The Bucs Don’t “Hunt” Well

November 29th, 2011
Former Bucs LB Ryan Nece says the Bucs are not grasping gap principles or hunting the ball carrier intensely

The Bucs’ run defense fell apart nearly three years ago on Monday Night Football against Carolina. Chucky’s Bucs were cruising at 9-3 and clashing on the road with the Panthers.

But the Bucs were humiliated on the ground that night and it hasn’t stopped since.

Monte Kiffin couldn’t fix it. Jim Bates couldn’t fix it. Raheem Morris couldn’t fix it. And neither could the prayers of Bucs fans across the Tampa Bay area.

So what’s wrong with the Bucs’ current rush defense, which was gutted again Sunday? Former Bucs linebacker Ryan Nece, part of the Buccaneers Radio Network, offered a take yesterday on WDAE-AM 620.

Somewhat scary to Joe is that Nece says he sees players who simply don’t comprehend their roles.

“You have young players that don’t fully understand the gap principle and don’t fully go out there and execute their jobs,” Nece said. “And there were several times when you saw some players out of their gaps and you saw sometimes where players were missing tackles. And then not only that you couple that, to me, with a lack of intensity of trying to get all 11 guys to the football, which creates explosive plays [for the offense]. Because if one guy misses a tackle against Chris Johnson, he’s going to be gone because there’s not going to be enough guys around to be able to catch him.”

“You’ve got to find a way to get all 11 guys off the ground to the ball carrier to bring him down. They’ve got to be hunting. You’ve got to hunt the ball carrier to bring him down on defense. So I think a combination of lot of things have led to poor tackling and led to teams rushing the ball successfully against the Buccaneers.”

This is all very troubling to Joe. Shouldn’t the youngest team in the league have no problem with intensity and hunting the football?

And as Nece says, “players don’t fully understand the gap principle.” Is this yet another thing to blame on the lockout shortened offseason? Joe’s not buying that, especially from guys like Geno Hayes and Quincy Black, who have been in the same defense (minus the Jim Bates insanity), for many years.

64 Responses to “The Bucs Don’t “Hunt” Well”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I will be 1st to comment and will direct this toward the HC. It doesn’t make any sense to fire Coach Raheem. We do not have enough good players, that is why they are having a subpar season–not because the coach sucks. They need to go out in FA next season and PR said that they are going to. That being said, bringing in an extra pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt. I think Jack Del Rio would be a great fit for the defense.

  2. flmike Says:

    bottom line is lack of talent at OLB and FS, too young of talent and not enough coaching at DT/DE, I think Millard has their attention, just didn’t have the time as in No Off Season to teach them, you cannot teach gap integrity during the season, the week moves to fast and with the new CBA practice restrictions you don’t have enough field and pad time. That f’d up practice clause is going to haunt the league and teams for the next 10 years. The talent is here, need to go get 2 OLBs and a FS in FA. Jettison Raheem and his entire staff sans Millard. I think Fisher is the best fit for the Bucs as an HC, I believe Del Rio (who just became available) would be an awesome DC.

  3. flmike Says:

    We posted at the same time, I disagree with you about the talent, we absolutely have the talent at the skill positions. Williams, Benn, Blount, Briscoe all have the skills, it’s the coaching that is lacking. Notice I didn’t mention K2, I think he needs to go, there are so many talented TEs in college right now, we can draft a 6’4″ 260 lbs TE who can both catch and OMFG actually block someone without holding them in the 4th – 6th rounds. No, it is absolutely the coaching.

  4. stimpy Says:

    Andy Reid?

  5. Baja Alabama Says:

    The Buccaneers defensive scheme: You guys(D line) rush, You guys(D backs) chase recievers, and you guys(LB’s) just hang out somewhere in between…

  6. Meh Says:

    Chris Johnson got most of his yards before he was even touched. While our tackling is really really bad, our gap play is even worse. Guys (especially the linebackers) are just not doing their jobs.

  7. Snook Says:

    I want Andy Reid if he’s fired in Philly. I’m tired of defensive coaches. Their offenses always suck.

