of the Falcons are going to roll over for us. Playing in Atlanta, while being given a 14 point spot by the 1st string stars, the Falcons still aren’t very likely to lose this one. They don’t want to go into the playoffs having lost 2 in a row.

  13. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    If Bucs would win 75-0 It can not possibly save Raheem. Horrible play is not rewarded. Coaches get fired when team sucks.

  14. TurnThePage Says:

    If the Glazers bring Raheem back… The fan anger would go away real quick only to be replaced by fan apathy or fan ridicule.

  15. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Jacksonville had 27 players on injured reserve and bitch-slapped us up and down the field. Atlanta resting their starters will make no difference. Atlanta’s 3rd string will play with more heart than our starters.

  16. Rich Says:

    It is columns like this that can lose one readership. The pom pom rah rah attitude of Joe and others makes me understand why Tampa is a small town po dunk, red neck market.

  17. Aceofaerospace Says:

    The only way we beat Atlanta is if they intentionally throw the game to try to save Raheem’s job. That wouldn’t be a bad strategic move for Atlanta, after all, they would probably love having the 2 extra bye weeks next season.

  18. james from dunedin Says:

    I don’t see how Rah could possibly survive the epic failure. This team is very close to one of the worst EVER in Bucs history.

  19. TurnThePage Says:


    Your line of thinking scares the living beJesus out of me!

    Stop that right now.

    Please don’t give Atlanta any ideas.

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    Maybe next year every team can rest their starters just to make the games closer.

  21. eric Says:

    I could see the Glazer boys doing something like that. I remember how they burst into celebration when the bucs beat the saints at end of 2009.

    Who knows what these people are thinking. Any excuse, no matter how flimsy, could be used to keep the cheap payroll in place.

    Im also concerned that they will keep Mark “weasal” Dominik.

    Huge mistake.

  22. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s not just about wins and loses; it’s about having a plan and direction. There is no identity on either side of the ball. There is no structure in how the team goes about it’s business and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What would be the argument as to why the Bucs would bring Raheem back? There isn’t even a plan in place to turn this mess around! Even Barber is shrugging his shoulders!

  23. canadianbuc Says:

    WE LOST TO THE JAGUARS 41-14 thats right they scored 41 points on us!!!!!!!! NUFF SAID. Starters or not this game is going to be……..ummm how do i say it? ITS GOING TO BE HILARIOUS TO SEE RAHS FACE AFTER THE GAME JUST KNOWING HES GONE!!!!

  24. DailyRich Says:

    If Atlanta wins out and the Lions lose next week at Green Bay, Atlanta can move up to the 5th seed and avoid going to New Orleans in the first round. Not that they’ll kill themselves to do it, but they definitely have a reason to play this game for real.

  25. Buddhaboy Says:

    Joe I cant believe u had the audacity to write this.

  26. justin Says:

    if you are being serious about this article wow 9 straight losing games with players showing no heart but if we beat atl in the last week with there starters resting it could save raheem job this has to be a joke, joe why do you always stick up for raheem he is not a good head coach look at his record and how his players play for him when his job is on the line

  27. Brian Says:

    damn joe, you have some feisty commenters lately.

  28. eric Says:

    Hard to believe the Glazer boys would ignore the “stockholders”…………..but they would be given cover by some local media hacks who look so ignorant for having run Jon out of town and crowed the virtues of the “plan”.

    Led by a particularly loud blabbermouth.

    Heck it took one of the most epic collapses in league history for any of them to even start questioning Rah/Dom…………..and many still don’t – or simply refuse to admit it.

    This aint a done deal – not by a longshot. Any excuse will be utilized…………OTA………….lockout……………youth………….injuries…………schedule……………..dont wanna distrupt Free………….gonna be like Chuck Noll………………etc. etc. etc.

  29. BucsnBeer Says:

    You really think we can beat the falcons’ backups? I’m not sure we’ve been watching the same games..

  30. SteveK Says:

    Win, Lose, or Draw Raheem is dead meat.

    Hecan take his talents back to Big 12 L

  31. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Rich — You might want to work on your reading skills. Joe is merely posing a hypothetical, not cheerleading.

