What Message Did Blount Get?

December 24th, 2011

On the Bucs’ first snap of today’s game in Carolina, Jeff Faine got blown up at the line of scrimmage and driven into LeGarrette Blount in the backfield.

Blount fumbled. The Bucs lost the ball. And Raheem Morris benched Blount immediately, before he returned for a only few snaps in the second half.

Obviously, Raheem wanted to send Blount a zero-tolerance message for fumbles. But Joe’s wondering what message soaked in to Blount?

All through the blowout loss, Blount’s fellow Buccaneers were missing tackles, committing foolish penalties and shabbily turning over the ball. Did any of these guys have their ass land on the bench?

Again, Joe gets the message Raheem sent Blount, but Joe’s wondering whether Blount is mature enough to learn a lesson when so many around him are making similar mistakes and not facing the same consequences.

Joe hopes Blount emerges with a chip on his shoulders. The guy’s an incredible weapon that the Bucs haven’t figured out how to maximize.

71 Responses to “What Message Did Blount Get?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    “Obviously, Raheem wanted to send Blount a zero-tolerance message for fumbles.”

    Sorry Raheem, you’re a little too late!

  2. Fear The Glow Says:

    The race to 10…losses.


  3. thibs5599 Says:

    Dom should have benched Raheem, can’t wait till the season is over and he is gone. Im like the Panthers OC as a future Head Coach dude has talent

  4. RastaMon Says:

    ewwwwwh….I am tough coach

  5. Buckeye Says:

    Maybe Rah can be benched for the last game for putting out a horrible product for 9 weeks straight. Ya know, just to send him a message.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Raheem is a desperate man right now.

  7. Andrew Says:

    I think Raheem is a delusional man right now.

  8. Jim Says:

    Every one of the players looked like they were benched the entire game.
    Really didn’t surprise me one bit.

  9. Patrick Says:

    Fire Raheem. And if Dominick is not fired, we need to get a coach who will at least have some power over him.

  10. ElioT Says:

    Just another example of how clueless Raheem is! No idea how to motivate somebody the right way. Faine get’s his overpaid a** cock-roached into Blount and we bench him for Blumpkin? Those holes Blumkin ran through on the second drive could have been massive gains with Blount in there.

    Raheem cannot do anything right, he needs to have his keys and parking pass taken away as soon as they get back to One Buc Cellar…

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    Sorry Joe, you can’t bench the whole team. You have to put 11 guys on the field for defense and for offense. If Morris were to bench every player that made mistakes, they couldn’t field a team. Blount’s fumble was early in the game, we were already down a score and gave the Panthers the field position for another score. I probably would have been most likely to bench Stroughter for his fumble in a similar situation, but we were already down a bunch by then, so it wasn’t as “critical”.

    What you say is important to understand though. The whole team, every player, is making mistakes. Whether it’s penalties, missed tackles, missed blocks, dropped passes, whatever. They’re all making mistakes. I will absolutely, without hesitation, say that the coaching staff is not coaching the WRs to drop passes, or the O-line to whiff on blocks, or the LBs to bounce off tackles (if they even take the right angle to even bounce off). Fact is, the players aren’t doing what they’re being told to do. Is that coaching? Maybe, but it has a lot to do with the players themselves.

    We’re seeing now that this group of 3rd through 7th round picks and undrafted players just isn’t that good. The top picks are ok, but can’t do this alone. Seriously, we’re counting on an undrafted RB, a 4th round WR, an undrafted LT, plus multiple others (LG, Slot WR, FB, etc) to effectively score against NFL teams. We’re relying on Black (3rd Rnd), Hayes (6th Rnd), Biggers (7th), Tanard Jackson (4th), and others (Grimm, Watson, etc) to stop NFL teams. Our top talent isn’t good enough yet to hold up all these scrubs. Maybe in a year or two, if healthy, our D-line can make up for poor LB play or a weak secondary, but not right now. Maybe in a year or two Freeman can throw the offense on his back and score despite poor talent around him, but not right now.