    Nece is dead on. And it can’t be blamed on the lockout. There was no change in DC. There was no change in defense. Its just poor coaching, people. Raheem isn’t cut out to be a DC much less a HC. His one year at Kansas State — FAILURE.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    The biggest problem is our LBers. They are the worst in the league- by a huge, huge margin! They shouldn’t even be on an NFL field, much less starting. This season, until the last two games. You have had three players who have refused to play. Talib, Black, and Hayes have all walked around the field with their thumbs up their butts. None have them have even thought about trying to play defense, until the last two games. I think they may have finally realized that they may have gotten Raheem fired, so they figured they better have SOMETHING on tape.

    Talib has flat taken off 9 games this season. He decides to play two games, and you had people here singing him love songs! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

    All the expert draft sites, Fortunately, are smarter than some thug lovers around here. They all list Cb as our biggest weakness. Dre Fitzpatrick or Alphonso Dennard can help. We still need a vet CB. No way around that, for next year.

    Our LBers are so bad, that two high picks, and a couple Free agents are the only way to fix that shambles of a posistion

  9. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Look guys, Tampa WAS a 10 and 6 Team, then we fire both the O line and D line coaches ?

  10. Meh Says:

    It is Dre Kirpatrick not Fitzpatrick. I agree CB is our biggest need with Talib probably suspended and Barber aging even though LB is our worst group. Dennard will not be worth the high pick we’ll have. I have no problem with him, but there will be much better players at our draft slot. We should be aiming for Caliborne or Kirpatrick with our first pick.

  11. Anthony Says:


    You fire a coach for underachieving so I ask you who on this team is underacieving? Dezom Briscoe is good? Is Mike Williams a #1? Arrelious Benn–Seriously? What has he shown you dude? Who is telling you that these guys are good? Blount is a good, I’ll give you that. I think you’re off base with Winslow, he’s our best receiver and that’s why Freeman is always trying to force it into him–he’s the only guy that can get open. And those are all offensive players. Look at the defense–who is good on that side? How many of our players would start for a playoff contender? All I can say is that they have some promise. They need to dip into FA next season and draft some linebackers.

    @Capt.Tim Aqib has shut down Greg Jennings and Nate Washington back to back weeks. Don’t sell on him yet. Worst comes to worst he can be the #2 cb. That’s not too bad?

  12. Meh Says:

    If Winslow is so good at getting open why is Freeman ‘forcing’ balls to him? Why are half of Freeman’s INTs on those balls to Winslow? Winslow is not what he used to be.

  13. Anthony Says:

    I agree–still our best receiver though

  14. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Apple Roof, I’ve asked before, what’s your point about us firing the line coaches? BOTH lines are playing better than last year. They aren’t the problem.

    This again proves that Raheems defensive players are just too dumb for the most part to understand simple gap responsibility! They can’t tackle either.

    And Winslow is our best receiver. He’s going to lead us in receptions for the 3rd straight year. I don’t know why Freeman is forcing balls to Kellen, too much trust or what, I have no clue. But that doesn’t mean you cut Kellen. That’s just a stupid idea.

  15. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hire Jack Del Rio (Hell I would go for Alberto Del Rio) NOW! He was just fired!

  16. K2theSoldier Says:

    Wow….Really Scotty? I knew I’d read some comment on here asking for Del Rio. Proves that fans want guys just because of name recognition. So stupid.

  17. Patrick Says:

    @Apple…….that 10-6 record was misleading. We had a very easy schedule and we had a bunch of games bounce our way. We never played complete games, Josh had to bail us out all the time…..and this year we proven that he can’t be invincible like that all the time.

  18. Patrick Says:

    Del rio? No thanks……I really can’t believe he made it as long as he did in jax

  19. flmike Says:

    There is absolutely no coaching/teaching going on at 1 Buc Place, none. We have the same people at the skill positions as last season, yet they have regressed, that’s not on them, thats on coaching, teams have watched the film and figured out how to defend each skill player, it’s up to the coaches to show them how to adapt to the changes and they have failed at that. Plain and simple, Raheem has failed his players much more than his players have failed him, and thats when it’s time to go. Personally, I think this plan has been in place for 3 years. They fire Gruden, hire a cheap replacement until they are done paying Chucky, in the interim you draft talent like crazy. If the cheapo HC works out you look like geniuses and you’re still on the cheap, if he doesn’t no one will blame you for firing an ineffective coach no matter how young or cheap he was to you, but you’ve stock piled talent enough to interest a veteran HC. No self respecting veteran HC was going to take over the mess Chucky left.