  32. BamBamBuc Says:

    Because nobody has answered the question, I’ll ask again. When they hire a new coach, will you be happy with us starting guys like

    Quincy Black
    Geno Hayes
    Sean Jones
    EJ Biggers
    Jeremy Trueblood
    Jeff Faine
    Zuttah, Lorig, etc, etc

    Seriously, in an effort to make a case to fire a coach that has had a horrible run this year, nobody wants to point the finger at all at these players. Don’t you think the case against the coach is strong enough that you can point at him AND these players? You can blame Dom if you want, but look at the list and count how many were his guys and when we got them… We’re still cleaning house from a few years ago…

  33. Bobby Fenton Says:

    If the Falcons lose to New Orleans tonight, they will need a win next week (and a DET loss @ GB) to secure the 5-seed instead of the 6-seed. That’s significant because as the 5 you’d play at Dallas or NYG instead of at NO or SF. I bet Atlanta is still trying next week.

  34. eric Says:

    Joe(s) are pretty much done giving Rah a pass.

    But still clinging hard to their “guy” the rock star………………………………..and the “core young talent”.

    No negative posts about him. Only bad coaching. Just cant be bad managing also.

    Not by the great Mark Dominik.

  35. Garv Says:

    Sorry Joe, but this is a ridiculous piece.
    Type about a meaningless game!

    THIS is the game that should have been sent to Europe. Less important than a pre-season game. LOL

  36. k_bassuka Says:

    I don’t see him staying, but I just hope the team fires Olson first and let someone else run the offense that way we know if Freeman is the answer or not b4 is too late. The fact that they haven’t done so tells me that they are planning on keeping Rah; they already know who’s going to take over and that future coach likes him as a QB; they will make it a condition to the future coach to build around him; or they’re retarded…

    Defense sucks, but then again I expected that to be the case (maybe not to this extent), but an offense that can’t score not even on garbage time can’t be tolerated, especially after spending all that money on the OL.

  37. Garv Says:

    As bad as the offense has been, the defense is worse IMO. It’s just awful, as bad as the 1976 team. They cannot tackle, cover or prevent scoring. Not good, flat out embarrassing.

    OK, I guess we’re all repeating ourselves but the Royal’s HAVE to hear this and do something about it. I imagine the season ticket renewals due last week MIGHT be kind of sort of down. Well…………………………..?

    Happy New Year!!!

  38. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric — Here’s a hypothetical for you. What’s the Bucs’ record if they’re well coached this year?

    Is it Dominik’s fault the Bucs ran Blount five times on opening day and then the coaches came out and said we got away from the running game despite touting themselves as a run-first team?

    Is the lack of discipline with penalties Dominik’s fault? The team was not penalized much in 2010.

    Is Dominik to blame for the Bucs not using a slant pass for many weeks after it worked so well last year? Are we to believe the Bucs offense became woefully inept because of despite having more health along the offensive line and more experience at the skill positions. This was a confident, effective, top 10 offense for the second half of 2010.

    Is it on Dominik that the Bucs have collectively mailed it in?

    Joe could go on. The point is the coaching has failed this team far more than the GM. Sure, Dominik gets rightful blame for his free agent failures, Kregg Lumpkin, etc. But if Joe’s assigning blame at this season’s collapse, the lion share percentage has to fall on coaching.

  39. Bucnjim Says:

    Bam Bam,

    These are the same players who won 10 games last year! They weren’t a 10 win team because the ball really bounced their way, but you need a new coach to come in and due a real evaluation on the talent to see who stays and who goes. A new coach may be able to get the best out of SOME of these players. Of course we know what the outcome will be for a couple of them.

  40. MTM Says:

    Man U saved Raheem’s job. The fact the Glazwhores have invested enough capitol in Man U. The Glazers are going to spend as little as possible. It has been this way for years now. Marinelli would be a huge upgrade. At least the defense would be better.

  41. Chiman Says:

    THe Glazer bashing is so misguided. Yeah, they’re so focused on money they’ve decided they can make more cash having a crappy football team with plummeting local revenue.

  42. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    So when the Bucs lose to the Dirty Birds bench, on the flexed nationally televised game, that will seal the deal on Morris’ firing. Until, of course, the media know it alls in this town start making excuses again about why he should be given another chance. Tell you what, if the Shelton’s, Romano’s, Cumming’s and Kaufman’s of this world had to pay for their press passes, then maybe they would come out and state firmly that Morris should be relieved and another coach should be given the job.
    Bad football, joe. Bad coaching.

