Aqib Talib Finally Showed Up

November 20th, 2011

Is Aqib Talib a talented cornerback? Yes.

Is Aqib Talib worth all the hassle? Until today, Joe would have said with his play this year, probably not.

Today at Lambeau Field, Talib came to play and he played damned well. Facing the highest octane passing game in the NFL with guys on the bench who may be Pro Bowl players with any other team, Talib was strong.

He broke up passes, he made solid tackles, he was all over the field, he was hustling.

For the first time in a long time, Talib played almost to the level that some Bucs fans are adamant he is — a Pro Bowl player.

That, Talib is not. Talib’s hands are so bad, even Michael Clayton winces in pain. He gets burned way, way, way too many times and for all the drama he creates, one wonders why he is still with the Bucs.

But today, Talib waved awaythe doubters. He was one of, if not the best, defender on the field for the Bucs.

Now if he can only make plays, Talib may just be a Pro Bowl player.

Next year.

10 Responses to “Aqib Talib Finally Showed Up”

  1. Rickster Says:

    Who was the guy that got burned on the 40 yard td to nelson.?
    Serious question, missed the 4th quarter.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    What were you watching?? I saw him stand in the endzone, 5 yards deephis man caught the ball on the 5. Talib waiting on him- in the EndZone, until the guy crossed the goal line. Talib never moved.

    He knocked a ball down. He tackled a guy. He gave up 5 completions, including a TD.

    Drinking the snakeoil?

  3. RastaMon Says:

    AzzClown will also “Show Up” in court about Pro Bowl time….it seems his and many others goals in life have been met…to make to the NFL…..thing is….it is what one does after arriving….

  4. tcaviar Says:

    You all let your personal feelings get in the way of reality he misses some tackles but is one of the best cover corners in the NFL

  5. tcaviar Says:

    On that 40yrd bomb that was myron lewis idiot get a bigscreen tv

  6. Joe Says:


    On that 40yrd bomb that was myron lewis idiot get a bigscreen tv


  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Captain Tim, he played well (although he did have a bad play on the TD). I know you hate the guy, but you are dead wrong. Please, don’t pull a Thomas-GMC thing with Talib. He’s played like sh!t almost the whole season, but he had a good game today. Come on man, you are better than that.

  8. James Pearls Says:

    Pretty sure we say this every year with Talib

    looks like another year with minimal pro bowl representation for the Bucs, no playoffs, loada what-ifs. Gotta think if we don’t make playoffs next year where is this franchise?

  9. Eric Says:

    Talibs mother actually does run llike a bulldog. Especially when carrying a .38.

  10. Mike Says:

    I don’t see how we can afford for this guy not to work out for us. Hire him another therapist, invest in an annual pass at the shooting range, or Dungy in to talk to him.. but this guy has to work out because he is our only long-term formidable corner – we have to focus our efforts on filling barber’s void across from him.