  20. Eric Says:

    How is Jim Bates “insane” but not Rah?

  21. Patrick Says:

    Jim Bates didnt suck as a DC……Rah was just foolish enough to hire someone who doesn’t teach the Tampa2 scheme our players were accustomed to.

  22. Dave Says:

    The Bucs have good Line coaches and good DB coaches.

    I can see going in a different direction with the LBs and WRs coaches… the 2 worst units this year.

    JOE: How come we have not heard one word about Van Pelt this year? is he doing anything?

    I also am liking the idea of taking the DC reigns from Raheem and picking up his option and extending 1 year beyond that… ONLY if he gives up the DC role.

  23. Dave Says:

    How is Jim Bates “insane” but not Rah?

    Because it was square pegs in round holes.
    Because every player said the guy was clueless.
    Because not a single player knew what they were doing under him.

    I am not saying Raheem has been successful, but he does have the players believing. He does have some good Line coaches and a DB coach.
    He needs new LBs and new LB coaches (possibly). He also may need to give up the reigns of DC and focus on HC.

    Go 2 years in that direction with this young core developing and if they aren’t a SB contender in 2 years… fire them all

  24. K2theSoldier Says:

    See, FLmike, that’s the type of comment that drives me crazy.
    “There is absolutely no coaching/teaching going on at 1Buc Place, none”.
    How in the world do you know that? Are you inside One Buc watching practice?

    “Raheem has failed his players much more than his players have failed him, and thats when it’s time to go.”

    Really? I believe it was Raheems players missing 25 tackles last game, not Raheem. I believe it was Raheems scheme that the players were screwing up in, missing gaps and assignments. Blaming the coach and not holding the players responsible is just silly, and it’s become ridiculously popular to do on this site. Scrap the crappy players, add some real talent with minds that can comprehend football and the scheme being given to them, and if they STILL can’t perform, blame the coordinator.
    You can replace Raheem as the d coord. but replacing him as the head coach right now isn’t the right move right now. That could change in the next few weeks, but right now Raheem is the man to go with as the HC.

  25. Joe Says:


    JOE: How come we have not heard one word about Van Pelt this year? is he doing anything?

    I also am liking the idea of taking the DC reigns from Raheem and picking up his option and extending 1 year beyond that… ONLY if he gives up the DC role.

    What is there to say about Van Pelt? He came in with high regard last year and was the toast of the town the way Freeman played. This year, eh.

    Pretty soon, if Raheem is to stick around via an extension, he may not have the option of remaining as defensive coordinator.

  26. Meh Says:

    I agree that both lines are better than last year. I agree the linebackers are terrible, but the secondary is almost that atrocious.

  27. K2theSoldier Says:

    Take a page out of Dave’s book. THAT is a reasonable comment he made. Saying there’s no coaching going on is just stupid.

  28. flmike Says:


    You have rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players and they don’t know where to go or what to do. Who’s responsible for that? Them? Partially, but that is a lack of coaching or a lack of ability by the coaches to get those lessons across. It’s self evident when you watch the games, the players especially the LBs are just lost out there.

    I agree, Raheem shouldn’t be fired today, but January 2 is looking like a good day.
    Even if they keep him he has to give up the DC reins, there is no way he can do both jobs successfully as we are witnessing this year.

    I still go with what I said earlier, this was a plan, if he worked out they look like genuses, if not, no biggie you’ve stocked up on talent enough to entice a veteran HC to Tampa.

  29. K2theSoldier Says:

    At what point do you stop blaming the players and start holding the players accountable for either not studying up enough or just plain out not having the football I.Q. though?
    What if you fire Raheem, hire one of these big name “stud” coaches that all of you are so obsessed with, and the players STILL don’t perform. Then you’ve scapegoated a head coach for the sake of players who just aren’t good. It’s a slippery slope.

  30. Stephen Miracle Says:

    I think the rush defense issue has to go deeper than lack of player talent, effort or knowledge of responsibilities. Just like Joe said in the post, this has been an issue since the Carolina game. We’ve changed coaches and players but it always ends in the same fashion.

    We get gutted for 200+ yards routinely.