    This group is not just young, but not very talented and very undisciplined (probably why they weren’t drafted all that high). That’s not saying the drafts were busts, just that we can’t expect EVERY draft pick to make the team and play like All-Pro’s. No matter who’s coaching. Fire Raheem and you still have a severe lack of talent for the next coach. I don’t even know if I could honestly evaluate Morris’ coaching ability to this point, purely based on the fact that he hasn’t had much talent to work with. But hey, let’s fire the coach anyway… change for the sake of change…. we did that the last election, and that’s turned out GREAT!!! (sarcasm)

  12. toolman Says:

    It is a shame but pink slips should be handed out a week from Monday…to the whole staff and most players. That way the Yucks could start over like an expansion team and certainly not look any worse. Thanks to the guys that give 100 %. The rest of those, and you know who you are, need to find another job if you are afraid to tackle, afraid to catch the ball in a crowd, stop when you are going to get hit, and just quit when the play passes your immediate area. I certainly hope all those that are eligible to be free agents get the team or unemployment they deserve.

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I agree with BamBam…like always.

    Although, in all fairness, I believe no one side is messing things up. This is a joint effort on this team.

    I don’t think we should replace Morris, but I really don’t see it going any other way now. Right move or not, the perception of the fans has to be changed in order to sell tickets now.

  14. Adam L. Says:

    Just another in a long list of failed attempts to motivate his team.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    Motivate all you want, if the players aren’t good enough to catch, tackle, block, etc… it’s not gonna do any good.

  16. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    Bambam and Pete: fans like you are equally a part of the problem.

    Preseason, you both argued how talented we were and that we were on track for greatness – you both argued about how talented our roster was.

    I took you both on as being sheep, you insulted me, and I, with facts, argued how this was a bad, horribly coached, team.

    Now, you ignore the true and core problem, complete incompetence of coaching – reverse your prior statements 180 degrees and blame these players.

    Sure these players deserve responsibility, but there bad habits are cultivated by the worst head coach, coaching staff and player environment in NFL history ( I mean that).

    I could see these traits last year. Rah has no idea how to prepare and ingrain proper fundamentals in young pros. He thinks yelling stupid phrases and cliches and excitability is coaching – its not.

    I have been to their practices, high schools practice with more intensity and focus, what you are seeing is precisely what high school coaches tell there players happens if you practice like the Bucs do. Rah encourages this stuff, it’s bad.

  17. BamBamBuc Says:

    Really Thomas? Go back… to the off-season. Whether right or wrong I was calling for the Bucs to bring back Ruud (because he was at least smart enough to play MLB and still made tackles no matter where on the field) and I repeatedly said the LB that should go was Quincy Black.

    As for the “other” talent on the team, yeah, I thought Mike Williams had the potential to be something special if he could overcome the drops. He didn’t. I also thought Benn, if healthy could be decent and I think he still can be. He’s shown flashes. Briscoe still has a shot and Preston Parker has been a surprise to me. Winslow dropped off, but never could block, we all knew that.

    I never thought Myron Lewis was an answer. EJ Biggers has played well…. FOR A 7TH ROUND PICK!!! Sure, I’ll defend him against people saying how bad he is, when he’s playing as well or better than TALIB (1st round pick) and still not playing better than a 7TH ROUND PICK!!! Funny that most of you don’t recall that I pointed out the MANY huge TDs Talib gave up last year, and if you do, you should recall that you ridiculed me and said Talib is a TOP 10 CB…. HAHAHA! I wanted us to bring in Jonathon Joseph as a FA. I wanted us to bring in Doug Free as a FA. I thought it would be a good idea to add a couple FAs in key positions of need like CB and RT.

    So, don’t act like you know everything and have always been right about everything. With some of the scrubs we have playing, NO coach would have any success.

  18. Pete Dutcher Says:

    As usual, Thomas, you are completely dellusional and making things up. This team DOES have talent…but it also has weaknesses…which is exactly…exactly what I said before the season started.

    You may have attended practices during training camp (or probably really didn’t) but you invested nothing into the team during hte regular season, and we both know it.

    I’m not saying this team is talentless. I happen to thing there are tons of good players here. But at the same time, there are bad players placed into starting roles.

    You make things up as you go and hope no one calls you on it. That’s fine because I won’t waste my time. However, at the start of the season, I clearly stated that we have talented undeveloped players, and cautioned that too much was being expected of the defense and of our quarterback.
    So, either your memory is screwed or you are a lawyer…I mean liar.

  19. Pruritis Ani Says:

    You cant have it both ways . Last year when they were winning, no one questioned their talent. This year they’re losing because they were low draft picks with questionable talent and discipline problems. I don’t buy it

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The people who say this team is devoid of talent, along with those who say there’s plenty of talent, are both wrong. The answer is somewhere in between: this team has SOME talent, and that talent is mostly very young. A good 2012 draft plus several free agents on both sides of the ball are necessary to bring this team up to a competitive talent level.

