For The Bucs, “It’s Always Raining.”

November 29th, 2011

Veteran Tampa Tribune scribe Martin Fennelly brings his brand of sarcasm to analyzing the Bucs’ latest loss in this video.

5 Responses to “For The Bucs, “It’s Always Raining.””

  1. justin Says:

    1st lead in 41 days wow what a joke

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Wake up Dominik! If you don’t do something about your team’s defensive coordinator, you may be looking for work too.

    The defense has sucked since Morris has been the defensive coordinator (only marginally less than Jim Bates). “Stats are for losers.” Well, your stats are bad and you have a losing team. Guess it all fits, huh Rah?

  3. Tye Says:

    This experiment of hiring a guy with so little qualifications as HC and hoping he will pull off some sort of miracle has been a BUST…. Most likely it has set the Bucs back a couple of years and as long as he remains the further the Bucs get set back…..

    Sure hoping for the Bucs to find a guy to hire as HC that can turn it all around quickly like the 49ers did with Coach Jim Harbaugh!

  4. Rickster Says:

    The problem is so f’ing obvious!! 31st on defense, when you don’t have a d coordinator that’s likely to happen. Didn’t score in the second half, not just this game but all season as a whole, that’s on Greg Olson!

  5. sandbagrudy Says:

    That guy sounded pretty damn frustrated he should walk into Glasers office and piss on his desk. Some guy paid cash for jacksonville today maybee his brother will buy the Bucs this problem starts from the top.