    Nece says its the lack of Gap responsibility but did that make sense with Derrick Brooks and company in that Carolina game? You can’t doubt their understanding nor effort.. but we still were blown up for yards.

    It has to be something deeper such as the Tampa 2 scheme that we run and I think Raheem knows this. He dials the blitz and runs man to man much more often than Kiffin did. I agree with this more aggressive approach. Do we get run over still way too often? Yes, no one can deny it. But there have been games against really good RB’s that we completely stuff the run.

    Could it be the players or coaching? Sure it can, but it smells of something deeper after you switch from aging vets to baby rookies and everything in between with no discernible difference.

  31. flmike Says:


    I don’t know what you are watching, but the talent is there, everybody in the league knows we have the talent at the skill positions, thats not even a question. We have a young and incredibly talented D line which is only going to get better, our O-line is really very talented sans Faine and Trueblood who I think just needs some tough love coaching to get him in line. Otherwise we need help at LB, CB and FS.

    Okay, so we know we have the talent, the very same talent that got us 10 wins last season. What’s different? What’s changed since last season? Well the league has 30 games of film on Raheem and his schemes for one and about the same number on the players. Who hasn’t adapted or changed, the players, they are doing the same things they were doing last season, just not successfully and why not, well, the league has all this film on each of them, hmmm, yet no change or adaptation by the players, why? Bad coaching.It’s up to the coaches to find ways for the players to succeed, whats the one thing every player coming out of NE says about Belicheat, “He ALWAYS puts his players in a position to succeed” this is something Raheem hasn’t done and in my opinion doesn’t understand how to do. He does not have the requisite skill set, how do you expect him to help his players succeed if he doesn’t know to himself.

  32. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ FLmike You’re right, we have the talent on offense. But last I checked Raheem doesn’t coach the offense. So that point is irrelevant here. You leave out the fact that Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, E.J. Biggers, Myron Lewis and Sean Jones are KILLING this team. There is almost zero talent in the linebacking core along with the secondary aside from Talib, Ronde and T-Jack.

    ALSO, you leave out the fact that we replaced a veteran middle linebacker who knew the scheme like the back of his hand and was the general of the defense last year. His replacement is a rookie, who is still learning on the fly, and that explains a lot of the reasoning behind guys looking clueless out there.

    Raheem hasn’t put his players in position? That’s flat out wrong. The players are in position alot of the time but MISS THE TACKLE!! 20+ times last game. Why do people ignore the players missed tackle and say Rah doesn’t have them in position? Look, every coordinator has lapses and there will be breakdowns. We’ve had that happen this year plenty. But a LOT of the time guys have been in great position but just can’t tackle. That is NOT on the scheme.

    The biggest difference between this year and last year is the schedule, no doubt about it. Last year we played arguably the softest schedule in the league, and this year we’ve played one of the most difficult. Lions, Bears, Niners, Texans, Packers, Saints twice is brutal. Not an excuse, just a reason. Along with having a rookie middle linebacker still learning on the fly.

  33. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hire Del Rio as DC?

  34. Eric Says:

    THe players said Jim Bates was clueless?

    I doubt that.

    A square peg in a round hole? What is Rah doing? His defense is no better than Jim’s.

    I am not saying Jim Bate’s defense was worth a damn, just stating that both men ought to be held to the same standard.

    Put another way, if Bates was here this whole time, and his defense was playing like Rah’s (i.e. 31st), would there be the slightest bit of hesitation to jettison the dude? Hell there wasn’t the slightest hesitation after the 8-10 games he did coach as DC. At least that guy can point to some damn good defenses in MIami. What can Rah point too?

    A swiss cheese defense is a swiss cheese defense, whether run by Bates or Morris.

    If anything, Rah’s defense should be playing way better than Jims, due to the familiarity of the personell. But, its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Joe pointed out, problem still exists three years into the “rebuilding”.

    So, who is insane?

  35. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Eric, by a square peg in a round hole I think he meant that Bates was trying to swap the scheme into something that the current players weren’t used to/didn’t know how to play. Sort of like what Washington did when they switched to the 3-4 but had all 4-3 personel like Haynesworth. That would be why Bates is “insane”.

