No Gap Control

November 29th, 2011

Bucs pre- and post-game radio host Ryan Nece is not the lone ex-Bucs player to suggest the Bucs defensively are an undisciplined lot. So too does Steve White.

The former Bucs defensive end breaks down each Bucs game as if he were a coach (and he was a coach, once serving time as a South Florida assistant).

The results aren’t as bad as one may guess on face value, as White Twittered this morning.

sgw94: On 13 plays where a D lineman was out of his gap AND the Titans backs decided to run through that gap they gained over 130 yds by my count

Damn, that’s damning. So it stands to reason that if the Bucs’ front line did what they were supposed to do, the Titans would have been neutered on the ground?

Seems like someone needs to bring the hammer down on some players.

30 Responses to “No Gap Control”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    All White did last year was ridicule Todd Wash incessantly. Obviously has more to do with talent, or lack thereof, than who the D-line coach is since Millard ain’t having much better luck.

  2. lamarcus Says:

    Aw. … he goes steve white again with his over analysis of the d line play. Thats only accounting the run game. Look. Its simply goes when one lacks other side must execute and step up. See 2011 Patriots. If its again control, we should be 0-44 under Raheem. We just need to play better as a team. If a d linemen miss a gap, lbs need to tackle. Simple. STOP POINTING FINGERS. Teams lose not D linemen missing gaps.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Part of it is youth, part is coaching, but a major portion is that we have the absolute worst linebackers in the NFL. No d-line in the league will hold their gaps on every play. If they did, there would be no need for linebackers. If the draft and free agency period doesn’t focus in a major way on getting top talent at the LB positions for the Bucs, then this will continue to play out season after season. Something must be done.

  4. K2theSoldier Says:

    Gee, if i’m not mistaken I just spent 10 comments worth of material trying to get this point through the thick skulls of football-ignorant-Raheem blamers.

    No gap integrity+horrible second level tackling=One of the worst defenses in the league.

  5. Meh Says:

    K2 are you capable of posting without personal insults? I swear you toss them out more than any other person on this blog.

  6. Jrock Says:

    I agree with FLBoy. The D-line is young, next year with an offseason they will learn their roles and execute a lot better. I would bank on it.

    However the LB are not young, they are veterans. And they suck. If we get upgrades there, the team plays better. 1-2 new LB, a new CB, a scat back and we’re looking a helluva lot better for next season

  7. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’m very capable Meh. But when people are saying silly things I’m going to call them silly. I’m not trying to throw out personal attacks or anything like that, just calling it like I see it.

  8. thibs5599 Says:

    what happened to the two dline coaches we hired before the season who were suppose to come in and fix everything, i know its hard to work with a bunch of young injury prone guys but come on something is going on. these players need competition they know they have nobody pushing them so they do what they want. We need vets who are capable of starting they dont need to be pro bowlers but need some guys who are going to teach and steal jobs away from people if need be

  9. thibs5599 Says:

    bottom line three years and the same problem hasnt been fixed time to bring someone new in who knows what there doing. lure marinellie away from chicago or something to coach the dline even if it means big money or something

  10. K2theSoldier Says:

    I agree with J-Rock. A few pieces here and there plus the growth of all the youth like Josh, Blount and the D linemen and we’ll see a lot of improvement.

  11. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    This was expected with two rookie starters at defensive end, an inexperienced DT(Price), a DT brand spanking new to the system(Hanesworth), and a plain to bad DT(Miller).

    Bennett’s and McCoy’s absence is clearly affecting us. Those guys have been the only ones on the line that have consistently held gap integrity on running plays. Now that both are gone, expect this to happen every single game. At least Bennett should be back soon and can hold down the right side.

    As good as Clayborn is in the pass rushing department, he just doesn’t have the run stop of his game yet. He’ll get there.

  12. Architek Says:

    @K2The Clown:
    “I’m very capable Meh. But when people are saying silly things I’m going to call them silly. I’m not trying to throw out personal attacks or anything like that, just calling it like I see it.”

    K2 you are very annoying because you speak as if you are an employee or quality control personnel of an NFL team. Dude, you know about as much as anyone do or don’t. People like make a living of criticizing others to draw attention to yourself and when you have the floor you have nothing to say. Thats what it’s like reading you uninformed posts. You’re a newbie here so we have pardon you for about two weeks now but people are on to you.

    Feel free to call me out if you want because it will be just another ignorant post by you. I don’t know you personally and thank God I don’t because you are very irritating.

