November 17th, 2011

In this TBO Bucs vlog, Woody Cummings and eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune explain why Thumbgate is overblown and what some of the Bucs players think of the way LeGarrette Blount is (un)used.

7 Responses to “Thumbgate”

  1. MTD Says:

    Joe, please stop subjecting us to these guys.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    So what do you “run Blount 30 times fans” wane Sunday when they are down 25+ early?

    Let’s pound Blount for 3 yards in a cloud of dust so we can score after a 12 minute drive to go down 18 points.

    It makes no sense, no team does it and to criticize Olson for not doing is sad. Criticize rah for going for it on 4th when you can take 3 and get a lead.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2 — C’mon. Blount doesn’t get clipped in the backfield on first and second down unless Jeremy Trueblod is playing matador, like he did early and often Sunday. Blount has a strong average and gets positive yardage.

    Pound the guy on first and second down and give Freeman manageable third downs and playaction that might actually fool someone. The few times teh Bucs have pounded Blount it has worked.

    And if you think no team does this, turn on NFL Network in about an hour.

  4. Jrock Says:

    Ira for O.C.!

    MTD, don’t subject yourself to it. The video didn’t auto-play for me, maybe learn to not click the “play” icon when you see Roy’s face?

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We have been so far behind in games lately we are almost forced to Pass, to try and catch up.
    Texas stung us on their first play of the game, and we were playing catch up after that.
    May I humbly suggest our Defense was not “tired” in the first quarter.
    It is our Defense that is the problem. They can’t stop anyone, and allow teams to get so far ahead of us, that running is futile.

  6. Crotchity McGee Says:

    16-0 with nearly 3 qtrs of football does not dictate becoming one dimensional. Opening the 2nd half with two runs for a 1st down followed by incomplete-sack-sack!? That is what forces you to abandon the run when you are consistently allowing the other team to control tempo/clock and exposing your defense by leaving them on the field all afternoon. Another clear distinction between the newfound inability to tackle is the lack of multiple helmets flying to the ball. Our more frequent use of man coverage is impacting the natural flow of of the cover 2 to drive the action between the hash marks where you have help. Many of the missed tackles have been consectutive wiffs on the sidelines with one defender missing followed by the next as opposed to our old trademark of all 11 crashing to the ball. Too many defenders being drawn from the action worried about their man assignments. We are clearly a work in progress but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see our inconsistent Bucs show up in Green Bay and make a game of it on Sunday. Would make sense given our uneven performances all year long.

  7. Joe Says:


    Joe, please stop subjecting us to these guys.

    Joe enjoys Woody Cummings and eye-RAH! Kaufman very much and is chagrin TBO doesn’t produce more Bucs videos.