The Bucs, London And One Buc Palace

October 21st, 2011

Joe usually doesn’t link to videos where the Nazis who devise a website don’t offer embed codes. If they don’t want the masses to watch said video, why should Joe try to bail them out?

But this is different because it is so damned good. Sky Sports, which is basically Fox Sports for the rest of the world, spent a day at One Buc Palace to do a story on the Bucs playing in London.

Much of the video is a behind-the-scenes tour given by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

It is WAY cool and the best Joe has seen. So Joe strongly recommends you clicking on the link to watch the video in its entirety.

(Hat tip Cork Gaines)

17 Responses to “The Bucs, London And One Buc Palace”

  1. Fear The Glow Says:

    Seeing all the fancy gizmos they have makes me wonder if Cadillac would still be in the NFL right now without that new facility.

    Something tells me they didn’t have a pool that can drop down 6 feet and has cameras to monitor knee and ankle movement at the old One Buc.

  2. Garv Says:

    You know, after looking at that, seeing what the Buccaneers have invested right here in Tampa, I’m more convinced than ever that this team will be here for a long long time.

    Doesn’t mean we won’t to play another “home” game next year but that’s another deal.

    Thanks and a hat tip for a great link and view!

  3. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    very cool, thanks for posting Joe!

  4. Teddy Says:

    Cheating? Borderline?

    In the inestimable words of Jim Rome, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”

    Also, why does it take a crew of fag-smokers to get a video like that? Awesome video, but it’s something we should’ve seen when the palace opened five years ago.

  5. kh Says:

    Great video

  6. RastaMon Says:

    gosh…..if only one person in the local media…..did a story from that perspective…….extra doses of SHAME ! for all……shame…shame..shame….

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Two things:

    1) Anyone that claims the Glazers don’t spend money on the team is an idiot.

    2) What was with the Double Bubba? Were those buckets of bubble gum? Or am I AN IDIOT and its something else?

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Yeah…top-notch reporting by them. They also have the best broadcoast of the Bucs games on television I think…at least the streams are better 😉

  9. Tom Says:

    Joe. Great job. Thanks for the link!

  10. Jrock Says:

    @Teddy, I agree man, our local reporters are missing out on a gold story.

    @Pete, I agree too! Their broadcasts are good. Ironically, I won’t be watching them this weekend even though they’re in London, har har.

  11. raphael Says:

    wonder why local media never did a story like that? Joe… cool story brah !

  12. IMHO... Says:

    very interesting video. Keep them coming

  13. Mauha Deeb Says:

    It is quite an excellent video. At lest if we play in London more often we will have a greater chance at higher quality videos such as this.


    Am I the only one who noticed the naked dude to EJs right around 3:30?
    No homo..


    Oh and that facility was bad ass. Great video!

  16. derek Says:

    these guys really have the best of the best. thanks for posting this for us joe

  17. RustyRhino Says:

    Thanks Joe,

    I have seen a few reports from One Buc but nothing like the depth this went to. I read the article as well and Ira got his chance to B!tch about lack of Glazer’s focus on the Buccaneers. Noticed a few typo’s in the article.(don’t burn me for my lack of literary skills) A good article all the same, BTW my friend and I ran into Roddy White in Publix yesterday he was walking gingerly on a leg knee ankle.??