“Time To Stop Using Youth As An Excuse.”

December 24th, 2011

Bucs center Jeff Faine was blunt when discussing yet another ugly blowout, chain-whipping by the Bucs as he spoke on the Bucs radio network.

“What has been holding us back is the turnovers and the inopportune penalties. They held us back the entire year. In the NFL you cannot turn the ball over four times and expect to be competitive. We got beat in every phase. We didn’t come out and execute.

“[Bucs coach Raheem Morris said] the effort was not there and we didn’t come to play today and that is the truth. We have to look in the mirror and come out with some pride for the last game. Unfortunately, we let each other down, let the fans down and the organization down.

“It’s time to stop using youth as an excuse. It’s easy for things to snowball and mount up and hard to dig out of a hole.”

11 Responses to ““Time To Stop Using Youth As An Excuse.””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Time to stup up !
    and walk away…

  2. Adam Says:

    I really hope that this team HAS quit because if they are playing balls-to-the-wall, they are REALLY horrible.

  3. thibs5599 Says:

    BLOCK SOMEONE THEN FAINE. your garbage

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    I really wish they’d all just stop talking. Do your talking on the field.

  5. Bucnnole Says:

    Between Faine and Penn I can’t decide which of these over priced fat a$& pieces of garbage block worse. As a high school o line coach I wouldn’t show ONE second of Bucs film to my team. “veteran offensive line will be the team’s streghth” is what was said at the start of the season. Really? This is one of the worst line I’ve ever seen. Dear Jeff Faine, please shut up and go away.

  6. Buckeye Says:

    It’s like broken record with these guys. We lose every weekend, they say the same thing. Lack of effort,penalties,turnovers. I’m sure they are going to work really hard in practice this week and turn things around. Oh wait we have heard that before also. Gonna take more than new coach to turn this mess around.

  7. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    guys, three sacks, I mean no doubt the O line is now guilty of taking a few plays off here and there, but nothing to cause this kind of anger and frustration. Did you see how much time Josh Freeman had to throw?? Go watch the game again please.

    Now lets get to the real problem on this team, the Defense. Linebackers and secondary are horrible. D line has a little bit of an excuse, they were missing the starting NT and 2nd string DT. But come on really? This is the second time this year another team has hung 48 on us. Thats pathetic.

    It would see Raheem Morris cannot find a way to get this team to play harder for his job

  8. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    Niko: for once, I agree. Excellent commentary.

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    Can’t find a way to get this team to play harder for his job? Really? Has anyone ever actually stopped to think that maybe this is the best these guys can play? I seem to remember last year all the Nay-Sayers talking about how we only won because it was against bad teams with backup or rookie QBs. Were they really playing better last year? or was it about the same and just looked better with last year’s schedule? How many last year thought the D was any good at all? We couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t tackle, and even got burned regularly for long TD passes. Is that really worse this year? or are the opponents better and a losing streak making it so bad that even the bad teams are having a field day… How many dropped passes did Williams have last year? How much worse was K2’s blocking skills last year? Was Trueblood so good last year? If so, why’d he lose his job for a few games?

    Think about it… this may be as good as this group of players can play, no matter who the coach is. We need a serious talent infusion for ANYONE to be successful with this team.

  10. JS1506 Says:

    How about we use the YOU GUYS SUCK and your head coach SUCKS excuse.. i didn’t watch the game but all I know is that we lost by a bunch of points and made Cam Newton look like the MVP

  11. Thomas 2.2. Says:


    Didn’t this team have enough talent to start 4-2.

    Beat new Orleans without Softy McCoy and Albert. Best defensive game of the season.

    These players are not 50+ points worse than the Panthers over 2 games talent wise.

    The Panthers are well-coached.

    The Bucs are the worst coached group in NFL history. Give these players a chance under a legit coach and staff. Carve out the cancers: rah, lake, black, Talib, Winslow and probably Dom – and yes of course the glazer houses.