  43. BamBamBuc Says:

    eric – Look at most of the players that fans are complaining about and tell me why Dom takes the hit? Quincy Black? Geno Hayes? Jeff Faine? Jeremy Trueblood? None of these guys were Dom’s guys. He just hasn’t had a chance to replace them yet.

    Sean Jones was brought in as a stop gap replacement for the oft injured Jermaine Phillips. Biggers and Lorig were just 7th round longshots.

    Sure, Dom’s missed on a few. Myron Lewis was a waste. We still aren’t sure what we have in Price and McCoy.

    It’s not like Dom hasn’t tried to address areas the “fans” cried out were “needs”. He brought in the “best” RB of the 09 FA class, it just didn’t work out. He let Ruud walk because the fans were screaming for his head (not that it helped our D to be without him). I think his biggest mistake was letting Caddy walk, but that may have been Caddy’s choice. I’m guessing he wanted to go somewhere he felt he’d get more playing time, although Steven Jackson has been mostly healthy this year and that didn’t work out.

    Dom’s guys are Freeman, GMC, Price, Benn, Williams, Grimm, Watson, Clayborn, Bowers, Foster, Stocker. Even Koenen and Blount. Has he missed on a few? Yeah, but what GM never misses on a pick or FA? Bennett hasn’t been bad as DE depth/starter.

    Hot head Talib wasn’t Dom’s guy. Neither was Pot head Jackson. I’d guess that next year we may have only a couple guys left from the 08 team, if that. Probably keep Penn and Joseph around, but who else? Would you rather have Michael Clayton back? He was cut just as soon as we had new WRs that could drop the ball just as easily as he could. But Benn and Williams have a chance to get better.

  44. Fire Rah! Says:

    In a real world(team) the Packers just secured Rahs leaving. This team can not beat any NFL team backups or not. Atlanta is going to roll us up up and have a last smoke heading in to the already clinched playoffs. Looking at Jville beating us 41-14 and Atlanta beating them 41-14 you do the math. Sorry Bucs!!!

  45. Brain Says:

    If we win this game it shows how pathetic the Bucs are…can’t even succeed at losing and getting a top draft pick. Beating the Falcons would likely cost us 3+ draft slots and could be the difference between Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick…ugh. Raheem should show some consideration for the new regime and tank the game on purpose.

    But I agree with the others who said that we’ll lose the game even if they play their backups. We’ve been getting blown out 30+ points to losing teams, so who’s to say we won’t lose double digits to backups?

  46. Bucfan34 Says:

    NO!! If we beat the Birds, we lose the 4th pick!!!! That would be catastrophic!!!

  47. Bobby Says:

    When the coaching changes there will be plenty of changes in the Bucs locker room as well. Black and Hayes….gone. Sean Jones….gone. Biggers….gone. To be honest….T.J. will have to work to assure a starting job. Talib….gone to jail or…. gone. That’s just on defense. Who knows what will happen on offense. We have a lot of holes to fill but I still believe good coaching can get a lot more out of some of these players than we’ve seen. I just want to see a coaching staff that demands effort and starts to bench players that don’t give maximum effort. Win or lose…I’m a Bucs fan, but I expect players to play with an intensity that justifies their salaries.

  48. Rob in Orlando Says:

    @ Rich, You don’t like this website. Go somewhere else and stop criticizing and making your generalizations about a community you obviously know nothing about. I lived in Tampa for 15 years before moving to Orlando 15 years ago. I’ve always been a diehard Buc fan and don’t appreciate people like yourself that spew venom and make idiotic comments. Go back to wherever it is you came from and don’t cheer for the Bucs, we don’t want or need you.

  49. Bucnnole Says:

    Paraphrasing what my man Alvin Mack said the great early 90’s movie “The Program”, “Fire em’ all, let the paramedics sort em’ out”.

  50. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    It would be just like Raheem not only to ruin a season, but then proceed to ruin a good draft slot as well with a last minute win. This is the worst season ever and it only gets worse with a meaningless victory. That would be the rotten cherry on top of this damn fiasco.

  51. Rob in Orlando Says:

    @ Chiman. The “Cheapster bashing” is not misguided. The Cheapsters pay Raheem the same amount that some defensive or offensive coordinators on real contenders make. You get what you pay for. Not only will the Cheapsters have to pay an experienced head coach handsomely to come here, they will want high priced experienced assistants which will cost a lot more than what they are paying now. Also, we have to spend money on quality, high salary free agents to improve quickly and provide veteran leadership and on the field training for our numerous younger players who desperately need help. Why don’t you see how far the Bucs have been under the salary cap over the last few years and then come back with your comments about the Cheapster bashing being out of line. The truth hurts. Trouble is, the Cheapsters may not to pay for a winner any longer.