    The coaching staff, on the other hand, is beyond saving. Raheem is truly a bad, bad head coach. No way around it. Olson is serviceable but can be upgraded quite easily. A lot of change is coming and it’s about time already.

  21. Mattthew Says:


    You sound like you’re a 12 pack deep. When and where does someone being drafted have anything to do with the player they become 2,3, or 4 years into there career? How about Brady ( 6th rounder ) he must really suck. I know you’re upset like we all are, but don’t say guys suck when they don’t… Penn is a top 10 LT, McCoy when not hurt is a top 10 DT, Joseph is a top 10 OG, TJax is a top 10 FS, K2 is a top 10 TE.

    We have players. We just need a better HC to get something out of them.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    Pruritis, again I call BS. Where’s Capt Tim? Last year he and I and several others were calling out Black as a horrible LB. He added Hayes, which I didn’t because I still think Hayes is better than Black (not saying much, but I’ll call him out after Black is gone). How many fans were screaming last year when Biggers BLEW THE GAME against the Lions by letting Calvin Johnson run wild on him? How many shouted that we were BETTER without Faine and Trueblood in the game? There was plenty of people questioning the talent last year. It’s why I figured we’d have about an 8-8 season (which was generous, but still less than many who were saying 9-7 to 11-5)

    You don’t have to buy it, but it’s true. Plenty of shouts about questionable talent last year. Plenty of cries for FA help in the off-season. Heck, there were plenty saying that Black should start over Jones…AFTER the DRAFT!!!

    FLBoy – you’re correct. It’s somewhere in between. But unfortunately the only talent we have is too young, and the only veteran “leadership” we have is horrible. Seriously, Faine, Trueblood, Black, Hayes are horrible and can’t be veteran leadership because they’re so bad. If they are, blame them for the team losing. I’d rather see the young “potential” guys be the leaders than these proven bozos.

  23. JSmalls Says:

    I’ve seen teams with a lack of talent compete, we can’t even think about competing at this point. This is what happens when you teach situational football in training camp and gloss over fundamentals. They played patty cake during camp and Raheem will pay for this poor decision. I’ve never understood practicing situational football as a core belief. I always thought if you practice fundamentals with solid game planning you would be able to dictate the situations.

  24. RastaMon Says:


  25. Brad Says:

    Is he fired yet? I say we fire everyone from GM down and forfeit the last game. If that doesn’t send a message not sure what. The roster needs to practically overturned. I don’t need to see anything on this roster that will affect how I will feel next year. If this roster does have significant upgrades I think the owners should be demanded to sell the team.

  26. Brad Says:

    Any Mason Foster sightings? I think our linebackers are the softest in the NFL. What happened to physical football.
    Also if I see Biggers on this team next year I’m going to puke. That guy is the worst I’ve ever seen. How in the hell this dude still sees the field is beyond me. I’d put our 3rd string QB in there. He certainly wouldn’t do any worse.

  27. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    This just in….Carolina scored again!

  28. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I DO NOT want Rob Ryan as our new head coach. He hasnt shown me ANYTHING this year either.

  29. Patrick Says:

    Biggers sucks……but what do ya’ll expect? Really, he’s alright for a 7th rounder…..it’s our genius staff who didn’t bring in any corners during the offseason and kept playing him.

  30. Buddhaboy Says:

    Everyone associated with the bucs suck

    We all suck together.

  31. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    JSmalls: understands football.

    Inexperienced coaches think that spending time on situational football is coaching – it isn’t.

    Great coaches start with very basic fundamentals, simple execution of power run plays over and over until it is run perfectly, including snap count and ball security. That can take dozens of plays in a row running the same simple run play.

    I had a very coach take a team into the first game with 4 offensive plays and 1 defense bc that is all he felt could be executed correctly.

    Rah skips all this and tries to match personnel and speaks or demonstrates how to execute.

    That never works.

  32. BucfaninMI Says:

    Good point JSmalls especially w/ a young roster.

  33. canadianbuc Says:

    Falcons score 60+

  34. gotbbucs Says:

    jsmalls, the funny thing is morris hasnt got a clue when it comes to situational football. he’s all talk and very little substance, just like a bunch of our supposed veterans on this team.

