“Crazy Enough In Tampa”

October 22nd, 2011

Warren Sapp, Charles Barkley, Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms break down the Week 7 games in this CBS video.

The Bucs pick comes at about 2:35 of the video. Thankfully, Barkley loosened up midway through and flashed his style so popular during NBA studio show. It was inevitable that he’d talk some trash at Sapp, which comes about 6:00 of the video. And at 8:25 of the video, Barkley starts a hilarious take on the Browns-Seahawks game.

One Response to ““Crazy Enough In Tampa””

  1. Brandon Says:

    Big deal, Collinsworth picked the Bears. He’s 64-26 on the season, which is two games behind me. I’m 66-24, I’m better than you Collinsworth and the Bucs are better than the travel-weary unhappy about their contracts Bears. Bucs win.