  52. Fire Rah! Says:

    We should be careful, our owners sons may just promote from within…again. LOL I think I’m starting to go crazy. Looking forward to the offseason.

  53. eric Says:

    we have virtually no playmakers on either side of the ball .

    they showed some flash in 2010 but have been totally exposed . a good gm builds a team to last more than one stinking seasons! cmon joe!

    nine in a row!

    rah is no good but no way is that roster put together by dom any good either.
    heck everybody has a few good players. its the nfl!

  54. Paul Says:

    Glazer’s aren’t that stupid. They’ll know the difference from a win against 3rd string and starters.

  55. Snook Says:

    Chris Redman, Harry Douglas, Jason Snelling and the rest of Atlanta’s 2nd teamers will POUND the Bucs on Sunday. No doubt.

    I still look for a 30+ point Falcon win.

    The Bucs are a JOKE. And we have Raheem to thank for it.

  56. eric Says:

    Never underestimate Glazer stupidity.

    “we said we were thinking longterm and we meant it”

    I can still see em high fiving Rah and Dom at a press conference. After all, those guys may lose a lot, but they have saved them a boatload of money!

  57. Mark Says:

    Settle down folks. Raheem is not going anywhere. Bringing in a new coach and new coaching staff is a big investment. Maybe they hire a new OC or DC or promote fro within. From a business perspective it doesn’t make sense. Same goes for spending big on free agents.

    The new TV deal brings in plenty of cash. Sure selling tickets is great but the TV deal is so good that Ray J could be empty and the team is STILL profitable. In 2013 they will have to spend to within 10% of the cap but they will still be doing well. So why invest more money than you need to. Take your money at run baby. It’s the American way. Come on people. The Glazers don’t care about you and what you want. From a business perspective it doesn’t matter.

    So Joe being a fan and a journalist will write all of this stuff about coaching change and blah blah blah but in the end it’s just hot air. That’s no knock on Joe. It’s just reality.

  58. Dan Says:

    that and the fact that we played really well against the packers.

  59. bucswin Says:

    Premature article. If the Falcons win tonight, they still have a chance to win the division.


    The Saints haven’t clinched the NFC South yet. But for the Falcons to win the division and clinch a home playoff game, they would have to win in the Superdome and again next week over Tampa Bay, then hope New Orleans loses its finale against Carolina. In that scenario, the Falcons would be the NFC’s No. 3 seed and host a first-round game against Detroit. As a wild card, the Falcons would travel to either the NFC East winner (Dallas or New York) if they’re the fifth seed, or New Orleans or San Francisco if they’re the the sixth seed (which ever opponent had the lesser record).

  60. FlBoy84 Says:


    Other than Black, Hayes, Biggers, Jones, and Lumpkin, I’d take the remaining players the team has on the roster. If Dominik can upgrade the LB, DB and backup RB spots, this team (if properly coach) can win games. They won’t go undefeated, but I believe they could win enough to sniff a playoff birth.

  61. jeff Says:

    Raheem morris ant the ownership just went to far with this youth movement you need leaders not cheerleaders you cant have young players at every position and not to bring back rudd and caddy was wrong and now the fans have to pay the price the offence is very predictable and its not hard to load up the box and stop the run when you have a o play caller is just not an nfl coach the leauge is a passing leauge and the lions were happy to get ridd of trhis gut come on man.

  62. BamBamBuc Says:

    FlBoy – you’re putting a LOT of faith in a O-line that hasn’t exactly blocked very well. Trueblood is the worst of the bunch. He can block… if the defender runs into him. He can’t move his feet to save Freeman’s life. Blount rarely has a hole to run through and repeatedly has to bounce another direction. They’ve had a few good runs when they pull a guard, but WAY too few to call the O-line good at run blocking.

    I think the team still has players with potential that I’d keep around to see what they can do, but they need MANY upgrades.

    eric – Who on the roster needs to go first? Other than Myron Lewis, it’d be tough to name a guy taken in the top half of the draft by Dom that should go before guys that were already here like Black and Trueblood. Yeah, Dom gave them an extension, so they’re his guys now. Either that or they were just holding them for one more season until they could replace those roster spots too.