  35. adam from ny Says:

    the smartest thing rah can do right now is just resign…no more mumbo jumbo fast talking rhetoric coming from his flapper…yeah, sounds crazy, but dude should just back away from the scene…a big time coach would just resign…he should pull a shocker and resign now and resurface in a much lower level position somewhere else in a couple of years….that would be a head scratcher and might give him more nfl life down the line…otherwise this bumbling linguistic ranting specimen talks faster than a christies house auctioneer…doesn’t the wiferooski at least go upside his noggin and say “yo hubby slow it down a notch people are listening to you talk ” (or not)….the team is getting worse and worse by the week….no improvement….i thought to myself a few weeks back after the first carolina loss, that if they continue the losing ways and then lose in carolina again, that should be it for raheem…today was the official dagger in the chest to rah-dog…we just played this team and to fail even worse the second time around to them is really really awful….it’s almost like this was close enough to be back to backs…we just saw these guys a few weeks ago……there is no other way to describe this brand of football than “awful”….not splitting the season series with the panthers is the straw in my book…also why wasn’t there plain and simply “a spy” assigned to cam newton…a la derrick brooks to michael vick back in the days….geno hayes should have been a designated guy spying on cam, and all over him all freakin’ day…..now i too join the parade….i say fire raheem…or is it rah-who????

    please rah — if you read this, just step down…it really is time for you to fall back into oblivion son….fall back rah, it’s time to go….know when it’s time…just go away duke…it’s ok that this team has failed you and you have failed them….don’t wait for the glazers to pull the plug on you…be a man – just man up and leave like a cowboy might do…ride off into the sunset, clint eastwood style with no excuses and a dirty canteen of agua

    adam from ny

  36. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    Adam, right on brotha

  37. adam from ny Says:

    DO IT RAH….DO IT! (spoken in a “ben stiller”esque tone)



    adam frm ny

  38. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    But Pete douchebag and bambambutt: want to give rah another decade to qualify for the playoffs.

    No matter how ugly it gets, it is the players, the gm, the owners, the cheerleaders, the officials, the assistant coaches, the ball boys, the lockout, the millennium, the solar system, the karma, the schedule

    Everything but the obvious simple problem:

    The worst head coaching! Ever!

  39. adam from ny Says:

    believe it or not, but kregg blumpers actually has a really good day……for him….this very well could have been his best game in his nfl career when he looks back on it later in life….just saying

    adam from ny

  40. adam from ny Says:

    also rah doesn’t really know how to “make changes” as he was just beginning to develop a wee tad bit of his own style before the wheels fell off…you really need to have a “way” of doing things before you “make changes” to the way you actually do things….so this has sort of spun out of control for rah and realitiy is that he doesn’t know what to do…he is just a guy collecting a paycheck right now, and as previously stated, he should just quit while still slightly ahead and ride off into the sunset…otherwise said dude is like nothing more than a team punching bag in the media and probably in his own lockeroom now too.

    adam from ny

  41. Garv Says:

    We need another RB to compliment LaGarrett, We need a LOT of players on both sides of the ball.
    We need players who really want to be here like Josh Freeman.
    We need ownership to step up big time and support whomever coaches this team next year with FA money.

    I still believe Raheem is being made a scapegoat of sorts. Same guy as last year, different results for a multitude of reason. IMO it’s just wrong to blame it all on Raheem Morris but I do understand it’s the way of the NFL world these days.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  42. adam from ny Says:

    rah knows how to chest bump and do the twist

  43. adam from ny Says:

    if i was rahs wife, when he arrives home tonight i would splash a big ole goop of egg nog in his face….

    bwahhh…all over that dude!

    and rah’s little babies would laugh and point saying “rah got egg on his face”

    adam from ny

    ps maybe ronde will still kiss rah under the mistletoe

  44. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    It’s all Rah’s fault. Bar none.

  45. adam from ny Says:

    the time has officially come to get rid of rah and his band of merry men

  46. BonesMahoney Says:

    I found it funny that Blount fumbled and was put on the bench, but both Stroughter and Winslow fumbled and were still used quite extensively in the passing game. Just another double standard from Raheem and this coaching staff.

    (No idea if that was brought up already, didn’t read all the comments.)

  47. adam from ny Says:

    do yall think rah will be home for midnight mass?

    interesting question as everything else bucs related is useless at this point

  48. BucfaninMI Says:

    Glazerhouse needs to hire “football” people to take over this train wreck!! Experienced “football” people top to bottom! And throw as much money at them as it takes and back away! That’s how you build a dynasty. Ala NE,NY Yankees, LA Lakers. Why as an owner would you want anything less?

