Bucs Looked “Shell Shocked”

December 13th, 2011

Speaking on Primetime on WHBO-AM 1040 yesterday, St. Pete Times Bucs beat writer Stephen Holder shared the vibe he got inside the Bucs locker room after Sunday’s sledgehammering by the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

He didn’t paint a pretty picture.

“That was one of the more dreadful locker room experiences I’ve had, ” Holder said. “I think they were shell shocked. I got the sense that guys were stunned, just as you were stunned watching it, they were stunned, you know. I think that was kind of what happened I think.

As that unfolded as it did [Sunday] in such quick fashion, I don’t think they reacted. They just kind of were shell shocked and were stunned and didn’t do anything about it. And so that’s what happens, it just kind of snowballed. Unless somebody decides to do something about it, that’s the kind of momentum you just can’t turn around unless you really fight back.”

For Joe, the saddest part about Sunday’s results were that the Bucs had halftime to regroup, shake off the demons, and get inspired by their leaders and coaches. But after that they still went out and got beating by the Jaguars 13-0 in the second half. Even two days later it’s hard to fathom.

When asked about Raheem Morris’ future Holder offered various takes, which you can hear by clicking through the link above. But in short, Holder’s not offering a case for Raheem.

“It’s difficult to make any kind of defense for Raheem Morris right now,” Holder said.

40 Responses to “Bucs Looked “Shell Shocked””

  1. Bucnnole Says:

    I am yick and yired of watching this bunch of yussies week in and week out. Raheem now wants his team to be refered to as “yangry”? Stop Raheem, save face for your final three games as Head Coach and stop making excuses for this sad sack of yupid, yaletless, yussies.

  2. flmike Says:

    As a HC, when you lose the local media, you have lost as a HC. Usually, the local boys treat you nice for unfettered access, you can’t do that while throwing your HC under the bus. So I am guessing the local boys have decided that it doesn’t matter as Morris is gone.

  3. Brian Says:

    Raheem is just really in over his head. I’ve been listening to people on WDAE today call in and talk about the players not figuring out how to overcome adversity. Well, it’s a young team with young players; There’s only a couple over veterans on the team to look to. So the main person who needs to really get on the players and teach them how to overcome all these things, doesn’t have the experience himself to overcome them. That’s the H.C. Raheem.

  4. thomas 2.2 Says:

    bucnnole: hilarious!

    There is no case to be made for Rah, except of course for a suitcase.

    The fact that the Glazers and Dom have not come out publicly in support if Rah tells you all you need to know.

    They know that the public is increasing in its disgust with this terrible coach, the only way to quell the masses is to say – get over it – he is staying.

    He is a goner, the only argument is when and who will replace him. I hope its a star but shoot it could be anyone and the team immediately improves.

    Honestly, you cannot have a more detrimental impact on a football team. Josh McDaniels or Todd Haley or Tony Sparano or Wade Phillips or anyone would be an improvement. Les Steckel would do a better job, give me anyone and we will not be this bad.

  5. Buddhaboy Says:

    i say Tom Clements, or jeff fisher, or some hard ass…These kids need a wake up call. To much buddy buddy crap goin on. I , along with Justin Palowski dont believe that talent is the issue.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s time for the Glazer’s to use Raheem’s own words: I’ll tolerate you until I can replace you. I’d say the tolerance is gone wouldn’t you?

  7. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Talent is NOT the issue – a decent coach will win with this team, especially this offense and line. Lack of discipline and attention to detail kill our offense. A new disciplined coach will address that.

    The defense is terrible but defense gets fixed more easily as rookies adapt more easily when coached correctly. They need to supplement with 2 defensive vets a LB and CB preferably.

  8. espo Says:

    I’ve run out of ways to defend this guy as well. Inexcusable.

  9. Anthony Says:

    I have a case for Morris. A suitcase. Pack it and get out of town.

  10. Buddhaboy Says:

    it seems as if the fan base has certainly turned against this guy. His schtick was funny or “cute” when we were winning, but now that we officially suck, it has become tired and predictable.