  36. Meh Says:

    K2, you praise Tanard Jackson but he he is missing 44% of his tackles. FORTY FREAKING FOUR PERCENT. I can’t believe you praised him and then went on and on about how missed tackles are a big problem (which I agree with).

    And people say Rah doesn’t have them in position because, as an example, Chris Johnson gained something like 130 yards BEFORE HE WAS TOUCHED.

    We have problems all around. Undisciplined play. Everybody missing gaps. No tackling. Secondary that can’t cover much of anybody outside of Talib (for the 2 games out of 11 he decided to show up for). Dropped sure-thing INTs. Linebackers that have no idea where they’re supposed to be. Penalties. Horrible offensive play calling. Receivers that aren’t getting open and drop passes right into their hands. A badly regressing QB. A tight end who keeps getting passes forced to him resulting in INTs because he’s lost more than a step.

    You can look at any one of those issues and blame the players. But you cannot, with a straight face, look at all of those issues and not point the finger directly at the coaching.

  37. Snook Says:

    Yes, we don’t know what’s going on at One Buc Place in regards to coaching. But one thing is for sure. If good coaching IS going on there, it sure as hell doesn’t show up on Sunday.

    Its time to clean house. Raheem will never be a successful head coach in the NFL. Why delay the inevitable?

  38. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Jack Del Rio would be a phenomenal addition as DC here. Phenomenal. He’s an expert in 4-3 defense and his defenses were always extremely stout in his time with the Jags. If I were Dom I wouldn’t wait until the offseason. I’d hire the guy right now. Today. He won’t last long at all on the market.

  39. Meh Says:

    I have no opinion on Del Rio as DC, but why would he come here under a lame duck head coach when he could go elsewhere? I don’t see it.

  40. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I agree under the current circumstances. Something would have to happen with either extending Morris at his current pay level (not probable) or hiring another head coach.

    What you mentioned about the lame duck status of Morris is a real problem for the Bucs going forward if they want to make dramatic, effective changes. Not sure what they’ll end up doing.

  41. Snook Says:


    Part of the reason for the missed tackles IS the fact they’re out of position. Geez. As for your “Raheem doesn’t coach the offense” comment…. REALLY?!?!?

    He’s the HEAD COACH. If he wants to just stick to defense (which I do not encourage) then he should give up the HC position to a real coach.

  42. Meh Says:

    This is part of why I think most of the coaches need to go after this season.

  43. Snook Says:

    K2theSoldier is either Raheem himself or Raheem’s agent.

    Full of excuses.

  44. Snook Says:

    Chew on this, folks…

    In 43 games as head coach, Raheem’s Bucs have scored a 1st quarter offensive TD only 7 times — and none this season. That’s 16% of the time. That’s a JOKE. Raheem’s quote should’ve been “We’re going to score touchdowns… just not in the 1st quarter.”

    That’s what I’m sick and tired of. ZERO production out of the gate. Good teams don’t do that.

    Another telling stat – 17-26 as head coach. Only 5 wins against teams that finished with winning record.

    Anyone who thinks Raheem should be back next season is someone who’s ok with continued MEDIOCRITY.

  45. flmike Says:

    I absolutely called out the LBs and CBs.
    “Otherwise we need help at LB, CB and FS.”

    As for Foster, he shouldn’t have to place Hayes and Black in position, they are veterans they should know where to be, it kills me every time he actually physically moves them where they need to be when he is calling the D, those two are like Laural and Hardy. And it looks like Ruud may be lossing his starting job in Tenn they love the rookie who intercepted that last pass of Freeman’s, besides Ruud is just keeping the spot warm with his “HUGE” 1 year deal.

  46. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Meh, I don’t praise T-Jack, his excuse for missing tackles isn’t talent; we’ve seen him lay guys out and be a great tackler in his first few years. This year he hasn’t had training camp, preseason or any of that so he’s got an excuse for being a bad tackler. I’ve played sports my entire life, I know what it’s like to take a lay off for a while and try to come back and play, I can’t even imagine how difficult it is at a professional level.
    Like I said, the majority of the blame goes towards the players. Of course coaching gets blame. But to straight up say that it’s all Raheems fault is just lazy and ignorant. It’s fan speak.