  49. SteveK Says:

    Let’s get a big profile coach in here and revamp this team. New coaches all the way around and so e FA’s to assist witht eh coach getting their message through (competing and winning).

  50. adam from ny Says:

    i heard jeff fisher is quietly in the works and huddling up a staff….and since barrett ruud has turned out to be a stop gapper for the titans he will be a loose caboose soon too….fisher might bring old barrett back as simply a stablizer during a transition year….who knows with “ruuuud”….but i heard fisher is in the works.

    adam from ny

    ps the glazers might want him to lose the “stashe” though, as the 3rd glazer, ya know the real shlubby skinny one, the one who does absolutely nothing but count cash and barely remembers to even eat, isn’t too big on facial hair….all he cares about is facial hair and atm machines

  51. crazy Says:

    The real question is what message did the team get when LGB was benched. Did they play harder and better or did they see another game plan (run LGB) thrown out the window on the first offensive series after watching the defense get pushed back into the end zone on their first series. How many of these guys do you figure thought they had much of a chance after that? We’ll know in a few weeks what kind of a team the ownership wants and we’ll see how many of these guys from the GM down to the practice squad have a job in the NFL.

  52. Miracle Says:

    Getting back to LGB and being benched. When was the last time you could really say he put in a 110% effort?

    Green Bay.

    He’s been called out previously by Penn and you can see it in the games. He seems like he could care less right now. I believe benching him was the right call.

    It was the first series of the game and it wasn’t the first fumble of his career.

    I honestly don’t undertand the love-fest for this guy. Sure, the guy has talent. He has tremendous talent. He’s big, shifty and plays mean. He has potential to be truly dominant.

    But potential is hardly reality.

    The dude COULD blow up 100+ yards a game almost every game if he wanted to, but I don’t think he cares right now. I could be wrong but its an honest perception that I see from him.

    I would rather watch a less talented Madu and Lumpkin carry the load as long as they were passionate about that particular game than an LGB who could care less.

    I also wonder what was said after the fumble. Could a bad response be the culprit?

  53. Patrick Says:

    Ok……here’s a solution. Let’s run K2 and Blount out of town. Then we’ll have the worst offense in NFL history!

  54. SteveK Says:

    We are the worst O in the league.

  55. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I was laughing at the fact Blount was blamed for for the fumble. “Blount, you have to hold the ball high and tight even before you touch it!

  56. Brad Says:

    Thomas I agree the play on the field is on Rah but Dominic is responsible for what’s there and we have a bunch of guys that shouldn’t be playing football. If they fire Rah but keep Dominic I won’t be excited. Only if the whole gaggle of them are dismissed. And they need to do it now. Having a coachless team won’t be any worse than what were seeing.

  57. Brad Says:

    Agree with u Pro.. Blounts fumble was not his fault. Then Winslow lays the ball out like its a gift and nothing happens. Talk about a double standard. Then Rah in his presser tries to blame the loss on turnovers. If we didn’t turn the ball over we still lose. This just in Rah… Your defense sucks and has for 9 weeks. Get a clue..

  58. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas – Sorry, but I won’t stoop to the childish level of altering screen names with the intent to insult. If you wanna have a discussion, fine, but I’m not gonna respond in kind to that.

    I’d like to know where I have EVER said we should keep Raheem Morris for the next decade? I haven’t even said he should be retained for next year, but I have said that the overall problem goes deeper than just coaching and to expect coaching alone to fix it might be expecting a bit much. We can look at Dom as well, as there is a lack of talent on the team and it’s his job to bring in players… FA, rookie, undrafted, etc. But again, I think the problem goes deeper than that.

    The talent on the team is over-rated. Mike Williams looked great last year when nobody knew who he was. Put him in the Top 100 players of 2010 and all of a sudden, he can’t get open or catch the ball. Honestly, he had trouble with drops last year. Blount was criticized greatly last year for not being able to pound the ball for a single yard when needed and for fumbles. This year he gets benched for fumbling at a critical time in the game and everyone goes nuts because one of our “BEST” players takes the heat. If a guy that was criticized that much last year is our best??? Makes me worry about the rest.

    (Oh, and to the rest actually talking about K2 and Stroughter’s fumble… the difference was the timing and field position. When Blount fumbled, the game was still within reach and we gave them an automatic score, although 3 points. When Stroughter fumbled, the field position was bad, but the game was out of hand. It’s not a double standard, just a matter of timing and score and field position.)