    If MEH or FLBoy wants to talk about the lack of coaching or youth and lack of talent I’m sure there argument or expression falls somewhere squarely on the problem. I remember weeks ago Thomas, myself, Patrick, and a few others had it with the Bucs after the San Fran game. Oh you were Mr. POSITIVE!!! Mr. I can speak circles around your point and the Bucs will bounce back and they do have talent and Freeman this and McCoy that, or Williams is this and that. Now look how silly you sound defending a bunch of quitters who refuse to focus for four quarters and earn their wage.

    I don’t care if they fire Raheem or not because I have made my stance clear, the organization stink from the top down so the issues we have run deeper than firing one man. It’s the players, the culture, the system, and the resources. That K2 means organizational problems and Raheem is falling on the sword but Dominik and the Glazers should feel the heat also. I told you last week that the bucs could lose this game because of their inconsistency and you talked about anyone that opposed you. Well, idiot how does it feel now that we are on pace to have a top 7 pick in the draft Mr. Homer-Positive!!!

  13. Stephen Miracle Says:

    K2, I agree that Raheem should have 1 more year to prove and this begins in the offseason of getting a true DC.. But I disagree with your thoughts that the blame falls square on the players.

    Are they responsible for not going to their assignments? Yes, LB is a definite need and so is CB, but who tells them where to go, encourages them when they succeed and teaches them when they fail?

    What do you see as the role of the Head Coach? To call plays to robot players who should execute it correctly when called?

    The head coach, just as in any leader, knows that the primary work is done in preparation of the big game. These players just look lost and undisciplined. They are professional football players so they must take responsibility BUT it is the coaches job to make sure that they play disciplined through whatever means necessary within the confines of the rules.

    This is why Morris has the potential to be an excellent Head Coach. He understands the concept of motivation and leadership, but he lacks the ability to do it all and prepare the entire team. This offseason is where we will see if that potential will turn into fruition. Will he reflect on the season and find the humility to admit that he needs help on the defensive side to focus on his innate leadership gifts?

    The story is yet to be written

  14. Mr lucky Says:

    Well it sounds like the DC isn’t doing their job – what with young players full of talent not knowing their position? Maybe if he got his underwear off his head the players could understand what they’re supposed to do

  15. K2theSoldier Says:

    Alright Architek. I’m sorry you feel threatened by me or whatever it is exactly that influenced you to type that book all about me. If my goal was actually to get attention, then you definitely gave me that attention. Good job. Typing out 3 paragraphs of personal attack on someone then calling the person irritating doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    I don’t speak like anybody; I’m a fan just like you or the next guy. But there’s an ability to type coherent, substantial arguments/points which a lot of people on here don’t care to do, and I choose to do.
    I like calling out people that deserve to be called out. I’ve called you out on things, Meh out on things and of course Thomas out on things.
    If that irritates you then I’m not sure what to tell ya bud.

    I tend to look at things in a positive light and have believed after a few losses that we could get things turned around. Turns out that wasn’t the case. That’s not being a homer. I don’t need to defend myself to some clown on an online forum. If you or Thomas or Meh want to debate me then make a point like Stephen did above.

    When all you’ve got to say is how irritating I am it sort of puts you in a negative light and makes it look like you know I’m right but have nothing of substance to say. You can do better my man, so do better.

  16. Mr lucky Says:

    Don’t talk to me about talent & potential I want results. A real H C. Knows how to get results . It seems to me Morris wants 2 be their friend rather than their coach. This is the NFL not intermurals. Results are all that matters

  17. K2theSoldier Says:

    In fact Architek, you should really ask Stephen how to type out a coherent and fair comment. He nailed it, even though I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said, it was a fair comment. Take some notes from Stephen.

    @Stephen, I think that Raheem motivates his guys to the best of his abilities. Like you said, he’s a great leader and motivator, he’s got his guys bought into what he’s trying to do as a coach and coordinator. All the cliche’s he dishes out and all that good stuff. His leadership role isn’t in question at all.
    What most people wanna question is his teaching role, which I’ve said before isn’t really fair in the particular situation. Based on the incredible amount of missed assignments and missed tackles we truely have no idea how much Raheem is to blame. That’s why I get so angry when people try to pin it on him. I don’t squarely blame the players, and like I said on another topic I’ve held Raheem accountable before. He’s not immune in my book, for whatever it’s worth.
    It’s a matter of being realistic when dishing out blame.

  18. OAR Says:

    Some of these posts sound like intermurals!

  19. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Raheem may get the most out of his players on an emotional level, but he falls far short in getting the most out of them from a talent and discipline perspective.