    @ Snook, I’m not making excuses, I’m giving objective reasoning behind the struggles of the team, reasons outside the simple-minded “Raheem is a bad coach” reason that so many of you clowns give.
    Greg Olson is responsible for the play calling of the offense, not Raheem. He coaches the entire team, yes, but he doesn’t call the offensive plays. Duh.
    Missed tackles and out of position? Huh? What you’re saying isn’t making sense. The players are in position, they’re missing tackles. I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

  47. K2theSoldier Says:

    Also, @ FLmike, I wasn’t saying I wish we kept Ruud or anything, I think he’s a pretty average to bad linebacker. I’m just explaining to you how removing the general of your defense can have an adverse effect on the defense. Foster will eventually get it all figured out, and we’ll eventually have two good outside linebackers and we’ll hopefully get our young D linemen to understand gap responsibility. Lot’s of maybes.

    As to the Del Rio chatter, sure, why not bring him in as a D coordinator? It’ll just prove that no matter the scheme, players with no football I.Q. will still suck.

  48. Meh Says:

    Nobody, anywhere, said everything is Raheem’s fault. You are knocking down a strawman. There is plenty of blame to go around. But the Buc stops at Raheem.

    And the players are NOT in position K2. How many times do I have to repeat this? From Pat Yasinskas:

    Johnson carried 23 times for 190 yards and averaged 8.3 yards per carry. In 10 games before playing Tampa Bay, Johnson averaged 16 carries, 50.9 rushing yards per game and 3.2 yards per carry.

    That alone says a lot, but there’s more. Johnson gained 152 of his 190 yards before initial contact. Johnson’s previous high for yards before contact this season was 69, and that came in Week 4.

    Poor tackling does not explain how he got 80% of his yards before he was even touched.

  49. eric Says:

    we could get monty back. hire his son.

    it should be noted that even in 2008 his defense finished tenth and was good enough to win nfc south in 05 and 07.

    four games in 08 shouldnt lump him in with rahs ineptitude.

  50. K2theSoldier Says:

    Go read Steve White’s analysis of the game Meh. The BIGGEST problem and reasoning behind the numbers you present is the lack of gap responsibility. That’s on the players. Against Tennessee we missed MORE THAN TWENTY TACKLES! That’s 20, TWENTY FREAKING TACKLES. So don’t tell me we weren’t in position Meh.
    One more time, TWENTY MISSED TACKLES.

  51. K2theSoldier Says:

    Oops, I take that back, TWENTY FIVE missed tackles. Does that explain anything for you Meh? Or do they have to miss 40 before you hold them accountable for sucking?

  52. Meh Says:

    I never, ever said missing tackles wasn’t a huge problem. Never. Who isn’t holding people accountable? Do you even read what I write? I called YOU out for not holding TJack accountable for his 44% missed tackles.

    The only one not holding people accountable here is you. You aren’t holding the head coach accountable.

  53. Meh Says:

    And gap responsibility falls directly on the coaches.

  54. K2theSoldier Says:

    From your posts your primarily blaming Raheem for the faults of his own players. Which isn’t fair at all, and like I’ve said before, complete Fan-Speak.
    T-Jack has a perfectly good excuse for being the piss poor tackler that he’s been, and you know it. I’ve been over that.

    I’ll hold Raheem accountable when I see him in an incorrect scheme, like the 3rd down blitz against GB on the game winning TD throw, or the bone headed scheme on the play action TD to Crabtree against TD. Trust me, I hold Raheem accountable when it’s nessacary.

  55. K2theSoldier Says:

    We can argue till this website shuts down from too many comments, you can blame gap responsibility on the coaching, I can blame it on players. But at the end of the day we’re not going to know exactly who’s fault it is for a guy not hitting the right gap. So that particular argument is pointless.

  56. thibs5599 Says:

    I saw two guys with intensity last weekend, those were clayborn and talib, did anyone see the sideline shot when freeman threw that pic or fumbled not sure which one, aqib was going crazy and raheem had to turn around and calm him down. Now some may say that is an uncontrollable player but to me that is a guy who has been playing good ball the past couple weeks and realized that he needed to step his game up if this team wants any shot at going anywhere this season. I have loved and hated talib but maybe if we had some players with his passion (yes i know he can loaf at time but the guy does get fired up for big games ) this team could win. I just dont see anyone making a play then having a big play dance or something like that. Look at spoon from the falcons the dude makes plays and has a pretty sweet dance after, yea its corny but it gets the crowd and players fired up we dont have any of those personalites on this team at all

  57. Meh Says:

    No I’m saying the buck stops at Raheem. We have huge problems in every area except maybe special teams. 3 years into a rebuild, that lays squarely on the coach. You call it fan-speak but you don’t listen to anyone else’s arguments which are completely based in fact.

