Josh Freeman: Not Doing Checkdowns Late

October 23rd, 2011

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman spoke on the Bucs radio network after the game and all but took the blame for the Bucs offense coming to a sputtering halt on their two-minute drive which ended in an interception.

In short, Freeman said he’s not going to take checkdowns just for the sake of padding his stats.

“It’s unfortunate when we lose,” Freeman said. “We had a good game plan but they got up on us early.

“A fourth quarter spark? I wouldn’t call it a spark. Collectively, everyone was doing their jobs. There was nothing magical or special about it. When we all do our job, we play good football.”

On his touchdown passes:

“K2 had a good matchup and we took advantage of it,” Freeman said. On the touchdown pass to Dezmon Briscoe, “The line gave me a good pocket to step up in and Briscoe ran a nice route. Their defense bit on a blitz.

“When you’ve got 30 seconds left you have to press the ball. You could check it down until Hail Mary time but I’m going to go for it downfield.

“We had a lot of guys go down today, a lot of guys on offense.”

6 Responses to “Josh Freeman: Not Doing Checkdowns Late”

  1. RichinNC Says:

    I think if Winslow is not in the game Freeman would do better in his decisions. Winslow looks like he is half-assing it. Williams caught a pass and got tackled while Winlsow has hands in the air hoping not to get hit. He just seems disinterested in anything even his TD he was unemotional when he usually does more for a first down catch.

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    freeman absolutely needs to quit forcing the ball to winslow in the redzone. i think thats 3 redzone picks now this year because hes trying to force that throw in the middle of the field.

  3. aldo Says:

    josh, stop talking, shut up and play… im done with all the talking!!! and how curious the players who are quiet are playing well for us, look at clayborn!!!

  4. L.J. Says:

    Third week in a row Freeman keeps forcing the ball to Winslow and getting picked off!!! The coaches need to do something about this!!! Winslow was covered on both interceptions, but Freeman threw it to him anyway!!!! We lost the game this week and in SF because of this, but got lucky against the Saints. Freeman needs to make some adjustments in his game.

  5. Brandon Says:

    His feet are his checkdown. When Freeman was good last season (and the few times he’s been good this season) he was moving his feet, up in the pocket, out of the pocket, running for first downs, etc. Now he stands like a statue in the pocket, doesn’t move his feet, throws off his back foot and is well below-average.

    He has been downright terrible for most of the first 3 quarters of all the games we’ve played. It’s like he’s watched tape of pocket passers and decided that moving his feet won’t make him look smart enough… give me a break, the big dummy Roethlisberger looks plenty smart with two Super Bowl rings on his fingers. He needs to get his butt in gear and start moving his feet. That dunce Olson needs to get him out of the pocket more often. Big mouth Winslow needs to sharpen his routes or get off the field, he hasn’t gotten separation from anybody this season and doesn’t run his outs at 90 degree or less angles.

    I’m sick of these embarrassing displays of football.

  6. D-Rome Says:

    It’s too bad Freeman is regressing.