Did The Bucs Damage Tampa Bay’s Holiday Spirit?

December 25th, 2011

Today, Christmas, is supposed to be the day of peace and goodwill towards fellow man.

The way Bucs fans have developed a vile distaste for embattled coach Raheem Morris, Joe is guessing the previous sentence doesn’t apply to many locally when referencing Morris.

But NFL.com blogger Jenna Laine believes the curb-stomping the Bucs were delivered at the hands of the stinking Panthers has far-reaching social ramifications for the holidays.

@JennaLaineBucs: In a show of hands, please tell me how many Bucs fans, due to yesterday’s events, are too hung over to be around children today?

In a Twitter post last night, Laine — not an alcohol drinker in the sense that Joe is — confessed to slugging down two glasses of wine to help recover from the sight of that beatdown.

Joe will admit he had to throw down several pints last night to numb himself. As to Laine’s initial question, Joe finds it difficult to be around children sober much less hungover, so no, Joe is not hungover today.

12 Responses to “Did The Bucs Damage Tampa Bay’s Holiday Spirit?”

  1. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Glennfiddich mended my broken heart last night.

  2. Buzzsaw Says:

    Fresh report out of CNN: Seven people were found shot to death Sunday inside a Grapevine, Texas, apartment, police said.

    Authorities responded to the address “in reference to a 911 open line,” Grapevine police said in a statement.

    On an unrelated note, has anyone seen Talib today.

  3. Raheemstinks Says:

    god I am hung over

  4. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The Buc’s have not broken my holiday spirit because every day that passes, we get closer to ending this horrible experiment on the good people of Tampa.
    HOW the Glazer’s ever bought into this crap is beyond me.
    One thing is for sure, with Raheem’s imminent dismisal, I think a LOT of inside chit is gonna come out. I am sure there are some stories about what is really going on with the team, that just beg to be told.

  5. TurnThePage Says:

    I had a fantastic holiday.

    I come here to vent a little about how retarded the 3 stooges are for putting us in this mess all in the name of pocketing an extra few million.

    In fact, the Glazers are at fault for putting Raheem through this mess. Raheem is gonna be stronger from this experience though… and in future interviews, his experience will carry good weight. A loss for the fans equated to a win for Raheems career long term and a win for Ebenezers evil offspring pockets.

  6. Architek Says:

    The Bucs are running any fans they do have off. No one outside of St Pete cares about these losers and quitters.

  7. chiodo08 Says:

    …that’s why you’re more important than you think Joe…letting us snark is healthy….

    …that being said all the Bucs did for me is liberate my Sunday…sure I casually glance and shake my head…these aren’t “my Bucs” so it’s beyond easy to “do something else”…

    “My Bucs” dragged it out to the street and put the other team on notice…even when they lost. With a level of discipline that smothered the other team…

    “My Bucs” had a plan and the brains to absorb it…

    “My Bucs” had ownership with enthusiasm that had an understated class that either hid their greed well or were actually in the pit with the football team….

    …all I know is I can easily walk away from an organization that has taken this community for granted on EVERY level….

    Will I still love the Bucs?…sure…however I love not getting ripped off more….

  8. Rich Says:

    I’m with Apple Roof Cleaning on this one. There has to be something terribly wrong in the locker room that we don’t know about. How does a team start so strong and continue to lose so disgustingly? I’ve tried hard to justify defending Rah, but I’ve also heard first hand accounts of him being an absolute belligerent jerk in public. Did he violate the players some how in London? Maybe? Possibly? The obviously don’t want to play for him…..

  9. canadianbuc Says:

    I think that what i am about to say can be said fr every bucs fan. These “youngry” screw ups have ruined all bucs fans WEEKENDS THE WORST DAY OF THE WEEK IS SUNDAY………except sundays from the months of September to Early Febuary but for the last 7 Sundays when you have to watch these AMAZING YOUNG TALENT play it makes your sunday worse and you want to throught your bloody clicker at the TV!!!!!!! Architek your right no non buc fan out there even wants to watch our games. Next year we will get Primetime coverage……..or wait no im wrong we will get maybe 10 minutes of coverage on our top 5 pick at the draft. We have to make a splash in the offseason because it looks like every team in the NFL is getting better but US. Our DIVISION IS TURNING INTO ONE OF THE HARDEST IN THE DAMN LEAGUE!!!!!!! HELL MAYBE THE BEST WITH CAMMY NEWTON AND THOSE UPRISING PANTHERS WE ARE RIGHT NOW A BASEMENT TEAM!!!!!!!!!! WITH A PEAK OF LIGHT IN THE TUNNEL NOTHING MORE!

  10. BucForce Says:

    I enjoyed a fantastic weekend of great food, good talk, a visit from my son from out of town, and I avoided watching the Bucs. Don’t watch and don’t get aggravated sounded great to me. Best weekend I’ve had in 2011 since the lockout ended. Why get mad at these players? They obviously don’t give a damn every week, even though most of them are playing for their NFL lives. They are putting garbage on tape for all the teams to see. This thing has to be blown up and rebuilt from top to bottom, starting with an ownership group that loves American football more than English kickball.

  11. passthebuc Says:

    I think it was a great day Saturday. I went shopping with my wife.
    I would rather have a hemroid operation with a broken coke bottle than watch the Buc’s

  12. eric Says:

    Was a great day, went golfing with dad, only checked the score when it was 48-10……..

    yet another nail bitter by the cardiac kids.