    TJack absolutely does NOT have an excuse for missing almost half his tackles. I don’t care how long he was gone. That is a STAGGERING number.

    And no, I do not trust you to hold Raheem accountable. This season is a disaster in ALMOST EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY and you think he’s pure as fresh snow.

    In any case, I’m done with you for today. It is pointless even having a discussion with you. You ignore what people write, toss insults, and lay out the same crap over and over after it is debunked.

  58. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’m looking for a particular reason behind all of that blame squarely being on Raheem. Last I checked he’s not the GM.

    I’ve read every single one of your comments and responded to each one. If I missed any let me know and I’d be more than happy to respond. I don’t ignore ANY points on purpose. I’ve made my case, defended it, and debunked other cases. You don’t have an argument here anymore, outside of saying I don’t hold the coach accountable (which I’ve done in the above comment, and said I would when he makes a silly decision).

    If you’re going to debate me, give me material, substance. Not fan-speak where the players mistakes are the coaches fault. I don’t respond well to that crap, hence the insults I may have thrown out like football ignorant or fan speak.

  59. Snook Says:

    “Greg Olson is responsible for the play calling of the offense, not Raheem. He coaches the entire team, yes, but he doesn’t call the offensive plays. Duh.”

    Not what I’ve read. I’ve heard Raheem sometimes has final say on input on offensive playcalling. Wasn’t there a thread about this not too long ago?


  60. flmike Says:

    Harry Truman had a sign his desk while he was President that read
    “The Buck Stops Here”

    Raheem has heeded those words, each and every week in each and every presser, he has taken responsibility for HIS team’s poor play, well when the time comes he will pay for HIS team’s poor play, because the “Buck Stops At Him” thats why he is responsible. As for Dominick, he has done his job, the talent is here, do not doubt that, except for the areas we have all pointed out, we have the talent, just not the leadership.

  61. K2theSoldier Says:

    Sometimes, sure. I bet all coaches have a say at some point. No doubt about that. But it’s safe to say that the vast majority of the time the coordinator is calling the plays.

  62. Dave Says:

    I am not ready to get rid of Olsen. He showed last year he was decent. This year the players execution has taken a step back. Penalties kill 5 possesions a game and put them in unmanageable situations. The WRs and Freeman have not played as well. They need speed.

    I am ready to give over the reigns of D-Coordinator to someone else though.

    As far as missed tackles… that needs to be a priority in drafting LBs… they have to be great at tackling. Right now Foster is the only one and he misses his assignment alot because of being a rookie.
    Hayes and Black need to go. At this point, they should know where to be and should be making ALOT more plays than the occasional “splash” play.

  63. Ron Says:

    I have seen alot of these fan comments and I agree with alot of the input. My opinion from my observations from not only going to games but watching them as well. A big problem I see with out team is not so much lack of talen but our receivers are not making plays. We are also not overcoming or learning from the same mistakes that havee been killing us all year long, penalty after penalty continues and we also are not putting games away. Play calling is horendous and we are pulling blount out of games. Our def is onthe field longer than they normally should. I think alot of it does stem from coaching but u still have to have players to go out and execute. We are not oopening up the field enough and can”t on a consistent basis because our receivers are not getting open. I don’t think raheem needs to stay as DC, firing him at this point id harsh, we haev ni discipline this year from players and I say alot of it has to be directed at coaching. You have to be able to overcome injuries and mistakes

  64. Ron Says:

    To win games in this league. If this miss tackling continues and foolish and repetitive penalties continue we may not win a game the rest of this season, I say we definitely need players to step up but I also think changes need to made in coaching. The lack of discipline is bad and we are flat out continuing even after gasser practices and film studying dedicated to penalties to get them. K2 also has become a penalty contributor and he knows better which is what is beyond me and is supposed to be a leader on this team.