    The O-line is the prime example of over-rated on this team. Two of these guys actually have played in a Pro Bowl. Yet, I’ve seen Joseph completely blown up in run blocking, Penn has looked like a practice tackling dummy in pass protection this year, and Faine is probably as much or more at fault for Blount’s fumble than anyone. Oh yeah, the other two guys are Zuttah and Trueblood… that should say it all about being over-rated.

    We complain about Olsen abandoning the run game, but when Blount gets absolutely stuffed 4 or 5 times in a row something’s not working. Whether that’s the run blocking, the play design, the defense keying on the run because they don’t respect the pass…. whatever, you have to try something else.

    We complain about the defense not being able to stop the run, but when Black and Hayes are invisible and Jones and Jackson can’t tackle, we’re putting everything on a banged up D-line to stop the run. Which in turn affects the pass rush, as the first thing the D-line does is look for the run rather than get up field.

    Again, I’m not calling for Morris to stay, or to be fired. I’m stating that there’s more to this than could possibly be fixed by coaching. The next message that needs to be sent is to cut Trueblood and Black. If they did that tomorrow (instead of fire Morris) it’d send a message to the whole team that they’re playing next week for their jobs. You want to motivate guys? That’ll do it.

  59. passthebuc Says:

    I believe it is too late for Rah to put this behind him and move forward with Tampa next year. I think he has lost the team. I believe he does not know when and how to discipline players. Even if he were to go 8 and 8 next year it would not be an improvement. It would just reflect the team is getting a little age under their belt and a few players might have repaired some damage and ready to play. However, Rah would just be Rah and it would be evident how inexperienced he is. He needs to go back to basics as a D back coach and work up. With what we know as fans, will there be a light at the end of the tunnel and if so will it be just the headlight of the oncoming train.

  60. Strange Says:

    I see it as a “I expect better from you” sort of thing. Would make some sense when consider Price and Jackson also got punished while Jones continues to be terrible.

  61. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Brad Indeed. There is only one offense this year that could transcend such an abysmal defense. To recapitulate the Buc’s misfortune, said offense resides within the NFCS.

  62. Greg Says:

    I’m with you BamBam, s**tcan Black, Jones, Hayes, Trueblood and Faine today, Christmas day, to send the message to the rest of team this s**t stops today! The ONLY thing I’ll agree with that a**hole thomass is that raheem can’t coach this team another day. Dumbinik should be gone as well, and take that fraud of a franchise QB Freeman with both of them as well! Once a loser, always a loser, just like thomass!

  63. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @BamBamBuc If you think Penn has looked bad this year you require an encore perlustration of game footage. Penn has been worth every penny. A couple bad pass prot games recently but was subjugating prior to his recent clashes and has excelled beyond his known skill set(at least what I’ve known of him) in run block since the NO loss.

    Penn is a top 10 LT without a doubt. Of course, the drop from 1 to 5 is immense but nonetheless, a great LT.

  64. adam from ny Says:

    the glazers are going to ask rah i simple question when called into their office:

    “when my keesters are slapping your chin rah, where’s my beef jerky?”

    this is not a question rah will answer either….it will be a ballzy dismissal by the 3 glazateers…

    and when rah hears that he will know to pack the bags quickly before it starts getting dark and rainy a la tony dungy style

    adam from ny

  65. adam from ny Says:

    and as rah walks out of the glazers lunchtime bagel bruch, with his back turned he hears one glazzy glaze say to another glazzy glaze “pass the shmear” my sweet brother from the same mother

    adam from ny

  66. adam from ny Says:

    whos the real deal joe

  67. Pete Dutcher Says:

    It simply amazes me how this website has become a convention center for whiners.

    Morris is not the only one at fault here. Other coaches play a role, and so do players. And you can lump yourselves into that group as well.

    Community also affects how a team performs.

    Anyone wishing for Mark Dominick to leave is an idiot. There are few players on this team that actually suck…but they are not starting material either.

    Biggers? He sucks as a starter. Not as a backup.

    Our offensive line? 3 of them suck. The other two would be acceptable if the others were better, but still are not great.

    Wide Recievers? Mike Williams is having a down year…but I still think he’ll be great. Benn will be great as well under the right coach. Straughter? Backup. Spurlock? I think he’s as good or better than Straughter, but he’s also getting up there in years. He should have been used more in kick returns this year.

