Freeman Wears A Wire

November 17th, 2011

Nothing like an NFL Films look inside a game. Joe’s just hooked on this stuff that makes the Real Man Channel, NFL Network, an absolute must.

During the Bucs-Texans game Sunday, Josh Freeman wore the famous NFL Films microphone, and you can watch a 3+ minute compilation here and get a look inside the game.

Sadly, it’s also a great look at how Dezmon Briscoe, Mike Williams and Arrellious Benn let down Freeman on Sunday.

15 Responses to “Freeman Wears A Wire”

  1. Joshua Licht Says:

    Dropped passes and consistent QB pressure. We are constantly beating ourselves.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Isn’t Olson Josh’s 2nd OC? I realize the first one was fired pretty quickly, but isn’t this so?

    My brain isn’t working for some reason, I’m having trouble with my memory today.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Well, people have been saying that Raheem needs to make an example. Everyone seems to overlook the fact that he benched Hayes for 2 games.

    Our defense needs to “cross-over”. They need their people to say, “Hey, enough is enough…we’re better than this.”

    And the defense needs to determine that it can score points too. That’s what I miss in our defense.

    That and Tackling. They need to hold each other accountable for poor tackling and start doing it right.

    Bowers said this week:
    “Hopefully this week in practice we can get it taken care of. I don’t know what the plan is to fix it but everybody’s just got to keep each other accountable in all situations.”

    “Our defensive line is going to hold each other accountable. Ronde and Aqib are going to keep those DBs accountable. The linebackers are going to hold each other accountable. Everybody’s dependent on each other to help each other out.”

    They need to stop trying to be the old defense and start setting a new standard.

  4. flmike Says:

    He is gripping the ball strangely, he’s almost off the end of the ball with his pinkie finger barley touching the laces, no wonder he can’t throw it accurately, his thumb can’t be okay.

  5. jvato24 Says:

    Just the fact that they have to have conversations about playing hard and learning to tackle is a terrible thing. LIke a damn bunch of Sabbys out there.

    Talib is one of the biggest offenders for half ass attempts at tackling. Talib is flat. He seems to not really care. The only time he cares is when the game is on the line and he has to throw a punch.

  6. aep1717 Says:

    Joe – thanks for posting this video. Its great to have the opportunity to listen in on Freeman’s conversations during the game and to see how Freeman interacts with teammates, coaches, other players, and refs. Especially funny was Josh’s comment about Quincy after breaking the team huddle before the game started.

    I know the video contained mere snippets of the game, but watching the video gave me a one of those in-the-gut bad feelings. Freeman appeared to lack intensity until the final interception, after which the clip showed Freeman smash his helmet down in disgust. The lack of intensity was particularly alarming after the Cushing sack, where it appeared that Freeman spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the name of the ref rather than taking the time on the phone to discuss game plan with Olsen.

    I admit that more intense moments were probably cut from the NFL films segment. But regardless, I feel that as the team’s leader, Freeman needed to get into the WRs ears (Williams, Benn, and Parker in particular) and own them for their poor performance. Specifically, Williams and Parker, because they dropped TD passes, and Benn for turning a catchable ball into an interception. As a WR, you are taught that regardless of the quality of the pass, if the ball hits your hand and you don’t catch it, you failed. There were a lot of failures by the WRs and Freeman should hold them accountable.

    Anyways, I love Freeman, and I believe he’s much better than his statistics during these 9 games indicate. Thanks again for the post Joe.

  7. 941-Bucs Says:

    What i miss about our old defense was it was simple… You knew what you were going to get facing the Bucs. Gang tackling and opportunistic ball-hawks. The Challenge was to try and beat it.

    I feel both on Offense and Defense, That the coaches have them to complicated. Seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors. It’s like they are trying to fool the other team. Admittedly that is useful to an extent. It shouldn’t be the game plan.

    They need to come up with a solid style of play and run with it. To me it seems like the only people they are fooling is the young Bucs on this team.

  8. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Really how can Talib hold anyone accountable?? the guy is a poster child for lack of accountability

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think maybe the reason you don’t see Freeman getting in WRs faces is because he feels he’s as responsible as they are….hard to say, “You need to play better and catch the freaking ball!” When you have trouble even getting the ball to them.

    He SHOULD get in Olson’s face though…and tell him to get people blocking better for him and to run the ball more.

    I bet if Josh starts running the ball more himself, they’ll run Blount more just to keep Josh healthy.

    The problem there is offenses have learned how to beat the old Tampa 2. Just yesterday I was reading an article that said the Cover 2 is a must-have in the NFL, but it’s key weak point was the middle when running hte ball.

    Teams know that…and that’s why they are running all over us. We’re built for speed, not strength. Unfortunately, we have so many young guys, most of the defense is in that learning stage.

    Not to mention that one of the best times to teach them is during games when they are off the field…which they haven’t had much opportunity to do.

    Raheem needs to grow a pair and tell Olson to start running more or he’ll replace him. And God help me…if they don’t replace Lumpkin we’re screwed. Bradford was better than Lumpkin…and we could use him at this point.

  10. RastaMon Says:

    under bra ?

  11. Joe Says:


    NFL Films and the NFL Network rock!

  12. gavster Says:

    I do not get a leadership vibe from Free at all in this video. He is joking around most of the time. Idk. Someone needs to bring intensity to this team. Even the pregame chant by quincy black was too soft spoken. I hope someone steps up and brings a fire to this team.

  13. CanadianBuc Says:

    Seems like theres a lot of joking around before and during the start of the game. A probable reason for horrible starts there just too loose. Focus on the game have some intensity and play smashmouth football.

  14. UK_Buc Says:

    Check out the pre-game huddle….such a lack of intensity, no wonder they come out so flat.

    Such a difference in Free since last time i saw him mic’d, versus Rams last year. Now he seems a loty more relaxed and in control…but is that a bad thing?

    On paper, being calm and relaxed should lead to better performance, but it doesn’t appear so in this case. Pressure and fear aren’t always the enemy if they force you to focus.

    Also nice to see him trying to get on good terms with the ref…well, until Zuttah came butting in.

  15. Blubber Price Says:

    “Pete Dutcher Says:
    November 17th, 2011 at 7:27 pm
    I think maybe the reason you don’t see Freeman getting in WRs faces is because he feels he’s as responsible as they are….hard to say, “You need to play better and catch the freaking ball!” When you have trouble even getting the ball to them.”

    I don’t think drops is the major issue , it’s the fact that these guys can’t get open. Freeman is being forced to fit the perfect ball into tight locations constantly , because we have no seperation. That’s the biggest cause of the high INT rate Freeman has this season. He doesn’t want to check down every single play , but the WR’s aren’t open , so he is forcing the issue.

    Add WR to our long list of needs this offseason – preferbly one that actually has some speed. Thanks Mark Dummynik.