  11. bucsalltheway Says:

    We just need a game change type player like a Patrick Peterson,desean Jackson,Matt forte….something to spark the group of babies who call themselves men. The last seven games was like watching someone get held down by twenty people while watching a young Muhammad Ali tee off on em with countless strong jabs. We have no one on this roster to pick them up…

  12. Nick Says:

    it has become tired and predictable.


    So has the over reaction of the town…

  13. OAR Says:

    Raheem probably thinks they mean the shell game!

  14. Jon in Tampa Says:

    Bucs are waiting until they get to the stadium Saturday, notice that very few fans bothered to attend the final home beatdown of the season. Once the Cowboys sidesaddle the Bucs, the Glazers walk Morriss out the door.

    This is not how any of us really wanted Raheem’s tenure as coach to end. However, look on the bright side. Now were are playing for draft board status. i believe we are currently in 4th place. Can’t catch to Colts, but we don’t need A. Luck.

  15. eric Says:


    Chucky, is that you?

    I figured you would be too tired laughing your ass off to type a post……..

  16. Drew Says:

    I have to disagree with all of you. Yes, I was on the bandwagon too, but my experience tells me firing Raheem is the wrong thing to do. We’ve all forgotten this team is rebuilding and building through the draft. The 2012 draft brings another influx of young talent and acquiring a couple of veteran free agents for leadership is needed. The players are young and learning through a shortened season and adversity. Have patience and you’ll be pleasantly surprised for years to come. I support the Organization, Coaches and Players and feel this will turn around next year.

  17. Snook Says:

    “Talent is NOT the issue – a decent coach will win with this team, especially this offense and line. Lack of discipline and attention to detail kill our offense. A new disciplined coach will address that.

    The defense is terrible but defense gets fixed more easily as rookies adapt more easily when coached correctly. They need to supplement with 2 defensive vets a LB and CB preferably.”



    You’re dead on with all of this. Why is this not clear to everyone?

  18. Snook Says:

    Hey Drew:

    Turnarounds in the NFL don’t take 4 years. Next year will be YEAR FOUR.

    You really think this team will be better next year? That’s laughable. If Raheem stays as HC, this team would go 0-16 next season. The NFL has the Bucs figured out. And the head coach is too dumb to change anything.

  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    NO coach could win with the defense playing the way it is. Raheem is a terrible coordinator. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. But as a head coach how can you expect wins the way the defense is playing? It’s terrible. The offense is terrible. Talent on defense is a big problem, as is coaching.

  20. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Part of what these players need is a packed stadium filled withe excitement due to its connection with this team.

    That has not and will not happen under rah rah cliche morris. He has no substance to his coaching style, it is nothing but cliches and cute words. His solution to horrible football is always some form of: back to the basics, back to fundamentals, back to . . .

    Sometimes the analysis needs to go much deeper. For example, it is clear to me that this team struggles badly on defense in two areas: stopping the run by maintaining gap integrity and playing/staying in their pass coverage zones.

    Rah’s solution is to play more man coverage which is a horrible idea when you have Biggers as a corner and Jones as a safety. Rah is too foolish to recognize this.

    The solution isnt to make up cute words and have full-padded practices. It is to make personnel changes and schematic adjuctments that suit your personnel better.

  21. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    If Rah stays, all assist. coaches must go, except K. Millard, Rah needs a DC and Glazers open up the wallet, free agents are spendy. Could be good next year of course maybe not too.

  22. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Has Raheem thought of begging Monte to come back as DC? Could buy him another year?

  23. RastaMon Says:

    they are simply…Rah…blah…blah..blah…shocked
    these guys are used to be coached…
    they are a meandering…aimless…herd of cattle…

  24. eric Says:

    how come some folks are so rluctamt and saddenrd by rah getting fired but are wolling to fire the staff.

    or are they not people too

    i heard jim bates was a nice guy. yet no sadness for him.

  25. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Raheem needs to be smart, pack fast and run hard out of the building!