    Other than Penn, Joseph, Blount and maybe Barber I haven’t seen any player on this team play up to the level that his physical ability would allow. Being emotionally fired up is fine, but you have to be able to distinguish between emotion and execution. There’s a disconnect between those two attributes on this team. They look lost or confused at times, not seeming to be able to adapt to the changing situations of a game. That is purely coaching.

    It’s just like in the military, where it’s the officers’ jobs to prepare the enlisted troops for battle. They have to make sure the troops are not just ready to respond to scenarios A, B and C but all the way down the line to X, Y and Z. The troops can only perform to the level of their preparedness, not beyond it. If during battle there’s confusion, lack of discipline or a breakdown in formation that speaks to the quality of the leadership. Period.

    At some point Raheem is going to be held accountable, because the performance of a team starts at the top. His job is to teach his players, not just motivate them. If they are consistently in the wrong spot on the field or not reacting properly to a situation then they haven’t been taught properly. That’s just the way it is. The results on the field speak for themselves. This is a results oriented business and Raheem is going to have to answer for his complete lack of progress this year. This team has had the bottom fall out of it and if it continues a few more games Raheem is going to see the bottom fall out of his job. And rightfully so.

  20. K2theSoldier Says:

    I understand what you’re saying completely FLboy. You’re right, Raheem is going to be held accountable eventually. But my point is that the amount of mistakes on the field made by the players like missed tackles and assignments is more of an indictment on the players, not the head coach. If Raheem has his guys in position and they just physically can’t get the job done, who’s fault is that? See what I’m saying? Your comparison to the military is a good one. But I just don’t think it fits right here. I’m basically giving Raheem the benefit of the doubt, because I’ve seen this happen with other NFL teams.
    I totally understand the way of the NFL, that eventually everything I’m saying doesn’t matter and the coach will be scapegoated so to say for his players lack of performance. But from every experts opinion I’ve read in the area, it’s a consensus that it’s the players under performing that is most to blame for the struggles.

  21. K2theSoldier Says:

    Now don’t even ask what I think about Olson. I’m not defending all the coaching.

  22. Ed Says:

    Zach Brown, anyone? Looks like he would be great, and we could actually have a first round pick in the linebacker corps to go along with that high priced dline.

  23. Perceptor Says:

    This reminds me of what Warren Sapp said on the Bucs “America’s Game”

    “If everyone knows their assignment and has their gap…we can win! We can win!”

  24. Architek Says:

    As Morris should be held accountable but K2 what you did not read in many of my statements is I tend to look at thing from the big picture. I don’t know, nor does anyone if Raheem will become a great coach but what we do know is the Bucs have been an below satisfactory franchise for the better part of its existence and I implore you and others to sound off because you as a fan (just as I) deserve to have the best. I don’t know you employment status or economical stature but I am sure you work hard for you cash (wealthy or poor). The Glazers need to acknowledge that and put out more effort, become more visible and hands on with the team to earn people trust. As I have stated many weeks ago, it’s no miracle that certain teams contend and remainvisible every year. It’s because the owners see to it that the fans get their money worth.

    As far as anything personal, I don’t know you and will not give you the satisfaction to debate with you because you opinion of substantial leaves a lot to be desired.

    What really puzzles me is the revenue that the Glazers generate from all of their businesses and they never put the Bucs marketing to the forefront. For example, you never see commercials for non-profits and other chritables to sway the public to connect with the team. For example, if they were so sold on Freeman and McCoy they would do the Play60 or reading programs commercials strictly for serving the community and exposure. It’s almost like they are sitting back and waiting to see also. How can we grow if our ownership and leadership are not convinced. Also, I thought about something last night after watching the entertaining Saints. Do you all remember when Brees arrived in NO? He was coming off of a shoulder surgery and there were many questions. However, the Saints went all in have since drafted and kept weapons around him to guarantee they do their part in helping him succeed.

  25. Architek Says:

    I think its safe to say that in 3 years we have not surrounded Freeman with the tools on offense to succeed.

  26. Joe Says:

    REAL GOOD point Perceptor!

  27. OAR Says:

    Sapp has also said, you have to have that “trust” in your other teamates, that they know and will be where they’re supposed to be.

  28. jvato24 Says:

    Lets place blame where its really needed


  29. BucfaninMI Says:

    Flboyindallas nailed it! They’re ready, but confused. Rah might be more suited to coach college football.

  30. Eric Says:

    Man that defense with Sapp and company back in the day was just awesome wasnt it.

    QB’s come in with a 120 rating, leave with a 50 after they got through with them. Domination and humiliation.

    Sure wish we could get that back.