    Parker? He’s going to be good as well (though not on kick returns).

    I don’t think our crappy OC has called many deep plays, so we wouldn’t use a burner if we had one.

    RBs? We have one good RB, and he’s going to be all used up in no time if we don’t get better lead blockers and a good partner. He’ll work on his fumbling issue this off season and come back next year ready to be a top guy.

    Tightend? Winslow is okay. His knees are always a fear, but they seem to have held out. The problem is he is Freeman’s most reliable target and other teams know it. Luke Stocker hasn’t been great, but he’s a rookie and has shown promise. Zack hasn’t been seen.

    Albert Haynesworth won’t be here next year…especially if we change coaches.

    Roy Miller is an acceptable backup. Frank Okam isn’t as effective as I had hoped. Price is acceptable…as a strong backup, maybe as a start next year. GMC should be a backup. I like him, but his injuries are slowing his development. Put him as a backup and he’ll maybe do better. Later, if he earns it, promote him.

    At defensive end Clayborn and Bowers are going to be lethal. Clayborn has 7.5 sacks in his rookie year, and likely to get at least half a sack more in the final game. Bowers has not gotten as many sacks, but also has not had as much time as Clayborn on the field. Depth is an issue here though. Not a one of the others is suitable…except maybe Johnson, but he’s been injured and we don’t even know that for sure.

    For a rookie year at the QB position of the defense, I think Foster is coming along nicely. He’ll take his experience into the off season and grow from it, then comeout improved in year two. By year three he could be really good.

    At OLB, we have next to nothing…and even that is stretching it.

    At safety we have Tanard Jackson…who could be suspended at any point and likely will be. I think Cody Grimm will be good, if he can stay healthy. He’s only 24, so he has time to grow. The others are useless or still developing as well. Jones has ups and downs, mostly downs.

    And then we come to CB. Talib won’t be here next year. Period. He’ll either be suspended or cut by the new coach. Biggers is a complete waste of starting space. He might get better over time as a backup, but he shouldn’t be there right now. Barber is clearly not a starter, but he has enough gas left in the tank for another season…the question is whether he will want to play another year or will the new coach want him to.

    Other than that, we have nothing at CB.

    At least kicker and Punter or locked up though.

  68. Brad Says:

    Wow Pete… Above you listed reasons why Dominick is at fault. How can you not see he’s as much at fault as Morris? He brought in the players that suck. He ignored FA therefore forcing players to be playing before their ready. He also let go of veterans that could have offered some form of leadership and help in transitioning the new guys. Then he extended bad contracts to Raheem ( I know that was Glazers but he had to sign off on it).. Then there’s the Black contract and let’s not forget the Clayton disaster. Dominick also hired the other coaches, the ones that were fired last year and the ones in place now. Don’t think for one minute that Morris had complete control over that. Then to start Marks regime he let go some of the best veterans this team had including Brooks and Dunn. (not the singing act). He has also allowed the bad conduct on this team to remain. Last I checked he’s Raheem’s boss .

    What are you smoking to not see this guy is at least equally if not more at fault than Morris. Not to mention that any solid coach is not going to work under a GM that has no experience, has a bad plan and encourages bad behavior.

  69. Bucnjim Says:

    I think we’re putting way too much blame on the players here. Yes; there is one LB that is beyond bad, but the players on this team are at least average. Remember; these are the same guys who put up 10 wins last year and I don’t care what the schedule looked like. This year the same players couldn’t win against Armwood. We’ve added two DE’s who have played better than the two we had last year as well. What everyone is missing about this train wreck is coaching is responsible for motivation and structure. Even some of the worst teams in the league have pride and passion on Sundays. Veteran players can adjust on the fly, but young players need a military like structure in practice and on game day.

  70. bucyea Says:

    Does anyone here actually believe if it were Winslow who fumbled on the first play, he would have been benched? Morris is CLUELESS!!!

  71. RustyRhino Says:

    @ 2.2,
    So when we have a new coach, possibly a new GM as well (not my idea) what happens if this new leadership falls shorter than your expectations. In the first preseason game is it “cheap owners need to bring in better coaching/gm” or “if we had (“insert coach of your choice here”) we would have this many probowlers / superbowl wins. Will you still be beating this same drum then? What then if they go 2-6 first half of the season. I can only hope that this is the case then.

    I think we need a coaching change but I want to keep our GM