Da’Quan Bowers Mans Up

December 24th, 2011

Some members of the Bucs, seemingly every week, name turnovers as the reason the Bucs lose.

Da’Quan Bowers, speaking on the Bucs radio network after the game, dismissed that as nothing more than an excuse. Rather, Bowers stated his fellow defensive teammates are simply not getting the job done.

“We have to come out with some momentum for next year. We have to try get it fixed before it is over, give us some momentum to carry over until next year.

“When [Cam Newton] gets the ball, it is all eyes on him. You can’t let him gash you like he did. We didn’t react to the counter fast enough and we didn’t tackle very well. We were in position, we just didn’t react to the counter fast enough.

“I don’t care how many times we turned the ball over, as a defense, it is our job to get the ball back and until we do that, we are playing below standard. I don’t care what mistakes the offense makes, it’s our job to fix it.”

27 Responses to “Da’Quan Bowers Mans Up”

  1. vince Says:

    Thank you Da’Quan. Glad to see somehow stepping up and showing accountability, dare I say some leadership qualities.

  2. FIRE RAH! Says:

    This pisssssssses me off. Every time I think of bowers and claybourne I hate our coaches even more. These two guys will be the nastiest duo to ever play defense together only if we get a real staff. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can’t take this crap. We have real talent all over just going to waste. I hate the cheap arse glazers. Malcom your sons are ruining your team.

  3. jb Says:

    Turnover are not an excuse, huh? Well, that was the FIRST thing outta Rah’s mouth at his post-game presser! I guess Bowers is as sick of the pathetic excuse for coaching as we are! Morris just needs to just shut up! Everything out of his mouth at this point are excuses. While our rookies are telling the truth!

  4. BucfaninMI Says:

    The only difference I see between this era and the Bucs of the 80s, the players that leave or get cut now, don’t play in the NFL anymore. UFL, arena, or Best Buy! The Buc players of the 80s went on to HOF careers and Superbowls. I don’t know which is worse!

  5. jeb Says:

    Sounds like the Buccaneer Radio Network just kicked the Commish off. They went to Fox radio. Justin said he was going to take all the calls and told the screener to let them all in. A big no no.

  6. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    Jeb they didn’t kick him off, he left, said goodbye. It wasn’t a long show. There is no bobby fenton today, christmas probably. no conspiracy.

  7. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    BucfaninMI, funny you mention that, Im going to do a breakdown of ’86, ’90, and any other bad Bucs Defense. Probably my next Optimist.

    No more defending Raheem either. These guys obviously don’t want to play for him.

  8. BucFan Says:

    I noticed he was the one that wasn’t reacting fast. He needs to get going for us next year because we are expecting big things, 1.5 sacks isn’t good enough.

  9. Patrick Says:

    We need to get Herm back on our defensive staff. And we need to find a Jim Harbough as our coach that can turn this thing around immediately.

  10. FIRE RAH! Says:

    Niko glad you showed up. No bashing here. Just please agree we have the talent to play hard with the right staff. I know we have a great team (only if we had a great staff). GOOO BUCS!!! (next season).

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    Fire Rah, I sincerely disagree with you. Talent? We’re playing a 7th round draft pick at CB that most fans have been bashing ALL YEAR!! Cody Grimm is another 7th rounder that (while ok in run support) has really struggled in pass coverage and wasn’t tackling all that well this year either, combined with injuries both year and I question what we have with him. Tanard wasn’t much of an improvement when he returned, as he completely forgot how to tackle and was just fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to get some deflections (not good play, just dumb luck). Black and Hayes are continually bashed for poor play, as they should be. Trueblood has been bashed for years (with good reason) and is still a revolving door in pass protection. Neither Larsen or Zuttah are starting LGs in this league. Donald Penn is showing he’s NOT a Pro Bowl LT, and that last year was a sham in which Freeman covered for him by running more. Freeman’s not running as much this year and Penn is being exposed. All year long, all the cries for next year are a “deep threat” WR or a “speed” back… why? because we have nobody to stretch the field. Kellen Winslow can’t block and none of the WRs can catch consistently. Talent? Really?

    Cry all you want to fire the coach, but when (if?) they bring in a big name coach and they still look pitiful, you’ll see the truth is not Rah is a bad coach, but the talent just isn’t good enough to execute. Even a bad game plan with good players can be successful, but a good game plan with bad players fails more often than not and a bad game plan with bad players never is a good idea.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Patrick Says:

    December 24th, 2011 at 7:06 pm
    We need to get Herm back on our defensive staff. And we need to find a Jim Harbough as our coach that can turn this thing around immediately.

    I agree Herm would get the defense up and running, but penalties would still be an issue as well. I was watching him last week and he made the statement that coaches and players can’t even figure out the rules anymore.

    He feels no matter how right a defensive players does his job, the refs are still calling penalties. And he also stated that “a coach should never tell his team to worry about penalties. He should just teached them to play hard.”

    He went on the say that he would never try to limit the enthusiastic play of his defensive players.

    So that makes me wonder if he would be a good choice for DC at this point.

    Of course, with the right head coach, he would have little choice.

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Dang, BamBam…you are on a roll tonight.


  14. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    If the rumors are true: ever buc fan should thank Justin. Apparently, he walked out bc he wouldn’t let the Glazer hack call screeners make it sound like the sentiment is different than it really is.