  26. FloridaGirl Says:

    The fact the team is shell shocked reflects that they thought they would be a Division leader this year based on their performance last year against a weak schedule. The coach is spoon feeding them a line of garbage and doesn’t have the experience to get the ship righted. It’s harder when the expectations are higher and no one has a plan. Don’t expect Rah to get fired while the G-men are entertaining offers to sell the team. Why put in an interim coach now when after the sale, the new owner installs his own trusted GM/HC combination. Sit back and enjoy the suck for the rest of the season. AND…don’t forget to renew those season tix!

  27. foxworth Says:

    I don’t think kiffin would come back here or do i think it would benefit the team if he did, a’lot of teams have figured out and play well against the Tampa two now, we need a defensive master mind to provide a new scheme for the future not the past .finding a defensive coordinator of the caliber that would be willing to work under a head coach that has one year left on a contract and claims to be a d/c himself further fuels the fact that Raheem must go and go soon .it is also logical to think at this point that some of the poor effort coming from the players is that simply…. they stop drinking the kool-aid too, this coach and this system must go .Its hard to get shell shocked when your mentally prepared for war .

  28. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    Wow, FloridaGirl, well said. What are your sources for the dirtys selling the team?


  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “how come some folks are so rluctamt and saddenrd by rah getting fired but are wolling to fire the staff.”


    Who the hell is saying Raheem shouldn’t be fired? If I’m saying the time has come, then it’s a pretty safe bet everyone is.

  30. eric Says:


    i was referring to the sadness.

    joe saod it made him very sad.

    wondered why that didnt apply to bates or olsen.

  31. Mr Lucky Says:

    Eric what makes me sad is watching them play on Sundays and blowing 14-0 leads…..giving up 41 unanswered points.

    That’s what makes me sad.

  32. eric Says:

    ive been totally depressed since they introduced the guy as head coach in 2009.

  33. Patrick Says:

    Raheem can go join his former boss in the MNF booth.

  34. Anthony Says:

    Come back, Jon!

  35. Chris Says:

    I have a feeling there will be several players cut this off-season as well.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    Ok, I’m so tired of hearing all the cries to fire the coach, I’ll play devil’s advocate. We should keep Coach Morris for the last year of his contract and see how things play out. What’s happened this year is excessive expectations based on a 10-6 record with an easy schedule last year, continued expectations with a 4-2 start this year and wins against Atlanta and New Orleans, all of which led to a MASSIVE letdown when we hit the real schedule and the players were already caught up in their own hype. Now they can’t handle it, they’re “regressing” because they don’t know how to react realizing they actually have to WORK to get better and it’s not just handed to them on a silver platter like last year’s schedule. Oh, BIG shocker there. The players have been sitting on their laurels thinking improvement just happens and is easy. All except a few rookies like Clayborn and Bowers have wasted away this year thinking how easy this game is. Now they’re getting a slap in the face. A full off-season of feeling the sting and maybe they’ll be back ready to play next year. So, keep Morris, it’s not his fault, the players won’t listen because they’re like spoiled teenagers that can do whatever they want with no consequences whatsoever. Next year, after what’s happened this year, they’ll listen. And things will be better.

  37. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    It is hard to make a solid defense for Raheem, but it is even harder for Raheem to make a solid defense.

  38. FlBoy84 Says:

    I wonder if Mel Tucker (Jax HC) offered Raheem advice after the game.

  39. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bambam: that was the absolute weakest argument anyone has ever made in support of keeping the head coach of a horrible football team.

    Its not his fault bc: they schedule got hard, his players arent listening to him? Those are better arguments for firing him – now.

    If that is all you can come up with then you have answered your own question – he is GONE. And we will all be better as a result.

  40. Tampa2 Says:

    Wow, Some of us have been saying the Amateur was in over his head since he was named Head Coach. And we were blasted every time that we mentioned this fact. But now I see all the Raheemies (as we affectionately refer to you) have suddenly come to the realization that Raheem is not a qualified head coach. It only took 3 years for you to grasp that you had been taken in by the Kool-aid dished out by the Glazers. Congratulations!