    JP is no p-ssy like some other hosts. Very nice.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    Pete, just sick of the finger pointing at one individual (Morris) that isn’t even on the field. He’s not committing those stupid penalties or missing tackles or whiffing on blocks. Herm is right, you teach aggressiveness, and I’m sure that’s what Morris and the staff are doing as well. And this is what we get. The TEAM looks pitiful. So we hear “that falls on the coaching”. I call BS!!! The coaching is teaching assignments and aggression and motivation, the players have to execute, and very few are actually executing their assignments to anywhere near a satisfactory level. So, blame the coach? For the players not being very good? Maybe blame Dom, but assembling a whole team of talented players takes time, even in free agency era.

    Wanna blame someone for the blowouts? How about Quincy Black? Geno Hayes? Sean Jones? I’d even go so far as blame K2, Mike Williams, Donald Penn, Jeremy Trueblood, Jeff Faine. The list goes on and on…. but I guess that’s just too difficult to type all those names for some people, much easier to say FIRE RAH!

  16. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    No coach, except rah rah the disaster cliche, gets a team spanked for 9 consecutive weeks.

    They haven’t been competitive since October.

    Any coach, you name him, would have this team more competitive, Rah may be the worst coach in NFL history. Look at the stats: NFL record yards per play allowed is still possible. They still have a chance to give up 500 points – they would have given up 60 today if Rivera didn’t cut them a break by pulling Cam and company after the 3rd quarter.


  17. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    If coaching isn’t responsible for how the players play, why have one you idiot?

    Let alone pay the millions to effect play.

    It is accepted that practice habits, discipline, concepts, fundamentals, and planning cause players to minimize mistakes and maximize production.

    Aggression has little to do with good football at the NFL level, that is key in Pop Warner.

  18. BamBamBuc Says:

    These guys are supposed to be “Professionals”, Thomas. These players have been getting fundamentals, discipline, practice habits, etc. since Pop Warner. They know how to prepare for games, and need the coaches to instill game plans for them to execute. The players aren’t executing. Speaking of getting paid millions??? What about those players? Are you really gonna tell me that Quincy Black has played well enough to deserve HIS millions??? You’ll have a fight on your hands with that one… with everyone on the board. Most never thought he deserved the millions anyway. Coaches get paid a pittance compared to many of these players, especially Raheem Morris. Even Jeremy Trueblood makes more than Raheem Morris. Do you think Trueblood has earned or deserved his millions MORE than Morris? Our sieve RT is doing a better job?

    For the millions the players get paid, they shouldn’t need motivation for anything. They should just need a game plan handed out each week and be able to understand it, practice for it and execute it without coaching…. after all, they’re “professionals”.

  19. Pete Dutcher Says:

    BamBam, I agree on the aggression comments. I just know that the league is purposely limiting defenses now…and planning to do it more in the future. As much as I hate that, we still have to find a way to play within the rules until it changes.

    If we had a few more veteran Defensive players that knew how to adjust on the fly, it would be better for us (and I’m not talking big names), but we have young players and young coaches.

    The young players are learning on the fly, so to speak.

    I do know that most of Freeman’s turnovers were meant for Winslow.

    But I like Winslow…I just don’t think he’s long for this team (another year maybe).

    lol, Thomas…you call BamBam an idiot and then say aggression has little to do with football in the nfl…priceless.

    /ignore Thomas (the true idiot)

  20. BamBamBuc Says:

    Pete – it’s not the aggressive personal fouls that are killing us… it’s the stupid ones. It’s Talib going after a guy AFTER the whistle. It’s Blount punching a guy AFTER the play. That’s discipline, not aggression, and some of these guys just don’t seem to have much discipline. It can be said the coach should teach that, but the players still have to BE disciplined. Eliminate the false starts, eliminate the holding penalties, eliminate the encroachments and stupid personal fouls… those are discipline things. Be aggressive and if you get a helmet to helmet PF or defenseless player PF or roughing the QB PF that’s ok, we can deal with a few of those. But late hits that extend drives when it’s 3rd and 25 and we stopped the opponent are killers and stupid and undisciplined. Coaches can preach discipline, but players are responsible for it.

  21. JS1506 Says:

    that’s a MAN right there.. no sugar coating excuses (freeman, morris etc)… can’t wait to see our two DE’s next year… and maybe bennett as a backup

  22. Patrick Says:

    Let’s see, who should be our next defensive coordinator?

    1. Herm Edwards
    2. Steve Spagnoulo
    3. Jack Del Rio
    4. Maybe by some miracle, get Monte Kiffin back here? If it takes bringing his son here to get him back, do it!

    Name some other candidates that I didn’t mention!! Thanks.

  23. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    No fools, the NFL has a lot to do with aggression, just nit coaching it.

    Few non-aggressive players make it that far. The ones who do get weeded out quickly.

    If you encourage and ephasize that very aggressive men get more aggressive you cause excessive stupid penalties.

    If you knew anything about pro football you would know, you draft aggressive players based on game film, then you train them to play that way within the confines of a system that maximizes their specific skills.

    Rah has no idea what I am speaking of. He just says “we need to play better.”

    We also need a cure for cancer.

    But how?

  24. Pete422 Says:

    Nobody has mentioned Brian Billick as a possible head coach. Thoughts?

  25. Greg Says:

    thomass, I heard from a guy who gets his roof cleaned by apple that there is a special place in hell for you, one where you are getting violated by a very large dildo while watching every game of this losing streak for eternity!

  26. Tampa2 Says:

    @Patrick, Herm Edwards is just as bad as Morris. He was & is a joke of a coach. Jets hired him and he was terrible, then the NFL wouldn’t let them fire him, instead arranging a ‘trade’ to Kansas City, where he lowered their team to the abyss. Chiefs fans was screaming by the time they fired him. Herm Edwards needs to stay where he is, commentating, where he cannot mess another team up. We need the Chin in here to right this ship.

  27. Patrick Says:


    Herm Edwards as a defensive coordinator, not a head coach.